Peter and Paul

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Erotic novels by Gail Holmes

“Peter and Paul”

Peter knew this would be his very last chance to go the Model Plane Exhibition at Earls Court. Georgina would never go after the last time; his brother was his only way out. There was no way she would let him go on his own anyway.

The house was quiet, Peter took the opportunity of ringing his twin brother, If Georgina found out too soon all would be lost, including his relationship with her.

“I could be there by Friday, however, I can’t see it working. I think you’re mad anyway you wouldn’t catch me doing anything like if I was in your position” Paul chuckled after hearing his brother’s request.

“I’ll ring you…ring Friday morning; so that you can let me know the time of your arrival, we’ll sort the finer details then. And don’t worry so!” Peter rubbed his hands after replacing the phone; a feeling of delight filled his mind

Georgina would never ever give approval to his going, this way she would not even know he had even gone. Not that he intended to cheat on her, nevertheless, she anticipate that he would should she have identified his plan. He was devoted to his hobby, model planes were his pride and joy, and a weekend exhibition he just could not afford to miss it, he could browse the immense halls at his leisure. Feet up in the evenings with a couple of six packs; going through all the brochures, he would have ball.

“So what are you doing down this end of the High Street Peter. Didn’t I see you coming out of the travel agents” Georgina tried to look into the top of his carrier bags.

“Nice break, for both of us, just booked it. I am sure that you deserve it. We leave Friday”

“Not, your bloody model plane exhibitions again, I’ve seen it advertised, we’ve been down that road before, and no way am I going to trundle those crowded halls, once was enough. So where are you thinking of taking me then.

“Surprise just you wait, and no turning me down, I’m sure it will be a nice change for us both to get away”

“Now that’s what I call sweet” Georgina clasped his arm cuddling up to him as they walked down the busy High Street.

Georgina was full of it for the rest of the week, Peter was glad when Friday actually arrived.

He had waited in the main foyer at the train pulled into the station, recognising his brother straight away as he got off the train. Georgina had thought he had gone to pick up their tickets from the travel agents.

“We haven’t much time; we have to change clothing you can’t meet up with her dressed like that; she’d smell a rat straight away! Come on we will go to the loo get changed and have a cup of tea, I can explain the details to you! I take it the journey was good?” Peter smiled as they walked through the station

“Bit of a rush to start with, don’t know why you had to make it so early in the day!” Paul remarked.

“My own train leaves at 11 o’clock, we’ve got to do some sorting, she mustn’t suspect anything, or I’m in Shit Street”

The toilets were empty when they arrived and clothing was swapped without more ado, not only did the clothes fit perfectly they both looked the party piece. Georgina had known Peter for three years, living together for 18 months; she knew he had a brother; even that he was a twin, even pictures, but had never met him.

“You are going to be alright with this aren’t you?” Peter quizzed as he placed Paul’s tea down in front of him and sat himself.
Paul grasped the handle of the cup as Peter sat down, lifting it to his mouth

“You do realise what you’re doing here, I mean it’s not just a friendship thing!”

“What are you saying; you don’t fancy her?”

“For Christ’s sake Pete, any man in his right mind would give her one! I’m your my brother, its like I’m cheating on you both!”

“What the eye doesn’t see the heart doesn’t grieve; so they say. She’ll know no difference!” Peter laughed

Paul had fancied Georgina from her picture ever since Peter had first started going out with her, he couldn’t believe that his brother would swap his girlfriend for his model planes. She was drop dead gorgeous, and that was from a photograph, what was she going to be like in the flesh. Flesh, even the word was enough to make him feel boned.

“You took your time Peter; by the way, your friend Barry called he wants you to ring him on his mobile before we leave. I take it you got the tickets.” Georgina smiled as Paul came thought the door.

“No problem, crowded in there, so I went and had a cup of tea first. Did Barry say what he wanted?”

“No, just to ring him!”

