Dear Diary...

Dear Diary……………………………….

I’m not sure why I’m writing this; probably purely as a personal fantasy. I doubt if the ‘other party’ will ever get to see it……….. but maybe … just maybe I’ll edit it and either email it to her or suggest she has a look at this site… who knows. Anyway, my fantasy is taking over every time I lie down in the dark under the duvet and if it wasn’t for the large supply of tissue I keep by the bedside I’m sure that duvet would crackle every time I turn over in bed.

She’s not a beauty and she’s around my own age that is bang in the middle of the mid life crisis. She’s overweight and has enormous tits and a huge backside which is usually covered with a trouser suit but when she bends over in the office displaying the outline of her knickers stretched tight across her arse and as this afternoon her knicker waistband rides up above the top of her trousers showing me a tantalising glimpse of deep purple satin its all I can do to stop myself from tearing them off! And what a target for a spanking!

I’m not sure exactly what she would do if I let fantasy become reality; I know she fancies me. She’s divorced and needs sex. Not with just anyone; she’s twice told me in an open office that her chastity belt is always unlocked for me. She told me that this afternoon and I’ve lost count of the number of times she’s come and leaned over my desk with her tits swinging freely inside her low cut top so that I can get an eyeful of them; sometimes she pushes her arms together which almost ‘pops’ her boobs out of her top. Oh Christ, I’m getting a hard on thinking about it. I’m sitting at my PC stark bollock naked with my cock rearing up in front of me! Time to get under that duvet again.

I’m becoming a nervous wreck; it was a pink top and a swirly skirt today. Of course I couldn’t tell whether she wore tights or stockings; tights I suppose, but they were tan which is my favourite colour after black or barely black (Cant stand coloured stockings especially white!). I’ve been fantasing all day about running my hand up her thigh and between her legs. Does she have a hairy cunt or does she shave it? Oh if only I knew!

I was over at her desk this afternoon but she folded her arms over her chest when she noticed me looking at her breasts and her nipples started to harden. Not that it was cold in the office today! I wonder if her nipples are brown or pink; pink, I should guess!

Had a wank before getting up this morning; fantasised about taking her over her desk dressed as she was yesterday. When I’d finished I wiped my cock on those purple knickers I saw the top of on Monday! Oh! If only! In reality I just went for a shower as usual.

Got into the office and she was out but the woman she works closely with said (with a wink) that she’d been over to my desk to get a file and that she’d been very eager to get into my drawers. Afterwards I was out as well but needed some information from her urgently. I phoned in and asked her to meet me by the lift on the ground floor. Closer to the office I phoned to say I’d be about 5 minutes, but her friend answered and said she had been waiting by the lift for about 10 minutes ‘trembling with anticipation’.

Took the papers from her and took in her beige trouser suit and white top through which I could see her white lacy bra. Said I’d have to go up two floors to use the ‘Gents’ so we got in the lift together. She dropped the paperwork she was still holding and bent down in front of me to pick it up. She stayed in that position longer than was strictly necessary! I could see the outline of her knickers under the tightly stretched fabric………. All I had to do was walk half a step forward and she’d get a hard cock with a mere four layers of tortured fabric between her arse and it!.. God! The temptation! The lift doors opened on my floor and she got out with me although she worked three floors higher up. She winked at me and asked if I wanted her to come with me and hold it! I said I’d never be able to pee if she did that but she grinned and said she could see I’d be having trouble anyway! I was taken aback by this and unusually for me, slightly lost for words. I found myself saying something about her famous chastity belt to which she replied (not in the slightest lost for words) that if I didn’t believe her when she said she didn’t have one as far as I was concerned, then I’d better check …… I said I had some visits to make and she said that so had she and at least one was the same as mine; so couldn’t we go together? I said I’d see her in the car park in 15 minutes.

We got to our destination which was an empty flat some 40 minutes later (we work in the lettings business) and went in to check its condition for some prospective new tenants. It was on the top floor of a tower block and was reasonably tidy, carpeted but unfurnished. We were making notes in the bathroom when she suddenly told me she wanted to pee. I said I’d go into the kitchen but she said there was no need for me to leave and I would be able to see for myself that the famous chastity belt didn’t exist! She just hooked her fingers into the waist band of both trousers and knickers (the purple ones!!), pulled them down to her ankles and sat on toilet. She opened her legs wide (Cunt covered in a forest of pubes which stray wildly over her bikini line and round underneath to her arse crack!) and with a look of intense relief on her face let go a streaming golden torrent I was so surprised I made no move to stop her when she reached up and undid my belt and pulled my own clothing to my ankles and pulled me onto her thighs facing her. She took hold of my throbbing erection and rubbed her thumb in the blob of pre-cum which was already seeping out from the ‘eye’! I ran my hand between her thighs, across her labia and underneath to her strained apart buttocks and stroked her arsehole and so back to her cunt which was wide open and soaking wet. (and not just with piss) She gasped and gasped again when I pulled her top out of the way and pushing her bra up, allowed her breasts to fall heavily into my hands.

