Babysitting pays. Part three.

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I dont remember what time it was, but it must have been about 10 pm on Sunday when I was awoken by a soft, familiar moan. The sound caught my attention and I went up to Brooke's door, pressing my ear to it I heard, "Shhh.. hee hee, he'll hear you!" and other miscellanous giggles and outbursts. "Fuckin girls.." I though, walking away when I heard the moan agian a little louder. I returned to the door and opened it. Each of their pretty eyes were fixated upon me, and mine on the speactale of sex I was looking at on Brooke's bed. Brooke was licking Amy's pussy and Brittany slouching on a chair happily figering herself along, as All three of them had come to a simultaneous orgasm.

"Ya'll didn't even wake me up? Bah!" My cock had grown erect with this in sight and was ready for something to happen.
"Oh I'm sorry Mike! I told Brooke she should!" Brittany said, glaring at Brooke, "I'll make it up to you, somehow, what can I do?"
Smiling, I told them all to follow me out to the living room. "Brittany go lay down on your back there while I put my hard prick into your pussy" Just the though of that made Brittany nearly gasp and drip with sticky wetness. "Brooke get on top of her in the 69 postion, so you and I can both fuck her little pussy, while shes licks you inside yours" I pushed my cock inside of Brittany, brushing past Brooke's warm tongue, causing heightened pleasure in all three parties. Slowly pulling out Brooke found Brittany's clit and was massaging it lightly, and as I gained speed, Brooke became more focused on the clit and made Brittany cum all over my cock and up into Brooke's mouth. The taste and smell made Brooke cum into Brittany's mouth. All these soft moans of delight cause me to pull out of her pussy and cum on Brooke's face and mouth, hitting Brittany's thighs as well. I looked over and saw Amy on the couch fingering herself, I moved over to her and moved her hand and licked her pussy until she came, too. All this time Brooke was on her back giving me a blowjob, which made me give her the cum that i had left, which she swallowed all of.

"Ya'll stay here and entertain yourself, ill be back with something special." I said, leaving towards the parents' bedroom. After a moment of searching, I found two dildo's, one small and sleek about 4"--meant for anal--and another about 10", rough, veiny looking with a disproportionally large head. "Freaks" I though to myself. I returned to another three way orgy of cuteness when they stopped in the middle and stared at the dildos like they were shiney pearls.

"Brooke since it was your birthday, you get to get this present" scared looking, she sat up anxious. "What do I have to do?" She asked. "Turn around and get on all fours with your ass int he air" I said, "I take care of the rest.."She did so and I was kneeling on one knee, looking right into her wet pussy. I took the smaller apratus and put it up close to her sphincter. "Exhale sweetie, this will feel weird.." I moved the dildo past and inside, she let out a gasp and sharply inhaled. I pushed it all the way in and she said, "Ohh, It hurts but it feels good too.." I pulled it out 3/4 the way and she gasped, this time in delight. "Good so you like it now, you're used to it?" I asked, not expecting an answer. I removed the small dildo all the way and hugged her small body from above while positioning my hard cock up against her hole. "Ooh, Mike, push it in all the way, i wanna feel it way deep inside of me..!" Comlplying, I Pushed and streched her tight hole until my cock was all the way in. Slowly I began to pull out when I rememebered the larger dildo. I grabbed it from the other two who were examining it, and moved the head of it into Brooke's wet slit. "Oh god Michael, I don't know if all this is going to fit?"

"Trust me.." i replied. My cock had deveolped a pace and each time i went in, i moved the oversized dildo in a little further. Brooke was so excited my these actions that she was cumming in no time and moaning louder than ever before. I soon, too, shot my load inside her ass and around it.

"Thanks so much for the birthday present" She said to me when I moved her back on to the couch, "I'll never forget it."


"Well, that was fun. Amy? Your parents should be here soon to pick you up, so why don't you all go take a shower now and get ready to go." "Okay.." They said.

The doorbell rang when they were in the shower and I went up to answer it, finding Amy's dad. "Hey, my name is Michael" I said to him, "Brooke's parents had to go visit a sick relative or something, but they left me in charge while they were out." HIs expression went from neutral to worried. "Oh, but don't worry, I have been a babysitter for at least two years now."
"Two years eh? well at least you know what your doing, I'm just here to pick up Amy and I'll be on my way." "Sure, she's in the shower now, we uhh, were swimming earlier." I said as we walked into the living room.

