A change in lucy....part 3

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Over the next few days Lucy found it very hard to concentrate or think about
anything else but sex. In a span of less then two weeks she had lost her
virginity and had fucked an old boyfriend, one if fact that she came
incredibly close to giving her virgin cherry to when she was just 14. Now
having been with two different guys she longed for some more cock. Sure
Jordan had asked her out several times since then, but she knew he was after
another roll in the hay. She enjoyed screwing him but was anxious for some
new meat to be in her. Eventually she would probably fuck him again, but for
now she wanted fresh cock to ball. Maybe Mary was right after all, maybe she
had turned into a slut.

She was sitting at home and was bored as hell and so she had come to the
decision to go get something to eat. She had dressed to kill that night. Clad
in a pair of tight blue jeans and a nearly see through black blouse that
clung to her top she knew she would catch the attention of just about any guy
who saw her.

She had went to the pool hall that night to grab a bite to eat and scout for
guys. When she left that night never did she realize she would not only find
her next sexual partner but her next two. She had just gotten her food when
she looked up to see two of the hottest guys she had ever feasted her eyes on
walk through the door. One was a dark headed stud who stood about 5'8 with
broad husky shoulders and the other was a blonde who was about the same
height and build with wavy hair. She didn't know which one to make a play

She saw them looking around for a table and lucky for her the only one
available was right behind hers. They set down and after the waitress had
taken their order she made her move. Turning to them she told the two guys
they were more them welcome to join her, if they wanted to. Well both guys
looked at each other somewhat shocked and then said "yes" pretty much at the
same time.

They moved their stuff to her table and set down. She introduced herself and
then the dark headed one said his name was Steve and the blonde was Derek.
Both of them were 22 years old. The three set and talked and proceeded eat
their pizza and get to know each other better. The whole time Lucy found
herself trying to choose between which one to make her move on. But trying
to do that was damn near impossible, they were both so hot. Finally the food
was done and after a few games of pool they asked her if she felt like
driving around with them. She said sure and off they went.

The three went out and got in Steve's custom 86 Buick. Before they climbed
in Lucy sweetly asked the two if they minded if she rode up front with them.
They looked at each other and then back at her and told her that would be
fine with them. Soon they were in the car and cruising around town. She knew
she was ready for some dick and she realized at some point she had to make a
choice between the two, but which one, she wanted them both. Then it hit her,
why did she have to choose at all? This was a chance at fulfilling a desire
she was having recently, to fuck two guys at the same time. Yes that was the
answer, she was going to do them both and at the same time. Man was this
going to be a good night.

Lucy could tell these two both wanted her but she didn't know if they would
make the move so she deciced to take the initiative. So she asked them if
they lived around here. And Derek said their apartment was not to far. And
then he asked why she wanted to know.

She answered by putting her hands on both their crotches and said "Cause I'm
tired of driving around and want to go somewhere so we could be alone."

"Huh you mean both of us?" Steve asked.

"Yes both of you, I was trying to pick between the two of you as to which one
I wanted to be with, but I can't decided so I figure I'll just fuck both of
you, if that's allright with you guys." She almost burst out laughing when
she made that last comment, like either of them would say no.

"Hell yes baby doll. that's ok with us" Derek said as he leaned over and gave
her a sloppy wet kiss. She quickly slid her tongue in his mouth and started
whipping it around getting him hotter.

Steve drove as fast as he could to get them home, he wanted to get her
inside, so he and Derek could get this hot honey out of her cloths. As soon
as the car was parked the three jumped out and quickly dashed up the stairs
to the guys apartment. The two guys wasted no time on formalities and were
on Lucy like a couple of hungry dogs attacking a piece of meat. The only
difference with this piece of meat was it was wanting to get eaten.

Derek grabbed for her breasts as he kissed her and Steve got behind her and
began rubbing his penis covered crotch against her. Both knew they wanted her
in the bedroom and soon they had picked her up with one on each side and they
carried her into the bedroom. They laid her down on the bed and were on her
in seconds. She laid down with one guy on each side of her. Derek was on her
left and was running his tongue up and down her neck as he lifted up her
blouse to expose her enormous knockers. Soon the top was off her and laying
on the ground. Steve meanwhile had started to unbutton her pants. Lucy had
started grabbing Derek's cock through his pants, she could hardly wait for
these guys to be pumping inside her. She had turned into a raging inferno.

