Stephen Wells, Neighborhood PI - Part 2

Thursday, July 2nd

2:53 PM

It had been over a week since Stephen had humped Jodi Lynn’s leg and came for the first time in his life. She never said anything about her bathing suit nor indicated that she had any knowledge of what happened. This was all for the better, because he realized the danger he had put himself in. If he had been caught, not only would he have been in huge trouble but he would likely be branded a pervert all over school. There would have been no way to contain it because Jessica, Jodi Lynn’s little sister and Stephen’s classmate, would have told everyone what an icky perv he was.

Still, Stephen could not deny the satisfaction of what he had done. It was such a vivid memory that he could easily sink into it at will. Ever since that day he had spanked himself several times to full relief with the memory of his experience of her. This was bolstered by the fact that he had wrote down everything he experienced in his journal, documentation that was readily at hand that helped add detail to the experience. Since there was very little deviation between his memory and his journal, though, he found that there was another piece of documentation that helped add even more pleasure to his masturbatory fantasies.

It was of course the Playboy magazine his friend Mitchell had given him. In its centerfold pictorial was a picture of a stunning beauty that had the same face and eyes of the very neighbor he had busted his nut on. He knew it wasn’t the same girl though because as he had learned in the last week you had to be 18 to be a model in Playboy and Jodi Lynn had only just turned 17 just before Christmas. He also knew it couldn’t be her because the magazine itself was over ten years old. The model was, however, close enough in appearance to Jodi Lynn. So close that staring at the picture now while sitting in his tree house was giving him the now very familiar sensation in his groin. Her tanned ass was as beautiful as Jodi Lynn’s had been. He was about to unzip his pants and relieve his building pressure when his dad called from the house.

Putting his Playboy away in his cabinet he climbed out of the tree house. He went in through the back door into the dining room and saw his dad getting a glass of juice.

“Yes, dad?”

“Son, you ready for your party tomorrow?” Even though Stephen’s birthday was today, his dad and stepmother had made arrangements for everyone to come over the Friday after his birthday.

“Yeah dad, I’m real excited. Did you get what I asked for?” Stephen inquired.

His dad just smiled, “Son, we’ll see tomorrow.” He paused to take a sip of his juice. “Stephen, I called you in here because I wanted to let you know that your Aunt Heather is coming in. In fact that is where your step mom is now, picking her up from the airport. So I wanted you to go straighten your room up and make yourself look presentable, she is going to be staying for a few days. We’ll talk about that later though.”

He told his dad that would be no problem and went upstairs. Stephen was glad to hear Heather was coming. This could be interesting. Heather was someone he had always got along with. When he first met her a couple of years back Stephen couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was. She was also someone who didn’t treat Stephen as if he was a child. She often times said things around him no other adult would. She would make comments like how men only wanted her for her ass, or that dickheads are only good for one thing. A lot of what she said was sexually charged. She would also use a lot of curse words in Stephen’s presence, much to the dismay of his father who was somewhat conservative. She was also easy to talk to; often times saying for Stephen what he couldn’t say in front of her because of embarrassment.

All these things made her pretty as a person, and cool. There was another reason why someone would call her pretty though. Well, hot would be the word. Where as Stephen’s step mom had brown hair and eyes, Heather had blonde hair with green eyes. This was complimented by her milky white skin. Her body was also in great shape, standing 5’4, full figured with a fat bubble butt and big breasts for her small frame. Picturing her in his mind, Stephen started to get an erection. He smiled to himself. Six months ago when he last saw her she was just his pretty step aunt. Now she was the target of his next lust session.

Stephen entered his room and looked around. So Heather was going to be staying. This meant that she would stay in the guest bedroom downstairs. That was perfect. That bedroom had a big window, was on the opposite corner from his parent’s room, and was secluded. It was also below his. Stephen knew he would have his camcorder soon, and since Heather would be staying for a few days, it shouldn’t be too hard to get some video of her in her night things, and if he was real lucky, he might film her nude. There was a momentary prickle of guilt that he would be doing this with someone related, but then Stephen’s lust filled mind reasoned that she wasn’t his real aunt, besides, they had only met a few times. She was really no different than any other hot woman off the street to Stephen when it came right down to it.

“Stephen, get down here, they’re back!”

Good Stephen thought. He was ready to check out the target of his next mission. Walking downstairs Stephen could here his dad greeting his step mom and aunt.

“…really is nice to see you again. Can’t tell you what a big favor this is you’re doing for us.” Jonathan was saying as Stephen came into view.