Peter had told him that if he rang he would disguise his voice and call himself Barry. Paul sat down in an armchair and dialled the number on the phone. His eyes captivated Georgina as she moved about the room, knowing that he was going to be able to fuck her with no uncertainties, his hand went down to his lion, giving his cock a quick stroke.
“Barry it’s Peter, you rang!”

Georgina had gone out into the kitchen; he knew she was well out of earshot.

“Can you talk?”

“No problem!”

“Money, I’ve left £450 in my draw for you I forgot to tell you, the left hand side bedside cabinet, top draw. Don’t mention chequebooks, as you will never get away with my signature. Everything alright?”

“Spot on! I’ll ring when we’re on our way home Sunday night”

“Fine! I’m just boarding my train, take care of her won’t you?”

“You’ll have no fears of that!” Paul smiled to himself. Looking up as she came back into the room

“Is he alright?” Georgina asked

“Just wanted to know when we’ll be back, I’m going to have a couple of pints with him!”

“Fine, I’ll just go to get a few bibs and bobs from the bedroom and I’ll be ready!”

Paul watched as she made her way upstairs knowing that she’d be going into the main bedroom, he had to get the money and it would save him trying to work out which was their bedroom. Paul upped and followed her up the stairs going straight to the draw collecting the money.
“My, you’ve a wad there!” Georgina smiled watching as he took the money out of the draw.

“Everything is paid for this is just spending money” Paul grinned placing the notes into his wallet.

The hotel at Southend and had a sea view, with big sliding doors opening onto a balcony, lucky for Paul neither where acquainted with the area or the hotel, so everything worked out fine. No worries of what he should or should not know.

“I think I’ll take a shower and slip into something cooler, then we can go down to the bar for drinks!” Georgina smiled. “I’m sure you’ll not say no to that.”

“Sound’s fine!” Paul chuckled rummaging through his case as to see what he could wear, and smiling at his brother’s taste in clothing. Georgina was singing from the shower as he laid the clothes out onto the bed, he looked across to her case with the frilliest of underwear he had ever seen. Panties of all different shades, he picked up a pair out of the case holding them out in front of him.

“God, she’s a horny cow!” He thought to himself. “She doesn’t know what she’s in for!”

“What do you think?” Georgina had come from the shower and spun around in front of him naked. Her hair hung over her shoulders as she held it up in her hands, breasts pouting with protruding nipples.

Paul quickly threw the panties back in the case, they were bad enough, now what did he have in front of him, he sensed his cock throb, did she want fucking now, if so he was more than ready, but he knew his brother was somewhat tamer than he was, so he’d have to hold back a while.

“You look great!” He smiled viewing her from top to bottom, his hands readying themselves to reach out to her.

“You haven’t even noticed.” Georgina stood before him with her hands on her hips thrusting herself forwards.

“God, lesson one” Thought Paul, knowing that something had to be amiss.

“I’ve shaved my pussy!”
“Do you really think I hadn’t notice, just teasing. It in fact looks great! When did you do that?”

“When you went to the travel agents”

“It looks good enough to eat!” Paul mused staring at her clean-shaven pussy. With its pouting lips, in the form of miniature orchid.

“Are you going to get freshened up then?" Don’t want the bar closing do we” Georgina replied with a silly grin on her face. “Later!” Georgina smiled “Down Boy! I knew you’d get horny if I shaved it!”

“Fuck it!” Paul thought to himself, believing he was in for a fuck

By the time he had undressed in the shower, he had a full blow horn, he’s cock throbbed through the want of pussy, her pussy, and she had excited him beyond reason. Thankfully, the cold water soon softened his thoughts.

Georgina was standing at the balcony doorway as Paul came out of the shower he had wished he had taken his clothes in with him. The sunlight was beaming through her dress revealing the shape of her shaved pussy with its budding lips.

“Whatever has come over you?” Georgina grinned turning viewing and his perpendicular cock. “God, d’you think you’ll last the day out, are you on some kind of horse pill or something. I can only assume it’s the sea air”

Paul pulled some clothing from the bed covering himself.