By now Steve had got her pants open and was sliding them down her legs, he
got them as far as her knees and then raised up to remove her shoes and then
threw them to the side. Derek meanwhile had taken Lucy's bra off and had
started sucking on them, getting her nipples so incredibly hard that they
looked like pointy darts. Soon Steve had Lucy's pants completely off and
they had joined the pile that were her cloths on the floor. Then he slid off
the bed and undressed himself down to his boxers before getting back on the
bed. Lucy then felt an accelerating experience. She had both guys with one
of tits in their mouth. They were sucking like newborns going for milk.

Derek soon had to get his pants off before he busted out of them. He got up
and soon he to was naked, except for his boxers. Lucy meanwhile was still in
her hot pink panties. This would have to change thought Derek, so he slid
them down her legs and off his body. But before he threw them on the pile he
deeply inhaled the scent on them. Pure pussy juice, fuck this was going to be
awesome. Steve had spread Lucy's thighs apart after Derek removed her panties
and he had placed his head at the opening of her snatch and pulled the pink
pussy lips apart in order to give it a good eating. She know what he was
about to do and he didn't disappoint. His tongue lashing was causing her to
scream and writhe around on the bed. Derek loved the way her jugs bounced
around as his friend gave her a muff diving and was soon licking and sucking
them again.

He went to work on her tits and soon between the two they had her moaning
and groaning. Then Steve told Derek to get down here, meaning her cunt. He
joined him and soon they were both going to town on it. They first took turns
licking it up and down, then they started doing things a little different,
one would lick her pussy as the other sucked on her clitoris. Every time one
of them thought he was getting ready to make her cum he would stop and they
would switch off. Lucy thought she would lose her mind waiting to cum.
Finally she began yelling for realize.

"Come on make me cum already!"

"What's a matter baby can't you handle it?" Derek asked mockingly.

"Please make me cum I can't stand it any more!"

"Sorry sweetie, you cum when we deiced to let you, not until." replied Steve.

Soon they two were back to attacking her cunt with their tongues. This time
they went all out. Her begging had drove them over the edge and they really
wanted to her scream. After a few more short minutes her body seemed to go
into spasms and started moaning out a chorus of yes's. They knew they had
succeed in making her cum like she never had before.

After they were done munching on her they both got on their knees and began
feeling her body up and down. They were touching her everywhere and she was
loving every minute of it. This was so exciting, was all that was going
through her head. But she soon wondered when they were going to get around
to sticking their cocks in her, she couldn't wait! She heard them asking
each other who wanted to go first and Derek asked Steve if he minded if he
had the first ride, he told him he didn't, so it was to be Derek to get her
cunt first. Before he went any farther Lucy asked to please use a condom
because she didn't want to get pregnant, he didn't have a problem with this
so he took one out of his dresser and put hit on his machine as soon as he
took off his shorts.

He got in between her legs and easily slid his meat into her well lubricated
cunt. When he did she let out with a sigh. Soon he was going at it hard and
was hammering her tight twat. Steve was watching when it him how she said
earlier that she wanted them both to fuck her at the same time, well he was
going to help her with her request. He told Derek to raise up and when he
did he quickly straddled her chest and she saw his cock was only a handful
of inches from her face. She knew she was about to fulfill yet another
yearning she had, sucking cock. She opened her mouth and he wasted no time
putting it in her jaws. Although this was new to her she went to work trying
to please him. Even with her being new at oral sex she was still pretty good.
She slurped and licked the meat in her mouth and in no time she heard him
saying "fuck that feels good."

Meanwhile Derek was making her pussy feel might fine with the thrusts he kept
humping into her with his stiff rod. Every time he would pull it out she felt
it slid out of her like a thick snake. Then he would drill it into her making
her moan around the stiff penis in her mouth.

Soon Steve was wanting more then just her sucking and licking his dick and
he moved forward and climbed onto of her face and preceded to slam his whole
cock down her throat. At first it gagged her and then her reflex action
kicked in. He began briskly face fucking her. And as this was happening Derek
was thumping harder into her fuck box. He knew he was going to cum soon and
wanted to blow as much as he could into the blonde hottie he was on top of.
A few minutes later she felt him stiffen and let out with a groin and she
knew he had just cum in her.

Steve on the other hand wasn't there yet. He was still fucking her jaws. Over
and over he thumped his cock in her mouth. He was looking forward to filling
her mouth full of his sperm. He couldn't wait till it was sliding down her
gullet. After about ten more minutes of skull banging she felt the sensation
of something wet and sticky flooding her jaws. She knew he had cum in her
mouth. Then she heard him tell her to swallow, and she thought why not. She
quickly gulped the semen down her throat. At first it was kind of gooey then
she thought it tasted good, yes, she had turned into a first rate cocksucker.
She soon had swallowed the whole load. When Steve was done blowing sperm into
her mouth he slid out if her and laid down.

