My daughter ask to massauge me

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One day she asks if you’d be willing to let her

practice on you. You pretend to be reluctant but

you actually feel a surge of excitement in the

pit of your stomach. You’ve always liked Sara,

but you’ve never gone further than a Hugg and

kiss on the cheek. Now she’s going to rub her

litte hands all over your body!

You feel a flutter of nerves as you walk into

her room. You start to feel like It’s your first

date! Sara walks in bhind you and welcomes you

in. She seems genuinely happy to see you and

grateful that you could help out.

As usual, she’s made an effort to look nice. Her

brown hair is nicely styled into pigtills and

she has just enough makeup to enhance her

natural good looks. Today she is wearing a short

yellow summer dress and no outward signs of a

bra underneath. It really shows off her petite

figure. you can just make out her tiny litte

pink hard nipples under her tight see through

dress and you can see she has on her little cute

pink hello kitty panties on.

She leads you to her massage table. Walking

behind her, you notice that her legs look

amazing in high heels and you catch the sweet

scent of her perfume.

There is a massage table in the room and Sara

bends forward to adjust some towels over it. For

a brief instant you have a view down her dress

and see her small tiny pink nipples hanging


Sara leaves you to strip down to your underpants

and lay face-down on the table. Eventually she

returns with a bottle of warm massage oil.

The massage begins and you both make small talk.

It soon becomes apparent that Sara’s technique

needs work. It feels more like groping and

stroking more than a proper massage, but she is

unaware of this. As you lie there, being oiled

and fondled by your Little 7 year old daughter,

you start wondering what she looks like naked.

Occasionally her hip or stomach presses against

your hand. Before long, you have a raging hard

erection. Luckily Sara can’t see it because you

are face down.

“Okay, turn over now and I’ll do your front”

says Sara.

you Refuse to turn over casue your cock is so


Your cock is so hard you can’t possibly turn

over or you’d feel like you would die of

embarrassment and make it very awkward for Sara.

“Actually Sara, what you’re doing feels really

good. Can you keep doing that?” you say.

“Sure!” replies your Little 7 year old daughter

rape toy cum bucket cheerfully, happy that she’s

obviously doing something right. She had been

worried that her technique was crap.

Sara rubs your back for a while and you start to

think your erection might subside, but then she

decides to really get stuck in to the back of

your thighs. With each deep, hard stroke up and

down your legs she’s pushing your hips forward

and back. Your cock is grinding against the

massage table and eventually the tip pokes out

of the waist of your underpants and starts

rubbing against the rough towel. Soon most of

your cock has worked its way out and is harder

than it’s ever been in your life. You realize

that the friction against the towel will

eventually bring you to orgasm.

Sara keeps going, oblivious to your dilemma.

Pre-cum seeps from your cock on to your stomach

and into the towel. You don’t think you can last

much longer.

“How’s that? Should I keep going?” asks Sara.

Umm baby I think you should stop we can awalys

do this again to night.

If she keeps up what she’s doing, you’re going

to make a huge mess on her massage table.

Sensing that this would be a massive clean up

you decide it beat a hasty retreat, and get her

to stop.

“Actually Sara, I really have to get going” you

mumble, biting your fist in frustration.

“Oh, okay” replies Sara. You can hear

disappointment in her voice. “Wasn’t I very


“No, you were great. You’re going to make a

fantastic masseuse” you say, secretly thinking

that you’d better find a place for her that

specializes in happy endings, rather than

genuine massage therapy.

Sara leaves the room so you can towel off the

oil and get dressed, then you leave. You’ve

narrowly averted a disaster.

When your girlfriend gets home, your girlfriend

asks how your massage was.

You tell her every thing becasue there is no

secrets between you to.

You tell your girlfriend about how Sara’s

technique made you so horny you almost jizzed

all over the massage table.

“Oh really” she says. “Well, I think that means

I must have been neglecting you lately.

Especially if you’ve been having naughty

thoughts about your Little 7 year old daughter

rape toy cum bucket!”

She unbuttons then discards her work blouse. You

pull down the zipper at the back of her skirt

and it drops to the floor. As she then pulls off

her wet panties and puts them into your mouth as

you relize she had on sara wet panties form when

she wet the bed last night and your girlfriend

has peed into them to as she puts them into your

mouth and says now suck them clean

She lies back on the bed. “You like Sara, don’t

you?” she asks.

“You know I do, you know I want to rape her so

bad and cum inside of her tiny tight wet virgin

pussy,” you admit. Your girlfriend knows you

have lustful thoughts about pretty much any

little girl under the age of 12 with a skirt or

dress, or even a bathing suit on.

A as your girlfriend puts on a cute little smile

and in her sexy little girl voice she says to

you “Pretend I’m Sara” she breathes. Instantly

your cock is rock hard and you jump on top of


as she moans in her little girl voice “Fucken me

daddy. Fucken rape me hard its ok. Its ok with

me if you Fuck your Litte 7 year old daughter

rape toy cum bucket Sara!” moans your


As You suck her pee and cum juices out of her

panties, and you plunge your cock into her tight

cunt. “Oh fuck yes you mona, Sara I fucking love

you and cant wait to get you pregnat so I can

rape your baby girls to!” you groan. “I’ve

wanted to fuck you for ages!”

“Now’s your chance stud!” she pants. “Fuck

Sara’s slutty cunt! Nail that little bitch!”

At times like this, you’re reminded about how

much you really love your girlfriend. You pound

her pussy, visualizing Sara with her summer

dress pulled up, her perky little tits jiggling

around with each thrust. “Take it Sara, you

gorgeous slut!” you groan, and start spurting

your seed deep into her.

“I’m cumming” she cries. “Sara’s cumming!” She

frantically rubs her clit and brings herself to

orgasm just as you shoot the last of your load

of thick gooey cum into her tiny wet pussy. You

both collapse in a sweaty heap.

The next day when you get home from work, your

girlfriend greets you at the door. She’s been to

the hairdresser. She’s dyed her hair a deep

chestnut colour and cut and styled it exactly

like Sara. She kisses you and whispers “Call me

Sara from now on.” and you can rape us both and

get us both pregnant. And just to let you know I

am pregnant all ready. So now all you have to do

is work on geting that little rape toy pregnant.

From this point on, your relationship starts to

get realy Hot.

The End

If you want more to this story please email me

and let me know. I hope that this story is alot

better then my other ones. I have been working

really hard on his story for you guys.

My email is And my kik is peodme please let me know what you think and what I can do better.

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