Free Spirited (4)..School (1998)

This story begins in 1998 when I was 16, while it may not contain much action it is a build up for future stories which do.
After my Birthday life at home rapidly went downhill. Dad blamed my Mum and introduced some rules for me. “If you want to stay under my roof you will no longer see your new friends outside of school hours”. I was also to wait outside the school gates for him or one of my relatives to pick me up each day.

My dad spoke to the principle and told them to contact him immediately if I skipped class. This sucked; the problem was my grades had slipped considerably and my relatives picking me up must know all about me. The other problem was I had a bug; I needed sex and was going crazy without it. At that stage in my life I did not own a dildo so I had to improvise. I would use 2 or 3 fingers, the handle of my comb, or I would even trick my dog with pizza.

Most of my grades improved, but not enough to save my neck consequently I had to repeat the past year in school. Dad made me abide by his final warning rules. I had to pass my tests at mid-year; and start acting responsibly; or else pack my bags.

By the Christmas/ New Year holiday period I was a very frustrated frisky girl, but I remembered Dad’s warning about responsibility. The next year at school both Leanne and Jason left the school; and I rarely saw their friends. My new class mates seemed to me to be a bunch of bitches and tell tales.

They used obscenities on me like “Slut” and “Easy” to get under my skin. By Easter I was wishing I could leave and get a job or something. My birthday was coming up and I had been abiding by Dad’s rules for a year.

Only 2-3 weeks before my 16th birthday I cracked and broke the rules. I made sure all my homework was finished and my dad was asleep. Then I snuck out of my room via my window and I went to visit one of Jason’s friends Matthew. I tapped on his window; he was very surprised to see me.

We spoke and I told him “I really, really, really need to feel a cock inside me right now, can you help”?

He smirked and took me into the shed where he bent me over a work bench and fucked me in the cunt. It felt so good to finally feel a cock inside me again; I very quickly orgasmed. I hugged and thanked him after he had finished himself inside me. I then pulled my tracksuit pants back up and hurried back home.

This happened almost every week; whenever I heard my Dad snoring and it was real late I would make the fuck dash. Sometimes Matthew did or would not answer so I would stroll along the bike path hoping to find someone; but never did and went home unfulfilled.

One night while walking home I noticed a group of run down houses with a dim light showing. It was not until a week or so later that I got the courage to investigate. I looked through the grimy windows to see junkies and street kids living there. It was a squat with candles being the cause of the dim lighting. There were several mattresses strewn on the ground; and one person had needles in their arm. Others were walking around near naked or having sex; I was appalled and shocked at the sight.

Matthew grew tired of me and stopped answering my knocks on the window completely. My birthday came and went; and I continued to struggle through school. What was even worse was the need to be satisfied was growing and growing.

One day during lunch I could not help myself; as boy about 15-16 was heading to the toilets I followed him in. We smiled at each other then I led him into a cubicle where I took my top off and got on my knees. The flaccid cock I swallowed soon became a very stiff hard one; as he began moaning and rubbing my head and hair. As he was moaning loudly I could hear chatter; but I kept on sucking. The boy soon exploded in my mouth; he thanked me by leaning down and kissing the top my head. After grabbing some toilet paper he cleaned himself up and I got dressed.

For the next month every Tuesday and Wednesday I would randomly select a guy to coax them into a cubicle; only the odd one would reject me. Then one day as I was blowing a random he was groaning and moaning real loud; I heard someone enter the toilets but I just kept on sucking. Then from the next cubicle there was a flash of light.

One of the girls who I did not like had taken a picture of me. “Gotcha you, bitch” she yelled out and left.

I stopped and quickly dressed; then after apologising to the boy I set off to find the girl. I looked for her; but she did not return to class that day. My mind was drifting through several scenarios of what she up too.

Two days later she returned to school saying nothing; except a teasing huge grin at me. Nothing happened so I continued my routine of sucking randoms at lunchtime. One day after I had just finished someone off I discovered a few boys were huddling around the corner smoking what I thought were cigarettes. They were in fact smoking a bong which they offered to me and I smoked a cone.

They told me “Every lunch time we see you go into the boy’s toilets are you a girl or a cross dresser”?

“What do you think” I asked as I lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down with a grin.

They all started laughing; so now I had a new routine at lunchtime. I would first smoke a bong; then choose a random followed by another bong. Then quickly eat my lunch before heading back to class.
“Do you like to party” my new bong mates, asked me?

I told them of my position with my dad; and all about sneaking out at night. Hoping it would explain why I do what I do each lunch time. They told me they knew a place I could go at night if I managed to get out. It was the squat houses I had seen when I walked home from Matthew’s along the bike track.

I did go to squat house once with my new found school friends in the May after I had given up on Matthew by then. I found out it housed homeless children, junkies and prostitutes in a ratio of the three. The children were curious; but the rest of them only approached when they wanted to try some weed.

One of my bong mates introduced me to the guy who controlled the squat house, he was known as Tex. Tex was a fat heavily tattooed white guy aged about 40. We all left stoned; and I kissed my friends goodnight before going straight to bed it was 3am in the morning. The next day I struggled to rise from my bed to go to school.
It was May, June or July, when the football season was on that the girl took another snap of me. This time I was smoking a bong; I quickly decided to chase after her and I had almost caught her until I stumbled over a bag or something and scuffed my knee.

Like last time she did not return to class after lunch it was the next day and boy was she smirking. I did not know why; but I was about to find out when I got home. I was in my room doing my homework when Dad came storming in.

He threw several pictures of me on to my bed; I tried to say something; but he roared.
“Pack your stuff, you don’t live here anymore”

He stormed off and slammed my door; I started to cry and looked at the pictures the bitch had sunk me. I quickly packed some bags with clothes and a few items. I tried to talk to my Mum; but she was powerless; so I kissed her goodbye and left.

I slept on a park bench the very first night, it even rained so I entered a Saint Vinnie’s bin and slept inside it. The next day I went to the squat house and asked if I could stay there. I spoke to Tex the man who ran the run down house. I explained to him I had been tossed out of my home and needed a place to stay.

“You can stay for a month then after that you will have to pay to stay or move on” he told me.

Tex was only concerned about homeless children having a roof over their heads. He did make exceptions however; he had some prostitutes staying there as paying guests. He made a spot for me on a mattress next to a couple of the prostitutes Stacy and Melissa.

More to come..

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