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The two boys lay still in complete silence as Jake sniffed around then went away back to his bed next to Butch. I'm freezing said Billy. I am too said Mat. When do you think the doctor will be back? Wellsay's Mat, it has been at least five days by now. The electricity went off I say about two days ago and the generator went about a day so I would say he should be home anytime. I don't think we are going to make it he Billy said back. I wish I was dead he said. Billy unlike Mat cried for his mom all the time. He didn't want to be a prisoner or any kind of slave. He wanted to go home and Mat knew this and would try to keep his mind off it and onto something else.

Now Mat had started to like the idea his whole life had changed. He was teased a lot in school. The other boys would make fun of how small and petite he was. He knew he was different than the other boys. He would hear them talk about girls and what they would do to one if they got the chance. He would dream he was there too and could watch his school mates penis tear into a vagina and see what white stuff came out of it. His parents were also fighting a lot and he would hide in the basement and play video games by himself. He wasn't allowed to have a pet and always wanted a dog or cat but was only allowed one goldfish. Once he got teased after school by some younger boys and he was so embarrassed about that he went downstairs to kill himself. His parents weren't home and he thought it was the perfect way out. He put his belt around a nail up by the ceiling and climbed up a step ladder. He stood awhile then put it around his neck and slowly let his weight pull tight. He held onto the ladder but it slipped away. He dangled only for a few seconds before the nail turned around and let him go. He shook for a week after that and just thought about another way out.

Mat and Billy were already belly to belly and were keeping the heat from their breath between them to help keep warm. Mat said he wished he was laying between the dogs and Billy agreed. See the doctor had a well for water so he did very little laundry. He never gave the boys a blanket because with no arms or legs they would not be able to use it correctly and would mess in it daily. He decided just to keep it warm where the boys slept and kept a heating pad under where they would sleep. To him they were all his to experiment on and do what ever he wanted. Mice and monkeys are kept in cages so he figured that's just how it was supposed to be. With no electric now and the heat off, times were getting desperate. Mat said to Billy that Jake sure was sniffing that nut cake. Billy said you mean the fruit cake? Oh yea that's what it's called he said. Well if we can call him and tease him with it maybe he will try and climb in here with us. Billy thought it was a great idea but said that the sides were way too high. We can only try said Mat and so the boys both started calling the dogs. Here Jake here boy. It didn't take long for Jake and Butch to come running. The battery on the Exit sign was about dead now and they could not hardly see a thing. Jake jumped on the side and barked at them. Come on boy come get it they said and Jake would bark and bark. He never tried to climb in or jump so they had to come up with a better idea.

Mat said he thought that the window opening was small enough for them to fit thru. Good thing were both small he says as he told Billy that the plan now is to move the Fruit cake close to the window opening and maybe Jake will tear the screen open and they will be able to get out and go lay next to the dogs for warmth. So Mat told Billy to stay away from it as he slid it with his head to the window opening. Here boy you know you want it he said. Jake was sniffing at it and started clawing at the screen. Butch was still barking as they cheered him on to break thru and get it. It didn't take long till he had a rip in it. Once his nose entered he took it. Mat said I think he got it, let me see. So Mat went to the window and stuck his head tight through the opening. Ok he said he did it. They were both excited and Billy moved to the opening with Mat. How are we going to climb down Billy says? Well we cant it seems with no arms now can we? Mat thought that was stupid but knew what he meant. Were going to have to either go head first or butt first he said. Either way its going to hurt some. Were going to land on the floor on our head or our balls. I don't care says Billy I'm freezing and so thirsty. Mat said well he was going to go head first and try and land on his back. So he went slow and leaned as much as he could before he felt himself slipping through and slapped on the floor on his butt and then his back. I did it he yells up to Billy. So Billy did exactly what Mat did head first and slapped on the floor too but when he landed it sounded like a bowling ball hit the floor.

Billy are you ok? Billy are you ok? he said a second time and no response. The only sounds were of Jake and Butch eating the rest of the feast. He went close to Billy and could hear him breathing. He must of hit his head he thinks. Oh crap what am I going to do now? Mat is freezing on the cold floor and knows Billy would be too. As the dogs were finishing up with the Fruit cake they went for a drink of water. Mat starts nudging Billy with his head over to where he thought the dog beds were. By now it was completely dark and no noise could be heard.