"Swimming!? Amy is afriad of the water! She can't even swim yet!" He began to shout.
"Whats going on Daddy?" Amy said as she walked out from the shower, semi-dry with a small towel covering her important parts. "Oh, nothing sweetie" Glaring at me.. "did you have a good time here with Brooke?" "Oh daddy it was the best birthday party ever!" "Okay, lets go, bye Mike.." He said walking out.

"Hope Amy won't fuck up and say something" I though to myself. "Brittany?" "yeah?" "You wanna call your parents and see when they will pick you up?" she glanced at Brooke, and replied, "No, but I will anyway.."

She did so and she told me her parents were on their way, she looked at me and almost cried because she tought she would never see me again, But i told her don't worry, tell your parents I'm a good babysitter, and I might get to visit you special. "Oh thats great Mike! I can't wait!" This news seemed to make Brooke sad, "But don't worry Brooke, I'll still visit ya, ;)"

Brittany's parents arrived and took her home without so much as a howdy, Following soon was Brooke's parents, paying me a hefty sum and dismissing me.
"--Later!" I yelled as i was leaving.


A few weeks went by with no residual effect of the great times I had enjoyed previously, until i recieved a call from an unfamilar voice, "Hey Michael, its Greg, Amy's dad. You said you were an experienced babysitter, and ill be out of town tonight, so I decided to give you a call, feel up to it?"
"I don't know, would I be just babysitting Amy?"
He sighed, "No, she convided me to invite her friends, you know, Brooke and Brittany."
"Great!" I said, "Hows does 8 dollars an hour sound?"
"Yeah, whatever, I'll see you later"
-click- Score! I though to myself, I told my parents where I'll be, and took a shower and got going.

I arrived at Amy's house, Which was in a Dead end street, so if anyone was coming down the street, they would be tunring into a house or U-turn. Her dad, who I learned was divorced, left shortly after I did, giving me a suspicious look as he left.

"Hey Amy" I said to her
"Hi Mike, how have you been?" "I don't know, I've been sorta lonely" I said to her, looking at her longingly. She said back to me, "Oh I'm sorry Michael, I would have gotten you over more, but my daddy says he doesn't trust you.." with a confused look on her face. "Well that's okay, we got plenty of time now." I said to her.

She moved closer to me and got in front of me, and started to undo my pants, in no time, my exposed cock had become hard and hot. She moved her moist tongue onto my haed and began to massage it, starting at the base and slowly moving up to the top. She grasped the entire head with her mouth so it was not visable and flooded her tongue all around it.
I gasped, "Jeeze Amy, I didn't know you were so good!" "MmmHmm.." was the only responce I heard. After she sqeezed out any precum I had, which she swallowed, she went furthur down the shaft, first about halfway then three quarters, still moving her tongue around the head, but occasionally going about in circles down on the shaft. Suddenly she locked her lips on the middle of my cock and began to jack me off into her mouth, "Oh God Amy! Im about to cum down your throat!" Soon after I did, and she swallowed every little bit, she was about to say something when I shot out another load, but it only hit the roof of her mouth and lips.

She laughed and said, "Well I was goin to say thank you, but I can see you're already pleased." "Oh I am Amy, where did you learn to suck such a good cock?" "Well.. he told me not to tell anyone, but my dad and I sometimes do that.. But DON'T tell him!" "Really?" I asked rhetorically, "does he ever record these events?"

I went to his room and found a slightly open drawer, I opend it to find a dvd labled, "Amy and I" "wow" I though to myself, what a great guy.. "I'll watch this later, heh"

I asked Amy if she were hungry, and she said no, so we watched a normal movie until Brooke and Brittany got there, about 6pm.

Brittany arrived at the same time Brooke did, and they told me that they were at Brooke's house getting ready. "Ready?" I asked rhetorically, "Ready for what?"

Brooke pulled out from her backpack she brough with her the same two dildos we used in my last encounter with her. "Remeber these?" Brooke said with a slight smile. "I don't think ill ever forget fucking your tight asshole like that, did you bring those so we could do it agian?" She scoffed and said, "Duh!" in a slightly annoying tone.

