Piercing My Hairdresser Part 2

"Lauren's not here."

It was the first thing Jen said to me when I came in the door. It had been almost a month since I was here last.

"That's okay. Maybe I'm here just to see you." It really didn't matter to me either way. Both girls were attractive and while I knew I could fuck Lauren again, Jen was displaying the right nervous energy.

"Oh!" She said. Jen was pale skinned with pretty enough features, had a nice set on her in front, but it was the big ass/flat tummy that was really the main feature. Her thighs were also thick but that ass being so large and still round, at the peak of it's existence was unmistakable, never unnoticeable was an invitation with the promise of a fuck of a lot of fun. Her style said goth or emo or dark punk raver, but her attitude was all sweet and polite as though she were wearing a giant signal to indicate what she really wants so she doesn't have to say it. So it was very easy for her to talk to me and do busy work so that I could eyeball her for a minute or two. She must have realized that she was alone and it was closing time. "You know that Lauren's late? She's pretty sure its yours."

"I know." I said.

Jen looked incredulously at me. Part disgust and part fascination. "Doesn't that bother you?"

I shrug. "She said she wants to keep it and tell her boyfriend its his so he'll finally propose. Cool with me."

She laughs. "You're so bad!"

"Don't you have a boyfriend?" I ask.

"Yup. I do." She said it seriously.

I look her over again, obviously. There was no sense in hiding anything from her. She watched me fuck her friend in this very same room. The chemistry was palpable then and it wasn't going to go away now. She was so nervous her lips tried to put the words together silently before she got out,"I honestly haven't stopped thinking about that night"

"Take of your shirt." I was direct and kept it simple.

"You can't cum in me. Do you have a condom?" Jen wasn't completely crazy after all.

"I promise I won't cum inside you unless you want me to. Okay?" It wasn't the answer she wanted to hear but it would have to do. "Now take off your shirt."

Jen peeled off her tshirt. "Watching her cum on you like that. She was so satisfied"

"And your bra."

"I was hoping you would come back so hard I think about it when I'm with my boyfriend. He has no idea" She clearly loves being a badgirl. I play with her nipple rings.

"Do you have any other piercings?" I ask.

She nods.

"Show me." She pulls down her panties slowly. A silverbarbell glimmered in her pussy lips.

Jen stammered, "I feel so guilty."

I reach behind her head and unclasp her necklace. It was a punk rock style chain with a heavy cross on it.

"I'm so ashamed that I want this. But I do I"

I interupt her. "You know what I love about your body?"

"Tell me" The chain was long, I connect it through her two nipple rings, her nipples getting hard from the cold of the metal.

"I love your ass. It's big, like full. Your thighs are thick. Nice wide hips but still such a narrow waist and flat tummy." I let the cross hang so she sould feel the weight pulling at her nipples.

"Do you like my breasts?"

"I love your titties. They've got a nice shape and nice nipples."

"Thank you." She started undoing my pants and getting out my cock, stroking it, feeling it strain in her hands. "You can't cum in me, okay? Promise."

"Never. Not unless you want me to."

"I won't ask you to."

"You might find it exciting."

"I won't." She sounded pretty sure, but she also liked being bad. "How do you want me?"

"I want to get behind you."

She smiled and stepped over to the peircing table. "Here." She bent at the waist and pushed her fat round cheeks out, offering such a tempting target. She had the needles on the tray in front of her.

"What are we going to pierce today?" I asked. "You already have your tongue and nipples and clit pierced."

"Hmm how about everytime you make me cum, we'll pierce my ear. That seems fair. I'll keep them too."

"Will you show them to your boyfriend?" I enter her shiny wet from behind. It slides in smoothly in one long slow movement.

"Awwwwww gawd! I'm sure he'll see them he just won't know what they mean." The necklace bounced back and forth when she arched her back and then clattered to the table when she fell forward from my rear assault. I dug my fingers into her hip meat and asscheeks, kneeding it between my fingers.

My cock was a piston in her, her pussy warm and receptive. "Oh fuck keep going! I'm going to cum already!"

"Pierce your ear now!" Looking ahead into the mirror, Jen cocked her head to the side and picked up a needle and roughly pushed it through her her helix in one swift movement and then started convulsing on me, shaking her ass and hips and rolling them onto me.

"Fuck! I'm such a bad girl!"

"Yes you are!" I reach around to her clit once she has a brief moment to calm down. She is ready to go again and fucks me to a second instantaneous climax with minutes! The silver barbell rolling around on my fingertips was doing it's job stimulating her.

I stayed strong but spanked her big ass cheek after she came. "You didn't pierce your ear!" I reminded her.

