Freddy's Family Fun2

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Nina was not beside him when Freddy woke up. He was glad she was being cautious as far as not being discovered by other members of the family. The apartment was already stirring. Freddy figured Teresa would want to grill him about what had happened but he wasn't ready for that yet. He had plans for the morning. The biggest plan was to start laying the groundwork for Josie's seduction.

Josie's job was quite near the mall where he intended to go so Freddy decided to accompany his sister on her bus ride to work. On the bus the boy would sound out his sister's views on sex in general and perhaps sex with her brother in particular. The teen wasn't so sure how to go about it. He knew subtlety was needed but that wasn't his strong point. Well, he would just have to play it by ear.

"You're looking sexy this morning, sis." A few compliments never hurt to start out Freddy figured.

"Yeah, sure. I'm so sexy in my Burger King uniform," said Josie. Freddy laughed. Her uniform was definitely unflattering.

"Well, I guess you'd look a lot better if you were wearing nothing at all."
"Freddy, you're crazy. What's gotten into you?" Josie was laughing. Freddy was relieved she hadn't taken offense. He would try to keep her thinking everything being said by him was a big joke.

"I guess having three sexy girls in the same apartment with me is giving me ideas," said Freddy.

"Three sexy girls? You're desperate. I don't see how a sister and two cousins can give you ideas. I think you need a girl friend badly."

"I guess it comes from seeing you three half naked around the apartment."

"If you've been seeing us half naked it's because you've been spying on us. I think I'll tell Mom what you said."

"Ah, she wouldn't blame me. Mom's cool."

"I don't know if she's that cool," said Josie.

"So how's the dating scene? You haven't gone out with Rick for a couple of weeks."

"I hear he's dating someone else," Josie said in a tone that said she didn't care.

"You wouldn't go to bed with him, huh?"

"Freddy! That's none of your business," the teenage girl exclaimed. She was red in the face and not smiling any more but Freddy decided to push.

"You're still a virgin?"

"Freddy! I'm not going to answer any more of your questions. You're getting too personal."

"I just want to know. Tell me," Freddy demanded. The tone of her brother's voice took her by surprise.


"Thanks. That's all I wanted to know."

They were silent for the rest of the bus ride. Freddy was wracking his brain for a way to seduce his sister. She was unlikely to crawl in bed with him like Nina did. That would have made it easy but the incident with his older cousin was a pure fluke. It would also make it easier if Josie wasn't a virgin, of course, but now Freddy would have to be a bit more creative to get his sister to spread her legs for him.

"Why are you asking these personal questions?" Freddy and Josie had gotten off the bus and were walking the last few blocks to Josie's work.
"I just figured you might help me get rid of my virginity by going to bed with me."

"What! Freddy, you're definitely crazy. I'm your sister. I wouldn't sleep with you if my life depended on it. What made you think to even ask me?"

Hmm, thought Freddy. Maybe she wants to be convinced. "Well, you know, I've always thought you were pretty and I've been having these fantasies about you"

"Not about Nina? Don't tell her that. She'll be devastated," Josie teased. At least I've distracted her from being upset with me thought Freddy. Jeez! Everyone knew about his crush on Nina.

"Do you think I ought to ask her instead?"

"Sure, if you want your face slapped," said Josie. Freddy winced when she said that.

"At least you haven't slapped me yet." Freddy pulled his sister into a building alcove out of sight of traffic. He hugged Josie to him so she couldn't escape.

"I'm about to, Freddy. Let me go. I don't want to be late."

"Kiss me first."

"What! I'm not going to kiss you. There," she said after giving him a sisterly kiss on the cheek.

"Not like that. I want it on the lips."

"No way!" Josie pushed away from her brother and turned to go. It was just what he wanted her to try. Freddy just grabbed her again when she turned her back to him. This time one of his hands covered a breast and started fondling it through her top.

"Stop it, Freddy! I'll tell Mom," she threatened. Josie tried to escape again but it was impossible.

"If you won't kiss me I'll just have to play with your titties," he said, ignoring her threat.

"Someone will see us." Josie was starting to sound panicked.


"Okay! I'll kiss you!" Freddy loosened his grip on Josie so she could turn around. She looked deeply embarrassed and kept her eyes down but made no move to kiss her brother. Either she was trying to build up her courage or waiting for Freddy to make the first move. The youth decided it was the latter and raised her chin so that her lips would meet his. The kiss started slowly but Freddy had no trouble getting Josie to respond. In fact, she was the first to open her mouth and thrust her tongue into her brother's mouth and encouraging him to copy her. She apparently wanted to give Freddy a good lesson in kissing girls despite being forced to do it. Josie barely noticed when Freddy moved his hands down to cup her rear cheeks.

This is sweet Freddy thought. Now that Josie was kissing him she seemed reluctant to end the session. When they finally broke the kiss she looked down again and seemed passive, waiting for her brother to make another move. Freddy wanted to oblige her. He cupped her fat tit again but this time Freddy moved his hand under her top. There was no resistance as the teen caressed his sister's bare flesh above the bra cup. The only protest came when he pressed Josie's hand against the fly of his pants where his stiffened prick was straining to get out.

"Please, Freddy. Don't," Josie whimpered. She didn't sound convincing and seemed thoroughly cowed. Freddy figured he could continue if he wanted to.