"Well now that we are all here, lets get started, huh? Brittany, you have yet to tase my cock don't you?" "I think so, yeah." She replied. "Well come over here.." Brooke and Brittany both came to where Amy and I were and kneeled down at my lap, as instructed, Brittany undid my pants, exposing my ever-hardening cock towards her sweet, loving 12 year-old mouth. Brooke was mkaing it easy on Brittany by getting it hard for her by suckign and licking the base and my balls, while, Brittany was massaging my head with her tongue. She'd get her whole mouth around my head and try to move down as far as she could, but only managed about two inches. Brooke was jacking me off at the base, and just the sight and felling of Brittany's tongue made me cum, but I told Brittany so that she would be ready. "Here comes the cum Brittany, you ready? It will be like swallowing syrup." "Mmm, cum in my mouth Michael!" Needless to say I did, and she almost swallowed it all at once, but the few shots she missed she managed to share with Brooke, who was trying to get soem cum too.

Amy was laying on the couch rubbing her pussy, she had unnoticably had two orgasms already at just the sight of the two little girls giving my cock the blowjob of the night. "Let me get that for you sweetie." I said to Amy, as i moved over to lick Amy's tight wet cunt. I moved my hands up across her thighs and carressed her legs, as I swirled my tongue around her pussy. "Ohhh, Mike, I want you deep inside me, I want every inch of you!" I brough her to an orgasm with my tongue first, then moved my eager cock to her little folds. Poised and ready, I moved my head into her pussy, moans of excitement, deeper, moans of slight discomfort as I broke her hymen, cause a small amount of blood to drip onto the carpet, deeper even, moans of pleasure. On that note i withdrew some, and pushed back in, developing a rythem till I brough her to her fourth orgasm of the night.


Vroooom..:Silence:. (Car doors shuts). The door opened as I looked at it in a state of shock. My very life flashed before my eyes, as I saw Brooke, Amy, and Brittany's dads walk into our orgy of ecstasy.

"What the FUCK IS Going ON HERE!?!" Half in blind anger and half in shocked shouting from the enraged men.

My cock was still half way inside of Amy and it had a mind of its own. I actually came inside of her, who had apparently forgotten as every one in the room was concentrating at someone else. I hopped up and put on my pants, the guys still in a state of shear anger..

I stood up and had accepted the fact that i lead a good life, I always ate everything on my plate, I wasn't a virgin, and I had a 4-way with the cutest girls i had ever seen. I was ready to die..

To my surprise they didn't kill me, in fact, what they did was astonishing. "you're doing it all wrong.." they said to me. Astonished, i said, "I though you guys were gonna fucking kill me!"

Amy, Brooke, and Brittany were frozen on the couch just staring off into space. "Oh we though about it, but we decided, nah, we were doin the same thing when we were your age. And thanks to some hidden technology in my house, we have alot of what you have been doing here on tape."

"Well damn!" i said, "Why aren't you slapping the shit out of me right now? for doing all that stuff to your daughters"

"I think we've had enough for tonight, why don't you go on home Mike, you'll hear from us later, maybe."
(I left silently)


Since I had started babysitting way back in the day, I sort of ignored any attemps to find my way through the high school turmoils such as homework, time management, and of course, a girlfriend. The though had never really crossed my mind as I had only been recieveing all the attention from the cute, young, horny girls of the buiseness.

I figured I would quit babysitting for a while, as I was starting to feel extremely bad for doing all the thing i had done, and possibly traumitizing those poor girls when their father's had walked in. Also, my grades had been slipping, and I needed to make sure i stayed in an acceptible GPA range.

Prior to the babysitting, I wasn't really paying attention to any of the girls iin my classes, but now, it's all I can seem to see. One of the girls that I couldn't keep my eyes off of, was head cheerleader at the school I was attending. I was alwasy trying to find excuses to talk to her, try to learn as much as i could about her. Turns out her name was Casey, a beautiful brown haired sophomore with a passion for excitement.

I see Casey more than half of the school day, and we talked so often, that she gave me her phone number, which i practically have on speed dial.

The day came when I asked her out to the school dance, and because this isn't important, a long story short, I asked, she accepted, we had a good time.

10:00 PM was when the dance concluded, and we were both anxious to go. "I guess I'll take you home now." We got to her driveway, and I looked into her eyes and I told her, "I had a great time at the dance. We should do more stuff together more often."

Casey replied, "I agree; hey how about you come over to my house tomarrow after school, my house is always empty since my older sister is away at college and my parents both work long, insane hours."

"Alright sounds great, see ya in school."


"sounds like

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