Maggie - Part 3 - The Boys Down The Road

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Betty’s alarm went off at 4:30 as always. She reached over, slapped the alarm, looked over and Emmitt wasn’t in bed. She got up and headed up the hall to the bathroom. Looking up the hall, there sat Emmitt at the kitchen table. She stepped into the bathroom, peed, then walked into the kitchen. “You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just worried about what them damn Worker’s Comp people have decided. All of them white-shirt assholes don’t have a clue the pain I deal with.” Emmitt was injured in a mining accident four years ago and had just been through a disability review in Hazard. Sure, he faked a lot of the time just to get that free money, but he had to play the game. “I should be getting a determination letter any day now.”

“I’m sorry honey. I know it’s got ya worried but it’ll work out. Do you want me to get the mail on my way to work then run it back here to ya?” She left for work at the tire factory every morning at 5:30. It was a crooked-ass one mile dirt road to the mailbox on the main road. Bringing back the mail would take her an extra 10 minutes each way and therefore late for work. Emmitt knew that too.

“No, I’ll get Maggie to run get it. She’s quick on her feet and can be back afore you know it.”

“Remind her to be mindful of them Woodson boys. They ain’t right in the head and I don’t trust ‘em far as I can throw ‘em.” Betty headed back down the hall to get dressed for work.


Luther, the oldest Woodson boy at 34, slid his plate back, took the last sip of coffee and burped loudly. Oscar, hunched over his bowl of slop, looked up with that same stupid smile. He was 28 but had the brain of a four year old. A dumb four year old!

Ol’ lady Woodson fussed at her son, “Luther, y’all get yo nasty asses outta here.”

“Whatever you say momma. Come on dumbass, let’s get out to the barn. We got chores to do.” They slid their chairs back and out the door they went.

The Woodson family lived at the beginning of the dirt that led back to Emmitt’s. They had a small farm and the “boys” had a few cows to keep them busy. Luther, the smartest of the two, was still dumb as a rock. Neither one had made it out of the first grade and still lived with their widowed mother. Nobody really knew how old she was.

In reality, there were no chores to be done. The cows grazed in the pasture year round and every summer, Travis would come up, pick out the calves and take them to the market.

Luther and Oscar sat the hay-bales and smoked their cigarettes. Another day in the life.


Emmitt called for the kids at 6:30 as always. They dragged themselves out, ate breakfast, and then waited for orders from Emmitt. School had been out for only two weeks and they did some kind of work everyday.

Six or seven times a summer, Travis, the guy who hauled their cattle, brought Emmitt a pickup load of hay. That was always enough to get his herd through the winter. Travis was also the guy that had fucked young Maggie just two weeks ago. Emmitt had basically whored out Maggie so he could get a better deal on hauling his calves to market. Emmitt had joined in the fun and all three had experienced the best sex of their lives. Albeit, it was only Maggie’s second time ever.

“Maggie, get your work clothes on, I need you to help me put that load of hay up that Travis brought us.” “Work clothes” was Emmitt’s term for a sheer tank top and baggy jean shorts. If he was going to be working with his pretty young daughter, he wanted to enjoy the view. She didn’t own a bra, cost too much fussed Emmitt, and she only had three pair of panties which were reserved for her school outfits.

Five minutes later, Maggie walked into the kitchen in her ‘work clothes.” Emmitt’s cock woke up every time he saw her in them.

Emmitt yelled to the other kids, “Molly, Earl, y’all clean this damn house. Worsh 'em clothes and hang ‘em on the line. Then get outside and get the yard picked up. Come on Maggie, let’s get this hay started.”

Emmitt’s job was to pick up a bale from in front of the barn, put it on the conveyor and Maggie would stack it in the loft. He licked his lips staring at her hairy pussy as she climbed the ladder to the loft. Every trip to the conveyor, Emmitt looked up her baggy shorts at her hairy tight pussy. It was hot and dusty up there but if he had more time, he'd slip into the loft with Maggie and give his daughter another good fuckin'. His cock ached for her tight lil' cunt.