Freddy was very pleased. If he had the time and the privacy he was sure could have fucked his sister right away. He looked at his watch. It was getting late. Josie had barely enough time to get to work yet there weren't any more complaints or threats from her. Freddy was in control. Josie would leave when her brother gave her permission to leave.

"You'd better get going. I'll see you tonight," Freddie said. He gave her a brief kiss. Josie gave her brother a weak smile in return and then continued on to the Burger King.

Freddy made his purchases at the mall: a mini mp3 recorder and batteries. The recorder was easily concealable. He tested it out and it worked satisfactorily. Now he was ready for the girls to incriminate themselves, especially Teresa. Freddy just knew she would cause the most difficulty. Yeah, would like to be able to blackmail his younger cousin into letting him fuck her. In fact, the first opportunity would come the moment he opened the apartment door. Teresa was there to meet him.

"Tell me what happened last night," his cousin demanded.

"Wait a minute. Where's Nina?"

"She's resting in the bedroom. She says she's still tired. You must have worn her out."

"Well, first let me say that I'm sorry I doubted you, Teresa. Without your advice and encouragement I wouldn't have been able to do it."

"So what did you do? Tell me, damn it."

Freddy leaned over in a confidential manner and said, "I fucked your sister."

Teresa was a little shocked by Freddy's use of that crude word but her eyes lit up and she smiled broadly. "Congratulations, cousin. My dear sister's not a virgin any more."

"And neither am I," he declared. Freddy embraced Teresa and kissed her. "I can hardly wait until I fuck you, too." His younger cousin laughed nervously.

"Not until you fuck Josie," said Teresa. She decided she liked that word. It sounded so naughty.

"As good as done," declared the arrogant young man.

"Really? That's fantastic. Uh, don't forget that I want them both pregnant first."

Freddy nodded his head in agreement. You fuckin' bitch he thought. I'm not going to wait until then. If this recorder is working right you've already hanged yourself. He could hardly wait to check the recording.

"Are you going to keep fucking Nina?"

"Every night if I can and every day, too. But this will work only if you still play dumb, okay?"

"Don't worry. She won't know I know."

"Maybe I'll go pay her a visit right now," said Freddy. "Be sure to stay out of the bedroom."

"Yes, dear," said Teresa. "I wouldn't think of interfering with you two love birds."

Freddy gave Teresa a playful pat on the ass, walked over to the bedroom and opened it without bothering to knock. Nina was lying awake on the bed with her shoes off but otherwise fully dressed. It looked like she'd been crying.

"What do you want? Go away."

"I just want to talk."

"We have nothing to talk about."

"At least tell me how you're feeling."

"I'm fine. Now get out of here."

"Okay. I'm going." There was no sense pushing things.

"What did you want to talk about?" Nina asked. This was going to be difficult Freddy thought.

"Nothing much. Teresa told me you didn't sleep very well last night."

"I spent the night praying I wasn't pregnant, thanks to you."

"You did that?" Freddy couldn't help but being offended Nina would feel that way.

"Yes I did and why not? I don't want to have a baby. I have plans, plans for college, plans for a better life. I don't want to be an unwed mother barely existing in some dingy apartment collecting welfare because a snot-nosed little cousin raped me."

"Yeah well, this snot-nosed little cousin wouldn't have raped you if you hadn't come crawling into his bed at night. Even snot-nosed little cousins have feelings, even if it's for a cold fish like you." Freddy turned to leave again. He was outraged. It would serve Nina right if she was pregnant. College! Big deal! Nobody in his family had ever attended college and they were doing just fine. His cousin was just being a stuck up bitch.



"Please stay."


"I need to talk to someone. You're the only one I can talk to. I'm scared." Nina's lovely eyes were brimming with tears.

Freddy saw it only as an opportunity to gain control of the situation. "Are you sorry you said those mean things to me?"

"Yes." She meant every word but if it would get Freddy to stay Nina would agree to be sorry.

"Are you sorry you slapped me?"

"Yes, Freddy." She'd already apologized for that but if he needed reassurance that was okay with Nina.

Freddy sat on the bed beside his lovely cousin, leaned over and started kissing her. The lessons learned from Josie were being put to good use. Nina readily responded. She needed a kind touch. What a dummy I've been Freddy thought. He'd been told long before that girls liked to be kissed and told you loved them before they would let a guy fuck them. He hadn't kissed Nina once nor told her that he loved her. Yet he'd fucked her already. Damn! No wonder she's been so weird.

"I love you, Nina," Freddy declared.

"I love you, Freddy," Nina said.

Freddy moved his hand over one of Nina's tits. His pretty cousin tried to grab his hand away but he was too strong. She settled for holding her hand over his.

"Don't, Freddy. I just want to talk right now."

"So start talking."

"Last night was a terrible mistake. It can't happen again."

"I don't understand. You just said you love me."

"I do love you but not in the way you want. I love you because you're my cousin and you're such a nice boy. The kind of love you want can only happen between a man and his wife."

"Does that mean you want to marry me?" Freddy was having trouble understanding. He was getting horny again and all he wanted to do right then was to fuck Nina just like he did the night before.

"No, Freddy. I don't want to marry you and I don't want to have sex with you ever again. I don't want to have sex with anyone until I'm married to him and that's not going to be for a very long time. It certainly won't be to a relative. Now, please remove your hand," Nina asked giving Freddy's hand another tug.

"I don't care about marriage anyway," Freddy said. "You can be my girl. I want you to be my girl."

