How I Made My Millions

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"The breath of the morning, I keep forgetting, the smell of the warm summer air."
chimed my radio, playing my favorite Radiohead song, as Aaron and I pulled up to the house. This was suppossed to an awesome party, there were going to be loads of women here, and Aaron and I were looking forward to this occasion all day.

Aaron was a party friend of mine that played bass in my band. We were both 17 at this point; juniors in high school. He was a tall guy with black, loosely curled hair that was about three inches long. He was about 5' 8" and about 150 pounds. Not ripped, but muscular. He had cold, gray eyes and a bright sense of humor. Odd.

I was also about 5'8" around 155, slightly more muscular, and on Drumline. I drove a black Toyota 4runner with a minifridge/freezer in the back with seven 10" MTX subs and a 27" plasma behind the front seats. My dad was loaded and we lived in the rich part of town. I also held a pretty steady job, at McDonald's and dealing dope. That's how I came across my Roor bong. That motherfucker was a beauty. She was about two feet long, and had an ice catcher. The green 7 series Behemouth.
I also have a nice eight inch cock. A lucky man I am.

We were approaching the door when Aaron said "you remembered the dope, right?"
I turned and said "Do you remember who you're talking to?"

So anyway, we got in the door and were pleasantly surprised. There was booze everywhere, and there were a load of hot females drinking that booze. Looked good to me. I saw about 30 girls that I knew. Aaron commenced drinking almost immediately. He started with a Jeigerbomb. He was toasted within 20 minutes.
“Stupid motherfuckerhe won’t get ANY pussy tonight” I thought to myself.
All the while that he was drinking, I went around talking to the girls that I knew, which was about 30. They were all from our volleyball, basketball, and soccer teams, or friends of them, and smokin hot. I saw countless pussies that night up skirts and dresses. This was going to be awesome.
I started talking to a girl I knew named Jordan. She was probably the hottest of the soccer players, and normally straight edge. She had a really toned ass that stuck out because of how big it was, and had a nice perky pair of breasts, about a 34B. She had a Smirnoff cooler in her hand, which was odd, because I had never seen her at the parties that these other girls went to.
“Hey Jordan. What’s up?”
“Hey Matt. How are you?”
“I’m making it.” I said
“I’d say you’re doing more than that if you are here,” she said.
“Haha. So, I’ve never seen you at a party before. What changed?”
“Joey and I broke up. I was only straight edge for him.” she said in a very pleased tone.
“Oh god, I’m sorry. Are you ok?”
“Hell yes. I’m fucking tired of him. I dumped him. He was being a douche and he was just not a good thing for me. I’m free, and I’m SO happy about it.”


“Well, that’s good. So I remember you told me last year you’d never been high. Is that still true?”
“Yeah,” she said, “I still haven’t, but tonight would be a good night for that, if you have any.”
“Jordan, I am at a party. Do you really think I don’t have weed with me?”
“I actually have some awesome dro right now, it’s called Crystal Rain. Me and Aaron grew it and we just recently harvested. We’ve already made 10,000 on it. It’s high quality shit; all I smoke.
“Cool. Where is it?”
“In my car. You remember, the black 4runner?”
“Yeah. Nice car. Done anything to it recently?”
“Yeah, It’s got seven new Subs in it; 10” MTX Thunder 9500s. Loud as shit.”
“Sweet. When you wanna smoke?”
“Whenever. Now, is good. The party is going pretty hard, we’ll go unnoticed.”

We went out to my 4runner, and I pulled out my Roor, “King Kong” and started some Led Zeppelin.
When I pulled it out and uncovered it, she was impressed. Around here, the size of your pipe is proportional to the size of your cack.
I pulled out the jar of Dro, and showed it to her. She sat and looked at it, impressed. We sat down in the back seat, I filled the bong with water, and then put ice in the chamber to cool the smoke for the first-timer. She marveled at how professional it looked, in comparison to her other friend’s home-made contraptions. It was truly a Behemouth.
I loaded the bowl tight, and started the green. She was really excited.
I took my first hit, which was a monster, and exhaled a few seconds later. It looked like I had smoked out of a hookah, because the smoke was exceptionally thick.
She watched as I exhaled, and looked like a dog at the foot of the bed. She just stared curiously.

