I Like to Watch Boys Masturbate

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This is the first time I've posted on here. And this is also the first time I've attempted to write erotica. I hope you like it.
I've seen people here complain about authors not using paragraphs. I'm writing using an Ipad and it doesn't indent. If you see a sentence that ends before reaching the far right side of the screen that means the next line in a new paragraph
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Thanks Sarah

I remember the first time it happened.
I sat gazing out my bedroom window in our little rental cabin on Cape Cod. The summer sun cast a dark shadow when filtered through an enormous tree in the yard.
My parents had been coming here every summer since before my brother and I were born. It was what they looked forward to all year. But for my brother and me it was quite different. This annual two week excursion simply drained fourteen days from our all too short summer vacation.
There were some other kids who also got roped into this forced sabbatical so we kind of all had something in common. A bond of sorts. I was fourteen at the time and my brother was thirteen.
There was a girl around my age in the cabin right next to us and we hit it off pretty well right from the start. Her name was Susan; mine is Sarah.
I'm what people call, "a tall girl". At five feet ten I guess they are right. But I carry my height well. I'm a thirty-six C which really doesn't look all that large considering my height and I weigh in at one thirty-five. Again, I carry it well. My hair is short and a light chestnut brown. I have green eyes and even back then I liked to wear red lipstick.
Like I said, I was gazing out the window hoping that something would end this boredom and that we could just get in the car and go back to our real world when Susan ran up to my window. She was out of breath.
Susan was shorter than I at around five four. Her hair was blonde and to tell the truth that's about all I can remember about her. We weren't great friends. Just passing ships bound for adulthood.
"You want to see a guy do it," Susan said through panting gasps. She was obviously very excited.
I shrugged. "Do what?"
Susan looked first to her right and then to her left as if maybe someone might be listening. She was very conspiratorial.
"There's a guy over in a cottage by the Bikini shop. He said if we let him see our panties he'll let us watch him jerk-off".
"Masturbate," she said as if I didn't know what jerk-off meant.
Susan was still standing by my bedroom window when I got outside.
"Is this guy safe? I mean he's not going to rape us or anything is he?" That was a dumb question, but I didn't know what to say so that just blurted out.
She smiled a tiny bit. "He's kind of a nerd. I've been talking to him on and off for a few days, just being nice when he asks me if I ever saw a guy jerk off. Then he says, do you want to?"
Well, I for one wanted to, that was for sure. Since I'd been around ten years old I had fantasized about boy's penises. Just the thought of seeing one got me damp and the fact that he was going to make it shoot was the icing on the cake.
"Well, do you" Susan asked?
I tried to sound uninterested but failed miserably. "Sure, why not"?
We started to walk in the direction of the bikini shop, then sort of stepped up the pace until we were running. It was really hot out and little droplets of sweat trickled down from my neck disappearing under my blouse.
When we got to the boy's cottage we stopped.
The place looked deserted. "Are his parents home" I asked?
Once again, Susan was out of breath, but this time I was, too.
"He said they'll be gone until tonight. Went to P-Town".
We stared at each other for a moment then walked up to the door. Susan knocked.
At first no one answered. She knocked a second time and a boy around fourteen came to the door. He was a little taller than I, with long shaggy hair the color of muddy water. He looked at Susan then at me.
"Come on in," he said.
The cottage was pretty much the same as the one my family was staying in. I think they were all the same in that area. Typical summer rental stuff.
Suddenly I was feeling embarrassed. We knew what we were there for, but it was still just a little bit weird.
The boy, on the other hand, was ready. He simply unzipped his fly, reached in and pulled out his penis.
Looking back it was probably average in length, but at the time it seemed to be enormous. There was a tiny drop of clear liquid at the tip.
"Show me your panties," he said.
Susan was wearing shorts and I was wearing a short skirt. I looked over at her and she just shrugged and pulled down her pants. I hesitated for a second then followed by lifting my skirt.