"No, Freddy," declared an increasingly irritated Nina. "I want you to leave me alone. I'm sorry this ever happened. I'm sorry you're in love with me. I can't return that love."

"I don't care about that either," Freddy insisted. "You don't have to love me. The only thing that matters is that I made you my girl last night and you're going to stay my girl."

"Freddy, I am not your girl. Get it through your head that I am not your girl. Now, please leave this room. I'm tired and I'm tired of talking to you. I'm sorry I asked you to stay and talk." Nina didn't want to be cruel and blunt with Freddy but it seemed like it was the only to get through to him.

"I'm tired of talking, too," Freddy declared. He removed his hand from Nina's tit. The poor girl sighed with relief but the relief was only temporary. Freddy's hand quickly disappeared under Nina's skirt all the way to the crotch of her panties.

"No, Freddy!" Nina clamped her legs together but all it did was trap Freddy's hand against her cunt. "Freddy, do I have to slap you again? Take your hand away this instant."

Freddy smiled at Nina. He smiled at her in a way that frightened Nina to the very core of her being. "Your slapping days are over. Do you understand me?"
Nina only stared. Something in Freddy's eyes told her that she'd better not try anything like that again. She'd gotten the message. There was no need to specify the consequences. Her ideas of putting Freddy in his place were abandoned. The lovely coed unconsciously loosened the grip her legs had on Freddy's hand. Nina was immediately ashamed of the submissive gesture when her cousin smiled again and nodded. He immediately began caressing the crotch band of her panties.

"Please don't, Freddy. Teresa is just outside and she could come in at any time."

"Promise to come to me tonight and I'll stop." Now that Freddy felt he was in control again he wanted to consolidate his hold on his pretty cousin beyond just his little bed.

Nina wanted to fight, argue and plead with Freddy but she knew it wouldn't do any good. Right now she'd promise anything for a chance to be left alone. Besides, her cousin's massage of her sex was beginning to make her feel-strange. She didn't want to be further humiliated by being made to cum by her cousin. "I will," Nina whispered.

"Good girl," said Freddy. He withdrew his hand slowly allowing it to caress her sexy thighs. The 14-year old rose slowly and went to the door. "If you don't meet me out there I might come in here looking for you."

Nina watched miserably as her cousin walked out the door. She was tired of crying. If crying solved problems the teenager would have solved hers long ago. The only thing that would delay the inevitable would be to run to her mother and aunt and tell on Freddy. But that solution would only make Nina look weak and helpless. The pretty coed wanted to be able to go away to college. If she couldn't handle a young cousin who was just starting his freshman year in high school how in the world would she be able to handle the adult men she would inevitably meet in college? Nina might even be forbidden to attend college locally without a family member trailing her around as a chaperone. That was the logic her mother would certainly use.

Nina had certainly misjudged her ability to control Freddy. She suddenly blushed in shame. The coed had wanted to control Freddy just as Freddy had wanted to control her. Who had the moral high ground? Nina had a sinking feeling that she wasn't any better than her cousin.

Would they have to move? Certainly her aunt wouldn't force them to move but it would be too awkward to try to stay. Freddy certainly wouldn't be the one to be sent away. Money was tight and her mother couldn't afford to rent an apartment on their own. Her father wasn't sending any support yet as far as she knew.
Finally there was Freddy and that look he gave her cousin that told her he was going to be a part of Nina's life until one of them was dead. No, she wouldn't run to anyone for help. Nina would try to solve her own problems.

Freddy walked right by Teresa without giving her a second look. He knew she wanted a report on what had happened with her sister. Shit! He didn't have to tell her anything. Teresa wasn't his boss. Freddy went to the park, sat down on a bench and listened to his tape. Perfect! It was just as he hoped it would be; perfect blackmail material on Teresa. Freddy wasn't as satisfied with the conversation with Nina. He would record over that part.

Freddy ate hearty that evening. He noticed that Nina still picked at her food. He hoped that Nina didn't start losing weight. He liked a little meat on her bones. Josie and Teresa ate okay but Josie seemed kind of shy that evening. Well, that was to be expected. She was probably thinking about the new relationship that had been established with her brother that very morning. Freddy wasn't sure when he'd have the time to further that relationship.

Freddy waited impatiently in bed that night to see if Nina would show. If she did show there wouldn't be any misunderstanding about what was expected of her and who was the boss. If Nina didn't show Freddy would have to think of an appropriate way of dealing with his cousin for her disobedience. The only fly in the ointment would be if his mother and aunt were told what was going on. That would bring a screeching halt to all his fun. The fact that there would be consequences if his actions became general knowledge did not occur to the young teenager, common sense not being another one of his strong points.

Freddy heard a sound behind him. He looked up and saw Nina standing there. The young man was very pleased but tried not to show it. He wanted to look as if he totally expected his lovely cousin to be there. Like the night before Freddy moved over to make room for Nina but this time she laid down facing him. Wanting to establish his dominance right away the young man placed his hand on her shoulder, gripped the strap of her night gown and started pulling it down. He moved very slowly as if daring Nina to resist. Freddy felt goose bumps form along his cousin's arm but she made no move to hinder progress. His eyes lit up when Nina's full tit came into view. The boy had fantasized about this very thing since she'd started developing breasts years before. He wasn't disappointed at all by reality. Freddy scooted down to take the dark brown nipple in his mouth.

