Raven's Cabin Ch.1

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My name is Lily Jameson and I’m fourteen years old. Five months ago, both of my parents died in a car accident, involving a drunk driver that drove head into them, making them die instantly. Leaving me all alone, soon after the funeral weeks later after their accident, I packed my life and went to live with my Godfather, my dad’s younger brother, Max Jameson, who lives up in the mountains hours away from my old home.

Living with Uncle Max wasn’t a big deal. I love Raven’s Cabin—which belongs to Uncle Max. His cabin is big and spacious enough for a family to live in. Everything about his cabin made me wonder how could a big man like Uncle Max, who’s very quiet built a beautiful home? I rarely knew him but daddy always talked about how he envied that his brother knew how to build a beautiful home. I can tell that daddy loved his brother a whole lot. Uncle Max rarely comes to visit my daddy because of his work. He works as a construction worker and runs his small architecture business down town.

Though, Uncle Max and I rarely talk to each other, it’s nice to see each other. I can tell that Max is a very anti-social person and only talk when is spoken to. I don’t mind at all. I like the peace and quiet life in his home and away from the noise down town and from my old hometown.

Walking through the front door of the cabin, I entered the foyer and made a turn to walk into the large and spacious kitchen. Hungry as I am right now, I opened the fridge to peek inside at what was in it. Seeing a large chunk of ham, chicken and fish, I decided I should make some stew and salad later for dinner.

“Uncle Max should be home around six…” I muttered when I took a glance at the clock on the kitchen wall beside the fridge. 3:09 p.m. I had time to take a shower and a little bit of privacy to myself.

After I took a shower, I laid down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. There was one little secret that I would never share with my Uncle or anyone. After all, he was a man and I was just a little girl. Well, teenage girl that is.

I love watching porn and masturbate while I watch it. Sometimes, I touch myself whenever Uncle Max is at work and before I sleep. I mean, I was in my teens, being curious about the male anatomy and…sex. I’m still a virgin and like all goodie girls, I wanted to give my virginity to a man I love. But living with my Uncle seemed kind of impossible too. The town held at least 500 people. Most of the teenage girls are either dating, pregnant and married all in that order. Most of the boys I see every day for the past five months weren’t as interesting. They were tall, I can credit that but they were also scrawny looking with a tiny bit of muscle. The boys always look like as if they can just break and disintegrate into a thousand pieces if they were hit by a truck.

I don’t think I want to give up my virginity to any of them. The way I see it, those boys in town look as if they’re just after your body, come inside of you and leave you for good.

Reaching down with one of my hands, I touched the folds of my cunt while my free hand tweaked and pinched my nipple.

“Oooh…” I moaned softly. I just love touching myself.

Minutes later, my cunt was getting so wet and my body was so hot as if I was being burned alive, I flipped onto my stomach, raising my ass high up into the air, spreading my leg wide open and used two fingers to fuck myself in my cunt.

“Oh, fuck me!” I moaned into the bed sheets while I fucked my virgin cunt with my skinny fingers.

My quiet bedroom now was heard with the sucking sound of my cunt sucking in my fingers.

“Aah…aahoooh, oh, oh!” I groaned. My insides were so hot and making so much sounds, I was so close. Soooo close. I imagined a huge and long cock surging deep inside of my cunt. Pushing its way deep, so deep into my cunt hitting my cervix and rubbing it with the tip of its cock.

I can get off fucking myself with my fingers but sometimes I would have to imagine my fingers as a cock while I fuck my cunt in order to come.

“It feels soooo good. Fuck me, harder!” I cried out in pleasure.

The unknown man in my mind and his cock was pumping fast and doing deep and fast strokes. One of his hands pinched and pulled my nipples. It felt too good. It’s so fucking deep in me. His balls were slapping against my cunt. My cunt started to tighten up and I knew I was going to come.

“Faster! Faster! Harder!” I cried and pumped my fingers as fast as I could while my mind continued to make my unknown man slap hard against me. “I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!!” I wailed loudly as I gushed onto my fingers.

Dropping back onto the bed, I sucked in air, panting heavily. The room smelled like sex now. I think I should hurry up and get dressed before my Uncle comes home from work.

Sighing in defeat, I rolled out of bed and went to put on a long white t-shirt and tights before starting on dinner.

It was close to seven o’clock when I heard the door slamming shut and pitter patter of feet on the floor and knew that Uncle Max had come home from work. I didn’t need to turn around to know that my Uncle was staring at me from the kitchen entrance.

“Welcome home, Uncle.” I said without turning around.

All I heard was a grunt and shuffle of feet before he stomped down the hallway and up the stairs.

“He should be label as a mute…” I muttered before I went back on mincing the onions and carrots for the chicken stew.

Half an hour later while I was setting the plates down onto the dining table, I heard steps coming down on the stairs and saw Uncle Max came into the kitchen and sat down at the table.

“I made chicken stew, fish cake and salad at the side for dinner.” I told him.

“Smells good.” Was the only reply.

Looking up when I sat down on the chair, I saw him staring at me. A strange look cross over his face before it went back to that cold and emotionless mask.

