Broken in- in the bible belt part 5

I stood in disbelief at the master at work. She placed her palms firmly on his rock hard abs in order to control his young eagerness. Inch by inch she raised her ass off the couch, taking a stop every couple of inches to ease him almost out of her, only to slide up again to gain another delicious inch of the whole. Her moans and breathing were becoming unbearable, as I watched inch by inch get painted with her now thick excretions. I will never forget the sight, and how, almost like a brush, her pussy painted a thick wet shine farther and farther up his magnificent erection. As if it was a slight struggle, she gasped in erotic delight as she reached high enough to feel the outer most part of his swollen ball gently flick her dripping ass. Just as she had planned, both she and Jamal reached a climax as Melinda ass finally ground to halt firmly against his muscular body. To insure her power, she gently squeezed his throbbing balls which rocked him into a spasm, sending a flow of white steamy cum flooding around his now maximum girth. I stood in amazement as it ran out of her. I wonderer how it could escape as it seemed there was no more room for anything.
As with the footsteps, I don’t remember my fingers entering my pussy. But standing there looking as he withdrew all those inches of delight, I found them buried as deep as they could go. I watched him lay his pride onto her stomach, and thought of being almost like a dream as I watched it slowly slip into a semi hard shape. For the first time I had my pussy full of two fingers, and I realized I was grinding the palm of my hand on my swollen clit. Once again, her timing was impeccable. Melinda reached up and gently removed my hands from my pussy, and with a gentle tug, she guided me to my knees placing my head on her still heard breast.
With a slight push, she slid my head toward his cock, and my lips touched his sticky head. For the first time in my life, I tasted lustful sex. The mixture of hot cum and multiple orgasmic pussy had s distinct twang. It made my head spin more that the previous liquor. Instinctually I opened my mouth and let his massive, although somewhat smaller cock explore my mouth. I did not know how to treat this thing like Melinda, but a small amount of pressure I applied with my lips forced some cum onto my tongue my body tried to reject. “Easy,” she said. “Relax, let it just set for a moment.”
Melinda reached and easily pulled out the long cock that I barely had in my mouth, and it gently flopped between my young hard breast that heaved up in down with my growing excitement.
“We don’t want it full hard right now Joany,” and she eased me onto my back.

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