Nina didn't want it to be like this. She'd gone to ask her cousin to reconsider his demands. She wanted to warn him of the possible consequences if they were caught or if she became pregnant. Instead of speaking her mind she'd gotten into bed with her cousin when he made room for her as if it was something expected and proper.

Freddy immediately began stripping Nina and playing with her body as if it was his right. The 17-year old didn't put up any resistance. It actually was feeling good to her. Her nipples became as hard as pebbles when Freddy sucked and licked them. When her cousin started yanking down her panties Nina actually assisted him by lifting her hips from the mattress. Now Freddy had his penis inside her creating the most delicious feelings. It was quite different from the previous night when she hadn't cum at all. The coed had already cum twice and was in the midst of her third cum when Freddy sent a dose of sperm on its journey to find and fertilize her egg.

Nina sighed. Another chance at pregnancy like the night before, that is if she wasn't already pregnant. What did it matter? The young woman felt defeated. Her dreams were like dust now. When Freddy was finished with her Nina would be allowed to put her night dress and panties back on and get some sleep. Not one word had passed between them. Not one kiss had been exchanged. Nina just wished it hadn't felt so good to be used like that. She knew she would return willingly the next night.

Freddy figured he wouldn't have much more trouble with Nina. Now there was the task of finishing his seduction of Josie. The thought of his sister got the boy's erection going again. Rather than waking Nina up and fucking her again Freddy would put his boner to better use. Why not? The horny teenager got up and crept to the bedroom door behind which his mother and sister slept.

Freddy's mother and sister were both sound sleepers. The trick would be to wake Josie without alarming her and waking their mother as a consequence. He discovered that his mom snored slightly too but not at the buzz saw volume of his aunt. He shook Josie's shoulder slightly until she began to stir. When she opened her eyes Freddy gently put a hand over Josie's mouth and a finger to his own calling for quiet.

"Talk only in whispers." He thanked his luck that Josie hadn't acted startled. She looked over to the sleeping form of their mom.

"What's the matter? What's going on?"

"I want to play some more."

"What? Freddy, you're crazy. It's the middle of the night. Go back to bed."

Freddy didn't answer. Instead he knelt beside the bed and moved his hand under the covers until he felt Josie's bare leg. Josie jumped slightly and tried to grab his hand but he quickly moved it further down her leg out of reach.

"Don't, Freddy. You'll wake up Mom."

"You'll be the one to wake up Mom if you keep squirming like that." He moved his hand back up Josie's leg. His sister didn't try to grab at his hand this time although he could feel the muscles of her thighs tensing as Freddy explored.

"Freddy, it was wrong what we did this morning." Her brother ignored her protest. He began kissing her as his hand continued to explore. Despite her protest Josie readily responded to Freddy's kisses and returned them in kind. When the boy's hand grabbed the waist band of her panties Josie didn't bother with even a token protest. She'd felt uncomfortable masturbating while sleeping with her mother but now her brother was doing it for her. Josie hoped she could get off quickly. She was still quite nervous about their mom waking up and discovering them.

"You fucking slut."

"What?" Josie was letting her brother do things to her no brother should be allowed to do and he was calling her a name. That's gratitude.

"You're no virgin, that's what. I've got three fingers inside you and I don't feel a thing."

Josie was mortified. It was perfectly reasonable to lie to her brother. How could he ever check? She certainly hadn't counted on this.

"Who was it? Rick?"


"Who else has been fucking you?"

"There's been no one else. Please believe me."

"Why should I believe you? You've lied to me once already."

"It's the truth. I swear it's the truth. Don't tell Mom."

"Listen, whore. Don't worry about Mom. Worry about me, instead. If I find out you've been lying to me I'll beat your ass black and blue. If I find out you've been letting guys fuck you after tonight it won't just be your ass that's black and blue. Do you understand me, whore?"

"Yes," Josie whimpered. She was afraid of her brother now. When the girl felt Freddy tugging on her hand she got out of bed willingly. He couldn't possibly want to beat her up now she thought. That would wake Mom for sure. Is he going to fuck me? Josie's guess was a good one. Freddy laid his sister on her back and mounted her. Josie's thoughts of resistance lasted for an instant. She didn't want to further enrage her brother by trying to stop him. Besides, her own lust had been ignited by her brother's caresses.

Josie knew instinctively that giving Freddy a good ride would abate his rage. She hadn't lied to him again but still, her little brother might beat her up on principle. The coed knew a girl whose jealous boyfriend was just like that. It was hard for Josie to think of her little brother as a jealous boyfriend but she'd better get used to it. She wrapped her arms and legs around her brother's body and cooed loving words into his ear. By the time Freddy shot his load inside his sister Josie had cum twice herself.

They parted with a kiss and Freddy crept back to his bed. Their mother apparently had slept through everything, thank goodness. Josie cleaned herself up as best she could, put her panties on and climbed back into bed. She just hoped Freddy hadn't knocked her up. Rick, at least, had been considerate enough to wear a condom whenever they fucked.

Freddy could barely sleep. He was very proud of himself. He'd screwed Nina and Josie and if everything went like he planned the Great Freddy would have Teresa notched on his proverbial bedpost in the next day or two. It was pretty good for a 14-year old who was still a virgin less than a week before. Of course, it would have been better if he could have popped Josie's cherry. He was still pissed that she had lied to him. Freddy transferred some of that anger toward Rick for getting there ahead of himself. He knew Rick had two younger sisters. One was eleven years old and the other was thirteen. The young teen thought it only proper that he should be the one to pop their cherries. Freddy decided he should start planning for their seduction right away before somebody else got to those girls before he could, maybe even Rick.

