Ecstatic dreams come true

Who says you can’t get to know someone through e-mails? I fell in love with her the first time I saw her picture on my friend Aimee’s web site. I had to message her. At first I just wanted to find out why Aimee was so in love with her. After talking to her for a while I began to fall for her and fall hard at that. This girl was so complex. So open with whom she was. I was truly fascinated with her. Talking to her became a tradition every night. She would work the night shift and I would get on yahoo messenger to talk to her and keep her company into the wee hours of the morning. I never imagined she would be my first lesbian experience. Her name was Sheena. She was about 5’3, she had died hair, red at times, other times brown with different color highlights, her eyes were an astonishing blue, yet they changed. One day they were a dark grey, the next green, and another day blue. She had the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. They had specks of different colors and the way she did her makeup made them stand out even more. She was thick, in a good way. I never was attracted to the really thin girls. Her breast were smaller then some but yet beautiful in their own way. She had a nice round ass. After about three months of talking to her on messengers and through e-mails we decided to meet up for the first time.
The First time I saw her I was in shock. How could this girl want to hang out with me? She is gorgeous. She drove me out to the lake and we talked. We really didn’t do much that first day that we met. I was so nervous my palms were sweaty; I had trouble getting whole sentences out, I felt so stupid. We continued to talk online after that first meeting, only our e-mails got more intimate. I knew she had a girlfriend. I had been off and on with Aimee at school. I didn’t really intend for anything to come of our e-mails but when she would send me a survey to fill out about, “What would you do…” I always enjoyed filling them out. Especially the ones that said things like, “What would you do if we had sex?” “Would you be in control or would I?” “Would you moan when we made love?” I would ask her if she wanted to have sex with me and she would say yes. This was a shock for me, but it made me want her more. I had never really been with a girl. I had come close one time with Aimee at our friend Candance’s sleep over. I had liked Aimee since she came out to me. I told her that I already knew she was interested in girls because of a conversation I overheard at lunch one day. She was relieved and shocked at the same time. “Doesn’t that bother you though? That I like girls?” “Of course not, Aimee. I actually have been seriously analyzing my feelings because I have been so confused. I find girls so damn attractive yet I have been told that it isn’t right. So I have always denied it, tried to bury my feelings, my attractions to girls.” That conversation was the start of many deep conversations throughout the years I have had with Aimee. We became very close, almost like best friends, undeclared best friends. Our physical attraction for each other was obvious and went pretty far that night. The girls had been playing “suck and blow” it was a corny card game that we all got a kick out of. The object of the game? Well pass on the card of course! One person was to suck the card so that it would stick to their lips; the next person had to try to suck it off of their lips onto their own, transferring it from one person to another. Now to make this easier the person who has the card at first can blow it right as the next person sucks it to stick to them. It is a really corny game yet we saw many of our girl friends, straight girl friends accidentally drop the card and kiss. It was great. Yet I refused to play. Aimee had big juicy lips and the card kept sticking to her lips. People wanted me to get the card off her lips but I just couldn’t. I was a chicken. I didn’t want anyone to know of my crush on Aimee. I gave Aimee a rush when I carried her around on my back. For three or four weeks before that I had told her I was going to give her a piggy back ride, she was convinced that I couldn’t do it. I told her I could. She didn’t believe me, until that day. That was only the first rush I gave her of the night. The dominance I had over her in those few seconds turned me on. The thought of how I could pick her up and carry her around was simply arousing. Brittany was one of the girls at the party. We all thought that she talked way too much, but me, I hated how much she talked, especially when it was just Aimee me and her left awake. I had been so happy when I found out that Aimee could stay the night, I knew that was my chance to hold her in my arms. She was mine for the next few hours. I loved it. I laid behind her, her body along mine, her nice butt up against my pussy, my breasts against her back, my arm over her stomach. Aimee is African American, short hair, big brown eyes and the biggest most beautiful breasts ever! Aimee is so proud of her luscious DD, no, bigger, E? No, G? Oh I don’t remember. She has very nice big breast, and I loved them. While I was lying there listening to her talk to Brittany she put my hand on her breast. I couldn’t believe it; I mean did she mean to do that? She was being a tease. Later on I rolled over onto my back and her hand found its way to my left breast,
“What’s this?” she said in a playful voice.