“Ok. There are two rules to smoking with me. Number one, if we’re smoking while sneaking around, shut the fuck up. This one does not apply to you. Number two, Never cough into thep pipe. You will either get my weed wet, or you’ll blow it out of the pipe, and I will strangle you.”

I handed her the bong, and she ripped a big hit. She coughed a little as she exhaled, but not into the bong. She was a good beginner.
I took the bong and hammered out another massive hit, and blew it into a balloon, which I handed to Jordan. She inhaled it, and exhaled it quickly. I handed her the bong, and she hit it. As she was hitting it, “Kashmir” came on, and I turned it up. This was my smoking song. I turned on a stoning playlist shortly afterward.
She took about five more massive hits, and then the bowl was cash.
I loaded another, and we hit it in the same fashion, taking monster hits.
I loaded two more before any more words were said.

“Wow. This is really awesome.”
“Yeah. Now you know why I do it so much,” I said.
“Yeah. I could do this every day and never get bored with it.”
“Just wait. The best is yet to come; I’m about to rool a blunt with a Wine Black & Mild. These taste awesome.”

I emptied a Wine Black & Mild, and filled it with almost 2 grams, and rolled it. It was fat as shit, and I knew she would be really high afterward.
I lit the end, and took a few hits to get it going. My car was starting to be really foggy on the inside from all of the smoke. She was high, but not enough. I handed her the blunt, and she took two hits. She marveled at the taste, saying it was “Like smoking sweet grapes.”
She was an awesome beginner.
We took two hits each, alternating, until the blunt was done. We were both pretty high, though I know she was much higher than I was. Just about the time that I was about to load one more bowl of weed, Aaron knocked on the window.
I rolled it down, and smoke poured out.
“What the fuck do you want?”

“Dude, this place is within minutes of getting busted. The neighbors say they’ve called the cops.”
“Shit. We’re leaving, NOW.”
“But wait, you’re can’t drive.”mumbled Jordan from her seat.
“Jordan, do you realize who you’re talking to?” said Aaron.
“Jordan, call your friends. Tell them you’ve left with me, and we’re going to my house.”
“OK. Wait, what?”
“We’re going to my house for the night. We’re leaving NOW.”
“OK. Should I call my friends?”
“WOW. Yes.”

I jumped into the driver’s seat of my car, and started it. I pulled out of the driveway, and drove down the street, and turned left. as we drove, we saw the cops pull in on the street parallel to us. Luckily, we weren’t spotted. We went out to the neighborhood exit, and turned into a gas station.

“Take me home, Matt.” Said Aaron.

I turned out to take him home, in Collins North Proper. We had to drive on the Interstate to get thereand I was high as shit. I knew it would be difficult, but I made it.
We took him home, while Jordan loaded a bowl in the back seat, for after we dropped him off.
We pulled up to his house, and let him off. Collins was a large town of mostly rich people. Everyone who bought from me was rich and I shorted newbs all the time. That’s where the real money was at.
Collins was like North Dallas. Lots of money, lots of drugs.

I lived in Collins East; The richest part of Collins. Where I lived, you had to look almost a mile in either direction to see your neighbors, and nobody even cared what went on at other houses, because you couldn’t hear it anyway.
I lived on 6000 acres with a private lake. My house was about 16,500 square feet, with 9 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. My dad owned a large pharmaceutical company and my mom was his assistant. They were always away, and until I was 13, they had a housesitter come in while they were away, usually my cousin, 21, who would buy me booze later on in life, and who introduced me to pot. Good man, good man.