Soon the three were sprawled out next to each other in a tired heap. They
lay on the sweat covered sheets trying to catch their breaths. They two guys
planed on just resting long enough to regroup so they could get back to
screwing the blonde bombshell laying with them. Soon they both felt rested
and were ready to get back to banging. They both got their faces near her
mammoth tities and soon each one had a jug in their mouth and were slurping
them hard. Then Steve slid his hand down and began playing with her clit.
Derek on the other hand was busy playing with her ass.

After several minutes of playing with her and getting her hot as hell it was
time to give her another dicking. Steve told her to get on her hands and
knees, hell she knew they could have told her to stand on her head and sing
jingle bells and she would have .He made sure not to forget her request for
them to were a condom and soon he wrapped his shroat for business. Then Steve
got behind her and placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her cunt
and slid it in. When he did she purred like a kitten and waited for him to
start hammering her cunt, he quickly gave her what she wanted and was soon
thumping away in her hot snatch.

Derek was on his knees in front of her with his penis in his hand, she knew
what he wanted, to have it in her mouth and she opened wide to give him
access to it. It didn't take long before she felt it hitting the back of her
throat. She reached up and took a hold of it and began sucking and slurping
on it. Soon she was not just giving him head but running her tongue down to
his ball sack and licking them as well. Man was she loving this!

Steve was grabbing her hips so hard when he slammed his meat in her that he
was leaving handprints in her skin. He continually slammed his cock in her
again and again. He wanted when he came to fill up the condom he was wearing.
He rode her cunt till he had nothing left and soon was cuming wads of sperm
into the plastic wrap on his cock.

Derek meanwhile was shoving his penis down Lucy's throat and giving her a
fierce face fucking. He held on to the sides of her head with a death grip
and briskly banged his meat into her jaws. She knew he was enjoying himself
with the way he was groaning and it was because of the pleasures she was
giving him with her warm mouth. Over and over his rod slid in between her
lips. He felt the stirring in his balls and realized he was getting ready
to blow cum in her mouth and sure enough just a handful of seconds later the
first shot blew down her throat. Like with Steve earlier she sucked it down.
But Derek wanted to do a little some thing else. So he pulled out a shot the
next three wads all over her pretty face. He loved the way she looked with
cum sliding down her sexy face. Lucy just giggled.

After Steve was done he slid out of her stemming cunt and collapsed on the
bed. Derek having coated Lucy's pretty features with sperm sat down and
looked at her face to admire his work. He loved the site of the angelic
blonde having a face covered in his spunk. Then she really shocked both of
them when they watched her start wiping the cum off with her finger and then
lick her fingers clean. Yes she was turning into the ultimate whore.

By now the hour was getting late and she knew she had better be getting home.
So she asked if they would mind giving her a ride giving her a lift back to
her car, which was still at the pool hall. Steve that would be fine and so
the three got up to get dressed. Lucy got her panties and pants on and then
as Derek walked by her to get his boxers she reached out and took a hold of
his cock and real gently pulled him over to the bed, never letting go of his
meat. Then she set down and gave the head of his penis a wet sloppy kiss.
Then she wiggled her finger at Steve, motioning him to come to her and then
repeated what she did on his cock. After that they all got dressed and went
out to Steve's car and they precede to take her back to her car.

Before she got out she asked them if either of them wanted a goodnight kiss.
Derek wasted no time in leaning over and placing his mouth on hers and giving
her a hot kiss. As he did he began sliding his tongue in her mouth, she
quickly reciprocated the act. When she was done with him she turned her head
to the left and began slapping lips with Steve. He kissed just as sensual as
Derek did. This was a great night, I really had fun, she thought to herself.

After the kissing session was done she got out and walked back over to her
car and got in. she fired up the engine and drove home. Walking in the back
door she saw her parents were sitting there eating and they said hi to her.
She returned the greeting and headed upstairs to go to bed, this time alone.
She changed into a nightgown and got under the covers. She knew it wouldn't
take long before she fell to sleep. She was exhausted, amazing, she thought
how much fucking wears you out. The last thing she found going through her
mine before she drifted off was, hey tonight I fucked two guys, but I wonder
what more guys at one time would be like. Yep I'm gonna have to try a larger
gangbang and soon. Damn it looks like Mary is right after all, I am turning
into a major slut. Then she feel fast asleep with a big smile on her face.

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