Strip pool or darts anyone

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Sorry I am a little shy to kiss and tell but hubby told me to do it and let others read about me sexy day. Look at my pictures in our gallery to see what I look like.

Bill was working out of town on a project and I usually stay home as I have things to look after in our town, but this week I thought I would go with him and hang around Sudbury. He had a nice small house rented about fifteen minutes away from his project, and just on the outskirts of the city. Not much out there except the motel/bar and a little strip mall just across the street. Bill told me he use to go to the bar at the motel once in a while for a drink or two and even some quick food, also the owner of the bar was the guy who owned the house that he rented, so Bill would go there to pay the rent.

Anyway, as I was saying I went with him that week. We only had one car, so I dropped him off and went back to the house or into city and did some shopping lol. It was Friday now and I was starting to get bored. Bill took the car and said he would only be there till 10 or 11 am and he would then come back we would have some hot sex then head home.

I stayed in bed and got ready for him to show up around ten. I wore a new sexy outfit I just bought and had some of my toys laid out on the nightstand when I got a text. “Sorry running behind. Be a little later closer to 11 or 11:30 am.” Oh well I will just wait I, thought, and turned on the TV. I was getting close to 11:30 when I got a text again. “Issues at site. Sorry but stuck here till late afternoon, so go out to bar for a drink and lunch and I will be there when I can.”

There I was dressed to impress and even wet because I was horny as hell and ready for some fun. I did text Bill back. “Ok I am sad now. Lol. But do your thing don’t worry I might go for a glass of wine and a quick bite and then even a walk around out there.”

“Ok.” He replied. “Have fun. Have a few drinks, lol. And I will call you once I get out of here.”

I laid in bed and started to masturbate, since I was wet and horny. Lol. I came and had a great orgasm, then decided time to get out of here and have a drink. I need not shower and even really wipe myself down as I know Bill loves my pussy wet and ready, so I put on a sexy pair of panties, nice bra, long sweater shirt and my new jeans, along with some sexy heels, and walked over to the motel/bar. There were not many people in there, so I sat at the end of the bar and ordered a wine. The owner (Luc) was working. I met Luc a couple times from earlier in the week and on previous trips. He asked where Bill was, so I had to tell him at work we were going to leave earlier but I guess he had issues to deal with at work and was not sure when he would get away, so he told me to have fun and to have a few drinks.

Luc laughed a little and we talked about whatever. There were two guys playing pool in the corner and one other guy sitting by the bar, other than that the place was pretty quiet. I was just about finished my wine when the Luc sat another glass of wine down in front of me. He said it was from Mike, that guy at the other end of the bar, and before I even looked up the guy was beside me in the next stool. He introduced himself to me as Mike and those two young guys playing pool, he said were his two sons. (Jeff and John). They looked like they were in their late twenty’s or early thirties and Mike was probably in his fifties.

Mike got up and went to the restroom and Luc told me knew these guys quite well and said that they are in there usually ever Friday till closing time. He then told me that John and Jeff were married and their wife’s usually come for dinner but Mike was divorced and tries to hit up all the ladies when they come in, and also if I feel Mike is bugging me to let him know.

Mike returned and the three of us chatted some more then we talked about what drinks really screw you up and I made the mistake of telling them that Sambuca makes me go crazy. Lol. Mike then asked if I wanted to play pool with them. Sure, I would like to play and maybe pass the time away while waiting for hubby. Off to the pool table we went. He then introduced me to his two boys and next thing I saw was Luc walking over with five beers and a bunch of shooters.

Luc handed out the drinks and said he may as well have a drink or two too with us as the place in dead quiet today.

We played for about half an hour and still no call from Bill. More beers and more shooters then Mike said these are for you and he handed me two shot glasses of Sambuca. No. I said that will make me go crazy. Lol. They all laughed so what. Lol. Did Bill not say to have fun. So down my throat they went along with another beer.

I was starting to feel the booze now and getting in that crazy mood of being horny and wet again, so I guess I started to flirt a little more and Mike was really starting to flirt back with me. Luc came over and asked if everything was ok and to make sure that Mike was not being a dick. Lol. No worries I told him I am a big girl and can look after myself. After I said that, Luc went back to the bar.

