My First Boyfriend 8

Dinner was ready when we got downstairs. It was almost seven o’clock when we were finished eating and the dishes were cleared. For that time of year there was probably less than an hour of daylight left.
“Tommy was telling me about a spot he found down on the river,” Sam said out of the blue, “I kind-of want to go check it out, maybe see some salmon still running, though it’s a bit late in the season.” I was surprised by his lie, but I tried not to let that show. Five minutes later Sam, Riley and I were walking down the street toward the woods. Sam and I walked close, occasionally brushing an arm or shoulder against each other. Riley, who’d barely spoken a word since Sam made him blow me, plodded along several yards behind us.
Sam went on about how much fun we were going to have at the party the following evening, and how badly he couldn’t wait to be where no one would see us so I could suck his cock.
As soon as we were just far enough into the woods so no one could see us, Sam took me in his arms so that we were looking into each other’s eyes. “You called me, ‘Sammy,’ earlier,” he said softly. He didn’t look pissed-off, but I started apologizing anyway. He shut me up with a kiss. It was a short kiss, then he said, “I liked it.” And, well, for a moment, Sam seemed younger than I’d ever seen him before. Like right before he asked me for a kiss, once I’d agreed to be his girlfriend. “I never let anyone call me that.”
“Did you really hit your dad?” I asked remembering what Riley had told me earlier.
“That faggot told you, huh?” I nodded and Sam chuckled and looked to the lanky redhead, who had finally caught-up with us . “Well, yeah. He thought it was funny, ‘cause he knew how much I hated it. Kind of like when I always call you Tommy, I suppose, but”
“I don’t mind when you call me Tommy, or Tammy,” I interjected.
“I know,” he said, “but, well, if you want you can call me Sammy. It sound’s kind of cute, you know, Sammy and Tammy,” he chuckled. He kissed me again and with a pat on my butt, we headed deeper into the woods.
There was a shocked look on Riley’s long face, I looked right at him as I said, “Ok, Sammy.” As we walked, Sam held my hand, even when the path narrowed and I had to fall behind him, our hands remained linked.
We came to the river and walked downstream a bit, finding a tree that had fallen-over, it’s trunk making a perfect (if not a bit hard), natural couch. Sam sat on the fallen tree-trunk and pulled me between his legs so that we were face to face. With his hands on my butt, he pulled a bit more and our mouths met. Our kiss was deep and hot, our tongues aggressively wrestling. Our crotches were pressed tight together and I could feel his hard cock pressing against mine. Riley was behind me and I couldn’t see him, but somehow I knew that he was staring at me and my boyfriend, as we made-out. But this time, knowing the older redhead boy was watching somehow made me even hotter.
I pulled away from our kiss and, looking Sam right in his eyes, I said, “I want your cock, Sammy. I want to suck it until you pop-off in my mouth and I’m gonna drink down every drop of it.”
“Yeah?” Sam replied, then glancing over my shoulder, surely looking at Riley, he continued, “You want to drink my spooge?”
I nodded, telling Sam how badly I wanted to suck a load from him.
“You gonna swallow it all?” he looked back to me for a second, then back to Riley. “You gonna drink-down every last drop? Not wasting any of it like that faggot did?”
I assured Sam that I wouldn’t spill a drop of his cum and slowly I sank to my knees. The log was at the perfect height. Kneeling before him, Sam’s crotch was at the same level as my face. Staring into his eyes, I reached for his belt. Judging by his expression, he wanted this just as much as I did. I had to look away from his face and down at his crotch, as I started at the buckle of his belt. By feel alone, I couldn’t figure-out how to unbuckle it. I had to look down to see what I was doing. The bulge in the front of Sam’s jeans was big and hot and I couldn’t wait to get at the throbbing cock under the denim.