Freddy would like to have slept in that morning but because he slept in the living room it was impossible. He wanted to have plenty of energy for his confrontation with Teresa. That's how Freddy saw it, a confrontation when he finally asked his younger cousin to spread her legs for him. Teresa never intended to let her cousin fuck her that much he knew. Why she wanted Nina and Josie fucked was what he didn't know. Well, that wasn't his concern. A deal was a deal. Freddy had fulfilled his side of the bargain whether or not Nina and Josie were pregnant.

The weekend put a temporary hold on his plans. With everyone home it was impossible for Freddy to pursue Teresa-unless he came to her bed at night. Why not? It had worked with Josie. It could work with Teresa, Freddy reasoned. The only thing he thought he'd better do first was to get his cousin alone long enough to play the tape incriminating her. On second thought Freddy decided he would like to try a little gentle persuasion first. He didn't think Teresa would take too kindly to blackmail and would hate him forever after. Also, Teresa seemed the likeliest to try for revenge than either Nina or Josie. It would be better to use the recording as a last resort.

"Come outside with me for a few minutes, Teresa."

"Do you have any news for me?"

"I might. You won't know until we can talk in private."

Teresa appeared to think about it. "Okay but not too far or Nina will be shadowing us."

Freddy nodded. Nina was taking a great interest in protecting her sister's virtue even though she wasn't able to protect her own. When they got outside Freddy didn't waste any time.

"I fucked Josie."

"You're kidding! Tell me all about it," Teresa exclaimed.

"I will tell you but later on tonight."

"What? Why not now?"

"It gives you something to look forward to," said Freddy. He liked the suspense he was creating.

"When tonight?"

"After everyone goes to bed," Freddy replied. "If Nina comes to me then I'll be able to come to you after she goes to sleep."

"In my bedroom?"

"Yes, in your bedroom," Freddy insisted.

"You're crazy. My mom will be asleep right beside me. What if she wakes up?"
"Don't worry. She's a sound sleeper. We'll know she's waking up if she stops snoring. So far, I'm the only one taking chances."

"I don't care. I'm not taking that kind of a chance."

"Fine, forget it. I'm going to go hang out at the mall. See you later."

"But what if she wakes up? What do we tell her?"

"I'll just tell your mom I came to suck your pussy."

"Very funny," said Teresa. "I'll scream if you show up in my room and if you don't tell me right now you can just forget about touching me or my sister or your sister for that matter."

"So what? Thanks to you, I now know how easy it is to fuck girls. In fact, I have a couple of girls picked out already. I don't need you and I don't even need Nina or Josie."

Teresa stamped her foot in frustration and stalked back into the apartment. Freddy smiled back at the retreating figure. He realized what he'd just said was true. Girls were easy to fuck. Freddy knew he should just thank his female relatives for the valuable education he'd received and stop his sexual use of them but the young man was feeling like he could do no wrong. Besides, Teresa still owed him.

Freddy did decide to err on the side of caution for the next couple of nights. If Nina wanted to sleep in his bed he would sleep on the floor. Teresa was sure to mess things up if she could and Freddy didn't want to hand his younger cousin any gift-wrapped opportunities.

That night Nina seemed rather surprised when she came to him that night. Freddy moved to a bed roll he had prepared in the corner of the room.

"What are you doing," Nina asked suspiciously.

"Just giving you a little break," Freddy answered. "Isn't this what you wanted me to do in the first place?"

"Well, yes," replied the perplexed young woman. "I'm just curious why you're doing it now."

"Let's just say you're wearing me out," Freddy joked. He didn't want Nina to know he'd been blabbing to her sister and Teresa was wise to their indiscretions. She'd panic for sure. Deep down, he was feeling a bit guilty for confiding in Teresa.

"Very funny. Good night," Nina said curtly.

Hmm, mused Freddy. I thought she'd be glad to be let off tonight but my cousin sounds a little disappointed. Maybe she's digging on having my prick inside her snatch. Freddy thought it would be nice if Nina was already missing his cock. He slept well that night dreaming of Nina begging for his prick. The young man was kind of surprised Teresa hadn't tried to catch them in the act that night. Well, perhaps she had but there was nothing to see.

"I thought we were going to talk last night," said Teresa.

"I thought so too but when you wouldn't agree to let me suck your pussy I decided to forget it. Besides, you threatened to start screaming if I showed up."

"I only meant if you tried anything I didn't want."

"Like I said before, you can't have everything your own way."

"You can't really expect me to let you do that to me in front of my mom."

"She'll be asleep. If not there, then some place else."

Teresa looked at her cousin again as if he was crazy and didn't talk to him for the rest of the day but that evening she came to him again. "You can come to me tonight," she whispered. The young girl reasoned if she was going to find out anything at all she'd better relent. Freddy wouldn't dare try anything with her mother sleeping right beside her. She could easily scream and wake up the whole household. That would certainly be better than meeting her cousin in an out of the way place where she might not be able to defend herself. Besides, every time Freddy talked about licking her pussy Teresa could feel herself becoming wet.
Freddy couldn't have been more pleased. He was breaking down Teresa's resolve and it was hardly taking any time at all.