Mike then started to touch me a little, when I bent over the table to take a shot, he would bump up behind me a rub his hands on my thighs. At first, I was a little creeped out but thought what the hell just a little fun can’t hurt anyone.

Mike then looked at me and told me that I played surprisingly good and maybe we should make in interesting and play for something. I laughed a little. “Like what?”

Mike then said, “ok us guys will play you one on one. You play us all one at a time and loser must take off some clothing. Strip pool?”

“Sure! Why not. It could be fun, and I know I am not going to lose all of them. Lol.”

The first game under way and I won and beat John, so the guys had to take off their shirts.

Next game was close, but I lost, so Mike said that he gets to tell me what comes off. Lol. New rule as we go, nice eh. So, he spoke out take your bra off and leave your shirt on. I laughed a little ok easy to do so I reached up under my shirt and pulled off me bra and placed it on the pool table. “There.”

I lost the next game too, so once again Mike spoke up, “ok now your panties.” I laughed. “Really! Not what I was expecting. Ok I will be right back.” I then went to the lady’s restroom and removed my jeans and pulled off my panties. They were soaked completely both from me cumming earlier but also because I was getting horny as hell playing pool with these guys. I pulled my jeans back on and walked back out and placed my panties on the pool table too. John was the first to pick my panties up off the table and looked closely at them.

“Holy shit! They are soaked,” he said. “You must like this game. Holy fuck that is hot.” Just then Mike grabbed them out of his son’s hand and held them up to his face. Mmmm.

Luc came back over with a couple more shot glasses and once again asked if I was ok. I just gave him the thumbs up and told him too to join the game. But you will need to take your shirt off too before we continue. He smiled and walked away, I thought he was not interested in playing, but a minute later he was back. He said he had to lock the doors and put a note on the doors saying closed and reopening at 5:00pm. Tonight.

Holy it was only around 1:30 now. So, a few hours of pool I might be wasted if they keep bringing me drinks. We all had a shot and Luc removed his shirt now too, so there I was no bra only my shirt and jeans no panties either and one wet pussy.

We played another game and the guys lost and now I got to pick what comes off, so my choice was pants. There they were four guys in their underwear and boots. All were good looking men, so it was sexy and hot to watch them walk around like that.

I lost the next game, so I was ready to pull off my shirt when Mike spoke again. “Nope! Take off your pants.” I unbutton them and slowed pulled them down my legs. I was so wet that my old cum and fresh cum pulled down in strings still attached to my jeans. The guys went nuts screaming and yelling. “Holy fuck. She totally fucking wet and probably horny as fuck too.”

We played another game, but this time every time I bent over to take a shot Mike or Luc would bump against my ass, and I could feel their hard cock press against me. They would lift my shirt a little exposing my ass totally and then even reached up and cup my breasts with their hands. I guess between the touching and the booze going to my head, I could not sink a ball if I tried. Lol. So, I lost again.

They all screamed now take it off, so I slowly grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up over my head. Before I had it off my head, I could feel hands all over my body. Some on my tits, some on my ass and then a finger or two into my wet horny pussy. With the dress now off me completely and me naked except for my heels Luc moved in and started to kiss me like a wild man. I think John and Jeff each sucked a nipple and Mike had his fingers buried deep into my pussy. I came within seconds and then told them to stop as the game was not over, yet. They still had clothes on. Lol. They did stop which I did not think they would so that made me feel a lot more at ease with what we were doing. I could see their cocks through their underwear and all four guys had big hard-ons.

So now what John asked as you, cannot take off any more clothes. This time Luc spoke out, if she loses now, we can order her to do things. The guys racked to balls up again once more and guess what. Lol. I lost again.

“Ok,” Mike said. “You lost and now we get to tell you want to do.”

“I guess so.” I replied

“Ok, good. Now lay down on the pool table.” I started to roll onto the table and they guys pushed the balls to the end by me feet. Mike then spoke again. “You have four balls you did not sink, so I want you to sink them into your cunt!”


“I said. I want you to sink those four remaining balls into your cunt.” Mike kind of barked back.