I stood up and pulled her off the pan, shuffled her across the floor shacked by her knickers (her trousers having been left on the way) and pushed her into bending over in front of the wash hand basin. I pulled her thighs wide open and let her reach underneath to feed my straining cock’s purple, bulbous, slippery head between her cunt lips.

I pushed the head only past the very small resistance of her gaping vagina and pulled back only to repeat the performance instantly about a dozen times until finally I pushed in for my full 7 inches crashing the pubic hair at the roots of my stalk with a dull squelching noise into the curves of her ample bottom! She drew in her breath as she instantly thrust back against my push and continued to rock against my thrusting, heaving thighs as we both watched her sexually ecstatic smile in the mirror and her huge tits (with large brown, rock hard nipples like ‘walnut whips’) bouncing about in the basin!!

She came first which was good because I’d have had difficulty waiting for her and when I’d cum the places where we touched (front of my thighs and backs of hers) were soaking wet. I wiped my cock on her purple knickers …. Inside the gusset! And then knelt behind her and licked between her thighs before planting a large wet kiss on each buttock and inner thigh.

We dressed and went our different ways making a pact to say nothing about this in the office aside from keeping the sexual inuendos and banter up for a time. She lives locally (I don’t, which is good because somehow I don’t think my wife would understand!) and so this may prove quite handy for both of us.

Back in the office, she was sitting at her desk and nobody seemed any the wiser, so I just said ‘Hello’ and did my own thing.

She made a point of working late as did I and we agreed that an afternoon/early evening visit to her place would be very nice, although she knows I have to get home. We discussed other preferences and what we like and don’t like; and what’s more important what we absolutely WON’T do!

She came over to my desk area again and as it happens all my colleagues had gone out. She was wearing a dress again and because she couldn’t be seen from the rest of our open plan office, dropped a file on the floor and in stooping to pick it up, pulled her hem up to show me tan stockings, black suspenders and a white thong! We agreed to meet at her place for lunch.

At midday she left the office without a second look at me and ten minutes later I collected some files and got into my car having signed out for most of the afternoon. I arrived at her house twenty minutes later. She was waiting for me and opened the door before I had time to knock dragging me and some things I’d brought from the car straight into the hall.

She led me straight upstairs to her bedroom where I let her undo my belt and drop my trousers. She sat on the edge of the bed and fondled my cock through my underpants before easing them down and off. We changed places and she placed herself over my knee and I raised her dress over her back and proceeded to spank her bottom with my hand. First one cheek, then the other over and over again for 5 minutes?… 10 minutes? … who knows? When it was a hot pink both in colour AND temperature I pulled her thong away from her stickily gaping cunt lips and tested the lubrication with my fingers. I had brought a two tailed tawse in from the car and told her she was getting a couple of dozen. The first dozen she took with her thong in place and the last dozen with it on the floor behind her and her thighs wide open and most of my free hand inside her cunt. Afterwards she knelt on the floor in front of me and frantically sucked my cock, running her tongue round all those sensitive areas where the surgeon’s knife has been during the circumcision process! I almost came in her mouth …. But managed to hold back.

I told her to stand up and touch her toes which she found difficult so I made her grasp her knees instead and stick her bum out. I picked up the cane I’d brought from the car. Three foot long and very whippy. I told her she was getting at least a dozen and probably more. She took 30 and ended up with a rear end covered with stripes, welts, ridges and a dull plum colour over most of its surface! I offered cold cream but she said that could wait… what she wanted first was to be fucked rigid and VERY soon.

Somewhat cruelly I made her lie down and spread her legs and climbed aboard as she strained her thighs apart. I plunged straight into her and started to give her a solid rampant fucking, tearing her top off and the bra underneath so that her huge tits bounced in front of me. While my own arse was bucking and thrusting up and down I leaned down and sucked her nipples pulling them out at full stretch from the huge mounds of her breasts as they strained under the force of my thrusts to bounce backwards and forwards. She didn’t seem to be noticing the pains in her welted arse cheeks as she gripped and clenched her buttocks on the duvet but she seemed to be trying to break my back as she clasped her legs over my spine. With her thighs wide open and at full stretch my pelvis crashed against her pubic bones with increasing ferocity until I’d driven her up against the head board which was slamming into the wall behind leaving no-one who saw the wall behind what had been happening on this bed.

Suddenly with a piercing scream in my ear followed by a series of moans of increasing pitch she started to thrash about and dig her nails into my back and anywhere else that she could reach. I pushed my hands under her arse and dug my nails deep into her enormous sweating buttocks and then into her arse crack and pushed two fingers up through her anal sphincter as she climaxed arching her mammoth arse of the bed… at the last moment I pulled out and shot a jet of thick creamy glutinous cum straight over the top of her heaving breasts and into her face and hair and then milked the rest of it out over her nipples and into her mouth as she greedily licked my shrinking cock clean.

We had a shower and then went back to work.

But we’ll do this again ………………


Very Soon!

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