“Stevie!” Heather yelled. She came over and wrapped her arms around Stephen, pressing her big boobs in his face before releasing him. Heather was wearing a white strapless sundress. She had the sunlight to her back and looked like an angel holding him at arms length. Her big breasts held up the dress with ease. Stephen couldn’t help but smile. In addition to being great looking, Heather was one of the nicest people he had ever met.

“Hey Heather,” he said, “It’s nice to see you again. I’m glad you could come in for my birthday.”

“Oh I am going to be here for more than that, sweetie,” she replied.

“I know he said.”

“Well, aren’t you excited?”

Stephen looked at her for a second with a confused expression, then said, “Yay?”

“Did you guys not tell him yet?”

Jonathan said, “No, everything came together so fast I didn’t have the chance, but I guess now is as good a time as any. Stephen, your step mom and I will be going on a cruise sponsored by my company. We’ll be leaving Sunday, on the 5th, and won’t be back again until next Wednesday. So Heather here will be staying with you while we are gone.”

“What about Jodi Lynn?” Stephen asked. He wasn’t disappointed with the arrangement, but was curious why his number one lust fantasy couldn’t watch him by herself for the next few days.

“Ouch! I didn’t realize your fugly old aunt wouldn’t be good enough for you,” Heather said dejectedly.

Stephen laughed. “You’re not old, you’re only 33,” and completely fuckable he thought, “and you really are not fugly either, I was just curious,” he said.

Jonathan answered him, “Mr. Lyons says she will be out of town next week so she wasn’t available. So Stephen, I need you to promise me you’ll be on your best behavior. I don’t want Heather calling us while we’re on our trip going out of her mind.”

Susan, Stephen’s step mom, spoke up for the first time, “Stephen’s an angel, Jon. He won’t be giving Heather any trouble. You always behave for me when I watch you, right Stephen?”


“Well that’s settled then,” Heather said. “Ok, let’s get out of this foyer, I want to sit and have a drink, what about you guys?”

Jonathan said that would be great and then asked Stephen to go get Heather’s luggage out of the car and put it in the guest bedroom. “And then join us in the living room, son,” he said. Stephen said ok. He was ready to get back to his room and his plotting but obediently went out to the car and popped the trunk. Heather had two suitcases in here, one slightly smaller than the other. He grabbed the big one first and took it to the guest bedroom. He then went back out and brought the second one in. On this trip he could hear the three adults in the living room talking amongst themselves. Stephen figured he could easily slip upstairs to his room without notice and was planning on doing just that.

When he laid Heather’s second piece of luggage down he noticed on the larger suitcase there was some fabric sticking out. Without thinking Stephen unzipped the luggage and went to tuck the material back in. As he did so he realized the material was a string on a bag inside of Heather’s suitcase. Stephen opened her luggage further and pulled the bag out. It was not completely opaque, but he couldn’t quite see what was in it. He went to work on getting the string undone from the zipper. It took him a few seconds but he finally worked it out. Once the bag was loose from the luggage Stephen took a proper look at it. It seemed to contain multiple colored garments in it. He opened the top of the bag and sucked in his breath. With his dumb luck he had managed to unsnag Heather’s lingerie bag. There were black, purple, green, blue, and red items in the bag. The red was on top. Stephen reached in and pulled out a bra and some panties. He dropped the panties on the bed and examined the bra. It was lacy, and see through. It had a tag on it. He looked at it and saw that it said 34DD. He knew that was big because he had heard Mitch talk about boob size on many occasions. He put this back in the bag and picked up the panties. Only it wasn’t panties. It was a thong of the same color and material as the bra. Holding them up made Stephen think of Jodi Lynn’s ass in her thong bikini. Stephen felt himself getting hard again. He was now imagining this on Heather’s ass.

There was a voice down the hall. Oh shit Stephen thought. It was Heather. Without thinking he zipped the luggage, thrust the thong back into the bag, and ran for the guest bathroom attached to the bedroom. As soon as he stepped in Stephen realized what a fool he was, there was no where to go. He stepped into the shower and closed the curtain. He wished his luck would get him through. He heard Heather enter her room and walk into the bathroom where he was at.

‘God please get me out of this and I promise to behave’ he thought to himself. He was against the wall on the shallow side of the shower, on the same side as the toilet. He heard Heather turn on the vent and shut the door. Despite his predicament he couldn’t help but peek around the shower curtain. Holding his breath, he could see Heather looking at her face in the mirror on the far wall. She picked at a couple of spots on her face and then turned toward the toilet. She opened the lid, turned around, and pulled her panties (yellow) down. For the briefest of seconds Stephen saw Heather’s bare ass but then she was down and she started peeing. Stephen tried his best to breathe shallow, but did not stop watching.