“That’s my tit” I said in a monotone.
“Oh. So…What’s this?” she said as her hand found its way to my thigh and moved upward. “Ohhhh, that’s my thigh going up to my…Asssssss!!!! DANG AIMEE DON’T DO THAT!”
As her hand slid up my shorts I got a bolt of pleasure between my legs. I was enjoying her touch, yet I didn’t want it only because I didn’t want to not be able to satisfy myself like the many other nights. This was different there was four other girls asleep in the room, I couldn’t masturbate! She continued to tease me until Brittany fell asleep. At one time she turned around to me and whispered, “She needs to hurry up and go to sleep so I can eat you out!” Those words, they got me. If anything could make me cum, those words would have done it. I was so wet, so hot, so bothered. I couldn’t stand it. So I began to tease back. I made her horny the same way she made me.
“Hey, switch places with me” she told me.
“No! Wait, why?”
“Because I want to do something.”
“What’s something?”
She wouldn’t tell me, but I knew, I knew she wanted to masturbate so I refused to move. “Fine then! I will just do it here.”
It got quiet and then after a while as I lay there in the dark I felt her leg up against mine, moving ever so gently. I knew where her hand was, I knew what she was doing, and it was driving me nuts.
“Stop that Aimee!”
“Stop what?” she responded in a playful voice and throwing her leg in-between my split legs.
“Hey! Move your leg!”
“Why should I?”
I was only kidding. I never really thought I would hump her leg, it sounded so stupid. She began to move her leg back and forth.
“Oh, my……..” My pussy was so wet that when she did that I felt the rubbing of my pussy lips against my clit, it was driving me wild. Out of instinct I wrapped my legs around hers and began to move in rhythm with her rubbing. I felt her hand pull away, it made its way into her own pants again. I was in heaven, the feeling got intense as I began to squeeze harder and move more quickly. I kept to myself, trying so hard not to moan, breathing harder and harder. I was so close to Cumming, I could feel in her that she was too. My leg cramped up and killed my great feeling. I was pissed. As I let go of the death grip I had on her leg she continued to rub my pussy. I wanted so badly to cum but I just couldn’t. We had no covers she pointed out to me. She told me she wanted to eat me out so badly only we had no covers to try to disguise it.
That was my awful expierence that I had had, my near encounter with a woman. I had gotten into a huge fight with Aimee one night and she refused to talk to me. So who was there to comfort me? Sheena of course. It was one of her long nights at work, she was working 11 to 7 am and I told her I would stay up with her all night. She didn’t think I could do it, but I was determined. We were doodling on yahoo messenger for a while, just talking about this and that. I had to move up to my room and get on messenger on my phone because I wasn’t allowed on the computer so late. I was laying there and like the million times before our conversation turned to sex. I asked her many questions, most about her sexual experiences with girls. I always wanted to make love to a girl, wondered how it would be. Around three AM I asked her a stupid question thinking about my x-boyfriend.
“Don’t you think that the guy should supply the condoms? I mean if he wants to have sex shouldn’t he be the one buying them?”
“OMG Amanda! I don’t want to hear that! GROSS! I don’t want that image in my head!”
“What? Wait…I’m confused! What image?”
“You know, the image of you with some guy” she wrote.
“ohhhhhh!” I laughed out loud.
“Would you rather the image of me having sex with some girl?” I asked her playfully.
“Only if that girl was me”
Wow. There was something I didn’t expect.
“You shouldn’t say something like that, it really makes me think you want me!” I told her.
“Well maybe I do want you Amanda, you ever think of that?”
I didn’t know what to say, so I said the first thing that popped into my head.
“You shouldn’t say something like that because it really makes me want you, especially when I know no one will be home at my house tomorrow.”
“Don’t tempt me Amanda, I might just come over and take you up on that offer.”
“No you won’t!”
That’s where I was wrong.
“Okay, you know what, I’m coming over! Right after work. We can hang out for a while. Now let’s see if you can make it the rest of the night without falling asleep!”
So it was official. She was coming over to my house again. I was excited. I laid there talking to her and watching TV to stay awake. There was a time around four that I almost fell asleep but I didn’t let myself. I wanted to stay up.