So, I laid on the table spread my legs a little wider and lifted my knees higher off, making my pussy more open and totally exposed to the four guys. Mike pushed the balls up closer to my ass so I could grab them easy. I then started to push them into me. Out of the corner of my eyes I would see the odd flash from time to time and did not really pay much attention to it. My pussy was wet as hell, so the balls slipped in easy, but I could still feel them as them pushed passed my lips. I had three in there and was not sure if the fourth one would fit but they demanded all four go in me. As I pushed the fourth ball in, I could hear my phone going off and it was Bill trying to call. I had no way to answer it, so it just rang till my voice mail picked up. One of the guys picked it up and just then a text came in from Bill saying he was at the bar but funny it was closed and then guessed that I went for a walk. Bill then left another text says he would go back to work and I was to text him when I had a chance to make sure I was ok. Little did he know I was probably only thirty feet away from him and about to get used like a slut. I saw more flashes and then realized that the guys were taking pictures of me all along and even when I was pushing the pool balls into my pussy. John even used my phone and took a bunch of me. Lol. I told them no pictures maybe my phone only, so the agreed. But I know they did not listen. Lol.

Next the guys took my hands and rolled me back off the table and onto me feet again. “So, one more game?”

“Why not!” I replied.

The racked up more balls again and we started to play. Luc sunk the white ball right off the break, so I won. Lol. I think they planned that. Now they were all naked as they all dropped their, under wear almost instantly. All four guys had nice looking cocks, average size, and great shapes.

Luc jumped up onto pool table and John and Jeff each grabbed one of my arms and started to pull me down face first over the table when my phone went off again. I told the guys I better answer, or Bill will be worried and not sure what he will do. So, let me go and I answered the phone and we will continue this.

“Hi!” I remember saying, and then Bill saying I sounded like I was out of breath. I laughed a little. “Yes, just getting a little work out. And getting ready for you when you get back.”

“Ok! Mmm Good.” He said, “I was looking for you, but I am back at site now and I may as well stay for the day. We can head home tomorrow. I will see you back at the house around five. Then we can play.”

“Ok darling. Sounds good. I’ll be waiting.” And I hung up, while still standing there with four pool balls in my pussy and cum dripping out of me too.

As soon as I hung up the two boys grabbed my arms again and pulled me over the end of the table. I had Luc’s cock right at my lips as the boys pulled my arms down more. I could feel my nipples rub against the felt top of the table and then felt my legs get pushed wider apart. My feet were still on the ground and my pussy was dripping like a wet rag as Mike got in between my legs and I felt his hand rub my pussy and then rub my ass. I guess he wanted to fuck my ass first. Luc lifted my head a little with his hands and pushed his cock into my mouth at the same time Mike stuck his cock into my ass. They both fucked me pretty hard, one in my mouth and the other up my ass. I remember Mike saying do not let the balls fall out of your cunt or it will get placed elsewhere. But just as he spoke, I could feel one slip out and heard it bounce off the floor.

“Shit! What did I just tell you? Now I have to stop and pick it up.” And with that he pulled out of my ass. A second later, I could feel the ball pressed against my asshole. “Ok now it goes in here if it does not stay in your wet cunt.” Suddenly, he pushed the ball right into my ass, I tried to scream a little but hard with a cock down my throat. I could hear the two boys telling their dad that it was so fucking hot to watch this slut take pool balls up her cunt and ass. Then he was back between my legs and once again started to fuck my ass.

What a feeling my ass with a pool ball and a cock up there, it just felt so good. Luc held my head tighter and next thing I know he was filling my mouth and throat with his hot cum. He shot a ton of cum into my mouth so I could not swallow fast enough so some dripped out of the sides of my mouth and onto the pool table. Luc sat back. “Next.”

John jumped up as Luc jumped down. Keep your arm there, bitch Luc told me as he went to the bar. I now had John’s cock in my mouth, and he started to fuck my face. All of a sudden Mike grabbed me hips harder so I knew he was cumming in my ass. I could feel the warm load of his a few seconds later and then he pulled out. As Mike’s cock pulled out, I started to cum and my body was shaking like crazy, what an orgasm. As I was cumming I guess another ball fell out of my pussy and I heard Jeff say, “I’ll get it.”

