Unwanted attention - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Monday came, and with it the terror of my next session. The appointment was at 3 pm and I didn’t know what to do. All night I twisted and turned in bed thinking about what will happen. Will it be like last time, will he take advantage of me again? Hopefully he had enough last week and will leave me alone. As the hour approached I started to get ready… I looked in my closet and decided to wear the least attractive clothes possible. I put on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, wore some regular cotton panties and a sports bra. It was the bra that made my bust stand out the least, although that wasn’t saying much as it stood out whatever I did.

My mom looked at me when we got in the car and asked what’s up with my outfit. I just told her passively that I wanted to be comfortable and we left it at that. She noticed that I was being short with her but she figured that I was probably just in a bad mood. Truth is I was scared and nervous about the appointment. When we got there the receptionist greeted us and told me to just go in, "the doctor will be with you in a moment". My mom gave me a hug and she left. I entered the office and experienced a shiver just as I walked in. My mind was remembering last week’s events. I sat down on the couch and he walked in shortly after.

-“Good day Jasmine, how are you feeling?” He looked at me up and down, not seeming too pleased with what I was wearing.

“I’m OK, I guess….”

-“How do you feel about what occurred last week?” Remember, I want you to be honest.

“I… I hated it”

-“I can understand that, but don’t worry, today I won’t be touching you” I looked up at him and he just smiled: “No, today you will be doing all the touching….” “Now let’s get out of that sweatshirt, it really doesn’t suit you.” I hesitated and just stared back at him… “Come on, do as you are told, I’m sure that you have contemplated all the possibilities and realized that you have no choice but to submit to my desires. Otherwise you wouldn’t even be here… Correct?” I just held my head low and gave a short nod.

I reached down and pulled the sweatshirt over my head. Then he motioned for me to do the same with the bra. I pulled it up as well, exposing my milky white breasts and stretching up to get the bra off which thrust them out even more and gave him a nice show. I then looked at him and the bulge in his trousers was back.

-“Nice, very nice, stand up and turn around. Good girl, now take those jeans off slowly and without bending your knees.” I kicked off my snickers and started unzipping with nervous shaking hands. I started lowering my jeans and had to wiggle my hips a bit to get them past my round butt and down my long legs. As I stepped out of them he told me not to turn around yet, but to slip the panties off also. The same way. I hooked my thumbs in the waist band and slowly pulled it over my cheeks, exposing my firm butt and then down my legs. I was sure that he could clearly see my pussy and butt hole in this position, especially since his chair was just a few feet from me.

-“Now turn around, that’s it, and sit back on the couch.” I did and crossed my legs immediately. He seemed to like this look also. There was no way to protect my modesty, his gaze was penetrating me from all angles. “Open your beautiful legs for me.” I did. “A bit wider, wider still. That’s a good girl, show me that delicious little cunt of yours. Now touch your breasts. Cup them and giggle them a bit. Nice, I love how they bounce. Your nipples are getting a bit hard, can you feel that?” I just nodded in embarrassment. “Let’s get those nipples hard, really hard. Play with them. Pinch them a bit, that’s it…. And twist them also.” I did as I was instructed and they got hard and the pink turned into red as they I twisted them to his delight. “How does that feel?”
“I’m not sure….”
-“Does it hurt? Are they painful or just erect and sensitive?
-“Don’t stop, keep going. Can you reach them with your tongue?” I just looked at him puzzled. I never thought anyone did that. “I’m pretty sure you could. Based on their size and fullness I don’t think you should have any problem. Let’s try it.”

I hesitantly lifted my right breast to my face and lowered my mouth and I was able to reach it easier than I thought… “Stick your tongue out and lick it.” I did and it felt weird. I licked it a few times and tasted my own tits for the first time in my life. I was disgusted with myself but just resigned to continue. He then asked me to put it in my mouth and so I did. I parted my lips slowly and fit my whole nipple in my warm mouth. “Now suck on it, suck on your nipple like your nursing yourself. More, suck it in more, that’s it, try to get as much of that tit in your luscious mouth as you can.”