When the boy (I never did get his name) looked at our panties his penis began to get hard and he started rubbing it.
While I held my skirt up he rubbed faster and the harder he got the more pronounced the veins in his dick became. His balls hung loose and swayed rhythmically from side to side like a fleshy pendulum. I looked at his swollen cock head not caring that he was looking at my dampening panties. Then I looked up at his face at the same time he looked at mine.
At this point I wanted to shove my hands down into my panties and jerk myself off just like he was doing. If Susan wasn't there I probably would have. I could feel that my clit had grown to a much larger and puffy size than it normally was. It was actually protruding out through my pussy lips and rubbing against my silky panties.
I think he was prolonging his ejaculation because he kept stopping every few seconds. When he did the head of his cock swelled and turned an angry purple. I didn't know how much more I could take.
"Get that trash can," he said motioning to a plastic container a few feet away.
I looked at it then back at him.
"Hurry," he said with a certain urgency in his voice.
I did as I was told and got the can.
"Hold it out in front of me, I'm getting ready".
I held the can out and looked at his cock once more. The head swelled then receded then swelled again. The clear, sticky liquid which had been oozing out of the slit in the end was now leaking all over his hand. He smiled for a quick moment then grimaced and threw his head back. His cock head swelled once more before he moaned, "Now," and a huge stream of white cum shot out of his prick.
I hadn't had the presence of mind nor the experience to know that I should stand to the side of the trash can and not directly in front of it. The first powerful shot struck me full force on my arm.
I was totally mesmerized. Another stream of cum fired into the can followed by still another. I thought I would cum just watching him.
A few more weaker shots hit the trashcan before he finished. He stood motionless as if nothing had happened then took a tissue and wiped the head of his dick and threw the tissue into the trashcan.
I also took some tissues and wiped myself clean. I had an urge to taste it, but with Susan there I thought better of it.
"You girls can leave now," he said pushing his shrinking cock back into his pants.
I dropped my skirt while Susan pulled up her shorts. "Thanks for the show," she said.
He was sitting on the sofa fumbling with some kind of game controller and merely nodded.
When we got outside Susan was a bundle of excitement.
"Have you ever seen anything like that in your life? Oh man; I'm gonna remember this for a long time. What did it feel like on your hand?"
I could hardly speak. My clit screamed for some attention.
"Yeah, that was pretty cool," was all I could manage to say. I was afraid that the way my legs were moving would make me cum right there in front of Susan.
When we got to my cottage I mumbled something about a book I had been reading and after bidding Susan good-bye I rushed inside.
My mom was still in the living room, though I never knew what she was doing. I was too preoccupied with the burning need in my wet panties.
"What's the hurry?" she asked as I sped past.
"Gotta go potty," which in fact was very close to the truth. If I went to my bedroom and locked the door Mom would be suspicious. Instead I nearly ran to the bathroom. Once inside, with the door locked, I lifted my skirt and pushed my panties down to my knees. There was no time to step out of them.
Holding my skirt up with my left hand I used my right to part the hairy lips of my pussy exposing my throbbing clit to the cool bathroom air. Without delay I formed a vee-shape with my index and middle fingers.
As near as I can remember I rubbed my swollen button three or four times while playing the image in my mind of the boy's cock spitting cum at me. And I came harder than I had ever cum in my whole life.
The first spasm hit like a bolt of lightening. I had all I could do to stifle the scream that hung in my throat. For the first time in my young life a wetness like I had never experienced leaked onto my hand then ran through my fingers to the floor.
Normally, when I masturbate my first shot is the most powerful followed by several of lessor intensity. This time, with each shot, I remembered how the boy's cockhead had swelled before he came and how the cum made a splattering sound when it hit me. Each of my own shots were as powerful as the one before it. I feared it would never end while at the same time hoping it wouldn't.
When the final twitching stopped I felt as though I would collapse right there in the bathroom.