I still lay there both arms out and John fucking my mouth then felt the other ball pressed into my ass. I tried to say no and tried to shake my head, but no one heard or listen lol. Next think I knew Jeff pushed ball two into my asshole and then his cock. Oh fuck, what a feeling. It felt crazy two balls banging away at each other in my ass and in my pussy each time Jeff pushed into me and fucked me hard.

The two boys cum quickly and once again so did I. My nipples were almost starting to burn as the rubbed against the felt with each thrust from fucking my ass. John jumped off the table and Jeff pulled out of my ass. “Let’s have a drink.” as Luc returned with some cold beers.

I was hot and sweating like crazy and trying to catch my breath. The guys all talked about how fucking hot this was. We had a quick beer then Mike asked if I want to play another game. Game of what I replied. Well he said, “We all thought it so hot watching you push the balls into your cunt, that we would love to watch you push a few into your ass, yourself.”

I thought about It for a second, “so what is this game them?” Mike told me that I had to throw a dart at the dart board and whatever number it landed on was how manty balls I had push up my ass. Twelve was max and any number above that counted only as twelve only. I looked at him and thought he was nuts twelve balls, “I do not think I would get six up there,” I said. “And what’s in it for me if I do this?”

Luc replied that if I do that and depending on what number and if I can get them all in, he would, give me or Bill a free bar tab for a month, food, and drinks. But we all get to fuck that hot wet cunt of yours too, with all the balls still in your ass. Once again, I thought about it and what about the two in my pussy now, I asked. Those he said I can take out or leave in up to me. So, I made sure we were on the same page. “So, Bill can drink and eat for one month no questions asked if I agree.”

“Yes!” Luc replied. “And maybe next time you come back up this way with Bill, we can play another game of some kind.” Lol.

Time was ticking as it was around 3:00 and I had to be back at house for 5:00. “Ok, give me a dart.” I said, and we walked over to the dart board area. I laughed a little, “If I hit one or two. I guess I do not have to add any more.”

“Good point.” Luc replied. “But if you hit four or under you must throw again.”

“What? Funny how you guys make the rules as we go.” Lol. “Ok! Let’s do it.” I threw a dart and it hits on number two. We all laugh, then Luc hands me another dart. “Ok, wait a, minute. If I throw this one, there should be something in it for me. You made up rules as you went so, I was thinking double or nothing.” Bill gets to drink and eat for two months.”

Luc looked at the three other guys each shrugged their shoulders. “Ok you’re on. Two months.”


“Yes promise. But you leave the two ball in your cunt too.” Luc informed me.

“Ok!” and I threw the dart again.

I hit eight. The guys all cheered loudly. Eight. They would probably would have loved to see twelve. Lol. Eight balls in my ass and two still in my pussy holy not sure if I can do it but will give it a try.

We walked back over to the pool table and the guys helped me up. They then stuck a pool cue in the two corner pockets by me feet and grabbed my legs. John grabbed one leg while Jeff grabbed the other one. They pulled my legs so that my feet were beside the two cues sticking out of the pockets, then Luc handed them some duct tape and they taped my feet to each cue. Luc then returned with a few cushions and they lifted my ass up and placed them under my ass so now my ass was easy to each and more exposed too. They guys would take pictures constantly of me laying there even with my phone. lol.

Luc disappeared and then came back a minute later with a small pail. “Here throw the balls in here and let them get covered.” As he handed to pail over to Mike.

I tried to see what was in the pail but could not, so I asked Luc what he had in there. Butter he said you probably want them lubed up, so they slide in easy and easy out too. Mike then place the pail, beside me.” Ok you sex slut. They are all yours.”

I reached into the pail and pulled out ball one and placed it at my asshole. It was cold and hard to hold as it was slippery a heck. My pussy was dripping like mad I probably would not have even needed butter. Lol. I then pushed and it was in. I could feel it when it hit the other balls inside when it slid in. Now ready for next one. I had a few balls in me and I pushed the fourth one now. It slid in but not to deep making contact with all the other balls sending vibrations through my body. Wow. But not sure if more would fit. The whole time their cameras were going off, but I was at the point where I just did not care anymore. Lol.