“You watchin’ this, you fucking little girl,” Sam spat and, afraid that I’d done something wrong, I looked quickly back to his eyes. He was looking over me, toward where Riley was standing. “I don’t even have to tell her what to do.” He looked down at me quickly, winked, then looked back to his lanky friend. “She knows exactly what I want,” Sam continued, as I unbuckled his belt,”and she does it.” Once his belt was undone, I went for the buttons on his jeans. “I don’t have to make her go after my cock,” as he spoke, one of his hands came to rest on the back of my head, his fingers gently entwining in my hair. “She’s such a good girl and she wants it so bad, she knows exactly what to do.” Sam wasn’t wearing underwear and as I popped the buttons of his jeans, I saw skin and pubic-hair. Then I saw cock. A big, hard cock and a moment later, a lightly furred pair of balls.
Sam let out a somewhat loud, “Oh fuck yeah!” when he felt me take the head of his cock into my mouth. I sucked his head a moment and his fingers tightened in my hair. Then, with a little help from Sam, my head moved in and more of his cock pushed into my mouth. “Suck my fucking cock,” he groaned and tried to push my head further down his cock. I took it as best as I could.
“Get over here, you fucking cunt,” he said, shoving his cock as far down my throat as I could take, “see how a good cocksucker does it.” A second later, I could feel Riley approach. My eyes were shut, considering I had a big, fat cock fucking my face, but I knew the redhead was close. “Look at how she sucks it. See how she can take it.” Then his voice became extremely bitter, “You see that faggot, see how a real cocksucker sucks cock, you ain’t never blown me this good.”
Ok, so you know I didn’t like Riley. But I have to admit that the blow-job he’d given me a couple hours before had felt incredible. Like I said, I had to force myself not to cum while he was doing it, ‘cause I wanted to last longer than Sam said I would. But I could have cum within a minute, if I’d let myself. So I found myself wondering, if I was sucking Sam’s dick better than Riley ever had, was my boyfriend feeling more incredible sensations than I had when the redhead sucked my dick. The only thing I’d ever felt that was more incredible than getting blown by Riley, was when Sam fucked me.
Sam stopped speaking and started grunting and groaning. I was sure that if anyone was within a mile of us, they’d surely be able to hear him. And it didn’t take long before I felt his cock start to get bigger in my mouth and Sam’s body began to twitch.
“Fuck Yeah!” he cried out, as he pulled my head tight to his crotch. His cock drilled deep down my throat and started to throb. I could feel my nose pressing into the sweaty curls of his pubic-hair and his fuzzy balls pressing against my chin. He grunted a few times, then groaned, and I felt the first shot of his cum spew down my throat. It made me want to gag, but I fought against it, wanting not to waste a drop. I wanted to show Sam, and Riley, that I could suck my boyfriend’s load down without spilling any of it. I wanted to show both of them that I was a better cocksucker than the ugly, stringy redhead. “Drink that shit!” Sam hissed as his load dumped down my gullet. I did as told. I fought against gagging and somehow managed to start swallowing. Sam pulled back a bit, after pumping his second wad deep down my throat, his third wad filled my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, then breathed deeply though my nose. All I could smell was Sam’s hot, sweaty crotch scent. I felt my own dick throb, giving me something other than my gag-reflex to fight against. I knew I was close to shooting my own load. My hard dick was pressed right-up against my stomach by the tight pair of lacy panties I wore. I’d been leaking precum and my tight belly, as well as the head of my dick were slippery. From that stimulation alone (and the fact that I was being force-fed a thick hot load of cum, while being watched by the detestable, skinny redhead) I was seconds away from the point-of-no-return. But my boyfriend had not given me permission to shoot.
I vividly remember how difficult it was to keep from coming, as I gulped-down Sam’s load. But I was bound and determined not to waste a drop of his cum. My lips were so tight around the shaft of Sam’s cock that they were aching. I swallowed as fast as I could, catching a quick breath when I could. The stench of sweat that was so potent with each breath I inhaled didn’t help fighting-off my orgasm one bit. At one point, I think I did shoot a little bit, but it felt really strange. I clamped the muscles between my hips so hard that it felt like I somehow shot one little wad of cum back into myself. However, with trying to keep-up with the deluge of cum erupting into my mouth, I didn’t have the time or energy to dwell on what was happening between my legs. That I was able to keep myself from coming was enough for the moment. Sam shot wad after wad of cum into my mouth. I wondered if he was ever going to stop. I sucked and swallowed, gulped and guzzled, hell-bent on not letting even one little drip of cum escape me.