“It’s, not as if I haven’t seen it before” Georgina laughed. “Sorry, was I downing your manhood!”

Georgina walked leisurely across to the bed; sitting down next to him, slowly she removed the items of clothing from his hand. Lifting his cock within her fingers and gently squeezing it easing it up to her mouth; then kissing it tenderly on the tip.

“You’ll have to wait till later Rodders! He’s certainly living up to his name today” She smiled “So what’s brought that on then?”

“Paul had to grin, realising another of his brothers secrets, Rodders,” He thought, what a name.

“Nauseous I think the word is! I think the he wants to be sick!”

“In that case we’d better help him, can’t take him downstairs feeling that way can we, don’t want him to spoil your clothing” Georgina opened her mouth absorbing the impressive cock.

Paul couldn’t believe his luck easing himself around in front of her quickly, he felt sure she could suck a dead man back to life, she had a way with her lips almost as if they rolled down the sides of his shaft, her tongue flicked the head each time she rose off him only to go down again. The shaft glistened with her spittle, reaching forward he clasped her breasts soothingly, they were firm just enough to make a handful. God, if she only knew how he sought to fuck her. Georgina rubbed her hand slowly up and down his rod; squeezing as if willing his seed to eject, whist her mouth engulfed the large helmet teasing its sensitive rim with her tongue.

Placing his hands on her head, Paul pulled her towards him in rocking movements the oral journey was amazing; Georgina identified his demands, increasing her momentum sucking him even harder. He could feel that his seed was on the move his balls ached with the sheer volume building within. She sensed his cock throb, lowering her hands to the base, assuring her mouth had completely enveloped its head as he blew his load.

Paul leaned back allowing her complete control; he sensed the gush, the spurts, moaning loudly as he drained his bollocks down her throat.

“For God’s sake! Anyone would considered that you’d hadn’t it for a month, Peter it was only last bloody night” Georgina pulled away from his cock, wiping her lips.

“It’s the way you do it Georgie!” He knew this was Peter’s nickname for her. Nevertheless, she was nearly right; he not had it for three weeks. He kneeled down in front of her pushing his hand up under her dress; he just had to get the feel of supper, it was tantalisingly, so moist. His long finger filled her, collecting the nectar as he jiggered it inside.

“You’re not up to that yet! You’ve just cum, we’ll have an early night, treat it as an early honeymoon!” Georgina smiled, with no attempts of removing his penetrating finger.

Paul spread her legs; viewing the bald pussy, himself, still he would have appreciated a morsel of fluff, of course, he could not enlighten her of this, and it was to late anyway. However, it did look great, and it was his, his to fuck for the whole weekend.

Paul withdrew his finger and placed it under his nose. “Your like… an orchard of apple blossom to me”

“Idiot, come on! Down to the bar!”

He could not but notice the looks she got; the bar was full. At 22, with a figure not unlike that of an hourglass, who could blame them? Only he knew that the pleasure park gates were still open, since she was panty less. Even this did not help poor Rodder’s

“He’s bollocks were drained, yet still he still yearned to fuck her, it was like a dream come true. He could not believe that his brother would do this to her, all for a bloody model plane exhibition.

At least he had allowed him to fulfil her needs, not a complete outsider, Paul just hoped he wouldn’t make any blunders over the weekend, or both would be in shit. This was going to be an exasperating time; she was bound to come up with something only they knew about.

“Well! Are you buying or are you just going to stand there gawking at me, I appreciate some of these old cronies in here looking, but you, what’s come into you. Upstairs you were like a dog on heat.”

Paul put his hand up to collect his wallet

“Sorry Georgie! What will you have?”

“My usual; that will do fine! I’m just popping to the loo!”

“Shit” Thought Paul as she walked away “It will be a piece of cake Peter had reckoned” Paul dived into his pocket for his mobile, quickly dialling the number

“Paul, how it going, coping alright I take it!” Came Peter’s voice as the dialling stopped.

“Ok, smart arse! We have been here only five minutes; and already I am having problems. What her usual drink; and what else is there I should know?”

