Foster Family Chapter 5

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Characters as they are now:

Sean - 15 - Discovered masturbation, taught it to Kyle. Discovered he was gay when he discovered masturbation. Kissed twin brother Kyle in his grievance over adopted mother Mara dying

Kyle - 15 - Sean's twin brother. Was worried about being moved to a new family after adopted mother, Mara died. Kissed Sean as a result of Sean kissing him.

Alec - 30 - Adopted father to the twins Sean and Kyle. Lusting after the twins but biding his time to have them.

Chapter 5

The next morning, Sean woke with a start. He’d been having a nightmare, as he had a few nights previously, about being put back into the fostering system and being separated from Kyle. He was breathing heavily for a few moments before he realised that Kyle’s arm was draped over him. He rolled onto his side, facing Kyle and studied his face for a while. He lay there a while gazing at his brother’s face lost in his own thoughts, he was thinking about all the times that Kyle had been there for him, picked him up when he was down, how they worked together to fend off bullies, angry foster parents and siblings. He felt extremely safe lying there in his brother’s arms, it was then he realised that there were no other arms that Sean would rather be in. He realized he wanted his brother there for him forever, not just as a brother, but as a protector and as a friend, more than that, he was in love with his brother. Sean wanted to spend every moment for the rest of his life holding Kyle and being held. He wanted Kyle’s face to be the first and last things he saw every day for the rest of his life. He felt that he could not be complete without Kyle beside him. Sean then started to think about the kiss Kyle gave him the previous night. How soft Kyle’s lips felt on his own, how gentle his touch was, and now they were lying in bed together, Kyle sound asleep, neither wearing more than a pair of briefs. It didn’t take Sean long to start poking Kyle in the leg with his boner.

Ever since Sean showed Kyle how to masturbate, the boys had taken every opportunity to beat off whether alone or together, though Sean and Kyle hadn’t actually touched each other since that first time, Sean couldn’t wait to do it again. The boys had come far from their malnourished selves when they arrived at Alec and Mara’s home, each boy was starting to fill out and had even been working out in the home gym Alec had in the basement, neither were buff, nor did they want to be but they did have the beginnings of a two pack forming. Sean was snapped out of his daydream when Kyle began to stir next to him.

“Morning” Sean whispered.

“Mmm morning” Kyle yawned “been awake long?”

“Little bit. Can we talk?” Sean asked.

Kyle nodded in the middle of a yawn.

“Last night…” Sean began “We umm…we umm”

“We kissed?”

“Yeah we kissed. I uh just wanna know what you feel about that”

“I don’t know why I did it. But I really liked it.”

Sean was ecstatic “you did? I really liked it too. I actually want to do it again. While I’ve been awake here, I’ve been thinking about you and us and the kiss, and I…I love you Kyle and not just you’re my brother I love you, I think I really love you, like boyfriend-girlfriend love you.”
Kyle was gobsmacked, he never expected to hear those words come out of his brother’s mouth. He was silent for a while thinking things over. He thought about the kiss and how he felt about it, about Sean “wait…what was that” he thought to himself, his mind went back over thinking about his brother and sure enough he felt an extra strong ‘thump’ from his heart, followed by a sensation of complete relaxation and joy, this only lead to one conclusion.

“I love you too Sean, you are my rock, my life and I honestly don’t want to spend another minute without you” he announced finally.
The look on Sean’s face was utter relief mixed with joy and excitement. Kyle leaned in and deeply and passionately kissed his brother. Sean of course, kissed back just as passionately, he got a little adventurous and pressed his tongue against Kyle’s lips who immediately opened his mouth to let him in.

The boys were both hard as rocks, this didn’t go unnoticed as they were dry humping each other as they made out. Kyle came up for air briefly, he started breathing heavily as Sean kissed down his neck gently sucking on it. This sent shivers right down Kyle’s spine “Sean…that feels amazing. Whatever you do, don’t stop.” He cried out as he gently scratched Sean’s back. Sean moved further down to Kyle’s chest and stomach and slowly licked down his belly to his navel and back up again. He eventually moved past Kyle’s navel and down to his crotch, gently slipping his fingers under the waistband, Sean pulled Kyle’s briefs off making Kyle’s boner slap against his belly. He gently wrapped his fingers around his brother’s throbbing member, noting that it had gotten larger since the time he had given Kyle his first orgasm. He gently moved his hand up and down Kyle’s dick eliciting a loud moan from Kyle, which he silenced by kissing him deeply.

“I wanna try something” Sean whispered in Kyle’s ear.

“Go for it” Kyle replied “I am yours”

A bit unsure of himself, Sean slowly worked his way back down Kyle’s body until his face was level with his hard uncut cock. Tenderly, he started to kiss the head then licked his way down the shaft until his tongue touched his almost hairless balls, he then slowly licked his way back up taking the head of his brother’s cock into his mouth causing Kyle to moan in pleasure. The feeling of a warm mouth around his cock was the best feeling Kyle had felt since the first orgasm his brother gave him, it nearly made him cum again. He moved his hands from Sean to his nipples and tweaked them as Sean did that first time, making him moan a little louder.

Sean was licking around Kyle’s head, slipping his tongue under the foreskin and licking around under there then moving his tongue to the piss slit and gently probing in there. Kyle had covered his beautiful face with a pillow, his moaning had gotten so loud. Sean was once again licking up and down the shaft, each time he reached the head, he took that little bit more of Kyle’s dick into his mouth until it reached the back of his throat. He gagged a little before going back up and sucking around the head once more.

Sean’s manipulations were getting too much for Kyle. He was beginning to feel his orgasm approach. Louder and louder his moans got, he was surprised the neighbours didn’t hear him even with the pillow covering his face. He took the pillow away to moan out “I’m almost there, you might want to stop.” To Kyle’s surprise, he didn’t “Sean…Sean I’m going to cum. I’m cumming” he cried. Sean paid no attention to his brother as he received load after load into his young awaiting mouth, eagerly swallowing the salty-sweet fluid. Not letting go until Kyle was crying out “ok Sean you can stop now, it hurts.” He pulled up made his way to his brother’s cute face and kissed him deeply.

“Where did you learn that?” Kyle asked “that was fucking fantastic”

“I was looking through Dad’s hard drive a few months back, I found his porn stash and one of the videos showed a woman doing that to a man, I thought I had to try” Sean smiled.

The twins laid there as Kyle recovered from his orgasm before finally deciding to start the day. They slowly made their way to the kitchen to sit at the table with Alec for breakfast.

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