That evening the teenager could hardly wait until Nina came to him. He thought about saving all of his sperm for Teresa but he didn't want to cum too quickly like he did with Nina the first time. It would be better to dump his first load inside Nina. With the edge off Freddy would be able to take his time with Teresa and show her that he was in charge.

Now Freddy was becoming frantic about Nina showing. It seemed to be taking an awful long time. Maybe his aunt wasn't snoring. Maybe Teresa wasn't tossing and turning. Perhaps Nina was getting a decent night's rest and didn't need to use Freddy's bed. Just when he thought his plans would be put off to another night Nina's silhouette appeared in the doorway. Instead of being relieved Freddy felt irritated.

"Take off your panties," he ordered when Nina was standing beside him. The poor girl visibly flinched when she heard her cousin's demand. Nina was still having trouble being a passive participant in her cousin's lust and now Freddy was starting to tell her to do things. Freddy realized he was taking his relationship with Nina to another level but he didn't much care about her feeling on the matter. He wanted Nina to start learning to please him instead of just accepting his advances.

Freddy thought for a moment that Nina was going to turn around and walk back to her room. After another few moments of hesitation the 17 year old visibly shrugged, lifted her night dress and removed her panties. What the heck thought Nina as she got in beside Freddy. He was going to be taking them off me anyway. The lovely girl expected Freddy to play with her body a bit and then fuck her but the boy took her hand and made her grasp his prick. This took Nina by surprise. She wasn't sure what Freddy wanted but she began to slowly wank his prick back and forth.

"Play with it," Freddy urged.

"I'm not sure what you want," said the confused girl. Every night it was something different. It made her scared and nervous each time.

"Kiss it. Suck it." Nina could feel her ears burning when she heard those words. Freddy wanted Nina to debase herself even further than she already had by taking his penis in her mouth. The girl knew she should be outraged by her cousin's demand but instead she found herself thinking about actually doing it. It seemed to be what guys expected of girls but poor Nina thought even talking about fellatio was disgraceful. Now she was considering the act itself with her young cousin. The other girls joked about it being an ideal birth control method.

"I can't," Nina whimpered finally. "Don't make me do it."

Despite her refusal Freddy was actually pleased with the result. He would make his cousin do it soon and it wouldn't be difficult at all. If he had a little more time Freddy thought he could even have Nina sucking his prick this very night. Well, he had a date with Teresa so he couldn't waste any more time.

Freddy maneuvered Nina so that she straddled her body and kissed her deeply. The girl tensed slightly as she felt her cousin's prick slide into her vagina but she actually felt relief that she wouldn't have to suck the boy's penis. The thought of fucking Teresa for the first time made Freddy cum inside Nina sooner than he would have liked. Still, it didn't bother him. Fucking Nina was old news. He had his cousin under his thumb and now Freddy was anxious to explore new vistas, namely to bring his younger cousin under the very same thumb.

Nina looked as if she was drifting off to sleep and Freddy took the opportunity to get up and make his way to where Teresa was waiting for him. He briefly looked toward Josie's bedroom and decided to pay a visit to his sister if he had any energy left after he took care of Teresa. He didn't want Josie feeling neglected but after all, he was just one guy.

Freddy opened the door as quietly as he could and was immediately met with a barrage of noise. Gosh, his aunt really was a loud snorer. No wonder Nina couldn't stand to sleep with her mom thought Freddy. How could Teresa stand it? His younger cousin was awake and waiting for him.

"What took you so long," Teresa asked in a low whisper. "I almost gave up on you."

"I had to wait for Nina to go to sleep, didn't I? I couldn't let her see me walking in here." Freddy reached for Teresa's hand to pull her out of the bed. After some initial resistance the young girl slid out of the bed and sat down on the floor beside her cousin. He immediately began kissing and fondling the 13 year old beauty.

"Stop it. Not so fast," Teresa insisted. "I want to know about Josie."

"Let me suck your pussy. Then I'll tell you."

"Stop talking about pussy sucking and tell me about your sister." Teresa could feel herself getting wet again with his talk about sucking her pussy.

"No pussy, no talk."

Crap! Here we go again thought Teresa. "I don't know. How would we do it?"

"I'll lie on my back. You take off your panties and lower yourself down on my face. I'll take it from there."

That sounded all right to Teresa. She'd be on top and in control. Besides, her pussy wouldn't be anywhere near her cousin's prick. "Uh, okay. We'll try it but don't get any other ideas or I'll scream."

Freddy smiled and lay back passively. Teresa looked at him suspiciously. She didn't trust her cousin and was afraid he might try some kind of trick. The fact that her mother was lying asleep only a few feet away gave the young girl the courage to slip off her panties and kneel down beside Freddy. The young girl arranged her legs over the boy's face and lowered herself down. As soon as Freddy's tongue came in contact Teresa's vulva the 13 year old was ready to scream already. It felt great! This was going to take some self control.

"Nice and slow, stupid," she whispered. Freddy nodded his head. Teresa liked the feeling of power being on top gave her. She began to pretend Freddy was her slave and that he was merely there to provide pleasure for his mistress. The young girl wished she'd known how good a pussy licking felt before this. She wouldn't have waited so long. A muffled protest came from down below. Teresa stopped rocking on Freddy's face and scooted back to talk to him.