The nudging is very slow as he would go left and right not straight like he wanted. He could only think on one more thing he could do. So he went to Billy package and sniffed till he found it. He sucked balls and penis in his mouth and tried not to bite as he scooted backwards pulling Billy along with him. It took forever he thought to himself and he was so cold. He was also thirsty and having Billy's sack and penis in his mouth didn't make it any easier. He never gave up as long as it was going to take he was going to get Billy warm or die trying. He finally felt the wall and knew he was close now. He didn't know it but he was scooting across dog poop. Oh gross he thought and tried to move out of it's way. He made it to the dogs bed and had to use his head to scoot Billy up over the edge. The dogs were no help as they just laid in the way. This made it even tougher but he managed to get Billy up next to Jake and Butch. Mat decided to wander over and try and find the dogs water before he tried to get warm. The dogs bowl of water was almost empty and had chunks of food in it but he licked it up as he didn't seem to mind too much.

When Mat made it back to the bed he started calling out to Billy to answer him. Billy Billy he said over and over. He even licked his face and bit his balls to wake him but nothing. He was scarred he may have killed his only companion by getting him to fall. Why did he have to his head on the floor? He got next to him and the dogs both scooted close to the boys to warm them. He drifted off to sleep now that he had warmth.

He was dreaming he was walking in the park and having a great time. He was running around and jumping. He was catching a Frisbee in his mouth and was taking it back to his owner. He was happy and was waging his tail when he heard his owner yelling at him. Mat Mat Mat and then he opens his eyes and the lights are on and Billy is yelling his name Mat are you awake? Oh wow he said I was having the wildest dream. Oh great he says to Billy, your alive. Yes he said but my head hurts. You hit it as you fell he said and I thought you were dead at first. I brought you over here and the dogs kept us warm. Billy thanked Mat and said that he owes his life to him. You saved me again he said and kissed Mat on the cheek. Mat blushed and said that he would of done the same thing. The heat is also back on good he said. We need to eat something now. They scoot over and find the food. Billy is so thirsty he said he cant heat until he gets some water. Mat agreed and said he too needed water. Well the dogs water is all gone and we cant climb back up to get ours. We need to make it over to the toilet and get it there. So they scooted across the floor to the bathroom. Mat was better at it than Billy and made it first. Were not going to be able to reach it he yells back. Billy came in and said he wanted to roll on top of mat then see if Mat can raise him up. It works as Billy reaches over the lid and is dangling over the edge. Their is plenty of water here he said. He leans over and presses his lips to the water while not falling in. He drinks for awhile and asked Mat to catch his fall. Mat did and then Mat went for some water. Billy tried but did not have enough strength to raise him up and they soon quit trying. At least you got some water he said I had some before I fell asleep so I will be ok for now said Mat.

They scoot back into the kitchen avoiding the dog piles and ate some dry dog food before going back to the bed. By now the heater was shutting off and it was warm. The dogs started getting frisky with one another then started with them. They have never been allowed to play with the dogs much as the doctor was all business. It was fun as they licked them all over and would nudge them like a toy. Billy's head quit hurting and he was having fun too. Mat was so happy now he and Billy naked with two dogs playing on the floor. He thought how wierd it was that he was happy and enjoyed Billy and the dogs so much. Jake was now a lot bigger than Butch and when they played he now was the dominant one. At first Butch would make it clear who was the boss but those days were over. Labs aren't aggressive dogs and are more easy going. Jake was some kind of mixed breed and was very big. We never seen his penis before today but as we played we soon began to see his red tip starting to poke its head out.

Hey Billy look at Jake's penis. Billy said it looked like it may be bigger than Butch. Mat said he was going to suck at it and see if it comes out. He kept trying to suck at it but Jake was moving around too much. Billy started trying and they both were fighting to get it first. Mat gave up and went back to the bed to rest. Finally Jake started smelling around Billy's ass and licking it all up. Look he is giving you a bath said Mat. Billy only moaned as Jake licked and licked. Mat could not believe how big Billy's penis has grown. It looked bigger than ever as Jake licked his hole. Mat I feel weird he said like I have never felt before. He is moaning and moaning now and Billy can't take it no more. He scoots to where Billy's penis it sticking out and sucks the head in his mouth. As soon as Billy felt the warmth of Mat's mouth on his head he started to shoot for the first time. Mat was not letting go of any of it as he sucked it all up. Billy shook as he shot. He could feel his toes curling but knew he had no legs. That was incredible say's Billy as he finished and pulled out. Wow he said that was delicious as he had been thirsty. Billy still had Jake licking his hole and he started to paw at him now. Ouch he said and starts yelling at Jake to quit it. Jake had now sniffed and licked Billy's hole and he wanted more. He was much taller than Billy was on the floor. He wants to fuck me Billy cries out. Let him Mat said I want to see. He might be too big and he is hurting me. Mat said to Billy, roll over on my chest and together we can raise you enough so he would quit pawing at you.