Around five I told her my parents would be getting up soon and I had to at least play like I was asleep, she told me she had to finish up some work then she would be out of there, she asked me for my address again so that she knew for sure where I was. I gave it to her and told her goodbye and see you in a bit. She asked me to be outside when she got there, most likely around eight. I was looking forward to it. An hour later my mom came into my room and made me get up and get my siblings ready for school. I have a little sister who is seven that was my duty in the mornings, to get her off to summer school. I sent my little brother off with her because he was home for the day, school was out and all he had to do was take her to summer school. He didn’t mind but when I was laying on the couch trying to stay awake I fell asleep. I was woken up to the sound of my brother’s voice calling my name.
I sat up straight and opened my eyes to see Sheena standing there in the entry way smiling at me.
“Oh shit!” were the words out of my mouth.
She giggled to herself.
“Did you fall asleep Amanda?” she said in a playful tone knowing why I was so sleepy.
“No!” I said as I smiled.
I sat up and patted the cushion next to me and motioned for her to sit down. She set her car keys down on the table and sat right next to me. I looked over at her and smiled.
“morning” I managed to laugh out.
“What’s so damn funny?!” my younger brother asked.
My little brother is Fourteen, old enough to understand things, and he knew about my interest in girls. He and I are very close, he was one of the first ones I came out to, and he hung out with me and Sheena the first time she came over and couldn’t help but tell me how he thought “She’s hot!” I punched him in the shoulder when he told me that. She was mine!
“I was up all night keeping Sheena here company at work through yahoo messenger last night, and she didn’t think I could do it!” I explained to my brother
“I still don’t believe you did it!” Sheena laughed.
We sat there watching music video’s for a while, having discussions about the artists and the goofy video’s. Sheena asked where the bathroom was and I told her. When she came out I asked if she wanted to go up to my room and play some video games. We had talked about how I could whop her butt at any play station two game the night before. She agreed and followed me up the stairs. My younger brother tagged along. We got bored of the games fast. So then we just laid there talking. My brother left the room when he heard our dogs barking at a noise downstairs. When he came back up he had one of his friends close behind him.
“Awe man!” I thought to myself.
I thought I would never get any time alone with her. I didn’t really think anything would happen because I was too chicken but I at least wanted to talk to her.
My brother and his friend started playing video games, out of boredom I started to hit him with my teddy bears. He kept saying, “OUCH! THAT HURTS!” Shortly after that Sheena joined in and started hitting him also.
“Come on man! Let’s get out of here!” He told his friend as he got up and left the room.
“Not what I was trying to do, but okay.” I said to Sheena and laid back down.
She giggled.
“I will be right back.” I told her rolling out of bed. I wanted to go to the restroom and I had to pee! When I came back to my room she was laying on the far side of my bed by the wall, plenty of room for me to lie next to her. I flipped off my lights.
“OoooOoooOoo. Dark!” I said.
I had put up a blanket earlier that morning in attempt to keep the sun out of my room. I was sleepy from being up all night and I wanted it dark.
“Where are you?!?!” I patted my bed and made sure when I laid down I didn’t lay on her.
“I’m right here” she said as she pulled the covers over her head.
“It’s cold in here.”
“What? Did you think I was kidding last night when I told you I was cold” I teased to her.
“No.” She laughed.
“I’m really cold though” she said in a sad voice.
“You know what? Come here” I scooted closer to her until our bodies met, I put one arm around her and she lifted her head and laid on the arm I put under her.
“There!” I said satisfied.
“Oh, you’re warm!” she said.
“And you smell good! Wow you smell really good! Like vanilla”
“yeah. I always smell like that.” I said with a smile.
After a little while of just laying there with her in my arms she asked me,
“what are you thinking about?”
“I’m thinking about how lucky I am to have such a pretty girl in my arms”
“oh. Stop being so nice!”
“I’m not! You really are pretty.”
I rolled over onto my back, got my arms back to myself and just stared up at the ceiling.
“What’s wrong Hun?” she asked in a concerned voice.
“Are you okay? Are you thinking about that fight last night? Are you okay with what happened yesterday?”
“I’m fine. “ I said blandly.
She began to run her fingers through my hair. This was comforting to me. The feeling of her touching me was electric. Every time she touched me, even though she was just playing with my hair, I felt it between my legs.