Paul heard his brother laugh at the other end of the line. “Sorry old chap, Bacardi and coke; and make sure that she sleeps on the right hand side of the bed”

“What would you like, Sir” Asked the barman.

Still holding the phone Paul stated his order to the barman.

“Will that be with ice and lemon, Sir?”

“Ok bird brain, did you hear that? Paul turned back to the phone.
“Ice, no lemon!” Peter replied with a laugh.

“Just the ice!” Paul told the barman.
Before Peter could say anymore, Paul switched the phone off and put it back quickly into his pocket.

“Who’s was on the phone then?” Georgina inquired as she came back beside him.

“It’s Pee…it’s Barry I just wanted to know if we’d arrived Ok! So, what’s the agenda then” Paul mused to change the subject.

For most the afternoon they walked of on the beach arm in arm, Paul found her to be very mischievous, drenching him more than once with her girlish frolics. Which only made him even more horny, frequently she fall over laughing, his hand would go up beneath her dress as he lifted her, just for a quick dip as he put it. Each time he was convinced she was getting wetter than the last.

It was after their evening drinks that it got underway. Georgina had just come out of the shower and sprawled herself out lengthwise naked on the bed.

“You are asking for trouble young lady” Paul inferred as he towel dried his hair, looking over her.

“It’s been fun hasn’t it?”

“Fun! Its, pay back time now. I’m going to give you the fucking of your life”

“You’ve said that before!” She grinned, rolling over onto her tummy, looking towards his cock. “There’s something different about Rodders, you haven’t been feeding him on those pills from the net have you?”
“Pills, I don’t need pills. It’s all in your mind” Paul sat down and pushed her over on to her back throwing the towel to one side then went down to her breasts. Clasping one whilst sucking on the other, they stood firmly towards the ceiling, no need for a bra. Paul hated floppy tits anyway, and Georgina’s were exceptional.

She lay back with her hands in his hair, rolling ringlets as she twirled it between her fingers. His hand moved slowly down between her legs prising them open with firm fingers, her mound felt exposed with the lack of hair, smooth but soft. Paul would have preferred the drag of pubic hair; he loved tugging it. It gave him the impression of caveman to his lovemaking; he toyed with the soft lips with circling movements until the moist aperture was found.

His cock sprung to life as soon as he inserted his finger, gradually he moved down placing his mouth over the sweet smelling cleft the fragrance excited him even more.

Georgina threw her head back once he started revolving his tongue around her clitoris. She had hung on all day for this moment; feeling tantalised by his movements, and the rhythmic thrusting of his finger combined with the sucking motion on her clitoris. Paul sensed her breathing becoming laboured, but continued. Rodders could wait…he had sought after eating her since early morning, even if his brother had fucked her the night before.

He moved his free hand down to his cock, it was rampant, straining for pussy, she was tight to his fingers. He could only presume as to the sensations that his cock would be blessed with, once he ultimately entered her.

He felt like a new man to her, never had she had feeling such as these. Things would work out fine, she had only decided last month to stop taking the pill. However, they had not talked about it recently. He’d revealed he was ready to start a family when she felt ready. This weekend she would conceive, she was convinced of it. It was her first day of ovulation, he would be with her for each of the three days, she would say nothing, surprise him if she got the positive results.

Paul could take little more; he was ready, as was Rodders. He just hoped he would blow his load to promptly; he would have to pull back, to hell with what Rodders thought. He was in the saddle and it he that held the reins. He climbed above her taking his organ and placing it up to her pussy lips; Georgina looked up as she felt the tension as he eased forward, it wasn’t that it was to much for her, just different, almost as if he’d primed himself into do the job in question. Her body arched off the bed as his extensive chunky cock slid up her.

“God Peter, what have you done to him, you’re going to split me in two?” She smiled.

“Should she tell him now!” She thought. “He must have identified her scheme; that’s why Rodders is so big, did he have the same feelings, but was saying nothing”

“Enjoy!” Paul smiled down to her. “The nights young, I have seeds to sow! Your flower will soon germinate; no fertiliser required ” He laughed.

