Serving His Grace

Today I was called to His Grace, and given the following orders:

"I want 4 girls, young, pretty, you know my tastes but I require the following features:"
"A pair of Twins, nice large tits and BIG EYES! I want big eyes."
"A girl with a nice face and BIG LIPS. I want a nice big luscious mouth, with pouting lips, maybe a black girl."
"A girl with a long pointy tongue. Don't care what she looks like, I want the longest tongue!"

I love these kind of orders, watching the townsfolk eagerly present their most fuckable daughters, each parent praying that theirs would be chosen Once I've made the selection I can take whatever I want, I usually take 2, sometimes 3 or more, and occasionally just one. I've asked the men to find twins and they didn't disappoint. I've got 4 sets of twins in front of me and they all look good. I select the set with the most innocent looking faces and nice big eyes. They have fairly decent tits, not huge but nice-sized and I figure the request for big eyes was more important. I point them out and the guards (who have no balls) escort them away to be waxed, perfumed, and instructed.

I do a walk up and down the rest of the line and pick out an olive skinned girl with a beautiful face and a huge mouth - pouting lips a mouth designed for sucking cock. The last request was a bit tricky so I called for some pliers and calipers and had the men measure the tongue length of everyone left and pick out the top ten. The winner looked small with no tits, freckly mousy face, kind of cute but she sure had the tongue. If I was feeling mean I'd tell her what she'd be doing with it for the next long while For myself I found a young redhead, big tits, nice red bush between her legs. "Thanks for the loan, i'll return her in a couple of days" I say to the parents - who stood looking gutted that their daughter wasn't chosen but resigned to the fact that she'd be well fucked by me - tax is tax!


His Grace slowly stood up, stretched, and stepped out of the hot tub as the girls were presented. They had been given simple instructions: Do not talk except to answer questions. Do exactly what is instructed of you. When he looks at you, look into his eyes. Obey His Grace - but worship his cock, it is your God now. "Where shall i brand them?" he mused, and reached for the olive skin girl. he ran his hand over her smooth round ass, up to her breasts, then traced his finger slowly downwards til it disappeared into the folds of her pussy. he explored gently and his finger quickly moistened. removing it he held it up to her face, and slowly pushed it through her luscious lips. He felt her tongue reach for it and nodded encouragingly, and as she stared up at him with large innocent eyes, she sucked.

He glanced at the twins and they looked up suddenly in fright. He laughed as they turned red, and tried to keep their curious eyes from being drawn back to his large, rapidly rising cock. The mousy girl looked terrified of it. None of them had seen one before he guessed perfect.

An idea occurred to him as he regarded the twins. "I'll stamp their breasts, hmm i'll brand an 'L' on one girl, and an 'R' on the other."
"You will respond to 'Left', it's your new name" he told Left, "kneel here on my left."
"And you will be 'Right', kneel here on my right. both of you watch carefully." He reached for the mousy girls arm and pulled her into him. She shook with nervousness as she felt his cock press against her naked belly. He spun her around and told her to sit in a kneeling position on the small cushioned table. "put your face on the table, and your ass in the air." Her small ass rose slowly but he grabbed her by the hips and adjusted her position. He reached for the jug of hot oil, poured generously and watched it flow onto her ass crack and down to her anus. he massaged it into her anus with his thumb then his finger, then took the jug and slowly immersed his cock in it. The three other girls watched with wide eyes as he pressed the head of his cock against mouse's anus and moved it in tiny circles, slowly increasing pressure. She cried out as he broke through, and he held still, grabbing her hips strongly and feeling her tense up. His cock disappeared inwards in a deep, deliberate thrust and the 3 girls gasped, as mouse cried out.

He fucked her slowly but firmly and her whimpering became gasping as she grappled with her fear, pain, and the slowly increasing feelings of pleasure. he came deep inside her and withdrew his cock "stand up, but lean against the tub - show me your asshole." She did as instructed and he stood watching as his cock pulsated in post-orgasmic pleasure. "there we go:" a drop of cum appeared, and became a small stream, flowing down to her pussy and on down the inside of her leg. "Come here" he said to Olive. "kneel down. Good." Olive found herself on her knees with his long thick pulsating cock closing in on her face. It touched her forehead, his hands closed around the back of her head as the full length of it pressed into her face. He pushed her head lower until his balls rubbed over her lips and nose.

The twins watched as his cock entered her mouth. They watched and listened to the instruction he gave Olive as she obediently swirled her tongue around the head of his cock and licked the shaft up and down. They watched as he nodded in approval and began to thrust. They watched him fuck her mouth and throat and watched her gag. Mouse watched and listened too, as her ass throbbed and ached from the fucking, and they watched when he finally came violently over her breasts. "clean it up" he told the twins. "Using your tongues. Right, you clean her right tit. Left, clean her left. You know the drill."