For the next two days all I could think about was that boy and his spitting cock. I masturbated so much I thought I would suffer from exhaustion. I tried not to think about it. It didn't work. I told myself how wrong it was and that didn't work either. So I finally got up the nerve to ask Susan if she could arrange for a repeat performance.
"Oh that kid. He's gone. Their vacation was over so they packed up and went home. But man, that was really cool wasn't it?"
Gone? Gone? I had to hide my disappointment, but was I ever disappointed. I still thought about it a lot, but it was certainly a one time thing, never to happen again shit!
A few days later my Dad, my Mom, my brother and I packed our stuff and left the Cape.

The remaining days of summer vacation passed quickly. School started and life got back to the old routine of early mornings and homework. Still, I couldn't get the image of that boy's cock squirting onto my arm out of my mind. I masturbated every night to wild images of random fantasies always based on our time at the Cape. I started looking forward to next summer and going back there.
Christmas came and went with little fanfare. In February I turned fifteen. Two months later my brother, Charlie, turned fourteen.
Charlie was becoming a handsome young man. He was approaching six feet tall and was getting muscular in all the right places. His hair was on the longish side and seemed to be naturally combed. His eyes, like mine, where green.
By Spring I began to take more notice of Charlie. A couple of times he walked passed me wearing only his briefs. He had, what could only be called, a nice package. I decided to play around and see how much I could torture him.
I began by wearing low cut blouses when Mom and Dad weren't home, then leaning over him at every opportunity. If we sat across from each other at the kitchen table doing our homework I would reach across to borrow an eraser while being sure my blouse hung loose enough to give him a view of my braless boobs with my eraser sized nipples. He never said anything, but I know he noticed.
One afternoon when I gave him the show he got a good look then went off to the bathroom. I waited a few minutes then followed.
I gave him a few more minutes then put my ear to the door and sure enough, as I had expected, I heard him grunting. He was jacking off.
That night my fantasy changed. I no longer fantasized about the boy in Cape Cod. My mind was filled with new images, this time of my brother. I knew he was in the bathroom jerking off after seeing my tits. I knew it was wrong, but I was going to see him do it; I just had to figure out how.
I didn't want to peek through a keyhole or spy through a window like a common pervert. I wanted it to be like that boy. I wanted him to know I was watching. I wanted him to look at me when he came. I wanted to see his cum shoot out onto the floor. I wanted it to be dirty!
The next time we were alone doing homework at the kitchen table I leaned across exposing my tits to him like before only this time when I caught him looking I called him on it.
"Like what you see"? I said as I sat back down. He tried to act like he hadn't been peeking.
His face turned red. "What? I didn't do anything".
"Ha! Don't act like you haven't been copping a look every chance you get".
Charlie didn't respond to that. He continued doing his homework so I took it to the next level.
"Well, did you"? My pulse was rising.
"Did I what?"
"Did you like what you saw"?
He squirmed a little. "Yeah. I liked it okay".
I was trembling now. I wanted to take this up another notch, but I had to be careful. I was on shaky ground. And my panties were beginning to dampen.
I waited a few minutes acting as though I too, was back to school work before speaking.
"You want to see more"?
Charlie looked up. "What"?
"I said, do you want to see more". This was the make or break moment. I actually held my breath.
Charlie put down his pencil. He looked up and said, "Okay."
I acted as though I was about to unbutton my blouse, but then stopped.
"What's in it for me," I said?
Charlie merely shrugged. "I don't know. What do you want? Chores, homework, what"?
I took a deep breath. "A few days ago I saw you copping a look then you went to the bathroom. I know what you were doing in there"!
His face redden again. "What, taking a leak"?
"Common little brother. You and I both know what you were doing".
Again he denied it. "I wasn't doing anything but pissing".
I laughed. "Do you always grunt when you piss"? He didn't say anything.
"Okay, here's the deal. I'll take off my shirt and let you look at my tits but only while you are jerking-off".
Charlie came alive. "Are you serious? You want to watch me jerk-off"?
"I do".
Now I could tell he was thinking of something.
"Can I touch them? Like maybe hold one when I cum"?
I hadn't thought about that, but it did sound pretty dirty.
"Where should we go."
"I want to see you cum on the floor. Make a nice puddle for me".
The bathroom was the only room in the house that had tile. I followed him to it.
Once in there, Charlie became a little reluctant. I expected him to drop his pants and start jerking like that boy had.
"Come on," I said. "What are you waiting for"?
He looked at my chest then my eyes.
"Okay, I'll go first". I was so horny I wasted no time. I unbuttoned my blouse and took it off exposing my naked chest to my brother. His eyes nearly popped out.
What happened next surprised me. I expected Charlie to unzip his fly and pull his cock out the way that boy had. But instead he unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the floor. Next came his underwear which also fell to the floor. He stepped out of both. Then he took off his shirt. He was now completely naked.
But now, instead of starting to stroke it he opened a draw in the counter and withdrew a small, fat rubber band which he stretched around his balls. The tight rubber band made his balls look like a bouquet. His dick was already hard and it was impressive. It wasn't eight or ten inches like you read in the smut stories, but it was long enough and hard enough to make any girl quite happy.
Next he took a bottle of Mom's hand lotion and squirted a stream onto the top side of his cock. With his pointer finger he spread the lotion all over his dick, both on top and underneath.
I had been watching Charlie spread the lotion on himself, but when I looked up he was looking at me.
"It's not going to take me very long," he said.
"Go for it," was all I could say.
Charlie wrapped his right hand, which was already wet with lotion, around his cock and began to stroke it up and down. Before a minute had passed clear liquid came seeping out of the slit in the tip just like that boy at the Cape. It quickly mixed with the hand lotion.
"I want to hold it when I cum," he said.
I knew what he meant so I came closer to him. He took my right tit in his left hand and very gently rubbed his fingers around the nipple.
"I'm getting very close," he said. "What should I do"?
Cum on the floor while I watch!"
Charlie held my tit firmly, but gently. "Here it comes," he said and a moment later a stream of his cum shot out of his cock and splattered onto the floor. Then he did something that really surprised me. He bent forward and took my nipple in his mouth. As soon as his lips touch my tit he shot another huge stream and then another. All the while he was groaning as if he was in pain. But I knew he wasn't.
Charlie must have drained himself dry with as many times as his cock fired off until he finally slumped his shoulders and let out a deep breath. We smiled at each other and then began to laugh and we laughed hard and long.
Finally, when we both regained our composure I said, "I want to see it again tomorrow."
And he said, "Maybe you can do it for me?"
I hadn't thought of that, but it did sound good. I smiled and said, "Maybe."