Georgina reached up to him drawing him down by his shoulders onto her lips. His words seemed to heighten her feelings, seeds, germination he had to know

“God I love you, Hunky”

Paul was a taken back by her words. Was she speaking to Rodders… or Peter? “God if only she knew the truth” he contemplated.

“You to, Georgie” Paul lifted his cock pushing it to her extreme depths.

Georgina winched at the suddenness’, but smiled, her hands slipping to his waist, spreading her legs a smidgen wider. He’s cock felt good to her, she studied his face watching his expressions change as he responded to the sensations that were being extended though his body. Suddenly as if by instinct, he speeded his motion. Georgina gasped loudly; this was new. Normally, speed completely was out of the question to him.

The suction on the walls of her pussy from his thick cock took her to straight into orgasm, it was almost as if bubbles were popping, assorted displays of fireworks in the sky, but no noise, her body stiffened. This was in seventh heaven; never had he bestowed such sensations before she felt possessed. Her juices were running wild lubricating her to the fullest, almost as if she was in another world.

Her tautness intrigued him, wondering as to the size of his brother’s cock to his own, leaving him with a pussy such as this, any man’s dream. It was not unlike a silky purse, sensuous to say the least, each time she cum he could feel convulsions deep within. Her, breathing was now becoming intense, he never realised how effortless it was to bring her to orgasm, the pussy spasms adding to his own pleasures.

Georgina opened her closed eyes looking up to him her forehead was glistening.

“Peter, this is just…orgasmic! Never, has it been anything like this before” She reached up placing her finger onto his lips

“Fuck me harder Peter! Harder”

Paul adjusted himself up onto his toes, allowing himself more thrust then started to fuck with long swift jabbing stokes, just managing to propel his cock back up her, before it popped out of the orifice. Georgina squealed beneath him, thrashing her arms from side to side, going through multiple sensuous orgasms lifting her hips in time with his momentum.

Georgina could never recollect sex of this magnitude before, even as to the energy he was burning up, but he seemed calm and collected. Each and every thrust was a new experience to her. She drew her legs up she could handle the excessive length now, and looked forward to it. Her body felt more as if it was floating not on the bed but on a cloud. He would soon give her what she really wanted, if it was anything like the thick cream she’d had earlier, she felt sure that together they’d accomplish her pregnancy.

So far, she was enjoying every minute of his lovemaking, and the exertion that he was putting into it, not many women would remember the actual time that they conceived their babies. What a weekend to remember this would be.

Paul eased his activities slowing to a standstill and looked down.

“Well Georgie Girl, as promised I’m sure that you’ve had a good fucking but now its creamy pie time!”

The coarseness of his words intrigued her, but exciter her even more. She gripped his wrists and stared up at him.

“Fill me Peter, fill me!” Georgina smiled. “Just like you did earlier, but stay within me until your last drop has drained”

“Is this the way to speak to you’re future hubby?” Paul mumbled

“And the father of my future children!” Georgina grinned bucking her hips up to him, and reaching up grabbing him around the neck, pulling him down on top of her. “Come on Peter…. fuck me to the death!”

Georgina wrapped her legs around his waist, aiding herself to lift, forcing herself onto his thrusts.

It did not take to long, she even gave him a little pussy squeeze every now and again. Not too much, as she knew he didn’t like it, he preferred her to sense his own cock was doing the spreading and causing tension, although never admitting it himself.

Her modest pussy spasms had a knock-on effect, driving him to a…not only sensuous but also intense pace. Georgina was in state of orgasm as he came, but she was still aware of the excessive explosion within. Paul arched his back, assuring full penetration, compelling his complete sperm bank to flood deep inside her pussy.

When she finally came around, her feet were still locked behind him. Not only could she feel the engorgement of his cock; but also the intense swelling of the substantial amount of cum he had pumped up inside her. Her hand down quickly onto her lower belly feeling for the probable life within.

