Daddys play toy the beginning

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This is a true story.

I have been dying to tell this to someone all these years. Let me tell you about myself I am 38 yrs old now and this is my fondest memory about my early sex life.

My Parents have been divorced for as long as I can remember. I live with my Mom and on the weekends My dad has been using me for his sexual pleasure. Most of the time he would just strip me naked and put his cock between my legs and make himself cum. He would also suck on my cock and try to get me to cum but i must have been to young at the time. One day when I was young I was staying at my dads place for the weekend.

No one was home it was just myself and him. We were doing a few things in the basement when we he walked over to me and started to kiss me. He slipped his tounge in my mouth as he pulled me close. My little cock started to get hard and he could see it sicking out the front of my sweat pants. He continued to kiss me as he moved his hands down my body until he started to rub my cock though my sweat pants I was really getting hard. He knew just how to get me all hot and bothered.

He pulled my shirt over my head and started to suck on my nipples the warmth of his mouth made my little nipples hard. He would lick one then the other over and over as he stroked my cock. Reaching down he pulled my sweat pants and under wear off all at once leaving me standing completely naked infront of him. Reaching up and grabbing my nipples, he leaned down and took my now very hard cock in his mouth paying special attention to the head of my cock. The feeling of his lips around my cock was amazing. I couldn't help but moan out loud mmmmmmmmmm. His warm wet mouth felt so good on my little cock.

I had never orgasmed before by him sucking my cock but i enjoyed the feelings so much. it was like electricity running from the end of my cock throught me. Oh god did I like having him suck my cock. "Aggggggg yes daddy" that feels so good I whispered to him.

I was beginning to feel as if I was going to pee in his mouth so I warned him that I had to go to the bathroom. kneeling infront of me he asked if I was sure that I had to go. I said not any more now that he had stopped sucking my penis.. He smiled I guess he know more than me. He said not to worry about it and to enjoy the feelings he was giving me. I was really enjoying the feelings.

He pushed my legs apart for some reason and then licked his finger and slid his finger in between my butt cheeks. he circled my butt hole with his finger and slowly started to press it into my ass my legs were spread so far apart that I couldn't really stand up to move away from his probing finger. It felt good as if he was pushing every nerve in my body sending waves of pleasure Through me. He Pulled his mouth off my cock to asked if I liked what he was doing and just then I blew my first load of cum onto his shirt. Oh god yes yes oh fuck was all I could hear myself moaning. He realized that I was cumming and quickly clamped his mouth on to my cock and took the next few shots into his mouth swollowing everything I had left. As I moaned in pleasure I continued to cum. The head of my cock felt incredible and he just kept sucking on it making me go wild.

All of a sudden my legs gave out and I fell onto my dads hand pushing his finger further in to my ass. making me moan in pleasure even more.

My dad knew I had enjoyed this play time.

Not having a whole lot of time before the rest of the family came home he told me to get dressed and clean up. while I was getting dressed he asked if that was the first time I had cum. When I told him it was he smiled and said that it would not be the last.

As he walked away I didn't know that he was already planning something special for later that night. I didn't know it but my sister was going over to her freinds to sleep for the night and my dads girlfreind was going to be working the late shift at 1130 that night so he was going to be able to have his way with me for the whole night.

I was tired from earlier in the day and was falling asleep on the couch so my dad woke me and sent me downstairs to my room to goto bed at about 930. my sister was already gone for the night over to her freinds place. I went down stairs and pulled of my shirt and put on my PJ bottoms and laid down in my bed thinking about the things that had happened that day and was quickly asleep..

I was awaken after a few hours by my hands being grabbed and before I realized what was going on both my hands were tied to the headboard of my bed. I realized my dad was in my room with several more lenghts of rope. He pulled of my PJ bottoms and underware saying we won't need these anymore. Taking another length of rope he tied it around one ankle and then did the same to the other ankle. He had never done this before and I was a little scared at what he was doing. he ran the lenths of rope up to the head board and proceded to pull them tight which made my legs come up and over my chest leaving my penis and ass completly exposed.

He smiled at me and said that tonight I was going to enjoy all the pleasures of being his play toy tonight. reaching down he started to rub my cock until it started to get hard. he slowly leaned forward and slipped it into his mouth. sucking on it sent waves of pleasure through me and my cock was quickly rock hard as I remembered the pleasure from this afternoon.