"What's the matter," asked an irritated Teresa. She didn't want that super feeling between her legs to stop.

"I-I couldn't breathe. I'm sorry," said Freddy sounding contrite.

"You like this?"

"I love it! Fucking Nina and Josie is nothing compared to this."
Teresa was thrilled. She'd always known that a strong woman could turn a man, or a boy for that matter, into a wuss. The teenager liked to think of herself that way, a strong woman.

"You do look perfect lying there with your head between my legs. I could piss on your face right now and you couldn't stop me."

"Why would I want to stop you? But it might cause a big mess on the floor. How would you explain that?"

Teresa giggled. "Yeah, I guess you're pretty lucky."

"We could move to the bathroom and you could piss on me in the shower," Freddy suggested.

"You'd let me do that?" This was turning out better than Teresa could have predicted.

"It's not up to me. It's up to you."

"I like your attitude." Teresa began to relax her guard with her cousin. If she could piss on Freddy's face and get away with it then there was nothing he wouldn't do for her. It would be fun to think of more ways to humiliate him. The teenager looked over to where her mother was sleeping. She didn't want to be taking chances like this but the opportunity was too good to pass up. Well, it was time to call it a night. There would be more fun later. Teresa lifted herself off her cousin's face and slid down to his waist. It was the chance Freddy was looking for. He clapped his hand over his cousin's mouth and pulled her down. Her cunt was exposed. Despite her struggle the much stronger Freddy was able to position his cock and lodge it just inside her vagina. Freddy took a deep breath and thrust his prick deep inside. Teresa's scream of pain and outrage was muffled well enough. His aunt continued to snore.

Teresa was still making sounds but they were more like whimpers than screams. Freddy wanted to enjoy this fuck and he knew he had to get Teresa calmed down first. The 14 year old realized the futility of that idea and released his hand from Teresa's mouth. He hoped Teresa wouldn't want to be caught in this compromising position any more than him.

"You bastard," Teresa hissed. "I'm going to kill you. Get your thing out of me."

"Not until I've fucked you," said Freddy.

"I'm going to start screaming in about five seconds if you don't let go of me."
"Go ahead and scream. That won't stop me from fucking you. It'll just give us an audience."

"Please, Freddy," Teresa begged. "I don't want to get pregnant."

"I won't get you pregnant. Trust me. I'll know exactly when to pull out," Freddy soothed as he began to move inside her. He noted the change in her tone of voice. She was really getting worried.

"I don't trust you. Listen, Freddy. Get a condom and I'll let you fuck me. Damn you don't do this," the teenager pleaded urgently in a louder tone than the whispers they'd been using. Freddy continued to ignore Teresa. He was now pretty sure that his younger cousin wasn't going to start screaming so he began to pick up his pace thrusting his prick in and out of her cunt. The boy's tongue had done a good job of lubing up the girl's cunt but she was awfully tight. It wouldn't be long before he had to cum.

Teresa was afraid Freddy would cum inside her any minute. What if she became pregnant? This wasn't what she wanted at all. Nina and Josie were supposed to be the ones who got pregnant. It started out as a joke to the young girl but now it wasn't funny any more. Teresa could easily have screamed and brought everything to a halt but how would she explain the compromising position she was in? The coed wasn't even sure where her panties were. Oh no! Freddy was already pumping his filthy sperm inside her vagina. She felt so helpless.

"Let go of me. It might not be too late," Teresa hissed. She wanted to wash out her cousin's sperm as soon as possible. "I'll kill you if you ever touch me again."

"Don't worry," said Freddy. "You're a lousy lay."

"What?" Teresa couldn't believe what she just heard.

"You heard me. You're a lousy lay. I wouldn't fuck you again if you paid me."

"What did you expect? It was my first time." First she's raped and now she's criticized for her performance. Teresa couldn't help but feel bad.

"It was Nina's first time too but she was a lot better than you."

"Liar! You're the lousy lay. I didn't cum and I didn't enjoy it at all." Teresa was sure Freddy was just being mean. Well, two could play that game.

"Stupid girl," Freddy declared. "It's the guy's job to cum. It's the girl's job to provide him pleasure."

"I've never heard of that." Teresa was skeptical but she was intrigued enough to listen. The need to wash the sperm out of her vagina was temporarily forgotten.
"Of course you haven't," said Freddy. "That's why there's so much unhappiness in the world. Women don't know their place."

"And men?"

"Men have forgotten their place too. That's probably why your parents are divorcing. That's probably why my parents got divorced." Freddy was just repeating stuff he'd read on the web but it sounded like good justification to him. "You'll always be a lousy lay as long as you never think of your man's pleasure first."

Teresa was quiet for a long time. She seemed to be thinking about Freddy's words. Had he convinced her? Tentatively, Freddy began to caress Teresa's hair and shoulders. His cousin didn't pull away at all. Oh, yeah Freddy thought. I have the makings of nice whore. She won't be hard to train at all. Already he could feel himself going for his third boner of the night. It looked like Josie was going to have to wait another night before Freddy got back around to her. He moved his hands down to cup Teresa's butt cheeks and started to kiss to kiss her deeply. Yeah, it was fun time again.

"What the hell is going is going on here!" Aunt Carmen was staring down at both of them from the edge of the bed.

If either Freddy or Teresa had had a weak heart one of them would have died on the spot. The only thoughts that ran through Freddy's mind were thoughts of escape. He unceremoniously dumped Teresa to the floor and jumped up. There was nothing he could think to say. Teresa didn't have the same problem.