“Good!” Paul smiled watching as she manipulated her tummy

Georgina had an enormous grin on her face, as she looked up to him.

“Job, well done!” She held onto his wrists as she unlocked her legs, Paul started slowly withdrawing from her, feeling the suction deep inside almost as if the sperm was holding him back.
Paul looked down at her pussy, it was somewhat puffy, but there were no signs of any seepage. Georgina rolled over onto her tummy as soon as he was clear, easing her legs tightly together.

“That was tremendous, it wasn’t a one off.” She smiled. “Rodders really has livened himself up!”

“Coming down for a drink; I’m sure you deserve it!” Paul inquired.

“Not yet, I’ll lay here for a while. But please you go, I’ll be down later”
Georgina had been enlighten, that this was the best posture, for assuring impregnation, it allows the sperm to run up to her womb so she laid on her tummy for at least thirty minutes. As with most animals, they always took their mate from the rear, nature must know best.

Paul was surprised in the morning to find Georgina on top of him, she was asleep when he had returned late, and he would have liked to give her a seeing to then.

“You’ve missed the best part!” Georgina smiled as she rose and fell in slow lingering movements up and down on his cock.

“I don’t know; your not doing a bad job as it is!”

“Knowing you, you’d have been down on the beach if you’d have woken first. After last night, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, I don’t know what you’ve done to him, he’s really impressive in his actions now”

Paul leaned across to look at the clock.

“Christ, its only 6.30!”

“I know, and we’ve got the rest of the day untouched yet!” She laughed. “Fancy staying bed all day?”

“All day! I take it that you’ll be in the chair then?”

“Not on your Nelly; you told me I was going to get the fucking of my life this weekend. Anyway I want it my own special way!”

“I can’t remember that!” Paul hoped she would respond by telling him.

“Peter, I hope your jesting”

“You can have it anyway you like!” Paul nodded as he grinned.

Georgina immediately jumped off him and stood up on the bed with her legs extended widely. Her pussy lips spread openly due to the stretching it had undergone, Paul viewed her slender body, and her breasts jutted out, nipples protruded like chapel hat pegs. However, his eyes burnt into her pussy, from his position he could virtually up inside it.

“You might put your teeth back in!” Paul laughed.

Georgina instantly placed her hand down over her pussy.

“God you can be crude; now come on!” Without more ado, Georgina sat down onto the bed then swung over to the edge with her bottom uppermost. Paul then knew just what she wanted.

He climbed off the bed and moved in behind her, not being able to help himself, he smacked her backside hard with the palm of his hand twice. Then forced his cock straight up her, Georgina let out a loud yelp.

“Christ what was that for! It bloody hurt”

“What, the cock, or the slapping?”

“Slapping what do you think! God, easy Peter its to much” Georgina buried her head into the bedding as she squealed.

“Now, and I thought you liked it from the rear?”

“I do, just take it easy! I am not used to being fucked by such magnificent weaponry. God, that feels so…so good”

Paul smiled to himself of her remark; reaching under cupping her breasts squeezed them gently.

“You sound as if you’d discovered some kind of armoury!”

“It’s certainly different. And God, I’m not complaining, I could take this all day”

The waves of orgasmic delight tore through her body as he fucked her passionately, he himself felt somewhat exhilarated by the spectacle before him. Georgina was rocking her body in sequence with his own, Paul held her rounded bottom with the palms of his hands but gripped her tightly with his fingers, aiding her motion. The sight of her anus with its tiny feather like wrinkles made him wonder as to whether his brother had actually fucked her there. Slowly he eased her off his cock, Georgina turned.

“Don’t stop!”

“Greater pleasures yet, Georgie”

Paul slide two fingers back into her pussy, collecting her juices, then withdrew them once more. Georgina felt his fingertips tickling the tightness of her anus.

“What are you doing?”

