The Story of Alexandra; A Demonic Sex Slave

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It took every muscle in my body to stop myself from regurgitating. The bile tasted awful in the back of my throat. Kai watched me worriedly.
“Alexandra? Are you okay?”, asked Rone, who had stopped eating to look at me.
“Ugh, I feel really sick. I think it’s the food.”, I replied, clutching my stomach.
“Food doesn’t seem too fond of you either.”, Kai smirked. Rone glared at him foully, before looking back at me.
“Please excuse yourself if you feel that bad. Wait for me in your room.” I nodded to him before dashing from the room

Sitting on the end of my bed, I trembled, knowing what was coming next. I dreaded hearing those footsteps coming down the hall, and soon enough they did. Rone opened the door carefully, eyeing me as he entered.
“How do you feel?”, he asked softly. Gulping, I answered,
“Okay, I guess. I think I threw up whatever was bugging me.” Rone nodded. His head titled to one side as he watched me. I couldn’t resist meeting his eyes. Those cold, ultramarine eyes that held me still. Sighing, he asked,
“Tell me, Alexandra, are you a virgin?” Oh, how badly I wanted to say no, so that he would leave me alone, just for today at least, but I couldn’t lie to those pure eyes.

Smiling, he took my hand, pulling me to him. I was thrust into his arms, clasping his back. He stroked my hair down my back, caressing my waist gently. I couldn’t stop the delighted smile from tugging at my lips as my head fell onto his shoulder. He pulled softly at the lace down the back of my dress, and my blood began to race as I felt his firm, strong hand slide down my back. I looked up to him, pleading with my eyes, but his expression was stern and determined. Leaning my head faithfully back against his chest, I allowed my dress to come loose. As it dropped to the floor, I gave a sharp intake of breath as cold air again hit my bare skin.

Rone heeded my whimper, and pulled me closer to him. I didn’t resist. I felt the bulge in his trousers brush fervently against my throbbing abdomen.
“Lay back, my princess.”, he breathed seductively. I did so, stepping back and collapsing onto the bed. He was eager to lie beside me, crushing his mouth against mine excitedly. His tongue invades my mouth as one hand seeks my moist pussy. No sooner had his fingers brushed my clit did I force myself upon him all the more. I went wild with lust, and he returned my aggressive gestures.

His mouth left mine and instead sought my stiff nipples. Only when a sharp shot of pain rushes through my body do I realise I’m cumming. My stomach lurches, forcing my whole body to shake. He stops his motions, letting my shock pass before moving on. He slips a finger gently into my pussy. I give a delighted moan as he enters, sparking my excitement all over again. Suddenly, he stops and clambered on top of me. I stare at him, wide-eyed. He stares back, sorrow lingering in his gaze,
“I’m sorry, Alexandra. I want you so badly. Please don’t deny me any longer!” He almost shouts it, like a command. He yanks off his clothes in mere seconds.
“I won’t!”, I cry back, spreading my legs for him. As he enters, I give a yell of agony.

He thrusts harder with every second that passes. My grip on him tightens, crushing him down to me. I begin to give grunts and groans of pleasure. He smiles,
“Do you like it?” My mouth hangs open, and I only just summon the energy to answer. Pulling him closer, I plead into his ear,
“Yes! I love it! Please, pound me harder! Fuck me faster!” Giving a low groan, he slams me. I give a cry that it partway between pleasure and pain. His hard cock rams straight into my cervix, and every time it does, my hips buck toward him.

Eventually, he thrusts into me so hard, I’m sure it ripped me, and his hot liquid gushes into me. My chest is shaking as he slides from me. Looking down, my eyes widen to see his cock. It’s at least 10 inches. I have absolutely no idea how it fit in me. And it’s still rock hard, straining towards me. I scramble down to him and thrust my mouth over it. I lap the cum from the beautiful cock.

Rone places a hand on my head and pushes me back, stopping me.
“Never leave me Alexandra. I shall protect you.”, he told me firmly.
“I won’t, my King, just please, promise me one thing.”, I replied lustfully.
“What might that promise be?”, he inquired, smiling at me.
“Fuck me like that every night, and I will always be here for you.”, I tell him.
“I guess we have a deal. My cock is yours sweet princess. Don’t ever tell me you love any other man.”

The next day

Sunlight washes over me. My eyes flicker open, but I squint under the luminosity of the light. I feel Rone’s arm draped lovingly over my waist. Turning over, I watch him. I watch how steadily his chest rises and falls; how the light bends around his perfect, pectoral muscles and follows them as they move. He’ll wake up feeling like a stallion; I think. Abruptly, all the memories of the previous day come flooding back to me. I smile weakly, almost falling back to sleep.

But I can’t. I’m transfixed by Rone. Slowly, his eyes work their way open. Giving me a gentle smile, he reaches over and brushed my hair from my eyes. He leans over and kisses my lips before rising. I decide I should follow his lead; slipping into a fresh, emerald-green dress behind the delicate dragon screening.
“I’m going to be rather busy today.”, Rone addresses me as he steps out of the bathroom, fully clothed, “So rather than you following me around a lot, why not familiarise yourself with the castle and it’s people.”
“Uh Okay”, I reply, lacing up my boots.
“Hey.”, Rone breaths, placing a finger beneath my chin and tilting my head up to look at him openly, “It won’t be for long.”

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