My eyes were clenched-shut as I struggled to swallow it all, keeping my lips sealed tight around the fat shaft of Sam’s cock, and I couldn’t see Riley. But I knew he was right there. There was a hint of his scent in my breaths and it was almost as though I could feel heat that wasn’t emanating from either myself, or Sam. And when I finally realized that Sam’s orgasm was slowing down, I got a big whiff of the redhead’s breath. The nasty scent made me want to wretch. I fought the urge and continued to swallow deeply, knowing that the biggest part of his load was over. I’d done it. I’d managed to drink all of Sam’s load without spilling a drop.
When I did open my eyes, other than Sam’s dark patch of pubic hair, I saw Riley’s pimply face hovering fairly close, staring at me as I sucked Sam’s slowly spewing cock. Even with the big cock in my mouth, I managed to smile and shoot Riley a dirty look. He cringed and pulled back. I looked up at Sam, and there was a huge grin on his face, as he looked down, watching me drink his load. “That’s a good-girl,” he cooed breathlessly, his hands running through the hair on the back of my head. His spurts were weak and instead of jetting into my mouth, his cum was oozing. His body had stopped twitching and I could hear him trying to get his breath. “You took it all, baby,” he said, still petting the back of my head. “Good to the last drop, ain’t it?”
I finally pulled my mouth off his cock and, looking right into Sam’s eyes I said, “Fucking fantastic!” Then I started licking the last remnants of my boyfriend’s load from his still-rigid cock, as he told his dejected friend about how great I’d just sucked his cock. Sam went on to tell Riley how pitiful his cock-sucking-skills were compared to mine. And by the time I cleaned Riley’s cock completely and swallowed the last drop of his cum, I figured the redhead might just be crying by now. But when I finally turned and looked at him, he wasn’t. He was standing a few feet from Sam and I, his head lowered so that his face was almost covered by his shaggy red hair, but just enough of his eyes were visible to see that there were no tears in them.
Sam’s hands stayed on my head as I turned to look at Riley. One of them moved with me and his fingers stayed gently entangled in the hair at the back of my head. But the other stayed where it was, so as I turned away from him, that hand was on my face. As he berated Riley, I felt his fingertips against my lips, then moving into my mouth as if searching to make sure I hadn’t missed any of his cum. I licked and sucked on his fingers, as he pulled his hand from behind my head and it took me a second to realize that it was Sam’s cock pushing against the back of my head. I sucked harder on his fingers, listening to his venomous lecture to Riley.
But when Sam pulled his fingers from my mouth and tilted my head so that we were looking at each other, his voice turned sweet and kind. “You ready to pop again?” he asked.
I nodded and uttered a soft, “Yeah.”
“Good,” Sam said with a twinkle in his eye and that ear-to-ear grin. With a light tug on my head, I knew what my boyfriend wanted and stood. He kissed me deep, digging his tongue into my mouth, surely tasting his own cum, for just a moment, then he gently pushed me away from him. His face changed and he looked at Riley. “Come here, cunt,” Sam hissed, pointing to where I had just been. I was glad that it wasn’t me on the other end of my boyfriend’s ire. Riley moved slowly and stood barely a foot from Sam. There was such a difference between them. Even sitting, it was easy to see that Sam was the shorter of the two. But where the redhead might be taller, my dark-haired boyfriend had muscles. Sam sat tall with confidence, an air of authority in his expression. Riley’s shoulders were curled forward and his head was downcast, refusing to meet Sam’s eyes.
“Look at me, you fucking pussy!” Sam said softly, but with strong emotion. The shaggy redhead tilted just enough to do as ordered. Sam’s face softened a bit, but there was still a hint of wickedness in his expression. “Remember me telling you I always wanted to spit-roast a chick? Stick her from behind with another dude sticking it to her mouth.”
Riley’s expression changed. He looked happy, eager, much like a puppy, who’s master’s hand is in the treat-jar. “Yeah, sure, I remember,” he croaked expectantly. “You called it a, ‘Fuck-n-Suck’.”