After an hour they were done. Maggie was worn out, wringing wet with sweat and her legs scratched up from the hay. She turned on the hose and drank heavy, then rinsed off her burning legs. She was hot as hell, so ran the cold water over her face, and down over her chest. Her sheer shirt exposed her big brown areolas and her hard nipples stuck straight out. Emmitt sat back on the hay and enjoyed the view.

He looked at his watch and it was almost 9:00. The mail always came around 9-9:30 so he said, “I need you to run down and get the mail. I’m expecting an important letter, and you can run down quicker than them young’uns. Just watch out for them Woodson boys. They ain’t right.”

Maggie turned and trotted down the dirt road. She slowed to a walk as soon as she was out of sight. Tired, she would walk the rest of the way. Looking down, her shirt was still half wet and her tits showed clearly. Her baggy jean shorts hung low on her hips, the beltline just above her pubic hair, exposing her tight stomach. She’d loosened her baler-twine belt so they would ride lower and protect her legs while she was toting hay.

She became more alert as she neared the Woodsons. As she crossed in front of their driveway, ol’ lady Woodson yelled out. “Morning, you must be Emmitt’s oldest daughter.”

Not slowing down one bit, Maggie shouted, “Yes ma’am, just going to get the mail.”

Luther and Oscar heard their momma yell and ran to the door of the barn. They saw their momma then caught a glimpse of that girl from the end of the hollow as she disappeared towards the road. Luther smiled, looked over at Oscar who already had his normal dumb smile, and said “come on boy, we gonna have us some fun.” Oscar grunted.

They heard the screen-door at the house slam shut, momma had gone back inside. They ran through the woods about 100 yards further back up the road to the first sharp curve. There they would wait for that girl. Oscar was to stand on the edge of the road until the girl walked around the curve, and then step out. Luther would then jump out behind her and there would be no escape.

Maggie checked the mailbox, empty, so she went up into the woods a few feet to wait. She wasn’t about to sit out at the main road in her “work clothes”. Ten minutes later, the mail truck showed up, put the mail in the two boxes, and pulled off. Maggie grabbed the mail and headed back to the hollow. Always nervous around the Woodson house she ran fast and hard by their driveway. Another 100 yards and she’d round the curve and be safe.

The gravel hurt her bare feet but Maggie ran fast. Soon it would turn to dirt and she’d be safe. She rounded the curve….and out jumped Oscar. She screamed, dropped the mail then turned to run. Before she could barely turn, Luther was on her. She fought, kicked and bit, but in no time Oscar and Luther had her restrained and carrying her back to the barn. With every kick or thrashing about, she exposed more of her naked body under her work clothes. Luther could feel his cock growing stiff and Oscar was just grunting and drooling, wide-eyed. He’d never uttered a single word in his life.

They reached the barn and Luther kicked open the door. He held his hand over her mouth and the other of his big arms around her tight. “Close that door. Get that tape.” Luther shouted orders to Oscar.

Oscar did what he was told but never took his eyes off the cute half-naked girl. His bib overalls were already stretched at his crotch. Luther noticed and thought of his own rock hard cock rubbing up against the back of the girl from the hollow. Oscar hobbled over with the tape, drool hanging off his chin.

“Hold her and don’t let her get away!” Luther shouted to Oscar, never removing his hand from her mouth. “Here, put your hand over her mouth, and squeeze tight so she don’t bite!” Oscar obeyed.

Luther let go and ripped off a piece of duct tape. He wrapped it around her head, completely covering her mouth. He grabbed her arm and dragged her over to the pole. Slamming her down in the hay, he taped both hands together then tapped them to the post.

“Now, we gonna have us some fun” Luther said smiling at both Maggie and Oscar. Oscar grunted. Tears streamed down Maggie’s cheeks.

