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as i walked into harveys rooom he sat on his bed with his head facing the floor. i walked over to harvey and said "harvey baby (he smiled to finally hear me call him baby) your so much more than what claire thinks about you. the rest of your family seem to love you. so why do you care so much?" harvey looked up and faced me he said "its not just claire its her hustband and her daughter. the girl that answered the door to you" i was already in a bad mood for the way they was treating harvey. for once i spoke my mind and didnt use any manners i said "harvey that girl is a bitch and claire's hustband could do with finding out what a gym is" harvey laughed and i smiled because i liked seeing him happy. i kissed harvey then a voice came from the dining room saying "desert is served" we all took are places and was handed a peice of chocolate cake i didnt want to be rude but i dont eat chocolate much but i used a spoon and picked some up i started eatting it and claire said "o dont give the posh boy any he doesnt want to loose his figure" i placed my spoon down with a bang i stood up and said i was sorry to harveys mom but may i be excused. she looked at me and said "yes of course dear" i went to go to the door but i stopped i turn around and once again said i was sorry to harveys mom and spoke my hole mind to claire and her side of the family saying "claire how dare u judge people when your not miss fortune 500 your self. mr claire (he interrupted and said his man was brian) brian i said you cant judge people untill you learn what a gym is and claire lovely daughter you need to stop being such a bitch" harveys auntie seemed to like me more and more for what i had just said she told me to take my place back at the table and finish my meal. i did as i was told but claire and here side of the family had blanked me for the rest of the night at the end of the night i had had two glasses of wine so i asked harvey to drive me home. when i was leaving the family part from claires side said it was a pleasure meeting me they hope i could come round again i responded by saying thank you all for inviting me im sorry i if i was a little to out spoken harveys mom said not at all leonardo i spoke and said "my friends call me leon so please feel free to to call me it" claire got up and said that i was a total disgrace this everning but harveys mom must have liked me more than what i thought she did because she told claire to leave and never to devaule her son ever again

when harvey drove me home outside my gates i said goodnight to him and i kissed him as i was getting out he took my hand and said "leon thank you so much for tonight" i said "its not a problem i enjoyed my self" and strangly enought i did harvey also asked for my car keys (because i had a spare set of keys to my parents cars and he didnt want me to drink drive) so i handed them over the next day i woke up early and got ready i called my self a cab to go to harveys house top pick up my car. when i arrived out side i knocked on the door to be meet by harvey's mom i said good morning to her and asked if harvey was awake so i could get my car keys off him she said "no sorry leon he is still asleep your welcome to go try wake him up" i took that invite and walked in i also said i was sorry once again for last night and she said "dont be claire needed to be told but i could never stand up to her" i looked at harveys mom and said "mam my mom always told me the great weapon in a court room is silence" she looked at me confussed but changed the subject she said to me "do you remember where harvey's room is" i said "i think so" pointing to a door i already knew was right. she nodded and smiled

i walked into harveys room to find him true to form asleep. i walked over to his bed and said harvey get your lazy ass up i need my car keys please and you need to get ready for school he said "10 more minutes" i laught and said "do you remember what happend the last time you said that" harvey must have rememered because he sat up. he looked amazing for just waking up anyway i asked him where my keys was, he took my keys from his side desk and put them in his boxer shorts then said with a devilist look "come get them" i smiled and closed my eyes at the same time. i reopened my eyes and walked over put my hands down his boxers feeling around for my keys i could feel his dick getting hard i went as low as his balls and finally found my keys i took my hand out of his boxers and he said "come on man you cant leave me like this" he was right i did want to finish what i had stared to i told him to lay down but dont close your eyes i lowered his boxers and put his cock in my mouth i started moving my head up and down it making it wet enought to deep thoat after about 15 minutes harvey cummed in my mouth and i drank his load after i was done i went to his closet and through him some clothes then said "come on get ready" harvey laughed at me and i asked "whats so funny?" he said you sound like my mom i walked up to him and said yeah but your mom wont do this and i slapped his ass harvey found it really hot and jumped out of bed to slap my ass too harvey finally got dressed and we made it to school just in time i was happy to be at school beacuse the next day was saturday and i was looking forward to spending th weekend away with harvey

to be continued

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