Jordan sparked up the bowl as we went to my place.
She was really high.
“I’m glad we’re going to your place. Can my friends come?”
“Leah, Katie, and Chloe.”
“Yeah, that’s fine. Just them?”
“Yeah, they’re all single. no boyfriends.”

So we got there twenty minutes after we had dropped Aaron off. Jordan had smoked two bowls by herself on the way there. She was going to have an awesome week, because this was during summer, and my parents were gone for two weeks in Toronto. I lived in Texas.
I had the house to myself, and they had just left that night. I was going to have an awesome week, too.

We pulled into my garage where my Mercedes was. She asked me why I never showed up with that car, and I told her because of my 4runner’s freezer and secret compartment, so I could bring all my stuff whenever I wanted.

We walked into my house, and turned on the lighting system. My house is really modern; I designed all of the lighting schematics. We had all-LED lights to reduce power consumption, and we had an awesome lighting setup, if you ask me. There were LED colorchanging lights embedded in each ceiling, and in my room, I had the most awesome setup. All of this except for my room was controlled by a built-in countertop computer in the living room. The computer also controlled the sound system, the air-conditioning, and the outdoor pool/jacuzzi/pavilion area/path lighting.

My room’s setup had LED lit frosted tiles in my ceiling for constant color. They were covering an LED screen embedded above them, so as to create a screen-like overhead lighting. My walls were covered similarly, except for 12 “Versa Tubes” that were on my wall over black paint, parallel to the right of my bed, on the wall where the computer was. On the same wall was a Panasonic 72” plasma TV. There were no windows, and only one door, which was hidden by the padded walls, and had a button on the wall panel that you had to push to get in. On the other side were the panels of LED lighting. I had the bitchingest room ever.

Jordan and I went into my room. My bathroom was behind my room if you are sitting on the bed, and had an entrance on either side of it. the Bathroom itself had a frosted glass cube window. The entire bathroom was black granite with gold trim. Two sinks, a full shower with clear glass, and a loft with a waterproof lounge area with a jacuzzi in the floor above the shower. I was a lucky little shit.

She was stunned at how awesome my room was.
We sat on my bed and waited for the others to get there.

“So, what do you do when you’re high?”
“I usually go sit up in my hot tub above my shower, and have a few beers. I love Guinness.”
“Yeah? Do you have alcohol?”
“Oh yeah, I forgot to show you my cabinet.”
I hit a button on my computer, and two of the panels came loose. I went over and opened them up. They were on hinges on opposite sides. I had a lot of liquor in there. My cousin Alex always bought me lots of booze when my parents were going on a trip.
At the time, I had a bottle of grey goose, two bottles of Danzka Blue, a bottle of Dragon Bleu Vodka, a bottle of Godiva Cappucino Liqueur, Starbucks cream liqueur, Hpnotiq, and two bottles of Jim Beam and Four Roses respectively. In the fridge in my bathroom, I kept an 18 pack of Guinness, and a few six packs of smirnoff coolers for the womens.

I gave Jordan a look at them both, and she was very impressed. She took a Smirnoff, and drank about a fourth of it, and filled the rest with Hpnotiq.
As she did, her friends arrived. We left my room, and went out to greet my guests.

Leah was a cheerleader, about 5’ 2”, with perky C cups, and a big bubble butt. She was of Native American heritage mixed with spanish influence, and was smokin hot.
Katie was a senior volleyball player, 5’ 7”, who had a big firm ass and long legs. she was tan and had long black hair. She wore a skirt that was two inches from revealing her pussy. She was hot and ready for sex.
Chloe was another volleyball player. She was a bit bigger than the other two, whiter, and just as attractive. She had long legs and a wider set of hips than the others. She had a big butt, too. Her boobs weren’t as perky as Leah’s, but they were bigger and had similar nipples. Chloe wore a 32D.
She was wearing tight jeans and a tank top.

“Hey Matt!” said Leah as she came in and gave me a hug. “I hope you don’t mind if we’re here.”

Not at all.


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