I kept sucking it in and got quite a bit of it past my lips. I had to apply more suction to get more in and hold it there, so I was making some slurping sounds and pulling on my tit so it wouldn’t pop out. The sensation was strange but strong, and before I knew it I was shifting uncomfortably on the brown leather couch. He smiled and told me to stop and stand up. I let my boob slip out of my mouth and noticed how red and elongated the nipple got. As I stood up I was shocked to see the wet spot I made right underneath my pussy. I looked up at him and he just nodded like he was expecting that to happen.

-“You are a dirty little girl, aren’t you. Wetting my couch with your cunt juice.” Now sit back down and put your hand between your legs. Describe what you feel.”

“It, am, it is moist…”

-“What is? Be more descriptive”

“My vagina” I said shyly….

-“Start rubbing it, smear those juices all over those puffy folds. Ohh, I can smell you from here.”

I just looked down and continued rubbing. I hated it but I couldn’t help notice how wet it was and how it got even more so by the minute. My breathing intensified a bit and he asked me to stop and put my fingers in my mouth. I did as he said and was just holding them in. He then told me to suck on them until I clean all the juice off. This was so demeaning but I had no choice so I complied.

-“Do you like the taste Jasmine?”

“No… Please let me stop…” I said, with my fingers still in my wet mouth.

-“I will, once our time is up and your mommy comes to pick you up” he said with a grin. “Now bring your wet fingers to your wet pussy and rub it some more.”

I did and soon they were coated in my juices again. “Go ahead and lay back on the couch a bit more so I can see better. Good, now slip one finger in.” As I slipped my index finger in I flinched a bit, it was very tight but also slippery. I moved it in and out as he was telling me now and pretty soon he told me to slip another one in. I pushed my middle finger in next to the other one and gasped due to the slight pain I was feeling. He told me to finger myself a bit faster and soon the pain went away and I was getting those sensations that I had last time when he did this to me. I just kept my eyes shut and bit my lower lip and I was practically masturbating in front of this pervert. “With your other hand start playing with your boobs.” I started squeezing one and then the other. He then asked me to stick my nipple in my mouth and suck on it which I did. I kept fingering my tight cunny with one hand and feeding my tit to my mouth with the other. I could hear sloshing sounds come from between my legs and couldn’t stop myself from moaning, which resulted in dropping my tit.

-“Are you getting close?”

“What? What do you mean?” I asked with a tremble in my voice.

-“Do you feel your orgasm approaching? Think well before you answer.”

I knew that lying was futile so I just looked down and nodded.

-“Good, now put that tit back in your hot mouth and suck on it harder. It better not fall out again, you understand?”

I just nodded with my boob now held between my lips and kept fingering myself. He told me to go faster and I did. Soon I was moving my hips back and forth and rubbing my but on the now wet couch.
-“ Ohh, this is beautiful…. Listen to me carefully, I want you to bite down on your nipple, not to elicit pain, just enough to mush it between your teeth.” I did just as he said and a jolt just ran through my tummy and down to my soaking wet pussy that I was now fingering furiously. “Cum for me, cum now Jasmine! NOW!” My orgasm hit me just as he said that and I started shaking, muffled moans were coming from between my lips and tit. It took me a while to calm down from it, but when I did he was watching me intently with lust filled eyes. My orgasm had nothing to do with what he was saying, but I was still appalled at how I came at his command. He obviously just saw it approaching and timed his words that way, probably to show me once again who was in charge.

-“You may release that boob from your mouth and take your fingers out of yourself.” I was still panting and my mouth was covered in drool. He just licked his lips and closed his eyes. He then stood up and moved in front of me. His crotch was at my eye level and he instructed me to take his pants off. I slowly reached for his belt and undid it, then I unzipped his fly and pulled them down. He had no underwear on which surprised me, but not as much as I was startled by his penis jumping out and in my face.

“Lick your lips for me, good…. Now open up and take me in your sweet teenage mouth. I just closed my eyes and parted my lips, slowly sliding him in. It tasted wretched, precum was already seeping from the tip and onto my tongue. I started moving my mouth up and down his shaft as he was giving me instructions: “Yeah, just like that, now roll your tongue on my cock head as you pull it out, that’s it, slowly slip it back in and apply more suction.”