Again, like always, dinner was a quiet one. I didn’t ask him how his day went and he didn’t ask how school was today. After dinner, when Uncle Max went upstairs and I was drying the dishes with a cloth, the phone rang. I looked up at the clock and frowned. Who is calling at this time of the night?

The phone continued to ring and since Uncle Max didn’t pick up the phone upstairs in the entertainment room, I strode through the living room to answer the phone.

“Hello, this is Raven’s Cabin.” I spoke onto the phone.

“Who is this?” The female voice seemed pissed and annoyed at the other end of the line.

Gritting my teeth from cursing to the bitch. “This is Lily.” I replied.

“Lily who?”

Like seriously? Who the fuck was this woman? Demanding to know who the heck I am?

“This is Lily Jameson. Are you calling for my Uncle?” I finally snapped as my hand tightened around the receiver.

“Uncle? You mean Max?” Could the lady even be more stupid?!

“Yes. My Uncle. Max Jameson.” I said.

“Ah, I see now. No wonder he hasn’t called me in a couple months. May I speak with him, please?”

“Just one moment…” Pressing a button on the phone, I transferred the call upstairs. Putting the receiver back in its place, I went upstairs to the entertainment room to retrieve the phone. I went down the hallway and knocked on Uncle Max’s door.

“Uncle Max? You have a phone call.” I said and knocked again. Four knocks later, I wonder if he already went to sleep. When I was about to tell the woman on the phone that my Uncle was asleep, when the door jerked open and I found myself staring at a naked hard well-toned chest that rippled with muscles. Slowly my eyes drifted downward and it finally registered in my mind that my Uncle was half naked with a towel around his waist!


Mentally, I slapped myself and looked up to find my Uncle staring down at me.

“Yes?” He asked. His voice washing over my body like a breeze, making my nipples hard. I shouldn’t be thinking about my Uncle like this!

“Lily? What is it?” He asked again.

Fuck! I need to suck it up! Blinking a couple times, I stammered, “I-I-I…uuuh, there’s a call for you.”

Max’s brows furrowed down, “Who is it?”

“Some woman. He sounded pissed that I answered the phone…” I said slowly. Then, I saw his eyes widen before he swiped the phone out of my hands and closed the door, leaving me there battling my own body.

“Why are you calling?”

I heard Max said that while I turned around to walk to my bedroom down the hall. My body still tingled. As if my body was charged with small tiny electric shock. In my bedroom, I turned on my laptop and went to a porn site to watch something. Typing in “creampie”, I looked at the videos until I caught something with my eyes.

“Uncle Giving His Niece A Creampie”

Interesting. Wait. Why am I even interested in this?! But I was very curious too. I clicked on the video and watched. The girl was giving her uncle a blow job.

“Fuck, baby, suck on me harder.” The uncle told the girl.

Somehow I was very turned on already and I can feel my panties getting wet. Slipping my hand under the waist band, I stroked myself as I continue to watch the girl sucking her uncle off in her small mouth.

“Aaaaah, fuck. Shit. Your mouth feels nice and hot around my cock.” He said.

“Ohmigod…” I moaned softly, continuing to stroke my clit while I watch the uncle flipping his niece onto her stomach, her ass up in the air before he slapped her ass a couple times. My pussy suddenly became even more wet when I heard his hand striking her ass and somehow I wish a man can slap my ass like how the uncle was doing it to his niece.

“Fuck me, uncle!” The girl cried, shaking her ass at him.

“Hell yeah I’m going to fuck you! Nice and hard and come inside of that hot pussy!” He slapped her once more.

“Oh god…” I literally tried to rip off my tights and panties before lifting one of my legs on top of the desk as I watch the uncle slip his hard and long cock into his niece’s cunt.

“FUCK ME! OHMYGOD! Harder, Uncle John! Deeper!” The girl wailed.

Panting heavily, I added pressure on my clit and rubbed it as the uncle slammed his cock. He gripped her elbows and lifted her up and ponded into her more. The squishy, sucking sound of his cock and her cunt made me moan.

“Uncle! Uncle!”

I rubbed my clit even faster while I watch the girl getting nailed so hard by her uncle. Before I knew it the girl screamed.

“I’M COMING! I’M COMING! Put your juice in my dirty pussy, Uncle John!”

“You want me to come inside, baby girl?” The uncle asked, thrusting faster than ever before.

Oh my god, he’s really going to put his semen in your cunt I thought as I stroked faster, mimicking the rhythm of his hips. The sucking sounds, the flesh on flesh kissing each other made me so hot and so damn wet I came when I heard the uncle and niece cry out.

“Oooh, god!” I cried out, my muscle tightening and felt my juice coming out of my cunt making the leather computer chair wet.

“GOD, YEAH!” The girl screamed as her body shook violently.

“Take all of me, baby girl! All of my cum!” The uncle slammed once, twice and went still.

The camera zoomed between the uncle’s thighs and I saw thick and white semen oozing out of the girls cunt.

“I hope you make me pregnant, Uncle John.” The girl whispered.

“I bet you will.”

Turning off my laptop, I stumbled onto my bed, panting. My body was tingling all over. My nipples were hard and stiff. God…who would have ever thought incest would be interesting?

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