Heather finally finished, got some toilet paper and folded it. She then stuck her hand between her legs and presumably wiped herself. Once done she flushed the toilet and checked herself in the mirror again. She pushed her giant breasts up and readjusted her dress, showing a little more cleavage. Finally she left turning the light off. Stephen waited a full minute before moving. Even then he proceeded cautiously and peeked into the bedroom. Heather was gone. Stephen quickly stuffed the bag full of lingerie back into Heather’s suitcase. Stephen then snuck out of the guest bedroom and went outside as quietly as possible. He originally wanted to go upstairs but that would mean having to walk past the living room and after his experience decided he did not want to be called in there.

Stephen went to his tree house. His heart was pounding. He felt a new kind of exhilaration. Almost being caught excited him. He knew he was up to no good and coming so close to facing the consequences and getting away gave Stephen a new kind of rush. He wasn’t sure how to describe it but it combined with his lust and what he saw of Heather’s ass to get him through another masturbatory session. As he was coming down from it he took a nap. When he woke up he realized it was late evening. There was still light but he could tell the sun itself had already set.

Stephen climbed down from his tree house and went to head back in. As he neared the back porch he could hear his step mom talking from the kitchen.
“…the worst insomnia. This trip should be good for us. I’ve been telling him for months now that he needs a vacation, but Jon just nods his head and says he knows, but he never does anything about it.”

“Has he seen a doctor about the insomnia?” Heather asked.

Susan said, “Yes. The doctor gave him some sleeping pills but I swear he hasn’t touched them. I think it would do him some good. I took one to see what it was like and I was dead to the world. When I woke up I was naked and Jon was lying next to me and he said it was the easiest fuck he had ever had.” Susan finished this last with a laugh.

“Fuck, did he do you in the ass?” Heather said quietly.

“Heather you’re so dirty,” Susan said with sigh, “he just fucked my pussy. Jon knows I won’t do anal. He tried one time and I cut him off for a month.”

There was a pause, then Heather spoke, “The only time I was fucked in the ass was similar to that. My boss took me out one night and got me drunk, and I’m pretty sure he slipped me something. The next morning I’m waking up in a fucking Super 8 Motel and my ass is sore and crusted with cum. Fucking asshole didn’t even bother wearing a condom.”

Susan laughed, “Serves you right. You will date anything, and have sucked the cock of everything you’ve dated”

“Not all of them. Just the ones who went down on me first. I usually give them some pussy, too,” Heather said slyly.

“Jesus, you’re so loose I bet it’s like throwing a wiener down a hallway when you fuck,” Susan said with another laugh.

“Fuck you! You used to be pretty loose yourself, Susan, so watch your mouth or I might tell Jon about some of your more adventurous encounters in college. Besides, my pussy is so tight. I’ve been doing these squats a gym instructor taught me to tighten my pussy up. Supposed to make me feel like I have an 18 year old pussy after 6 months.”

“A gym instructor you were fucking,” Susan teased. They both started laughing.

Stephen had heard enough. The sex talk was entertaining to hear, but something else was on his mind. So his dad had sleeping pills that would knock someone out where they could be fucked. Remembering Jodi Lynn yet again Stephen quickly ran around to the front and through the door. His dad was in the living room and asked him where he had been all day. Stephen quickly replied out and ran upstairs. Making sure his dad did not follow, Stephen proceeded to his parent’s bedroom. He went to the bathroom attached to the master bedroom and opened their medicine cabinet. He rifled through it but found only Midol and Tylenol. Feeling deflated for only a moment he quickly ran over to his dad’s night stand. He opened the top drawer and after a few seconds of digging through papers, found a prescription bottle. It was for his dad, and the medication had a name of Triazolam.

It was full. Stephen was originally going to take just a few, but decided since his father hardly used them to steal the whole bottle instead. He pocketed them and made his way to his room. His heart was pounding again. He hid the pill bottle and decided to look up the drug online with his laptop. His laptop was both a favorite tool of his and a disappointment. His dad allowed him to have it in his room but with the caveat that his dad had the machine locked down with something that prevented Stephen from going to any porn sites. That was fine though. He didn’t want porn, he wanted information on this pill and how he could get Jodi Lynn to take it. So he went to work, researching and plotting, and trying to decide just what exactly he was going to do if he could drug Jodi Lynn.