Paul ignored her words as he snaked his finger into her anus. She had never realised how sensitive she was in this region, she dropped her head facing the bed, as if contemplating as to his next move. His finger felt tantalisingly, he eased a second in. Georgina threw her head back, trying to relax her muscles in her anus. Paul was now working them both in and out of her in steady movements.

The enjoyment was short lived, Georgina turned once more as she felt the fingers removed.

“Oh! Why are you stopping?”

“Ravenous for it now are we!”

Georgina felt the tip of his cock spread the small crevice of her anus as she spoke, never had she done this before, in fact she’d never heard of it being done. Well, only by gay people maybe

“I don’t think I’m going to like this Peter, it’s hurting already!”

Both realised the tension. Paul withdrew placing his cock back into her pussy, giving her two or three pushes then out and back to her anus, Georgina did wonder as to whether it would finally go in. After a couple of sessions of this, he managed to get at least a third of his cock up her. She was now more unperturbed, allowing him to work with the juices retrieved, very soon she herself started to work with him. Paul placed his hand underneath fingering her pussy as he arse fucked her.

Georgina lifted onto her elbows keeping her rear end high; thrusting herself back hard onto his cock, this way she could take more. She could feel his balls as they pounded against her pussy. Paul had placed his hands onto her shoulders pulling her back onto him. His cock appeared to touch something inside her causing spasmodic waves of intense sensuous sensations of pleasure; she dropped her head and groaned noisily from the back of her throat.

Paul pounded his cock into her, knowing fully that his balls were almost ready to download.

“Peter…Peter! Please; you’re not going to cum up there.” Georgina realised he was in readiness.

“You’re mouth!”

Georgina knew she could not afford to waste as much as a morsel.

“Pussy, in my pussydeep. Please, like last night!”

She felt the swiftness that he removed himself, even then, it felt not unlike a ramrod when re-entered into her pussy. Georgina readied herself for the discharge; already she was exercising her pussy muscles to succulently drain him. Paul gripped her by the hips thrusting violently as he felt the boiling fluid transferring along his shaft.

“There she blows!” He cried out forcing every available inch of cock up her.

Georgina clutched the bedding, if he could have achieved more cock up her, it would surely have come out of her mouth. Nevertheless, the feeling of the immense ejaculation of his thick sperm thrilled her.

“God, will you ever stop!” Georgina felt as if she would explode, but kept herself positioned hard back onto his rampant cock anxious to collect all. His lovemaking was unequalled

“My, you have excelled yourself” Georgina laughed looking at the clock “Its nearly 8.15, normally your a ten minute wonder. I hope you can keep this up. I love it!”

“How about breakfast!” Paul grinned back at her as he started to stand.

“You get your shower; I will lie down and have a rest for a bit…this new you, is taking its toll on me” Georgina rolled over onto her tummy as she spoke.

By the time Sunday morning came Georgina was sore to say the least, they had sex seven times, lasting well over an hour and a half each time. Best of all she had not lost a drop.

Paul had rang Peter once on the train informing him of their ETA, and that he should ring him 7.30 that evening, so that he could meet him at the pub.

“Do you have to go out this evening Peter, wouldn’t you prefer to stay in with little Georgie?” Georgina knew he would not be in any fit state when he came home from the pub.

“Can’t do that; God, you’ve had me all weekend, anyway it’s all arranged now. I won’t be back late anyway, just a couple of pints and I’ll be home. I feel knackered as it is!”

“Not to knackered I hope!” Georgina smiled.

“So how did it work out then?” Peter asked as Paul sat down beside him at the bar. “I’ve got you a drink!” Peter pushed the full glass across to his brother.

“Very well, spent a lot of time on the beach. Few jars in the evening, it went well!”

“She didn’t suspect anything then?”

“We’re twins, why should she!” Paul grinned.

“Well she can be a bit demanding in the bedroom area, normally she won’t give me a minutes peace weekends!”

“She seemed alright to me! Never gave me any harassment!” Paul grinned to himself.

“Here’s your change by way the way”

Peter took the money, giving it a quick look before placing it in into his wallet.