The next day when we got home from school I was ready. No playing around with innuendoes. I was ready to get right to it and so was my brother.
"The bathroom," he asked?
"Yes," I said already heading that way. Charlie followed behind.
Once in the bathroom I started to take my blouse off, but Charlie shook his head No. "I want to see it," he said.
"See what?
He pointed at my crotch.
"You want to see my pussy? No way, Jose!"
Charlie shrugged and started to walk out of the bathroom.
Damn. He had me right where I hadn't wanted to be. He turned the tables on me that little shit.
"Okay, but no touching."
"Tits, too," he added.
"Tits, too," I said.
We began to strip together.
Fortunately, I had trimmed my bush to a presentable length so I wasn't feeling too awkward when I was standing completely nude in front of my brother.
Charlie got the bottle of lotion from the cabinet and turned to me. "Why don't I do myself and you can do yourself," he said.
Wow! I hadn't thought of that. My clit was as hard as a marble so I was certainly ready, at least physically.
The prospect of being watched while I jilled myself off was certainly exciting to fantasize about, but the actuality was.
"I guess we can try."
Charlie poured some lotion in his hand and began stroking his cock. It was already growing.
I boosted myself up onto the counter and tentatively began combing my fingers through the hair above my slit being cautious not to open my legs so far as to expose my aching clit.
Charlie continued stroking his cock while keeping his eyes on my wandering fingers. It was time to go, as they say, for broke. I let the pointer fingers of both my hands drop down into the folded flesh that hid my throbbing nub and began to rub it first gently, then with more urgency.
Charlie was rubbing his cock from top to bottom while copious amounts of clear sticky liquid leaked onto his hand. I, in turn, was doing much the same but in a girl fashion.
By now all the nervousness had passed and I concentrated only on Charlie jacking his cock and the intense feeling as I jacked my clit. I think we both sensed the impending climax rising to the surface.
With a grown Charlie said, "I'm going to cum soon," and I, in a breathy voice said, "Me, too."
For no apparent reason, except that I was so fucking horny, I opened my legs fully and told my brother to get between them. He, of course, wasted no time.
"Cum on my stomach," I said.
Charlie pushed himself forward until the swollen head of his cock rested on my bellybutton. I saw the look on his face just as an enormous wad of cum splattered onto my stomach and chest.
That was it. I threw my head back and shouted, "Oh fuck," as my own orgasm overtook me.
Charlie was pumping out stream after stream of cum as I bucked into my hands while holding my spasming cunt wide open. And then to both our surprise it happened. A stream of clear liquid, not pee, fired out of my pussy and hit Charlie in his stomach. Just when I thought he was finished his cock began to shoot again. We stared into each others eyes as we drenched each other in a mutual ejaculation.
When it was finally over I looked at my brother who was covered in my girl cum and then at myself covered in a mess of white jizz that he had sprayed on my stomach, tits and even a little on my neck.
We showered together and then went to the kitchen to do our homework.

That was a long time ago. Although we spent a few years jacking off together we never took it any farther. We had found a closeness that filled our needs and that was enough. But now, twenty years later I wonder. Should we have gone farther back then? Would our lives have been different? Better or maybe worse? Maybe one day I'll head out to California and surprise him. Maybe we'll find out.
By the way, I still love to see men jerk-off. It's my fetish

New story has been posted. I Like to Watch Boys Masturbate Pt2. Enjoy!

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