Billy did as Mat suggested while the whole time Jake made it that much harder. He kept pushing his nose into Billy's small ass. He keeps pushing him off and his nose is deep in his ass. I can feel his tongue hitting something way deep inside me. Mat told Billy to try his best to scoot over to the bed and maybe they can hold still enough so Jake can do his thing. As they made it to the bed Mat layed on his back and helped Billy roll on top of him. They were face to face as Jake mounted Billy's back. The weight was intense as he started to hump. Nothing is happening he said to Mat as Jake kept humping Billy. Mat and Billy looked into each others eyes and were in the moment. They both stuck their tongues out and were licking the tips as they could not reach to kiss. Jake finally jumped off and nothing happened. He must of had the shivers like I once did said Billy. Must of said Mat and now that the weight was off they were able to lock lips and kiss. Mat was getting real hard and Billy was sporting his second boner. That's when Billy felt a tongue in his rear again and Butch jumped on top and wrapped his paws around Billy's waist. Looks like I get to be fucked after all he smiled to Mat. Mat laughed and said nice and he said he was next.

Butch had done this a lot and knew exactly what he was doing. He made his dick straight into Billy's ass and drove it deep. Jake watched as Butch showed the pup how it is done. Butch felt dominate that he was doing what Jake couldn't. He took his time and humped a lot longer than normal. He seemed to enjoy showing off to Jake and drove sharp deep thrusts into the ass of his owner. Bllly screamed in pain each thrust of his big dick into his young sweet ass. He loved the feeling and knowing he was sharing it with his companion who he has fallen in love with. He had just shot his first cum ever not thirty min ago and he had a giant dogs dick up his ass and was loving every second of it. Mat was so turned on at the joy in Billy's face he was moaning too. He was moaning for his cum to explode but he had nothing to help him. He could feel Butch rub against hin once in awhile but not enough to cum. Meanwhile Butch starts humping at a fast pace and his tongue is all the way out as he is panting a lot He starts to shoot his sperm into Billy. Billy just like Mat have come to love the feeling Butch gives them as he is unloads his juice into the boys ass. He unmounts Billy and walks away taking Billy with him. He was thirsty and dragged Billy to the bathroom to get a drink of water out ot the toilet. Billy could be heard laughing the whole way. Meantime Mat lay naked with a boner and Jake spotted it and went over to smell it. Jake began to lick Mat's bonner very fast. Mat was begging him on to keep it up. Jake licked enough to get Mat to shoot his white load all over his chest and Jake was licking it all up. Mat was happy he got to cum and liked the way Jake was licking it all off him.

Billy was still in the other room tied to Butch. Jake went to Mat's ass and was licking it like he did Billy. Mat loved the feeling and closed his eyes and enjoyed it all. Then Jake stood up and climbed over Mat. Mat was still on his back and was now looking up at Jakes face when Jake layed down on top of Mat. Mat could feel Jakes penis growing and Jake was humping him while he layed on top of him. Jakes penis was now taking up most of Mats chest. Mat scooted up till the mushroom head was at his balls. He let it drop to his ass and then Jake took over. He pushed his large red mushroom head against Mats hole. Mat was trying to push against it to get it in. Jake was still laying as he pushed through the tight opening and thrust it in deep. Mat screamed out in pain. Neither boy have seen how big Jake was but Mat knew instantly it was much larger than Butch. Billy Jake is fucking me he yells out. Butch had just pulled out of Billy and he starts to scoot back to see. He makes it back in time to see Jake going to town on Mat. Jake was humping him with big strokes. Mat's body was going all over the place. Even as Jake was fucking for the first time he was also crawling around while he was doing it. When he started shooting he stood up. This caused Mats ass to rise into the air. Jake seemed really happy now and was walking around wagging his tail. Mat was still locked to Jake by his nut. He was sliding all over the floor until he finally slid out of his hole. Mat made a flop noise as he hit the floor and cum was oozing out of his ass. Look how big his penis is he said to Billy. The width was twice as large and his red mushroom head was as big as a baseball. Wow said Billy I bet that hurt. Mat lied and said it did and told Billy to avoid Jake if he can. He knew Jake would damage Billy's small ass and he wasn't too sure he hadn't hurt him as his butt was sore.

to be continued

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