After a couple of hours Stephen had done enough research on the pill to get an idea of how long he could knock Jodi Lynn out. Now came the time for some recon. He needed a plan if he wanted to drug her. The trick was figuring out how to get her to swallow the pill. Stephen decided to go downstairs and spy on Jodi Lynn before she left on her trip. Once on the main floor he saw Heather was still in the living room watching TV. She looked around when she heard him. Unfortunately, his recon would have to wait until after Jodi Lynn got back.

“Stevie! Come over here and sit with me,” she said excitedly. Stephen complied. He sat on the couch opposite of the love seat she was in. “Well fuck, I hope you don’t think I have cooties,” she said with a pouty face.

Stephen rolled his eyes, “You think too much about the things I do. There isn’t that much room on the love seat, I didn’t think you wanted me sitting in your lap.”

“Well I could have sat in yours!” She said this last with a smile.

In his lust filled mind Stephen couldn’t tell if she was making an offer or if she was just being playful. He decided to play it safe. “If you want to sit on my lap you can come over here, I’m already comfortable.” Heather laughed.

“No thanks, I guess I’ll sit over here by my lonesome until I finish my tea.”

“You’re always drinking tea,” he said.

“Yeah, it’s my favorite drink. It makes me piss like a race horse. It’s perfect for when I go to squirt parties though.” She said this last comment as a throwaway while looking at the TV. Stephen had no idea what she meant.

“Heather, what’s a squirt party,” he inquired.

Heather was in the middle of taking a sip from a straw when he said this. Once she heard him though, she stopped and slowly lowered the glass from her mouth. Stephen liked the look of her lips as she pursed them to sip.

“You know what, I know you’re not a kid, Stevie, but I really need to watch my fucking mouth sometimes.”


“Well, I’ll tell you what it is. This is going to be one of those conversations that stay between us, though, ok? Don’t tell your dad or my sister.”

Stephen held up his hand and said, “I solemnly swear.”

Heather giggled, “Ok, sooooo, let me ask you this first, do you know what an orgasm is? Or what cumming means?” Stephen looked at her for a second. This was one of those times. He knew what both were, and even though this was Heather, he felt awkward talking about it. “Stephen, you’re thirteen, it’s ok.”

“Yeah I know what they mean,” he said, “So, these parties, are they like cumming parties?”

“Well, yes and no. I mean, there is a lot of cumming, but it’s really more the type of cumming that make these parties so exciting. You see, sometimes, me and my friends, well, there’s a guy we know who will pay us to come over to his place and…put on a show for a group of his friends,” she said.

“Heather, are you like a… you know, a stripper?” The thought excited Stephen. His blood began to flow to his crotch and Stephen had to adjust the way he was sitting in case he got an erection. Whatever Heather was about to tell him he didn’t want her to stop because Stephen couldn’t keep his hard on in check.

Heather smiled and her eyes looked to the TV. Then she answered, “Your step mom doesn’t know this, but yeah, I’ve been stripping for almost a year now. You can’t tell her Stephen. Your dad would probably freak and not let me back in the house, you don’t want that do you?”

“No way, you’re my favorite aunt”

Heather smiled, “Thanks sweetie. So, yeah, I strip, but sometimes, for this friend I know, me and my friends will go to his house, and we’ll strip like we normally do at work,”

“At the strip club,” Stephen said with a smile.

“Yes, at the strip club.” Heather rolled her eyes but smiled too. She continued, “So we strip for him and his friends, and then we do a little extra.”

She paused and just looked at Stephen. He thought she was going to say that she was a prostitute, too. She had a knowing look in her eye looking at Stephen’s face. The answer was short of that. “I’m not a whore, Stephen. We just masturbate in front of them until we cum.”


“Yeah. So we masturbate, and sometimes, when a woman comes Stephen, she ejaculates. You know what I mean by that, right?”

This time he was lost. Stephen knew guys ejaculated cum, but had no idea what she was talking about. Stephen just shook his head.

“Oh. Well, Stephen, have you ever, you know, masturbated?”

Stephen looked at her again but deciding that the conversation had come this far he could share with her. He grinned and said, “Yeah. Why?”

Heather grinned back and looked down at the floor. “So, when you cum, you ejaculate. You shoot cum out, right?” Stephen nodded in the affirmative. “Well, women can cum with an ejaculation too, except we don’t shoot cum. We squirt out piss.”

She paused again to let this sink in. Stephen didn’t see how this would be arousing, other than watching a woman masturbate. He decided to go along with it though and just nodded and said ‘Ohhhh’ as if he understood.