“Well, it’s time stop dreaming about it and finally fucking do it,” Sam announced. Well, I was all for Sam fucking my butt, but there was no way I wanted to suck Riley’s dick. As bad as he smelled, I could only imagined how horrible his dick would taste. However, I knew that if Sam told me to do it, I would.
I half expected Riley to start jumping up and down and clapping his hands. Instead, he looked at me, an obviously lustful and hungry expression on his long, freckled face. Then he looked back to Sam and said, “You gonna fuck his ass and make him suck me off?” And for a second that lustful, excited look stayed on his pimply face.
Until Sam pushed him away and roared, “Fuck no!” Even I was a bit frightened at that point, a bit confused too. I’d given in, realizing I was probably going to have to suck the gangling redhead’s cock. But there was no way I wanted Riley to fuck my butt. I decided that if Sam asked that of me, I’d beg him to not make me do it. I didn’t want anyone’s cock but Sam’s up my butt. Though none of my worry really mattered. Sam continued, “There ain’t no fuckin’ way I’m gonna make Tammy suck you.” I saw confusion cross Riley’s face and he cringed when Sam called him a, “fucking piece of shit!”
Then Sam laughed and looked at me. My emotions must have been showing because all the sudden Sam changed. “No, baby, don’t worry,” he gestured me to him. He took me in his arms and kissed me softly. “I ain’t gonna make you do anything with that pussy that you don’t want to.” He kissed me again, this time a bit harder, then he pulled away and his grin was back. “But I was hopin’ that you’d help me spit-roast her. You poking her mouth while I’m poking her ass.”
Again, I didn’t have to speak. Sam saw my expression change as it dawned-on me what he wanted. He didn’t want for him and his repulsive friend to each take an end of me. He wanted for me and him to each take a piece of Riley. That was something I was completely ready for. I remembered from a few hours before how great it felt when Riley sucked me off, and considering I’d just about popped while drinking down Sam’s load, I was primed and ready.
“Good,” Sam said, then he turned his gaze to Riley. I looked at him too and saw horror on his face and he was taking tiny steps away from us. “I can’t fucking believe you though I was gonna let my girlfriend’s mouth get anywhere near your pitiful excuse of a pussy.” Riley started quivering and his backward steps got a bit longer. “You’re gonna drop your pants and bend over this-here log. Aren’t you, you fucking faggot?!”
It was then I noticed that Riley was actually crying. Then he started to beg. “Please don’t Sam, you know how bad it hurts me when you do that. And you even said, Tammy’s got a tighter hole than mine, wouldn’t you rather”
“Don’t fucking tell me what I’d rather do!” Sam hollered, cutting the redhead’s words off and causing him to start sobbing. “I tell you what to do, you fucking cunt.” Riley’s hands were over his face and he was bawling like a baby, so he didn’t see Sam look at me and with a quick wink and a flash of his grin, he turned back to his friend. “And,” his voice was loud and full of rage, “I told you to drop your fucking pants and bend your fucking ass over this fucking log!”
I almost started laughing, though after being on the receiving-end of Sam’s rage before, I did feel a bit sorry for Riley. However, I couldn’t wait to get my dick in his mouth and for him to start sucking on it. And I have to admit, I was anxious about watching Sam fuck Riley, while the skinny redhead was sucking me. Riley moved slowly, the whole time Sam stared at him. When he got close, Sam ordered, “Now drop your fucking pants.”
The redhead’s long fingers made much too much work of unbuckling his belt, and unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. His movements were clumsy and the whole time he muttered softly under his breath things like, “Please don’t,” or, “It’s gonna hurt,” or, “Please, Sam, take it easy, at least at first.”
That last remark came just as Riley pushed his pants down.
“Fuck that!” Sam snarled. He reached into the pocket of his jacket and pulled-out a small tube, which he showed to Riley. Then a look I saw as completely evil crossed my boyfriend’s face. “I was even gonna use this to grease you up, you fucking twat!” His hand moved like a flash and a moment later, I heard the tube of lube land somewhere out in the woods. “But you ain’t nothing but a fucking little girl, begging me to take it easy. Fuck you! And that’s just exactly what I’m gonna do. So if you want somethin’ slippery down there, you better start spittin’ on your fingers and shoving them up your loose fucking pussy, ‘cause otherwise, I’m gonna shove my cock up you dry.”