“You didn’t spend that much?”

“Bar and beach, that’s all; how did your exhibition go then. How are you going to get that lot back into the house” Paul looked down at the array of carrier bags on the floor beside him.

“Les here, the landlord will look after them for me! Take them home in the week in dribs and drabs.
The brothers change their clothes, each going their separate ways when they left the pub.

“Well! You were not long at all. Like something to eat?”

“No, Georgie I’m a bit tired I think beds in order. If that alright with you of course?”

“Grief, I don’t think I can take any more after that last load!”

“Last load!” Peter mused

“Go on! I’ll be up in a couple of minutes…ready yourself for me”

“Bastard! Peter thought to himself. “Thought he’d have looked after her through the weekend, this is all he wanted now, with work tomorrow.

He was asleep when Georgina came into the bedroom; she slowly drew the bedding back down the bed, viewing his feeble cock.

“Jesus, what’s happened to poor Rodders? I’ll soon bring him back to life” She grinned going straight down on him.

Peter woke suddenly, as he felt her across his legs

“Christ Georgie, haven’t you had enough through the weekend” He looked down at her bobbing head. Georgina said nothing just sucked hard making all kinds of foul noises.

His mind was on his planes; even after half an hour, Rodders was still in a sorrowful state. Georgina considered that she had more than a good innings over the weekend; he was bound to be tired.

Peter had left 6 o’clock being on the early shift. Georgina had a lay in until eight; and was sitting at the kitchen table as the telephone rang.

“Giga! I didn’t expect you to ring aren’t you at work today?”

“Rang in sick…never mind about me, how did your weekend go; and where did you end up then?”

“End up!” Georgina laughed. “Most of the time in bed; Giga you’ll never believe it, he told me that I was getting the fucking of my life. Boy, and that is what I got. Didn’t know he had it in him!”

“What, sleepy Pete?” Giga giggled, “Tell me have you ever met his brother Paul?”

“Heard of him, twin isn’t he; seen pictures.”

“As twins go, I had a night with him couple of years back. Christ! Started of with a knee trembler at the back the nightclub, and then we finished up at a motel. Georgie, now there’s a man who knows just how to give a girl a good seeing to, believe me with him you know that you have been well and truly fucked. He put me on cloud nine! So you think Pete has finally come up to standard then

“Giga, he was like an animal; couldn’t get enough of me, but I think his done it! If a girl ever felt pregnant I do”

“Done it?”

“Yes, I have a gut feeling; I’m pregnant, sure of it!”

“Come on Georgie, it takes more than a weekend of lust?”

“The timing; it was dead right! He came in bucket loads; even now, I am still leaking, and I have not had it for nearly 24 hours. I could hardly stand when we both left the hotel.

“We’ll have a girl’s night out when you know for sure. Lucky cow!”

It was just over three weeks later when Georgina collected the pregnancy testing kit. She had already informed her parents of the good news before Peter had arrived home.

“You’re looking please with yourself!” Peter smiled throwing his coat over the back of the chair, as he came in

Georgina was in the kitchen preparing the evening meal. Peter walked up to her and threw his arms around her neck, kissing her passionately.

“Good news!”

“Come on; tell me?” Peter sat down at the table. “Well, come on then!”

“Peter, it happened! I’m pregnant; it was that weekend we were away, I knew you’d done it!” Georgina sat on his lap throwing her arms around his neck.

“The weekend that we we’re away?” Peter quizzed.

“Peter, I know you haven’t been up to it since we’ve been back…I don’t mind, but you did it. I am going to be a mother! Mum and Dad are so delighted for us; Giga and the girl’s are taking me out to night to push the boat out. Aren’t you just pleased?”

Talk about interest on a small deposit, (Trouble was, Paul was a volume man not like himself with a small deposits). It gutted him, not ready yet to take on parenthood, this is why he had pulled the fatigue stunt the month before, now…and he had no supporting arguments. Kicking himself for not checking the dates. He might have known he would have come unstuck one way or another by going to the exhibition.

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