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….I loved my uncle Chad. Ever since I was little he let me hang on him and paid attention to me. My think my dad wanted a boy, so he pretty much ignored me. My uncle lived two houses down from us and he worked at home. He was always there and working in his basement tinkering with things. I decided to go there after school. I quietly came up behind him and hugged him. He felt so good to hug. He let me feel him all I wanted. His tummy, chest and as I grew up, it made me horny to feel him up.

He let me rub my pussy on his leg and that always felt good. As time went by I like to kiss him on the back of his neck. I didn’t stop there. He let me do anything I wanted. One afternoon I want to kiss his lips and feel his arms around me. So…I turned him around and he let me do my urge thing as it really made me horny now. I liked the feeling a lot. I placed his arms around me and soon placed one of his hands on my growing tits. He did it, just like I wanted. I started rubbing my pussy on his growing boner. He was kind of mine, to play with. We didn’t talk, just a lot of heavy breathing and little moans. Every day it got better and better.

…One day while he was up stairs I started going through is desk. I found on drawer full of…pictures of me!…Wow I got chills thinking about how much he must like me…. There were pictures from my baby pictures until recently. Lot’s of them were of me in my night clothes. Pictures of my butt , legs and my little tits I had then. I didn’t realize he used his cell phone and secretly take pictures of me.

….I kept pushing to see how far I could go with him. I was older now and we were both getting all turned on every afternoon. I wore a skirt with no panties one day. I wanted him to feel my bare pussy. This would make him get a big boner and I now wanted to feel his boner bare.

….I hugged him from the front and lifted the front of my skirt up. I took his hand and put it on my pussy. I guided his hand to rub it. He did as I unzipped his pants. I reached in to feel my first boner of his. It was extremely exciting as I felt it’s warmth and all around it. I put it between my legs and let it rub my pussy. I moved his hands around to my butt cheeks and we began to move like we were fucking. It was the biggest sexual thrill I’d ever had. I rubbed my clit as we moved back and forth. He was my lover and I let my tongue go crazy in his mouth as we both breathed hard. It was a was wonderful afternoons with him.

…. I heard my Aunt come home upstairs and we had to stop. They pretty much lived separate lives. She lived in the world of her work, and he did his work things on his computer and the work shop down here in the basement. The basement door opened …

…It wasn’t my aunt, it was my mom.

…I hoped there wouldn’t be any trouble. Mom came over to me and said she had to talk to Chad in private, and for me to go home. I got worried as I left. Did somebody find out about me and Chad? Mom stayed over there for a while. When she came home, she was all smiles and all seemed to be normal.

…I dreamed of the day that Chad and I might have sex, but I had more foreplay I wanted to do first. I had boyfriends, but they didn’t compare to my Chad. One afternoon he and I were getting ourselves very hot with each other and he finally spoke. He whispered: (“Linda…I have special feelings for you. Your Aunt will be gone this weekend, will you come over Saturday night? “) …My heart jumped with joy, and I of course said: (“…yes I want to be with you so bad, more and more. It’s time we got closer.”)

….I got a shot of special feelings in my pussy when I said that. I hoped we would have sex so bad. I noticed he had a bed down here in to corner. I hoped we would end up on it Saturday night. I had to get going,…but…I quick unzipped his pants and took out his big boner and got on my knees. I licked it and sucked on it. As I stroked it a little…he held the sides of my head and soon he moaned and big shots of cum filled my mouth. I orgasmed immediately as a massive jolt went off in my pussy. I just had to swallow it all down……

….It was a thrill I’ll never forget…..

…We heard a knock on his front door. I could hear my mom’s voice up stairs. We scrambled to look like he was teaching me about his business. Here they came, mom and my aunt. They started asking a lot of questions about why I was down here so much. Chad answered them all as I faked I was working on something on his computer. The finally relaxed and told me how lucky I was to have Chad teach me all this. Then my mom notice a spot on my blouse. I was a small drop of Chad’s cum. She wiped it with her finger and smelled it while they weren’t looking. She looked at me…and then smiled. She never said a word. “I have to get going.” my mom said to my aunt, and then left. My heart was beating like a drum.