Heather giggled, “So that’s why they call it a squirt party. Drinking tea helps, as I have to pee a lot when I drank it.” She sat for a minute and then said, “So I bet you’re all hard now.”

Stephen paused. “Ummmm.”

Heather laughed yet again. “It’s ok. Like I said you’re thirteen now. Boys your age get hard on’s just walking down the street. After what I just told you I wouldn’t blame you.”

“Oh, thanks,” Stephen said awkwardly.

Heather smiled at him. She looked around to the stair case and then whispered, “So how many times do you masturbate in a day?” She bit her lower lip after asking this.

Stephen did not know how to answer. He just sat there, staring at her.

“Oh come on, I just told you that I masturbate, and I do it for money. You can be honest with me.”

Stephen looked at her again, then something just fell into place. Shit, she had talked about a lot of personal shit she does. “Ok, it really depends on the day. Sometimes, I can do three or four.”

“Fuck!” she exclaimed, “I would rub my nub raw if I did it that much. You’re a horny little bastard.”

Stephen didn’t know what her nub was, but he inferred what he thought she meant, that he was doing it too much, so he said defensively, “Well, I’ve only been doing it for a week.”

Heather said, “Ha! Are you fucking kidding me, you only started a week ago?”


She laughed, “It’s ok, sweetie. I just didn’t realize it was so new for you. What got you started?”

At this point Stephen decided to conceal the truth. He didn’t want to admit that he had humped Jodi Lynn while she was asleep. He didn’t know how it was wrong, but he knew that it was. So he told a half truth instead, “Well, my friend Mitch has been trying to get me to do it with him for a while now.”

“Your friend Mitch?” She said. She made a weird face, “So, sweetie, are you gay?”

“What?!” The question caught him off guard. “No! No, it’s nothing like that. He just knew that I never had before, and he was trying to show me how. He said it felt real good.”

Heather laughed again. “It’s ok, Stevie. I mean, if you were gay, that would be ok, there’s nothing wrong with that, so don’t get so upset.” Stephen just nodded. Heather then asked him a question, “So, did you guys do it together?”

“Yeah, a couple of times, but that was before I could cum.”

“Oh. Ok, well, that’s really cool, Stephen, that you two were comfortable doing that in front of each other.” Stephen looked puzzled again. “Because you’re guys. Guys are funny about things like that. I can masturbate in front of another woman, well, anyone, really, and I don’t think it’s weird or gay. Sometimes guys do.”

Stephen thought about this for a second, “So, have you ever did it like Mitch and I did then, where it was to get off at the same time another woman was doing it, or have you always done it at those parties?”

Heather thought for a moment and then said, “You know, you’re right, I have always done it with another girl only at those parties.” She nodded and then said hmmm.

Again they sat in silence for a second. Then Stephen asked another question, “Have you ever done it that way with a guy?”

Heather looked at him and said, “What? Sex, or masturbate with him?”

Stephen’s cheek flushed, “Well, I guessed you had did the first thing, I meant masturbating.”

Heather looked at him for a minute and then a slow smile spread on her face, “Well, yeah, I have had a lot of sex. But to answer your question… yeah, I have masturbated with another guy in the room while he was doing it. It was an old friend of mine, back in high school, before I started having sex proper. She continued to smile at him. “What about you. Have you ever done it in front of a girl before or just Mitch?”

“Just Mitch,” he answered. Heather looked at him, still smiling, and then she looked at his crotch. It was only then that Stephen noticed his failed attempt to hide his hard on. It could not be any more evident as the ‘tent’ he was pitching showed one massive column in the middle.

And then Heather said something he would never forget, “So do you want too?”

Stephen looked at her. “Want too?”

She just stared at him, and then raised her eyebrows once while biting her upper lip.

“Really?” he said quietly.

“Yeah,” she said. She was talking quietly now too and looked back to the stair case. “It looks like you could relieve yourself. And I could do with a quick fix, too.”

Breathing hard now Stephen said, “Fuck yeah I do.”

She laughed at his enthusiasm. “Ok. There are some rules though.” He said ok and she continued, “Alright, you stay on the couch and I’ll stay in the love seat. We’re both going to cover up from the waist down. I don’t mind you watching me but we’re not getting naked in front of each other.” Stephen didn’t like this as he wanted nothing more than to see Heather nude but right now he wanted to jack off already. Again he said ok.
“Stephen, this is all we’re doing, anything else is off limits. Period.” She waited for him to nod again. “Alright, grab some tissues for us and grab that throw for yourself. I’ll grab the one over here.” Stephen grabbed his throw from the couch and got the Kleenex box. He pulled out a bunch and then handed the box to Heather. She asked him if he was expecting a big load and he said his loads are real big sometimes. Heather looked impressed with him. She was already in position, with a throw over her legs and her legs spread slightly. Stephen went and lay on the couch. He threw the throw over himself and unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock out and looked at Heather.

