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This is a fictional story on my dealings with an ex girlfriend, not one part of this story is real or should be used in real life.

The stupid bitch buzzes on the intercom, she's here to collect the rest of her clothes. I should have burnt them all and sent her a cheque. Seeing her will only result in bad actions. Little back dresses and see through tops, always putting on a show for everyone yet never fucking me, no wonder i had to kick her to the curb.

it had been 3 weeks since i saw her last, she stands about 5'10", dark brown hair that comes half way down her back that bends into a nice firm round arse. Full tits, whilst perky are yet a solid C cup, pretty face and legs that go for miles. Her perfect frame just adds to her ego, she loves her self more than life itself and hopefully after tonights events she'll re-evaluate this.

She enters wearing a short cut work skirt, black stockings and a company blouse. Still the arrogant bitch stands there talking bout her stupid sheltered little material life, like i give a shit, i ignore her and she heads to the half vacated bedroom and starts packing. Whilst she's packing i stand back and gaze at her beautiful rump poking out inviting me to fuck it..

Now for the back story, this was my girlfriend of four years with whom i had cared for looked after and frankly helped raised into a beautiful decent member of society.. About a year ago i noticed a change as she started hanging with different friends. stayin out all night and missing work.i later found out she had been hitting the crack pipe and thus the sudden change in the person. She became a selfish demon hellbent on getting her way and getting her fix. She became violent and attacked me, she stole money from me, wouldnt pay any for food and rent and then i found she was sleeping with her best mates boy friend.. I had had enough and decide to kick her out, but this was not enough punishment for her hellish ways.this girl needed to pay, and pay she shall.

Absence of a bed was not going to hinder my mischievous plan as i drooled over her luscious behind. Enticing me with its luscious curves, a bad idea formed in my mind. This girl will pay, and today is the day, all the torment and hurt she had caused was about to be delivered 10 fold. I moved quickly and pin her to the floor, groping her beautiful tits and licking the back of her neck, shes going to give me what i want for once, instead of holding out for that other dickhead. i unzip my fly, pulling my hardening prick out. I reached up under the skirt and got my hands on those stockings, they need to come off NOW! As i yanked at her crotch to expose it in all its glory she screamed. I was having none of that, i swing with a strong hand.. SMACK. landed on her cheek, I tell her what happens to bad sluts that misbehave. I reef the stockings and g string off in one strong pull, i bunch the g string in my hand and turn it into a ball. I hold her nose so she has to open her mouth and cram her g string in there, that outta shut her up. Now i pin her down and hold her hands behind her back. I stab my fingers into her warm opening, to my surprise its not at all dry. I work my fingers for a while making her juices flow, getting her ready for the inevitable. I pull them out and hold her down, my longing member is rubbing against her exposed opening. I spit in my hand and lube my dick up, now this slut will pay for her whorish ways.

I pull back and slam through her resistance in one quick motion, i withdraw leaving just the head in and slam down even harder. Shes screaming from the force and the shock, tears are running down her face. I keep pounding away each stroke longer and harder than the next, letting out the years of frustration and belittlement. I reach down and take a nipple in my hand i squeeze and pinch it until she turns red then i move my mouth down and take it in in one long suck, then bite down as hard as possible, blood seeping from the sides of her precious buds. I continue demolishing her for an hour savoring every moment, licking the tears from her face. Maybe the slut shouldnt have cheated. I then roll her over and violate her arsehole slowly at first then deeper and harder with every shove, over and over again, taking every pleasure from delivering the pain and suffering for once in this god awful relationship. At last im ready to cum, i can feel the pleasure boiling up in my balls, but tonight it will be one to remember, and decide her face is the best spot. I straddle her and hold her head back aiming with one hand i pump load after load across that pretty sweet, almost innocent face. Drenched in cum i now make her suck me dry spit on her putrid face and then throw her into the halllway, i dont have sluts at my house. Demoralized and destroyed she stumbles home to clean away her payback.

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