…I told Chad what had happened. He smiled big and said: “Someday…I’ll tell you about your mom and I.” I wondered what it was, but I didn’t ask questions. As I got ready to leave Chad smiled and whispered: (“I dated your mom before your dad married her.”)…but.. that’s all he said.

…Linda’s moms thoughts….
…. I love seeing Linda and Chad so close, Chad is so very special to me…..

…Linda’s aunts thoughts…
…She’s a beautiful girl…everything is working out just fine….

….Saturday night finally got here. I was so nervous and excited. I told my parents that I was going over to Chad’s to help him with work he was teaching me. They said fine. At the door my mom pulled me off to the side. She was smiling all excited said quietly: “If it gets to late…I don’t want you walking home alone,…so…you just spend the night at uncle Chad’s, ok?” I said ok,…. but that was strange…I felt something was going on that I didn’t know about….

….I entered the basement. Chad had two lit candles on a little table. The lights were dim. He had a romantic setting for me. I got those pussy tingles again as we hugged tight and squirmed together. We sat at the little table as he poured us some wine. He was a handsome man and I just loved to look at him. We held hands across the table. We didn’t talk, just enjoyed looking at each other. After a while he stood up and began slow sexy dancing with me. I floated with his strong hands holding me tight. Our hands began to feel us up. I began to un-button his shirt as he did my blouse as we danced. We kept on until we were dancing naked in the dim light.

….. It was beyond awesome…

…Chad’s thoughts….
…How could I resist her, she is so beautiful and sexy. I was going to make this a special night she’d never forget. I danced her over to the bed and laid gently on top of her. She glowed with happiness as she felt me all over. We took or time kissing and wrapping or arms around each other. I felt those beautiful tits of her and felt her squirm with joy.

I kissed my way down to her soft tummy and her soft pubic hair. I took my first lick of her sweet pussy. She held my head and moaned as she played with my hair. I pushed her legs open wide and began to sample what I had thought about for a long time. Her pussy was warm and jumped as I licked her sexy clit. Her legs squirmed around as she began to moan so sweet. I moved up as she gasp for air. I ran my cock around her pussy getting it all wet and ready……


…I finally felt it…he was entering me so warm and good. It was the peak of my dreams as he slipped is cock inside of me. So warm and slick. He was gentle and smooth as we adjusted to start in. I wrapped my body around his as we just blended together. My mind was on a cloud somewhere as we began to fuck steady and we hung on for what was coming.

We got out of control as we began banging our bodies together. It was a race to euphoria. I moaned something as I felt his cock deep in me. He was moaning too as his body held me so tight. We took it as high as it goes and locked together and shook….I can’t describe how high we went, but I heard beautiful music as I climaxed and felt the rush of hot cum gushing in me. He pumped it in over and over as I loved the feeling I had never ever felt before. I wanted more and more as I pulled him deep in me….and then I lost my breath and blacked out for a minute…I had crossed into another world or something and I held him deep in me as long as I could…..my mind had left me for a minute…I wondered where I was in this dream land….I don’t know what happened after that…I just held on to what I had always wanted for so long…..
…Days later, Chad sat me down to have a talk. We held hands as I looked at his beautiful face. He carefully told me what had happened in the past. My dad couldn’t make babies after the war. His brother agreed to have sex with my mom and get her pregnant. He did… Yes, Chad is my real dad. My mom and Chad liked having sex together and continued to have sex, and still do. My dad has sex with my aunt by agreement. Everyone is happy with their private arrangements,…. now for me?…..

….I couldn’t be happier……I’m not the first girl to have sex with her dad….but I’m definitely the happiest….

….My dad ‘Chad’ says he can’t get as much work done when I’m around. I can’t help it when I have to pull him over to the bed and we get all hot and sweaty. We get a little noisy at times…, but… my aunt, my ’other’ dad and…my mom and Chad get noisy upstairs too…..it makes me real horny to hear them.

…OH…I have to go now. My ‘Chad’ dad is coming down the basement stairs. He’s smiling and I see a big boner in his pants….

(he loves it when I sit in his computer chair naked, with my legs up, and my knees wide open)

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