He had somethings on the night stand that I couldn't see from my angle. He reached over and grabbed a tube of ky jelly and put some on his finger and put it at the entrence to my butt.

pushing slowly with one finger he slid into my tight little ass. He let me get used to it for a minute and then started to slid it in and out. I was enjoying this. I lightly moaned as he fingered me. He took another finger and slowly started to insert it into my ass. He would reach up and play with my cock as he was slidding his fingers in and out of my ass. wave after wave of pleasure was rippling through my body I was enjoying being tied up on the bed with my hands and legs tied up over my head.

I was getting so close to cumming I was moaning in pleasure and my dad must have known that I was close because he stopped playing with my cock. Getting off the bed he goes over to the night table and picks up what I later found out is called a vibrator.

He says that his girlfreind really likes it when he uses it on her and he knows i will like it as much as she does. He gets back in between my legs and puts the vibrator at the entrence to my ass and slowly starts to push it in. It hurts and I tell my dad to stop and he says no just relax and enjoy it. It feels to big to go in to my up until now virgin ass. He puts some more lube on it and pushes it in to me in short slow stokes. It finally it slides in all the way.

Again letting me get used to the size he starts to fuck me slowly with it. The pain is quickly replaced with pleasure as I start to relax and enjoy the feeling of fullness. God does it feel good it is hitting me in all the right spots.

He slides it all the way out and pushes it all the way back in he is fucking me with all 7" of this vibrator making me get used to him pulliing it out and putting it back in. he starts to suck on my cock again.

reaching down as he sucks my cock he turns on the vibrator and just about sends me over the edge. Oh god yes oh yes ohhhhhh God did that feeling feel good. moaning outloud as the vibrations electrified every nerve ending in my ass and shoots though to my cock. I am on the verge of cumming and again he stops I beg him to continue. I beg him to continue

oh please daddy please make me cum.

He pushes the vibrator all the way into my ass and gets off the bed. he takes his shirt off and slowly takes his pants off. when he pulls his underware off I can see that he is loving this as much as I am as his cock is harder then I have ever seen it. He has precum leaking form the end of it and looks like it is about 8" long. he climbs back on the bed and removes the vibrator from my ass and positions his cock in its place. it is thicker then the vibrator and i am still to tight for it to fit. he rubs ky jelly all over it and puts it at the entrence to my ass and he slowly slids it in to me. when it gets about 1/2 way in I tell him it hurts and he says to relax he is almost ready to cum. I try and relax a little more and in one final push he slides all the way in.

He is so turned on by this that he starts to cum deep in my ass. I can feel his warm cum filling my virgin ass and each time he cums I can feel it stretch me even further as his cock pulses. My cock is rock hard and begging for release. His sweat is dripping onto my naked helpless body as he enjoys is orgasm over top of me.

He continues fucking me in long slow strokes for the next 10 - 15 minutes making sure to pull his cock all the way out and sliding it all the way back in. long slow stokes making me feel every single inch of his still rock hard cock. I am moaning uncontorlably now enjoying each and ever thust of his beautiful cock.

Picking up the pace he starts going faster and faster burying his cock deep in my ass. OH YES DADDY FUCK ME OH GOD IT FEELS GOOOOOD . in one final push he shoves his cock in as far as it will go and shoots his second load in to me.

He collapses on top of me and pulls his cock out of my ass. As he is resting between my legs he starts to suck my hard cock again. He asks me what I would like to have done now.

Oh please daddy I need to cum. Please I need to cum.

He asks if I like being fucked by his hard cock. Oh yes daddy I do. please make me cum I beg again.

He reaches over and picks up the vibrator and pushes it back into my ass and turns it on sending jolts of pleasure shooting though me. he pulls it all the way out and asks me to beg him to fuck me with it. AND I DO Please fuck me with it.

I am your sex toy I will let you do what ever you want to me please fuck me with the vibrator again.

he slides it back in and clamps his mouth to my cock and starts to quickly fuck me, my ass and cock feel like they are going to explode. and in one final thrust of my hips I cum in my dads mouth almost choking him with the amount and force that I come with. he swallows all of my cum and lets me get soft in his mouth. I am panting and covered in sweat.

I look him in the face and say that from now on I am his toy to play and fuck with anytime he would like.. he smiles at me and points over to the corner of the room and I notice the video camera that has tapped me begging my father to fuck me and to use me whenever he wants.

If you liked this story please let me know and i will tell you about other times that I was used as a sex toy.

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