She was smiling at him, her head slightly inclined. “Ok, be sure to have those Kleenex ready, I don’t want you getting cum all over Susan’s furniture.” Stephen nodded. “Alright sweetie, stay looking at me, I want you to start stroking yourself.”

This was easy enough to comply with. Stephen started stroking up and down. Heather watched him for a minute, watching his arm flex with each stroke and then watching the throw were it would bump up momentarily. “How does your cock feel?”

“Good,” he said. She responded with an ‘mmmmm.’ Stephen kept his eyes on her face like she said, but out of his peripheral vision he could see she too started to play with herself. Stephen imagined her hand gliding over her private parts and asked her if she had her hand in her panties. He watched her breasts heave up and down in her sundress.

“Oh yeah,” she said. Stephen started stroking faster. Even though his skin was soft, he was starting to chafe from the friction. He normally had some sort of lubricant he would use but he didn’t have any.

“Umm, Heather?”

Heather’s breathing was deeper now. Where she had been squirming her top pulled down a little, giving Stephen more cleavage to look at. She was still looking Stephen in the eyes with half closed eyelids. “Yes, Stevie…”

“I’m starting to chafe,” he said.

“Mmmmmm, use your spit, sweetie.”

‘Ummmm, my spit? Like a loogie?” he asked.

Heather momentarily stopped and giggled. “No,” she said, “Like this.” She pulled her hand out from her crotch and spit some spittle on the palm of her hand. Then she said home made lube. Stephen spit in his hand like she said and started stroking himself again. She was right, this made pretty good lube. Heather started masturbating faster now. She closed her eyes and started making sounds. “Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh.”

This aroused Stephen, and he started to pump faster too, never taking his eyes off of Heather. This went on for about three minutes. Stephen could already feel his cum coming. He decided he would go ahead and finish and then watch Heather finish afterward, so he sped up.

“Not yet, Stevie, I’m close, wait for me.” Wanting to cum badly now, Stephen did his best to hold off. Heather’s legs were twitching now. She was making more noise, taking deeper and faster breaths. Suddenly she said, “Ok. Ok. Ok.” And she balled up around her hand, her legs coming together and her face leaning in toward her stomach. Stephen had had enough and released himself, barely catching his cum with his Kleenex. He grunted some.

He lay there for a minute, and then his senses came back. When he looked over Heather was staring at him with that same smile. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh yeah,” he said with a deep breath. Looking at her, with a slight sheen on her face, his dick quickly hardened again. “Heather, I’m still horny.”

She grabbed the Kleenex box and took some Kleenex. She then wiped a couple of times between her legs. Standing up she said, “You can keeping jacking off if you want to. I’ll watch.”

Fuck that, Stephen thought to himself. “Heather, please, I am so horny. I want you.”

“Whoa!” She said. “You need to slow down. I told you that was all we were going to do.”

Stephen stood up, tossing the throw from himself, exposing his hard on. Heather immediately looked at it. She stared for a second and when she said nothing Stephen moved toward her.

“Stephen, no!”

“Please, a blow job. Anything.” As he said blowjob, a thought occurred to him. “I’ll go down on you. You’ll do it for me if I do that, right?”

“Stephen, what the fuck?”

“I heard you say that to Susan earlier, you’ll suck a guy’s dick if he goes down on you. I’ll do it, just please suck me off.”

She stood for another second, and then said, “Stephen, I’m going to bed, you need to also.” With that she started to walk away. Stephen grabbed her hand and asked if she would jack him off at least. For a moment it looked like she might give in but then Stephen moved too quickly and tried to pull her hand down to his dick. Heather smacked him, hard. Stephen sobered up.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Stephen go to bed.” Heather turned around and went to her room. He heard her lock her door. Stephen stood there for a moment, dick in hand. Eventually he put his dick back in his pants and straitened up the living room. Stephen wanted to go to Heather’s room and apologize again but shame was slowly starting to set in. In the back of his mind there was a spark of anger, too. How the fuck could she get him so horny and then just leave him hanging. Stephen had a restless night before he finally dozed off just before dawn.

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