As a result of his crying, Riley’s mouth was full of thick almost-mucus-like saliva. He covered his fingers with it, then shoved his hand between his legs. I watched his face clench and knew he’d found his target. As he fingered his butt, his crying subsided a bit, he was no longer shaking, though his breath was still heavy and occasionally caught in his throat. It wouldn’t be long before I was shooting my cum down his throat.
“Tammy,” Sam said, and I looked from Riley to him, “you want one more taste of my cock before I stick that fucking pig with it. I don’t want you sucking on it after that. I couldn’t kiss you with the taste of this fucking pussy in your mouth.” As Riley spat on his fingers a few more times, shoving the gooey saliva between his cheeks, lubing-up his asshole, I got to my knees again and started sucking Sam’s cock. “That’s a good-girl,” Sam cooed, stroking my hair. “I love it when you suck my cock.” Then his voice changed just a bit, “But you know, I’d really rather be fucking your tight hole, rather than this fuck’s tired cunt.” Without letting his cock slip from my mouth, I looked up at him. His face was stern, only a touch of tenderness. “But I know you don’t want to suck her, so instead of fucking your tight, sweet pussy, I’ll take her.” Then he grinned a bit, “So now you gotta choice to make.” His hands lovingly moved around my head as I started sucking a bit more. “You can either get my cock all gooey with spit, so it might slide nice and easy up that fuck-hole’s pussy, or you can suck all your spit off it, so there ain’t a drip to grease the way.”
I seriously did consider amping-up my suction and reclaiming as much of my spit from Sam’s cock as I could. I even thought about blowing on it a bit, like a hair-dryer, and making it really rough on Riley. Then, remembering what it was like when Sam had fucked my butt, I felt some sympathy for the older redhead boy and got my boyfriend’s cock nice and wet.
Sam looked down as he pulled my mouth away from his cock with a bit of a smile on his face. “Lucky fucker,” he said, “I guess the wetter the better it is.” Then with a much harsher voice, “Now bend your ass over that tree and spread your legs for me!” It was like he was a different person, he looked at me and said, “Climb over to the other side so you can use her mouth.” We both did as told. By the time I was on the other side of the fallen-tree, tears were once again pouring from the redhead’s sad green eyes. “Now take your dick out,” Sam said to me, “so he can suck it.” I made much quicker work of unfastening my pants than Riley did. My dick was bone-hard and I was feeling so horny I couldn’t wait to get it into the ugly older boy’s mouth. While I did that, my big, beefy boyfriend got behind his pale, skinny friend, holding and slowly stroking his big cock.
No, he wasn’t stroking it. He was wiping it off. By the time Sam got into position right behind Riley’s bony, bent body, I couldn’t see one drop of my saliva glistening on his cock. His eyes met mine and he grinned.
“Now grab that fucker by his hair and make him open his mouth for you,” Sam said. I hesitated and Sam noticed. “You ain’t gonna hurt the bitch,” he chuckled, “she likes it rough.” With that, he landed a loud slap on one of Riley’s bare butt-cheeks, “Don’t ya, Renee?” I heard a muddled, “Yeah,” escape from Riley, right before I took a big hunk of his stringy read hair in my hand. I didn’t have to pull hard, as the second I had a hold of his hair, Riley opened his thin-lipped mouth. “At the same time,” Sam said, moving his cock right up against Riley’s ass. I moved right up to the redhead’s face, my raging-hard dick less than an inch from his mouth. “One,” Sam said softly, then, “two,” and just as he said, “Three!” we both thrust our hips forward. Riley let-out a cry, surely more from being impaled by Sam than from what I shoved in him. And my dick did muffle his sounds a bit. But not that much. We both buried our bones in the redhead. I felt mine reach the back of his mouth, but it was a bit too short to start trying to push it down his throat, like I’d taken Sam’s cock. But I know that it was Sam’s cock that Riley was mostly focused on.