I remember hearing Jeff say, “Holy fuck this is so fucking hot. Four more to go. Ya”

“Pardon?” I replied, “two plus four makes six so two more to go!”

“Ok. I guess you’re right.” He answered.

So, the fifth ball was getting harder to push in but actually it was the seventh ball, but I had to push a little harder and it slipped in. Last ball in hand as I held it by my asshole it did not want to go in. I heard Mike and Luc, “all or nothing baby push it in or no deal.”

So, I had to raise my ass and tried to wiggle around a little and then pushed hard and in it slid. I screamed as it stretched my ass and pushed on my insides more, but then all of a sudden, I started cumming. Eight pool balls in my ass and two in my pussy and now my finger on my clit. I felt like I was in heaven and started to squirt and squirt. The guys went nuts, “Holy fuck, she can squirt too, holy fuck, ya. Baby. Ya.”

They watched me with their jaws dropped then Mike jumped onto the table and stuck his hard cock into me making me continue my orgasm and still squirting a little. It was not long, and I felt his semen getting pumped into me. He jumped down and Luc was next as his cock pushed deep into me I could the balls moving around and once again I started to cum. Feeling the balls in my ass and in my pussy was crazy and I could feel every rib or vein on their cocks. He to was not long maybe ten minutes and then pumped his cum into my pussy. The two boys were fighting over how goes next so Mike was reloaded and jumped in before they did, so he fucked me again. He lasted a little longer this time and then came deep in me. John then jumped up and he entered my, cum filled pussy, and fucked away like an animal.

Once he came Jeff stepped in and he was the most hung out of all of them and the youngest. He entered me and I felt every inch of his hard cock sliding into me. He made the balls inside me almost vibrate to his fucking and he knew how to fuck. He fucked me for probably twenty minutes when he told me he was ready to fill my cunt with his seed. He then asked if I could get pregnant. Which at that time I guess could possibly happen? So, I yelled out, “Yes! I could.” And with that he grunted and we both started to cum. He came and came in me like I thought he would never stop. I could feel every time his cum squirted out the head of his cock. After he finished cumming he was in shock that I would let four guys cum in me if I could get knocked up. But it turned him on so much, he wanted to fuck me again. But it was time to get back to normal. Lol.

Wow what an afternoon. Lol. The guys removed the tape from around my feet and helped me back onto my shaky legs. It was almost 5:00pm and Luc said I better run soon, and he also had to open the bar as there are people actually waiting out front to get in. He then grabbed my panties and handed me a fifty-dollar bill. I am keeping those to hang on the wall and a picture inside them of you and those ball. I grabbed my clothes and started to head into the restroom and was going to push the balls out when Luc came into the room. Not here. Keep them in you for till you get back to the house., bring them back later. I was confused a little then thought about it. Did Bill set the whole thing up or did it just happen.

I pulled up my jeans with cum still dripping and running out of me and then through my top on with no bra and walked back to the bar. There were now thirty or forty people in there, and the place was filling up fast, so I could not talk to Luc anymore and then noticed John and Jeff sitting there with their wives. Mike was talking to another girl at the bar and then she looked right at me and smiled. My guess was he just told her what they did and why the bar was closed. He did get up and walked with me to the door and said that they had a fucking great time and wish I would come up again one day and maybe play another game of pool or darts. Lol. He gave me a big kiss and then went back into the bar. I started to walk across the street and noticed Bill driving in. Shit I thought I still have ten pool balls in me rattling around.

Just as I crossed the street I got a text from a number I did not know on it was a picture of me pushing a pool ball into my ass and the words under it saying,” Bill is waiting with his own cue. Lol. Luc.”

That bugger planned the whole thing lol. I guess when he said have fun, he meant it.

When I walked into the house Bill smiled and asked if I had fun. He then walked me into bedroom and he removed my top and jeans stuck his fingers into my pussy and smiled you feel like you had a lot of fun and also smell like you were well used, he then started to rub the cum on his hands all over my body and tits. We played for hours removing balls and fucking till the sun came up.

On our drive home I thanked him for working all day lol.

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