Luther sat all 260 lbs of his 6’4” frame on Maggie’s waist. She grimaced and could hardly breathe. He slid her sheer tank-top up and over her head, exposing her firm breasts. Both he and Oscar looked at them, amazed. They had never, ever seen a tittie except for their momma’s. Luther leaned forward and sucked hard on her left tit while rubbing and squeezing her right tit. Maggie jumped as he bit hard on her nipple. Luther laughed then slid down towards her feet. Sitting on her ankles, he yanked her jean shorts down below her knees, exposing her beautiful light brown bush.

“Hold her down” Luther yelled at Oscar. Standing, Luther yanked her shorts off, undid his bibs and they fell to the floor of the barn. His massive cock was already leaking pre-cum as he yanked down his shorts.

“Stand up over her and hold her legs apart” he ordered. Luther had her by her ankles as Oscar stood over her head. Luther handed off her ankles to Oscar and he spread her legs wide, still smiling and drooling.

Maggie was terrified and feared she was gonna die. Never had she seen such ugly men in her life and she wasn’t even sure Oscar was human. They both stunk horribly. Oscar was staring down at her as Luther dropped between her legs. He dug into her cunt with one finger, two and then tried to force his whole hand in. Maggie wanted to scream but couldn’t through the duct tape. Pulling out his fingers, Luther licked them off, then slid up, face to face. Maggie wanted to puke but knew she’d choke to death if she did.

Luther reached down and grabbed his cock. He’d jerked off damn near every day since he was 14, but had never fucked a real pussy, that is if you didn’t count the numerous cows he and his brother had fucked in the holding chute. But that’s another story. He guided his long fat cock to her pussy and pushed hard. Maggie was always moist but nowhere near wet enough for his massiveness. She writhed in pain as he pushed harder and harder, until she finally felt his belly slam against her. She could feel his cockhead slam against her cervix and the pain was unbearable. Two minutes of fast humpin’ and Luther was spent.

He stood, his cum still dripping from his monster cock, and looked at Oscar, “your turn.”

Never in her wildest nightmare could Maggie have ever dreamed of anything worse happening to her. She looked at the fat, grotesque monster taking off his bibs as he stood between her legs. She looked up and all she could see was Luther’s massive cock and balls hanging down over her head. He spread her legs wider, pulling them back until her ass was off the ground. She turned back, looking at Oscar as he crawled towards her cum-filled cunt, his massive manhood almost dragging in the dirt. He had never seen such a beautiful site and his cocked throbbed. He scooted forward until his cockhead was at her hole. Then, as if pushed, he shoved his cock deep inside. Maggie bucked and tried to pull away from the pain, but it was no use. Oscar ripped at her cunt with his manhood until his time had come. It felt as if a firehouse was going off inside her as this brain-dead idiot shot years and years of built up cum, deep inside her. He collapsed, lying on top of her. She wanted to die.


“Where the hell is that girl” Emmitt asked himself as he stepped out of the barn, looking down the dirt road. He looked at his watch. It was 10 o’clock. No way it would take Maggie that long to make a mail run. “The Woodsons!” he thought and fear filled his heart. He took off at a run down the dirt road. In no time he was nearing the Woodsons, when he suddenly stopped. There, in the middle of the road was mail, his mail. He could see the scuff marks in the road, signs of a struggle. There’s only one place she could be and he took off towards the barn. As he neared the barn he could hears grunts and laughing. He grabbed the shovel leaning against the barn and peeked thru the cracks. There, tied to a pole was his Maggie, with one the Woodson boys lying on top of her.

He got a running start and slammed into the barn door, breaking it open. With one loping roundhouse he hit Luther square in the face with the back of the shovel. Oscar, spent and too stupid to know what was going on, tried to stand. Emmitt nailed him squarely in the back of his head. Both brothers were out stone-cold and Emmitt reached for his pocket knife. He started to slit their throats. They deserved it but he knew better. Hell, they may already be dead. He cut Maggie loose, lifted her limp body into his arms and stood, looked at the two men on the floor of the barn. He grabbed Maggie’s work clothes and carrying her 110 lb. body in his arms, started the mile walk back home. Rounding the curve, he stopped, picked up the mail, and headed home.

He’d be back to see the Woodson boys later.

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