Satan's Ass Meal

Post time6-02-2021, 10:25

I have been playing on the Ouija board last night October 11th and have gotten some good responses. I then asked “When will I be swallowed in the devils butt?”
The response TOMORROW

This part is true.

I asked what time and the response 12. I then asked if it was pm or am and I got AM. I asked if I could leave a note for my family to let them know since this has been a fantasy I had since I was a kid. The response I got was NO.

I asked how many has been swallowed in the devils ass. MANY
So I asked if I was going to be the only one. NO

This was at 2am so I went to bed.
I got back on the board at 945am and wanted to see if this was real. The board repeated what it said last night. I then asked which room was he wanting me to be in and the response BEDROOM. I asked if he wanted me to lay on my back or stomach and the response was BACK. I then asked if I would be able to see or feel and the response FEEL. I then asked if it will be painful and the response YES. I asked about my neighbors hearing me scream and the response NO. I asked will it take long and the response NO.
Then I asked since the spirit said that it was going to be painful “Does the Devil have teeth in his ass?”
Response: YES.
“Will there be a bloody mess?”
Response: YES
“But I will be completely swallowed?”
Response: YES

I asked how many people he is going to swallow that night. 3
I asked what should I be wearing and the response NOTHING
I asked again if I could leave a note for my family and the response NO

I then asked the board “I will be sitting quietly in my living room. When the Devil arrives will he open my bedroom door so I know he is there?”
The response: YES

I asked “Will he shut the door once I am in the room?”
Response YES

My room will be dark

I know that when a spirit enters your house the temperature turns cold when normally warm.

So I said “Just to confirm. At 12am on 10/13/2013 I will be swallowed in the Devil’s ass. I have to be nude and I can’t leave a note for my family. Is this correct?”

The response YES
I have a strong feeling that this won’t happen but if it does I will do it. I have been interested in anal vore for a long time and actually hope this does come true.

Now this is what I hope will happen.


It was 1130pm and I had just finished watching Big Mommas House and noticed it was getting close to the time. So I turned off my TV and nothing but the outside light shown in making my large 1 bedroom apartment not so dark. I decided to take out the trash and leave my place a little decent looking. I was the only person up and so I came back in and it was 1140pm and I undressed and sat naked on my couch. I then thought about on Monday the workers are coming to work on my place putting in new stuff. Now they are going to have to really do a major job and I thought all this time I been wanting new stuff in my apartment and I am not going to see it.

I got impatient so I got back on the board and asked “I am ready. Is the Devil coming?”

Response: Yes

“Is he with someone else?”

Response: YES

“Swallowing them?”

Response: NO

“Can I put a rag in my mouth to muffle my screaming?”

Response: NO

So I sat back down on the couch and it was 1150pm and I thought I should reset my IPhone’s so they can be used again for someone else. So I did that and then it was 1155pm and I started getting nervous. I could not believe I was going to be eaten. I fantasied about this since I was a young boy and now it’s coming true.

I looked at the time on my cable box it read 1159pm. I nervously massaged my 36C man boobs and then the clock read 12:00am.

Then my bedroom door opened and I watched it slowly open. Once it stopped I could see the lights from the parking lot but they were dim. So I took a breath and got up and walked in my bedroom with my arms folded under my tits making them shake and the nipples were hard. As soon as I walked in the door was slammed shut and I laid on the middle of the room. I was not only nervous but horny as well as my 6 inch dick was stiff.

(I never slept in the bedroom due to the lights shining in).

Then I felt something cold and wet take my feet in something that felt like a mouth and I could make a dark male shape sitting on its side and I could see my feet in the shape of buttocks. Then more of me was sucked in until I was up to my knees and that’s when I felt the teeth come down on my legs. It hurt very much and I screamed but I could not hear myself but felt my blood squirt all over. After the pain subsided I started masturbating.

Then the teeth raised up and I was shoved in more and the teeth bit into my chest and again I screamed but could not hear myself due to the intense pain and more blood squirting. I felt the tongue in his ass lick my dick as it rose again.

I tried pushing myself out and I did feel his ass but I was not able to push myself out and I gave up.
The teeth raised up and I just had my head outside his buns and the tongue in his ass was licking my dick and I felt and orgasm coming. A few more licks from his ass tongue and I exploded cum inside him.

I relaxed and then kissed his buns and laid with my arms above my head and said “This has been much more than I had hoped for. I am so glad I let you swallow me in your ass and fulfill my fantasy. I look forward till I am all the way inside and start digesting me. I feel so complete now thank you for swallowing me”

I was then sucked in and everything went black. On Monday the apartment workers knocked on my door and came in because I gave consent. They walked in the bedroom and seen the bloody mess on the walls and the police was not able to solve my disappearance.

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