"Momma! Freddy's raped me!"

"You bastard! You're just like your father!"

Freddy grabbed what he could and made a run for it past a startled Nina and into the dark of night. The first place he went to was the park. The park was officially closed at night but he didn't think the police would find him there unless they sent tracking dogs after him. Almost on cue the scared teenager heard a police siren in the distance and it was growing louder. He wondered if the police were already on their way for him but now the siren was growing fainter. The arrogant lad wasn't so cocksure now and he felt like crying. Freddy was cold and miserable. He hadn't had time to grab a jacket and there was less than a dollar's change in his pocket. That wouldn't get him far but he might be able to make a phone call with it.


"Freddy? Where are you, son?"

"I'm at the park."

"Stay there and I'll pick you up."

Freddy's father lived less than five miles away. It was time to face the music but he was now deathly afraid of his mother and aunt. Apparently Freddy's mother had called his father and told him what happened so he wasn't surprised by Freddy's call.

When Freddy and his dad got back to his dad's apartment Uncle Joe was there also. He'd forgotten that Uncle Joe had moved in with Freddy's dad when he broke up with Aunt Carmen.

"You'd better have a good story to tell," said Uncle Joe. "Your Aunt Carmen wants you driven out to the desert and shot. We might be able to satisfy her by just handing her your balls."

Freddy paled when he heard that. Teresa's dad sounded deadly serious. Freddy's dad didn't contradict him. The teenager sighed and started to tell his story but was almost immediately interrupted.

"You mean Nina is involved too," Joe asked.

Freddy nodded. "And Josie," he added. He hadn't realized that Nina and Josie hadn't been added to the mix yet but Freddy didn't have the desire to be evasive.

"Holy shit," exclaimed Fred, Freddy's dad. "How long has this been going on?"

"About a week," Freddy answered. Both men sat in stunned silence as he related the rest of his story without interruption. There was a full minute of silence before anyone spoke. To Freddy it felt like an eternity.

Finally Fred said, "You realize, of course, that your story make the girls look bad. They're unlikely to back you up on any of that."

"I have some proof," said Freddy. He held up his recorder. Freddy didn’t know how to edit his recordings so he had to let them hear everything. It was just as well he thought although a lot of it demonstrated that he was manipulating and coercing the girls.

After listening to the tapes Uncle Joe said, "You always think your daughters will be the exception but they're definitely the rule." The men laughed breaking some of the tension in the room.

"Freddy definitely takes after me," Fred added.

"What did Aunt Carmen mean when she said I'm just like you?" Just when Freddy thought things might be working themselves out there was a mystery to solve.

"There are certain things you're not meant to know, son," said his dad.

"Go ahead and tell him," Uncle Joe urged. "Someone in the next generation has to know." Fred shrugged.

"You realize of course that none of this can be repeated outside of this room," Fred declared. "I want you to listen without interrupting." Freddy nodded in agreement.

"Nina and Teresa aren't really your cousins. They're more like your sisters or rather half sisters." Freddy's mouth gaped but he kept his promise to be silent and his father continued. "I was pretty wild when I was your age and so were the Carrillo sisters, your mom and aunt. I impregnated Carmen first and then Yolanda. That's how Nina and Josie were born. Your grandfather came to me and told me I had to marry one or the other or he'd be having my balls for breakfast. He would have done it too.

"I married Yolanda and Joe married Carmen. Joe and I have been friends since second grade. A childhood illness left him sterile so he was more than happy to have a daughter to bring up. He'd always liked Carmen anyway and had been sleeping with her more than me. When Carmen told Joe that she wanted another child I was called in to take care of that much to the surprise of your aunt since Joe never told her that he was sterile. That's how Teresa was born. Any questions?"

"How many children do you have?"

"None of your business. I'm telling you this because I don't want you to make the same mistakes I made when I was a teenager. You certainly shouldn't be sleeping with your sisters."

Sisters. Plural. Freddy always thought he had one sister and now he had at least three. He wondered how many more sisters and perhaps brothers he had. Freddy figured there was more to the story than he was being told but that would have to wait until later.

"So how do I get back in Mom's good graces?"

"You won't for a while, and maybe never, so you'll be staying here with me," said his dad. "Joe and I will have a talk with Teresa. We'll tell her about the recording and I'm sure she'll change her story a bit. You're lucky Teresa kept her mouth shut about Nina and Josie and I just hope you haven't gotten anyone pregnant.

Freddy had been with his dad and uncle for the past month and was reflecting on those events. It had been an exciting week and Freddy actually missed the excitement. Well, most of it. Fortunately no one turned up pregnant. There was a knock at the door and Freddy went to answer. Much to his surprise the person at the door was Nina.

"Hi, is my dad home?" She looked kind of shy and nervous.

"Uh, no. He's not home yet." He's not due home for two hours. She should have known that thought Freddy.

"May I come in and wait?"

"Come on in," Freddy said. As Nina walked by Freddy caught her special scent. The last time he smelled it he was fucking her. His prick was twitching already. Did his pretty half sister show up when no one else was around in order to get fucked? Was Freddy going to have another chance to get Nina pregnant? He remembered his father's warning against unprotected sex and against any sex with relatives. Well, he was just a teenager. Whoever listened to a parent at that age?

The End

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