“You have such pretty hair” she said to me.
“Thank you, you do too.” I said, not knowing what else to say.
She laughed and said that she didn’t. I began to play with her hair when she stopped playing with mine. Returning the favor sort of thing. I wondered if she got the same feeling I did when I touched her.
“WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!?!” My brother said as he barged into my room.
We were under the covers so it looked kind of suspicious.
“Okay, sheesh. I just wanted to tell you that I’m going to Dustin’s house so I’m leaving!”
“Oh, okay.” I told him.
“Stop making out!” he said as he closed my door.
“ I wish” I mumbled under my breath.
I didn’t know that Sheena heard me.
“Maybe we would be if you weren’t so shy.” She told me.
“I can’t help but being shy, you’re so beautiful, and you’re intimidating!”
It got quiet for a while. I laid there facing her. Not really able to see her, just making out her form in the dark. She laid there looking back at me, then unexpectedly I felt her lips touch mine. A soft yet firm touch lasting no more then a second. It sent a shock right through me, from my lips down to my now wet pussy.
“Wow” I said as she pulled away.
“Now we won’t wonder what if” she said.
I leaned over to her, “I want more” I said as I kissed her again.
Our lips locked, this time more passionately. It was as if the sexual tension from before was finally being let out. I had never felt this way just kissing a guy before. I had never kissed a girl. Our lips locked many times, an occasional tongue would wander into each other’s mouths. I felt that tiny tongue ring against my tongue and it just intensified the feeling between my legs. My pussy was now wett and throbbing. She took control, moved down to my neck kissing gently, driving me insane. She moved back up to my ear, kissed it and began to moan right into my ear.
“Ohhhhhh. Ohhhhh! Uhhhh!”
Her tender voice in my ear sent me into preorgasmic fits. My breathing got harder and I couldn’t hold still. She stopped then laid back and giggled.
“I always wondered if that would work!” She said.
We laid together for a while, kissing, teasing, hands wandering occasionally. I began to caress her back and soon enough she surprised me. She started to gasp for breath when I would run my fingers down her back.
“Amanda, you might want to be careful.”
“because, my back is one of my spots” she said in a short breath as I continued to caress her back.
“Ohhh, I see.”
I moved my hand down her back slowly and then on my way up I pushed her shirt up, began to caress her bare skin, down to the tip of her ass, up her bare back to her bra strap.
“you can take that off if you want” she told me.
On my way back up I unsnapped her bra revealing her whole back to my teasing hands.
“If I didn’t know any better I would say that you were trying to tease me.” She said moaning softly as I kept touching her so softly.
“I wouldn’t do that” I said leaning to her for another hot kiss.
She turned over onto her back and I leaned over her sliding my hand up her shirt caressing her bare breast. Then as I moved to her nipple I paused for a moment in shock.
“A nipple ring!” I thought to myself. That was more then I bargained for, yet I found it totally sexy so I kept caressing her. Pinching her nipple slightly, hearing her moan. She was so good at letting you know what felt good. Every time you did something that could remotely feel good she would let you know by the sound of her voice. Her moans were soft, and sexy, every time I touched her she moaned, I felt it right between my legs. I kissed her again as my hand traveled down her stomach.
“Look who’s getting all dominate on me” she said.
I backed off slightly realizing how I was taking total control, even though I was the one who didn’t know what I was doing. All I could think about was making her cum. I hadn’t thought about anything else. It scared me, she noticed it.
“No, don’t get scared. It’s a good thing!”
“but, but, I don’t know what I’m doing! I have never done this before!”
“babe you have to start somewhere on someone. Why not me now?”
“what do I do???”
“What do you want to do?”
I got a big grin on my face and kissed her again my hand traveling down her stomach to her legs, I passed her pussy and went for her thighs. I kissed down her neck and sucked gently. She let out a moan. I went back to her lips and slid my hand up to her pussy. I could feel her slit through her tight jeans. I rubbed gently, then harder near her clit. Her hips pressed against my hand as I rubbed her. She began to moan. My own pussy was aching and throbbing but I was too concentrated on making her cum. I backed off in a teasing way.
“I want to do something with that.” I said in a half giggle.
