Debt and its high price part 3 : A walk down memory lane

As Juan led Kali out like a little bitch, Kalona studied Jerry. After they left Kalona walked right up to Jerry.

"You and I have a few things to discuss, but for now I'm tired and need my rest. I'll see you in the morning."

He walked to the stairs and paused for a minute.

"And Jerry," He waited till Jerry looked his way. "You should have thought about the consequences before you made that mistake."


Jerry was taken to a room on the other end of Kalona's massive dungeon.

Unlike Kali's room Jerry had nothing but a bare matress in a rather cramped room.

His escort was someone he could have gone the rest of his life without ever having to see again. The guy was called Tj. He and Jerry used to live around eachother, even worked some of the same jobs for Kalona. Now he was the enemy.

"Don't worry Jerry, Kali is being treated with as much respect as you treated her mother before you tried to get out of this lifestyle." Tj laughed as he closed Jerry's door.

Jerry went over to the matress and sat down. Glad there wasn't a mirror in the room, he didn't think he'd be able to look at himself.

He layed there for a while, thinking of the true way he met Kali's mother. He always told Kali that they met at a concert, and that it was instantly love.

The concert part was true, but instant love, that was a lie. He had grabbed her mother from the back row because he just felt like it. He was a real rapist back then. Doing what he felt like to whatever girl passed his vision.


When he fell asleep bits and peices of his past came to him in what he used to consider dreams but now they were his nightmares.

His first nightmare was of the day he joined Kalona. He was only 14 when he joined. He used to love this life, after all Kalona has legal immunity.

Second was the day he grabbed Kali's mom. How she had begged for freedom, as he laughed at her pain. How she had screamed, as he used her small helpless body. The look of horror on her face, as she realized he wasn't going to let her go.

The third was the day she told him she was pregnant, the day he decided to leave the organization, the day he fell into the debt he was still paying almost 20 years later.


Jerry woke up shortly after his last nightmare. He didn't know what time it was but guessed it to be about seven in the morning.

An hour later when the door opened Jerry wasn't supprised to see Kalona standing in the doorway. Kalona wasn't supprised to see him up either.

"You've always been an early bird Jerry, how did you sleep?"

Jerry doesn't take the bait. He knows these games captor vs. captive. He used to love to play them, but now he is the captive instead of the captor.

"Very well then, we don't want to be late." Kalona says leaving the door open for Jerry to follow, and seeing no other choice Jerry gets up and follows Kalona.


While Kalona leads him through the maze that is the dungeon, Jerry can't help but think of all the fun he used to have in this very place.

His memories are cut short as Kalona starts explaining exaclty what is going to happen.

"You belong to me now, The room you slept in last night is the room you will be kept in from here on out, You don't do anything without my permission, You will do what I want, When I want, How I want, you break my rules and your precious little whore will suffer more than she is going to suffer without you screwing up anymore. Understand?"


"Good, now lets go see your daughter."


Kalona leads him the long way around to the room he had Vino take her to.

As Kalona enters the room the first thing he sees is Kali bent over the table, her ass facing them, covered in nothing but the tiny thong. Her legs are strapped to the legs of the table, her feet are in a pair of Ruby Red 6 inch high stillettos, that match her collar, he knows that her arms are strapped to the front legs of the table.

"This is a room with a view." He laughs then looks back to see Jerry's reaction.

Jerry stops dead in his tracks. He can't believe that she is bent over that table. The very same table that he had strapped her mother to.

Almost immediately the memory comes back to him.


"What was that whore?" Jerry asks his newest slave.

All she replies with is chocked sobs.

He slaps her exposed ass. "Answer me bitch."

"Nothing master, I didn't say anything."

He grabs her by her hair lifting her head, he looks into her eyes. "Then stop with the tears."

He knows that she wont be able to stop crying and truely he doesn't want her to stop.

He goes around so he is standing behind her upraised ass. He enjoys this moment. Right before he ruins them in a new way. He had asked her earlier if she had ever been used anally, her reply had been no, it had been an honest reply.

He reached over and grabbed her by her hair so he'd have more leverage.

"Get ready you little slut."

He presses the tip of his dick against her ass hole and she realizes what going on.

"Please no master, please nooooo000000OOOOO!" Her begging turns to a scream as he shoves all eleven inches up her ass in one movement.

"You weren't kidding were you bitch, your ass is nice and tight. Much better than your used pussy."

He listens to her screams as he abuses her ass. Her stretched asshole has started to bleed. Making it easier on him. He likes to go at them dry for the first few times because of the pain it gives them but he also suffers for it.

Shes become unresponsive by the time he finished. He leaves her the way she is as he leaves the room.


He is brought back to reality by the sound of Kalona's voice.

"This should be interesting, you remember this room well don't you Jerry?"

"Yes, unfortunatlly I do."

Kalona walked over to the table, the top of it just supported Kali's stomach so that her Double D's hang towards the floor. He rests his hand on her ass.

Kali gasps at his touch.

"Why don't we tell your little bitch about why you're in debt, your old life, the one that created her."

"Please don't Kalona, please don't." Jerry says barely above a whisper.

Kalona just laughs. "Wouldn't you like to know Kali? Know that your father was a rapist? Know that you are the product of rape? That your mother never wanted you?"

Kali knew by now that Kalona was many things, but a liar was not one of them.

"That you are the reason for your fathers debt? That you are the reason your mother had to die? I think you do."

Kali just stayed quiet as the tears started to flow down her cheeks.

"Come over here Jerry."

A simple command that Jerry knew there was no way to avoid doing it. When he got to Kalona and Kali, Kalona stepped out of the way.

"Remove her thong."

Jerry looked at Kalona for a minute then he reached out and gripped the thin material to the thong that was giving his very modest daughter any sort of protection from the men like what he used to be. He hesitated there for a second then knowing that Kalona wouldn't hesitate to kill her ripped the thong off of her body.

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