She was breathing hard now. "I'm sorry." She says as she cocks her head to the side and slides another shard of metal neatly through her ear and lined it up with her first.

"Do I need to lead you around by the nose like an animal?" I teased.

"Yes please", she moaned.

Okay then. I fucked her hard a couple times to move her closer to the mirror and then went back to smooth sliding in and out so she would be steadier. "Pierce your septum. Make it a big ring."

Jen just went for the drawer at her side and started fishing out different gauges of thickness until we found one that was big enough. It was a tacky gold ring with a bright red jewel on the bead. I grip her ass fat to drive myself deeper. First she pushed through the first needle and then took a break while I fucked her slowly. She was clearly on her way, once more, but she had to pace herself. To accommodate such a thick gauge she needed to stretch the hole with a second thicker needle before the jewelry could go in. I just tried to keep a rhythm behind her without cumming myself.

Then the second needle went in and her legs started shaking a little. Quivering as she felt the pressure of the larger size and I slapped her big delicious ass over and over. As she picked up the gold hoop and held it to her face in the mirror, her hands shaking from the excitement, she recognized herself as an insatiable slut and she tipped over her threshold once more and came from the very idea of it all.

I slapped her big bum. "You're falling behind!"

Focusing in the mirror, Jen went to work quickly in her euphoric state. She pushed the big gold hoop through her septum and then quickly skewered her ear again with another staple in line with the first two, making little whimpering animal noises from the self inflicted pain. "Oh god! I'm getting light headed"

"Well then stop cumming on me." I teased her. "Get up on the sink."

Turning around Jen hoisted her ass up onto the counter and leaned back against the mirror, parted her big thighs for me to enter. I slid inside with an appreciative moan from her and looked at her new gold hoop as it rested on her upper lip with her head tilted back like it was. I took the middle of the chain hanging from her nipples and fed it through the gap in the gold hoop before threading on the bead. Jen began rapid shallow breathes, almost hyperventilating as I played with it, tugging it gently with one hand. With my other hand I stroked her clit and she clamped her legs around my waist, urging me deep inside her every time I tugged the chain forward and her face pulled by her nose straightened out and her eyes met mine. While her nipples were pulled and her clit stroked all at the same time, I would go deep inside her tender wet pussy.

Her phone chimed. It was her boyfriend. "He's picking me up. We have to stop! "

"Sure. You just have to finish me off."

"Oh my god! Are you serious? I don't think I can"

"Maybe he should come in and wait his turn then? Cuz I'm not done with you yet" I gently tugged her chain and stroked her ear, brushing each of her 'o' rings. She was edging again already. "And we could do this all night." I teased.

"And you're fucking me so good, but you gotta go now. Tell me what you want me to do."

"There's only one thing I want. I could cum any time you tell me to."

"Really? Tell me and I'll do it."

I kissed her and she loved it. "I want you to beg me to cum in you bareback. Tell me to fuck my baby into you."

"No! I am not doing that. There must be something else. I'll let you cum on my face."


"Okay. I will let you fuck my ass. Right now, come on. Please fuck my big fat ass"

"I want to cum inside you."

She was more turned on than ever now, super wet. It was her body saying yes, yes but I needed her mouth to say it. I wanted her to beg me for it. "You can cum in my bum"

"I know I can. But I want to shoot my seed into your unprotected womb."

"Oh god!" She was so close now. "I can't."

"You're so wet. I think you want me to"

"I do, but I mean I can't" My big balls slapped against her asshole with every thrust into her. Playing with her tits, tugging at the chain to pull at her nipple rings, we owned a very tense sexual moment.

A knock at the front glass door to the shop. It had to be her boyfriend.

"Oh fuck! You gotta finish now!"

I slowed to an achingly pleasurable grind to make my point. "Beg me."

She gave a half smile. "You bastard. Please cum in me you mother fucking asshole! Do it! Please!"

At those words I felt a tingle in the base of my cock and lined myself up for my final approach. A second knock at the door and I started to pump load after load into her deepest parts. I went balls deep and held myself there until I was spent, playing gently with her many piercings as she made a final climax herself. She was euphoric with a glazed look in her eye as she twitched her every individual muscle in ecstasy.

Her phone rang again. I pulled out and put on my pants. She ushered me out the back door as she answered her phone.

"Hi baby. Sorry I was in the back room. I didn't hear you. Just gimme a second and I'll be right out." She let me out the back door into the alley before running to get her clothes on and meet her boyfriend. She gave me a wicked grin before slamming the door on me. I don't know what she must have said about all her new piercings, but as I circled the block in my car I saw them walking home together with my seed still inside her.

And you know what? She never even asked me if I wanted to get my hair cut! That kind of service earns repeat business..

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