She's The Master - Part 2 of 4

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She’s The Master
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Written: June 14 2006

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NOTE: the main idea for this story
came from the movie "She’s The Man"
a movie about a girl who goes to
school posing as her twin brother.

Part 2 - Jessica's Time At Dolcett U

After Jessica and Stacey finished the introductory meeting with the dean of Dolcett U they went up to the dormitory to the room the dean had assigned Jessica to live in for her time at the school, Jessica took a quick look around and then threw her clothes off in all directions like most girls she preferred to be nude, "What are we gonna do about you?" Jessica asked Stacey who was just sitting on the bed playing with her new cunt tag.

"What do you mean?" Stacey said looking up at Jessica, "People at home will know your gone" Jessica replied, "OH don't worry about that I took care of it before we left" she said witch cared Jessica a bit, "What did you do?" she asked, "I used your father's tagging gun to make a fake tag for myself with all of my information and switched it with a friend of mine from School who has no family, no one will miss her if she disappears, so she is me now" Stacey said as she started to cum from her fingering the cunt tag.

"But wont they come after your mom and sisters as meat if you’re a run away?" Jessica said getting up from the bed and looking at Stacey, "No im too young to roast so the meat agency wont call me for another year, they only go after family when you skip out on the lottery commission" Stacey reassured her, as they laid together in the bed.

The next day Jessica and Stacey woke up in the same bed having had a hot and steamy sex session most of the night, Stacey had said she wanted her last night on earth to be the best one she had ever had since she knew by the end of spit master class today she would have a steel pole though her and be roasting over an open fire for Jessica's dinner, her first dinner that she would spit and roast herself as a spit master in training.

After a short while they could hear the sound of a horn blowing in the distance, it was the call for all spit masters in training to get up and start there day, Jessica got out of bed and looked around the bedroom the school had assigned her to live in, in one corner was her bed a large and very soft bed with silk sheets, and in the other corner was a several bolts attached to the floor and wall with heavy chain's to keep her spit muffin from running away and a blanket thrown on the floor meant to serve as a bed for what ever spit muffin she would be assigned to spit that week.

Since Jessica knew her spit muffin would never try to run away she did not think Stacey needed to be chained to the wall and floor allowing her to sleep with her in the big soft bed, but Jessica would not be so kind to future spit muffins and she could already imagine the fun she was going to have shoving spit up tight cunt’s and could not wait to get started on Stacey's.

Jessica and Stacey left there room with Jessica dressed in her brothers uniform, her uniform now, and Stacey warring on her cunt tag, collar and chain with the end of it in Jessica's hand, "Now remember if anyone asks, your Jessica and im Jason" Jessica whispered to Stacey on there way to the main hall for breakfast, upon entering the main hall they could see about 20 young girls in various stages of cooking and about 100 very hungry men eating as much as they could get there hands on.

Jessica sat at the first table she could find with a spot open, while Stacey had to sit on the floor behind her like a dog, she could see many other girls in the room sitting on the floor with her, this made her feel a little better, after Jessica had eaten all the meat she could and tossed a few scraps to Stacey the first and only bell of the day rang telling everyone that spit master class was about to begin.

Everyone in the main hall got up and walked toward there designated classroom with there assigned spit muffin behind them, Jessica and Stacey arrived at room #659 with professor Spitenmier, "Your late" he said to Jessica, "Sorry I got lost" she replied, "What is your name young man?" He asked looking though his book, "Jason sir, Jason Kaos" Jessica said without missing a beat, "Deposit your spit muffin over there and take a seat, Mr. Kaos" Spitenmier said while walking to the podium to address the whole class.

"Ok class, I am Professor Spitenmier welcome to spit master beginner 101, In this class you will learn though live demonstrations, by me, to properly arouse your muffin and ready her to take the spit we will be doing this by using tongues to stimulate the outer and inner folds of the muffin's pussies, you will use your own muffins for this demonstration" he said as a man came over and handed each master the leash for there muffin to them, "You mean we wont get to spit the muffins today?" Jessica asked still trying to use a deep voice to not be found out as a girl, "You will not spit your muffins until you have passed the arousal/preparation and culinary portion of the class, witch takes about 6 months" Professor spitenmier said.

The time went quickly Jessica was learning so much in her time she had learned to properly stimulate and ready a roast for the spit, oven, and slaughter, and she had learned how to mix many recipes for sauces, stuffings and other types of side recipes, approximately 6 months have passed.