"Now," he pronounced when they were done and Mouse's breasts shone with the twins' saliva, "Here are your instructions. Unless otherwise stated this is what you will be doing from now on, whenever you are in my presence."
"Left: you will lick my left ball. You will suck it, you will take it in your mouth and massage it with your tongue. Right, you will serve my right ball."
"Olive: you did well. your lips, mouth and throat have one soul purpose: to pleasure my cock."
"Mouse: you will lick my asshole. you will swirl your tongue around it, and bury your tongue in it. you will learn to go deeper and deeper. when you please me, i'll fuck your tight ass slow and gentle, and you'll love it. When you don't please me Your asshole will be punished."

"Here: I have these for all of you:" He reached for a box and opened it to reveal 4 anal plugs, each coloured differently. One had a horse tail plume and he handed it to Mouse - "this is for Olive, there's the oil, put it in." They all watched as she nervously coated the plug with oil. "None on her ass - use your tongue to do that." Her tongue reached forward to receive it's first taste of asshole, a small tight perfect little asshole, that will need to be fucked he thought, as Mouse's tongue tenderly swirled around. When Olive's ass was wet with saliva she took the dripping plug and pressed it firmly but the plug didn't penetrate. "What did I do to you with my cock just now? you have to twist and massage it in". She twirled it around til Olive released a cute timid squeal and it was suddenly swallowed. Olive now had a pony tail. Mouse did the same with the twins, and he had them kneel and present their new gems - R now had a glistening sparkly blue gem in her asshole and L a red one. "Olive, you can do Mouse." Olive reached for the smaller remaining plug "you won't need to lube it." He was right, the plug slid easily into Mouses asshole, still wet with oil and cum.

"Now let's get to work, you all know what's required of you Left and Right, come here!" The twins followed His Grace to a purpose build chair, beautifully cushioned and ornate. His Grace sat comfortably inclined with his legs wide apart and his feet resting up high on foot rests, while the twins knelt down on either side. "Leave room for Mouse, come in here between them, Mouse!" Mouse shuffled forward and knelt and he took her head firmly with both hands and positioned it, forcing her to find a comfortable posture. "Left, Right, you can both start by licking, with the tips of your tongue mmm good a little more firmly nice. Mouse I want to feel the tip of your tongue exploring my asshole. Now." Mouse lent forward til her cheeks brushed against the twins' and poked her tongue out. His Grace felt the moist and velvety tongue press into his asshole and start swirling around, and he moaned with pleasure. "Start licking my balls twins, lick them hard like it's ice cream! Mmmm yes that's good. Does my ass taste good Mouse? Answer Me!" Mouse withdrew her tongue for a second to say "Yes Your Grace!" and continued. "Mmmm good! Olive, you can step up here and get in position." He instructed Olive to climb a couple of steps at the head of the chair and kneel on special cushions designed for the purpose. The result was that Olive now faced 69 to His Grace, with her fat bare pussy lips an inch from His Grace's face, and his cock and inch from hers. He watched with pleasant surprise as a drip of moisture collected on her clit, grew larger, and fell in a long slow decent in time to land on his extended tongue. He swallowed; "You're a very lucky girl to serve my cock, I'm glad to see you seem to like it" he said. "Now take my head into your mouth, and swirl your tongue around it, caress it, make love to my cock with your mouth."

His Grace closed his eyes and wallowed in the bliss, savouring the feeling of four tongues at work His balls and ass being licked simultaneously while his cock lavished it's hot, soft, and wet surroundings. he licked and sucked Olive's honey-dripped pussy as her tail brushed his face. "Mmmm now suck my
balls yes Mouse, bury your tongue in it, ahhhh!" He felt his cock swell and he smiled when Olive responded by opening her mouth as wide as she could and going for the dive. He thrust upwards and felt Mouse's tongue squeezed inside his ass as his cock hit the back of Olive's throat and she gagged, but held
it. "Again" he said and Olive braced as he thrust. The twins struggled to hold his tightening balls as he exploded on the fifth thrust, and Olive took her first load of thick hot cum, deep in her throat. She struggled not to gag, recovered, and swallowed it down. She start up at him with innocent eyes and swallowed. "Good girl" He told her, gently pushing the twin's faces away to give his balls a rest. He laid back and closed his eyes. "Massage me" he told the 3 girls and they obeyed, while Mouses tongue, numb and aching with the unfamiliar exercise, kept busy at his ass

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