What No On Knew

Flesha was seating in the jrotc during lunch on day. The office was full of people getting ready for a color guard that after noon. They just finished packing the gear up when the ball sounded for class.
Now her commanding office made a deal with C.J (the first Sgt.) that if he didn’t tell her how he feels her would step down as commander.
As Flesha left the office I left the office right after her and caught up with her in the lunch room.
I was scared to as her because he never had a girlfriend before.
I said Flesha I know I like you?
Do you know what I trying to ask you.
She said do you want to go out with me?
Yes and that was all it was.
I went back to the office and told C.J. C.J told said. Sir with all do respect you know you and the LT. can’t let anyone know what’s going on. I won’t tell any one and you know that!
I do 1st Sgt. Dismissed.
Yes sir. (The Color Guard went off with out any problem)
Now Flesha was not all pretty and I didn’t even know why I wanted to date her. She was 5’5 and 120 pounds. She had long coal black hair and wear a 34b bra. She had a little tight ass.
I didn’t tell any one that we wear dating. The only time I would talk to her was on the phone.
One day I cleared the office and called Flesha in to talk about how thing where going in jrotc. Seen she was one of my commanders. Knew since I was the commander I couldn’t have anyone find out. As she left out the door she asked me if I want to come over her house for dinner that night. She
Yeah no problem
I said LT send the staff back in
Sir yes Sir
The staff came back in the office and ate lunch and got ready for command inspection and Battalion formation. Out of nowhere my Operations Officer (Cadet Cpt. Jones) said Commander Samsung what going out between you and Flesha? My heart stopped and I said nothing going on Captain.
Soon as lunch was over looked up the office and went to class. The rest of the day went off without a problem.
That night I went over her house. She opened the door in a look silk black dress. It was real tight; it hugged her hips real tight.
She said “how was the rest of your day baby.”
It was ok.
How was your day?
Ok. I just had to do some fast talking to get my parents out the house. I want to make sure that we were alone.
I have to go check on dinner wait here. She kissed me and left the room giving her little ass a shake.
She came back in and sat next to me and turned on the TV. She turned on HBO The Notebook as on. We watched it for a while and got up and ate.
She made a T-bone steak with corn and mashed potatoes. As we ate I looked into her big brown eyes and said “you have so beautiful eyes.”
Thanks baby. She took her foot and ran it up my leg right to my cock. She said wait to you see what I have planned for after dinner.
We finished eating and went back to watch TV. The Notebook was still on and she took her right hand and stated rubbing my cock. I looked at her and she kissed me. Her tongue darted in my mouth. I toke my right hand and grabbed her left tits and kissed her all over.
She broke the kiss and pushed me down and got on top of me and took her dress off. She had on matching bra and panties. She dropped her on the floor and I pulled her to me and I started to suck on her tits. I ran my tongue all over her nipples and lightly bit on it. Her hand slid all the way down to my dick. She undid my pants and took my dick out. She started jerking me off and put the head in her mouth. Her tongue moved around the head and took as much as she could. She sucked it and her tongue darted out up and down my shaft. I was in heaven, as she sucked it she took more and more in her mouth. Until I hit the back of her mouth. She took it all the way out and rammed it back in. Her tongue went p and down and all over my balls. I felt me balls get tight and I came right in her mouth.
She got up and opened her mouth to show all the cum and closed it and opened it again. All the cum was gone. She laid down next to me and starts jerking me off again. I pushed her up and took her panties off and put them next to her bra. I pushed her legs wide open and started playing with her cunt. I put my tongue right between her pussy lips. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter.
He body started to shake with an orgasm and she let out a loud moan. “ OHHHHHH GoDDDDD” her pussy juices came all over my face. She pulled me up too her and sucked her juice off my face. She reached down and put my dick at the edge of her pussy. I moved up and down her pussy lips.
She said “Oh god stop playing with me and fuck me now.” I pushed my dick in and when my head went in it stopped. I pulled out and rammed it in. (I top her cherry) her pussy was so hot and tight. It felted so well. I started out so slow to let her pussy get use to my 7 ½ inch dick. I started to move faster and harder.
Oh gods fuck me harder, harder. Once I her that I grabbed her tits and pound the shit out her pussy. I was trying to hit her cervix each time it was so wet and tight. Again her body started shacking with an orgasm. Her pussy got so tight. I was so wet I fucked her even harder.
So good it hurts so bad. Her body stopped shacking and I let go of her tit. I kept fucking her hot pussy. Watching her tits go up and down. I pulled out and she sucked her own cum off my shaft.
She turn around and go on all for and said “that my ass” I got behind Flesha and slid my dick in. I could tell she never took it in her ass before.
Her ass was so tight it hurt. I pumped it in and out and got harder and even faster then I fucked her hot, tight, wet pussy. She started pushing her body back to meet me. She got even harder and harder. I pulled her closer to me and pounded the shit out of her ass. I forced her head down and shot a load of hot cum in her ass. I laid on top of her till I got soft and limp and pilled out. She sucked the cum off. I looked deep into her eyes and Said “I love you”
I love too baby. How was it cuz it was my first time?
You where great.
I was cuz I can always try do better.
She grabbed my cock and took in her mouth. She sucked it so good. I started to moan a little. She started playing with my balls then my cock came back to life. She started rubbing her cunt. She pulled me over to her and put it in.
She told me to fuck her hard. She moaned loud oh ohhh. Her pussy had got wetter since last time. She had another orgasm and I came at the same time. Her pussy milked me of every last drop of cum.
I pulled out and looked down at her sweet pussy. Both of our juices where running out of her pussy. She took to fingers and covered them with cum and sucked them clean. I laid there all night and kissed.
When woke up and got dress and went to school for command inspection. I one could tell what had had between us. Just as I day came to an end C.J came up to me and said we need to talk. I reopened the office and we seat down and talked.
Sir why have Flesha been walking wrong. What happen between the to of you.
C.J to tell you the truth we fucked all night and where’re going to see each other again to night.
Sir with al do respect for your office I don’t think you should be having sex with a cadet. I won’t tell anyone what’s going on, but sir keep it out if rotc.
First sgt. Haven’t we do that already.
Yes sir.
1st Sgt. I wont let what we do get in the way of rotc, you have me word ad an officer
Dismissed 1st sgt
Yes sir.
Later that night I went over to fleaha’s house and we and another night of hot sex. I couldn’t have loved her more. Each time I came she sucked the cum off my cock.
Later that her the whole unit found out about me and Fleaha dating. The SAI called us in his office and told us that would be the last he hear about us. Its over and that’s that. Gotta.
Sir it is over me being the commander that is when I said that fleaha turned in her ranks and we both walked out hand in hand. kissing as we made your way past the cadet.
we never returned to rotc, but they knew if the ver need help they can alway call use.

Huges ang kisses to my first love.
i sorry i was a jackass and went back. i sorry i put you outfor everyone to see.
m sorry for everything i did.
please take me back

i will alway love you baby.

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