I watched, as I shoved my dick in Riley’s mouth, my boyfriend ram his big rod into the redhead’s asshole. From where I stood, it looked like Sam shoved his whole cock in with the first thrust. I felt Riley’s face push hard against my body, every possible inch of my dick in his mouth, as he tried to pull a bit away from the big cock in his butt. I felt the grunt, as Sam took a tight grip on the redhead’s bony hips and pulled him back. I stayed with him, moving in so that there was less space between me and Sam. Sam drilled even deeper, pushing Riley’s body even tighter to mine. Riley wasn’t sucking my dick as he’d done before. And it was probably a good thing. Knowing Sam’s cock was buried just as deeply in the redhead’s body as mine was, well, if Riley had actually been sucking me, I surely wouldn’t have lasted more than a minute.
As it was, once Sam started really fucking Riley hard, I felt myself getting too close too quickly. The redhead’s body just seemed to bounce back and forth between Sam and I. I pulled his head tight against me, then Sam pulled his ass tight against him. There were moments when I felt that I was buried so deep inside him, that I thought I could feel the head of Sam’s cock touching my own. However, it was probably just Riley’s tonsils. Even though it was different from the first time I had my cock in the redhead’s mouth, it still felt damn good.
The whole time Sam kept saying things like, “Take my big cock you fucking faggot cunt,” or, “Fuck his mouth good, Tommy,” or, “Got a cock in both ends, don’t ya Renee. You’re lovin’ gettin’ spit-roasted, aren’t you, you fucking pussy.”
I even had to think about my old, ugly math-teacher a moment, to stop the inevitable, before Sam finally said, “You about ready to pop, Tommy?” I nodded, pulling Riley tight against me, as my boyfriend withdrew a bit from behind the boy. “Me too,” and with that, he started really pounding his buddy’s butt. Then, with a hard slap on Riley’s butt, Sam said, “And you better suck-down every single drop of his load!”
My math-teacher forgotten, I pulled the red-hair tight and pushed my hips hard, feeling Riley finally start sucking my dick. I could tell by the way Riley’s body was jerking, that Sam was fucking him harder than he yet had. And remember, I’d just sucked a big load from Sam’s cock maybe fifteen-minutes before. Sam and I both let-out yells, and if it wasn’t at the exact same moment, it wasn’t that far off. My boyfriend and I both started shooting our loads. Mine spraying into Riley’s mouth and Sam’s filling his ass. And for just a second I felt a bit jealous, remembering how great it had felt when Sam shot up my butt, making me shoot at the same time. And while firing my young sperm into Riley’s gulping mouth felt pretty damn good, it wasn’t as good as it had been when Sam fucked the cum out of me.
Somehow, Riley managed to suck-down my whole load without spilling any. Though it was probably not as big as the first load I shot into his mouth, I sill had almost a full week’s worth of cum built-up in my nuts. And considering that the skinny redhead was being filled at both ends, I was quite impressed. Although, he didn’t have to do anything with Sam’s load, except take it.
Sam finally pulled his cock from Riley’s ass, then holding his pants awkwardly, he crawled over the fallen tree-trunk so that he was on the same side I was. Riley had spit my dick from his mouth when he felt Sam’s come from his butt. Sam’s cock was still quite hard, though not as angry-looking as before. It was coated with streaks of white, brown and red, much as it had been when Sam pulled it from my butt, though there seemed to be less cum on it, and a bit more blood and shit. My big, beautiful boyfriend pushed me from in front of Riley’s face and took my spot. “You know what to do, faggot!” He hissed and Riley opened his mouth, ready but reluctant to clean the residue of their fuck from Sam’s cock.
“It would have been better with you in the middle,” Sam said to me, then planted a kiss on my lips, “but even with my cock up his sloppy cunt, it was pretty damn good.” Then, as my boyfriend and I made out, Sam made Riley do things like squat over a tree-branch and shit-out the cum from inside his ass (and I could tell that doing this in the middle of the woods, in front of me and Sam, well, he mumbled and whined the whole time and his face was as red as a beet, especially when I started giggling hearing the squishy, wet fart-sounds Riley made), and wash his tear-and-sweat stained face with water from the river, then Sam made Riley go out into the woods and find the tube of lubricating-jelly he’d thrown away before fucking the redhead’s ass with only spit for lube. Then we started back for the house.

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