To his delight I was doing everything he said and soon he started grunting and getting even harder. I kept up the sucking and he asked me to reach and cup his balls, so I did. The skin was soft, it felt a bit strange and I just held them in my palm, squeezing gently. The large cock twitched a few times and he just managed to say: “don’t spill a drop” and with that he ejaculated. Squirt after long squirt invaded my inexperienced mouth and as my soft cheeks were getting filled, I had no choice but to swallow. It took me about three or four big gulps to get all of it down my throat. The taste was disgusting as was the whole act that I was performing, but I continued to slowly suckle every drip out of his dick and then pulled my lips off. He just looked down at me with sheer ecstasy and disbelief…

My pouty lips were glistening with semen and he just moved his cock head over them, smearing it all over my face. “I could cum again right now if I had any more in me” he whispered while looking into by blue eyes. As he stepped back he pulled his trousers back on and told me to get dressed. I did so quickly and then noticed that we still had about 10 minutes left of today’s session. I sat back on the couch and he spoke:

- “ I haven’t had time for a relationship in a few years, and the ones I had were pretty boring. Most respectable women my age will not even consider performing any oral acts, and the ones that do, well let’s just say I am not into. In fact, I only had one girlfriend in collage that used her mouth on me a few times after many months of dating, but even then she finished me with her hand. You see
Jasmine, you are the first girl to take my semen in her mouth and definitely the first to swallow it. I had only seen this done in porno movies but always wanted to do it. I just never thought that it would be with a gorgeous 16 year old beauty such as yourself… Even prostitutes make you wear a condom for everything, including oral, so I never saw the appeal. Thank you for being my first and for satisfying this fantasy. As we get to know each other even better, you will satisfy me even more.

I just stared back at him with a perplexed look on my face. What have I just done, I swallowed what no woman would, even hookers. I let him do to me what he had no chance of doing with anyone else and now later in life he was using this innocent little girl to make his sick fantasies happen. A tear came down my cheek and a few others followed.

-“I didn’t mean to upset you, I was just being honest. Now, while you go home and digest my cum that resides now in your little tummy, I want you to think about how fast you made me orgasm again and the effect you have on other men. Also, next time please wear something nicer, a bit more… sexy if you will. I want you to give me a hard-on the moment you step into my office. OK, now please go into the reception, your mother should be waiting for you. I will not be coming out this time since my erection hasn’t subsided completely and I don’t want to give her the impression that I just fucked her teenage daughter in the mouth….”

I just stepped outside and waited for my mom. My head was spinning with what I had just done and what I had just herd. I felt like throwing up, especially after he mentioned how I was digesting his seed in me….

Mom asked me if I wanted to go to the mall this time and I agreed. I wasn’t in the mood, but didn’t want to refuse her again. When we got there we browsed through some stores that we both liked and picked up a few things. As she showed me a skirt that she picked up for me and thought it was cute, I remembered what Dr. Carter asked of me. To wear something more sexy next time. I hated pleasing him but the alternative was far worst. To my mom’s surprise I actually took the skirt and looked at it closer. It was pink and straight with a crack on the right side. Normally I don’t wear this kind because I don’t like showing too much skin, but this time I browsed some more and couldn’t find anything else that would work.

Plus I wanted to make my mom happy and “quit wearing jeans all the time” as she put it. I also picked out a few spaghetti strapped tank tops and went to the fitting room to try them on. The tanks were totally showing too much cleavage, but I decided to keep one in black and one in white. Then I tried the skirt on and it fit well, but I noticed that it was about four inches above the knee, which made me uncomfortable, but I had seen other girls wear them and so I just sighed and decided that it was something that I had to do. I also noticed how it hugged my hips and how my bubble butt was stretching the back side of the skirt. I had no choice but to buy them and after some more walking through the mall we went home.

Everything around me was triggering images of what happened and what I did. A girl eating a corn dog reminded me of sucking the pervert’s cock, eating ice cream gave me flashbacks of swallowing his cum and a baby with a pacifier in his mouth just brought back the site of me sucking on my own tits and biting down while losing my dignity and climaxing. At home it was a bit better as my parents became a bit more communicative, so it confirmed that as long as I did what Doctor Carter asked of me, everything would be fine outside of our “sessions”.

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