“Oh my gosh Amanda! You cant just tease me like that, you cant rub me, then stop! That’s just not right!”
I could hear the sexual need in her voice.
“I still don’t know what to do” I told her.
“Hun, just do what would feel good to you” she told me.
I kissed her again, forcing her to lay down. I unbuttoned her pants and she lifted her ass up as I slid of her jeans and panties all in one motion. I just wanted to lick her sweet pussy. I got under the blanket and went down, I could smell her hot pussy as I got closer, and I just wanted to taste it. I couldn’t wait.
“Wait! Did I tell you about my piercing?!” she said.
“Um, I have my clit pierced, so don’t freak out when you get down there and find it!” she told me.
“Oh my gosh!” I thought to myself. I was in way over my head. This girl is so experienced, how in the hell can I please her?!
I didn’t let my thoughts get to me. I had a hot wett pussy right in front of me waiting to be pleased.
I licked up her slit to start with, just to get a taste. I found her clit ring pretty fast and began to play with it with my tongue. I knew she liked it because she was moaning pretty loudly. I just licked her clit for a while before I decided to slide two fingers into her soaking wett pussy. She gasped and moaned louder.
“Oh Amanda! Yes! Do that Hun!”
I slid my fingers in and out slowly to start with as I continued to lick furiously at her clit. I began to move my fingers faster and deeper, trying to put more pressure. She moaned louder as she began to buck against my hand and face.
“Oh Amanda! Don’t stop! Don’t Stop! Ohhhh! Don’t stop! Just like that! Oh Amanda! Ohhhh!” she moaned my name, making me go faster and faster. Deeper I pushed my fingers and I felt her pussy starting to tighten on my fingers. I kept licking her clit and sliding my fingers in and out until she bucked against me for the last time. She let out a loud scream and her pussy tightened on my fingers. I slowed down and licked up her juices. I slid my fingers in and out a couple more times just making sure she was satisfied. She moaned softly. Coming down slowly. I came up from under the covers and I had her pussy juice all over my face. I licked it off then went to kiss her.
“Are you sure you have never done that before?” she asked me.
I laughed at her question and collapsed beside her. She got up to my surprise and came over to me and kissed me. She kissed down my stomach and teased me in the same way as I teased her. She pulled at my pants, so I helped her get them off. I was soaking wett. She ran her finger up my slit just feeling me.
“That’s so hot Amanda” she said to me.
I didn’t quite understand but I wanted her to keep touching me.
In exhaustion she laid her head on my stomach and began to finger my pussy. At first just slow strokes in and out, then she did something that drove me wild. I didn’t understand at the time why though. She slid her fingers in deep, just two fingers then she arched then up towards my stomach then she moved then back and fourth furiously. I screamed in pleasure as she continued. Then she went back to fingering me sliding her two fingers in and out. It drove me nuts. She slid her fingers out and concentrated on my clit for a while, teased it, caressed it. I was moaning softly.
“Put them back in” I said. I wanted her to do that thing again, it felt so good.
She slid her fingers back in. My hips thrusted against her hand. She arched her fingers and began to move then fast again. I began to orgasm. I moaned and screamed as I came hard. My pussy tightened and throbbed against her fingers. She continued doing that until I squirted. I never knew I could do that, but I had never felt so satisfied.
I laid there for a while, coming down slowly, as she slid her fingers out and licked them dry. She kissed me softly and noticed what time it was.
“Shit its 12:45!” she said.
It was back to reality. I didn’t want to go back. I wanted to stay like this in this little dream come true forever.
“I have to get home Hun! I don’t mean to fuck you and leave but I really have to go!”
“I understand. But will I ever see you again.”
“Don’t be silly. Of course you will see me again.”
We scrambled around and got our clothes on. I stood up against the wall and she pined me there and kissed me.
“I’m going to wash up real quick.”
I was still in a daze of what happened. I couldn’t really believe it. I walked her out to her car and wanted to kiss her goodbye.
“I don’t know how gay you want to act in front of your neighbors” she said.
I looked around confused. Then I saw my neighbor outside watering her grass.
“Oh. Okay. Well at least give me a hug.”
We hugged and she got in her car and drove off. I watched her from the porch. She blew me a kiss and yelled goodbye.

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