Get ready for school Megan

It was a Sunday afternoon. My family and I had just got home from church. I lived with my dad and my little brother. My mom was a free spirit and didn’t wanna be a stay at home mother any more. So she ran off with the first rich guy should she could find. My dad buried his head in work cause of this. I guess to ease the pain from his wife leaving him. He was never around to do house work (mowing the lawn fixing doors and cabinets, ect) so he hired my 17yr cousin, josh to do it. He lived about an hour from us, so when my dad hired him he would come after school on Friday and leave Sunday or Monday. (depending on the job)

We came inside dress in our Sunday best. My lil brother Greg raced to his room to play his video game and my dad went to the backyard to check on josh. He was building a jungle gym my dad had got for my lil brother. I made my way to my room to change out of my church clothes. I walked in and shut the door behind me. I matured and developed my DD breast when I was 13. I was a thick girl as the boys would say. They loved my brown eyes and light skin. I was 5'5 and played soft ball so my ass and legs were thick and toned. Including my stomach. Boys would tell me I looked like a vixen out of a music video.

I slid my dress off my shoulders and let it hit the floor. I slipped my white lace panties off and laid on my bed with my legs spread open. I needed to cum! It was on my mind all day! I licked my fingers and slipped them in my tight shaved pussy. I stroked in and out, moaning and arching my back. I remember looking at my fingers, seeing how slimy they were. After about 5 minutes I felt a burning sensation and began to stutter. The area under my ass was soaking wet. The next thing I knew my door swung openit was josh. I Gasped in shock and embarrassment. "Oh Damn! Im sorry!" Josh said as he ran out shutting the door.

I jumped out of bed and ran to lock the door. Ive never been so embarrassed in my life. A million thoughts ran my head. Like “Did he hear me moaning?” and if he did, did he walk in on me purposely.
I pulled my panties back up my thighs and walked over to my drawer. I slid one open and fished out a pair of my gym booty shorts. They were so comfortable, I just hate how my ass swallowed most of the shorts. I then found a old tshirt that I had cut, which showed my curvy waist and flat stomach. I sat on my bed and played on my phone for about an hour. Still think about what had happened and how I was going to explain myself to josh. I wasn’t mad at him, just curious about what he thought of me. I finally worked up the guts to leave my room and go down stairs to get something to eat.

Downstairs was dark. Noting but the TV was on . With josh sitting in front of it. “..FUCK!” I thought.
I wasn’t ready! But I had to say something. I made my way over to the couch where he was sitting. “h-hey josh” I stammered. He quickly sat up straight. “Hey Megan.” he said with a worried look on his face. Before I could say anything he cut me off. “Look, I am sorry I walked in on you like that, I should have knocked.” I wanted this to be over. “Hey, its ok.'' I said. “I should have locked the door.” He smiled a little bit with relief. Josh was dark skinned, about 6'1, and slim buff. He didn’t play sports or anything but he worked out almost on daily basis. For about a week straight awhile back, whenever I masturbated I would think of his 9 inch cock. I had woke up in the middle of the night and saw him masturbating. I watched him stroke his dick till he came.

Josh asked me if I was hungry and told me that my little brother Greg was staying over at a friends house and my dad went to bed early. He had to get up at six to get to work. “ Your dad said not to stay up to late Megan.” josh said. “He told me to make sure u get to school.” Me and josh sat on the couch eating some pizza he ordered. Every few moments I glance over to find him undressing me with his eyes and biting his lip. That went on for about an hour before I made my way upstairs. While taking I felt like I was being watch, but thought nothing of josh. I change into a red laced bra and pantie set. But notice the white ones I took off were missing. I brushed it off and grabbed my laptop and got into bed. Time flew by. I was very sleepy. I looked at my cell phone. It was 3 am. I cut my lamp off and drifted off to sleep. I remember hearing the familiar sound of my dads car starting, so it had to be about 6 oclock. I dozed back of to sleep, but then was awakened to my panties being taken off. “Josh what are you doing?”

I gasped. He shushed me and brought my panties to my ankles. “josh what-” he shushed me again, this time with a more angrier sound. He then leaned in and started to kiss me. I tried pushing him off but he grabbed my hands and pinned them above my head. At one point I stopped resisting and started kissing him back. He stood up on his knees and pulled his boxers down reviling his 9 inch cock. “Mmh I need this fuck.” he moaned. I was scared. I couldn’t believe he was doing this. I was confused by the way my pussy was dripping wet. He spread my legs open and position the head head of his dick at the entrance of my pussy. I was about bout to get fucked. “J-josh pleaseim a virgin.” I said. He didn’t seem to care. He began to work his cock into my pussy. “Aww fuck!” he moaned. He continued to slid his dick in me but stopped. He had hit my hymen. He closed his eye and bit his lip, then gave a hard thrust. I start to cry and felt a sharp pain. But I felt more pleasure than pain. He began to stroke in and out of me while sucking on one of my nipples. God this was wrong! But it felt to good.

I clawed my black painted finger nails in to his back. I began moaning, But I wanted him to stop. “Josh..please..we cant do this.” he wasn’t listening. His dick was so big. It felt like with each stroke he was pulling my inside in and out. I could hear the gushing of my pussy juices.”You fucking like it dont you” josh moaned. I wanted to yes so bad. He stood back up on his knees and began to stroke harder. It felt like he was in my stomach. My titties bounced in circles with every thrust, soon I gave in. “Oh joshFUCK ME.” I yelled. He took one of his hands and put it around my throat, stroking faster and faster. I began to clench the sheets on my bed. “Ahh josh! AHH fuck!'' I was about to cum. I arched my back and my eyes roll to the back of my head. Then I went silent. Then let out a grunt of relief. That was the hardest id ever came. Josh grunted and pulled his cock out of me. “Come here, hurry!” he yelled. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock in my mouth. God it tasted good. A few seconds past, josh began to shot hot ropes of cum down my throat. I swallow every bit. We collapsed on to the bed, josh was panting hard. I climb on top of him and finished sucking his dick. When it went soft, I laid down next to him. “what the hell did we just do.” I said. He rolled over and kissed me. “Get ready for school, Megan”

PT2 coming soon! Let me know how I did!

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