"DAMN IT" Stacey screamed when she and Jessica went back to there private room, "What’s wrong Stacey?" Jessica asked knowing what the answer was going to be, "It's been 6 months and im still here, I haven't been roasted yet, if this takes any longer ill be eligible for the lottery before I roast!" she flamed and flopped on the large bed while Jessica shed her school uniform, "No you wont, Stacey doesn’t exist anymore remember?, your Jessica now and you will roast when professor Spitenmier says it's time" Jessica said while getting ready for bed.

The next morning Jessica and Stacey entered classroom #659 as they had every day over the passed 6 months, "Welcome class I have good news for you today" he said with a gleam in his eye, "We have entered the potion of the class where we will learn the proper spitting technique to spit and roast a whole spit muffin weather she be alive, witch is best, or previously slaughtered, lets begin" He said while a man walked into the room with a young girl on a leash similar to the spit muffins the guys had brought as there practice muffins.

"This young girl, err I mean this spit muffin" He started catching himself and amending his statement, "Let me just say that I made a common mistake right off the bat here announcing this muffin by referring to her as "This young girl" as we all know she forfeited her status as a young girl the moment she was selected in the lottery and assigned to us, please remember that all of you, a girl is no longer a girl once her tag has been selected" He added.

"On that note this muffins former name was Stacey Jenson, she was selected in the lottery last week and sent to us for this demonstration" he said as she was made to stand in the center of the room, Jessica's spit muffin recognized this girl right away and gave a little smile,

"Now back to the matter at hand" He said as he returned his attention to the spit muffin who had been brought in, "This spit muffin has been assigned to us for a practical demonstration of how to properly spit a whole muffin while she is still alive, when we are finished here at the end of the demonstration there will be a written test of the technique, those who pass the written test will advance to the next level and use the technique to spit there own muffin" he said walking over to the muffin.

"Don't worry for those of you who try to spit your muffin and fail, by either her premature expiration or a slip of the spit witch is also common among beginners, we have a full stockyard of muffin to assign to you as a replacement, but those masters who make mistakes and ruin there muffin will not achieve the higher situations.

Jessica watched intently as Professor Spitenmier perfectly spitted the young muffin known as Stacey in front of the whole classroom the demonstration was done by hand, "I did this by hand witch in my opinion is the best way you can go, but it is possible to use a spitting machine such as the J-3000 or a plain old spitting jig, the J-3000 is mainly for professional spitters who have to spit many muffins in a short time" He said as men came over and took the spitted muffin to the kitchen to roast.

Jessica learned everything she needed in that one demonstration and passed the written test with flying colors and was now ready at long last to give her best friend the ride she always dreamed of, "Ok class those of you who passed the written test claim your practice muffins and take a spit from the spit rack and follow me to the spitting room" He said to the 59 guys who passed the test who were now standing a chain leash in one hand and a spit grasped in the other.

Once in the spitting room they saw hundreds of tables spread out in what looked like an endless sea of tables, Next to every table was an 8 foot long 4 foot wide pit filled with charkhole and a spit frame on either side, "everyone take a table and light your pit then prepare your muffin to take the spit, by the time your muffin is ready the coal in the pit should be just right" Spitenmier said watching closely.

Jessica placed Stacey on her table and lit the pit the blazing fire came to life and startled her for a moment while at the same time mesmerized Stacey who by now was already ready for the spit and would need to preparation, "WOW, your pussy is slick enough to grease an engine, you wont need much work" Jessica said to Stacey while dipping two fingers into her dripping pussy.

"By the way nice work with the switch you made with that girl, now no one will ever suspect that your not me" Jessica whispered into Stacey's ear who only gave a slight nod and a smile, "Ok everyone take up your spits and get to it, im timing you all the master with the best time with a flawless performance will graduate with top honors as a spit master, the rest of you will stay with me another 6 months" He said as everyone picked up there spits and began.

"I love you Stacey" Jessica whispered into Stacey's ear as she pushed the tip of the spit into her pussy, "I love you too Jess, now get to it you have to win that spot as the best" she replied as Jessica fucked her with the spit just as she had been taught too, "When you cum im gonna push it all the way thought you" Jessica said, nods and mons from Stacey in acknowledgment.

The look at Stacey's face told Jessica she was about to cum and sure enough Stacey was in the throws of a powerful orgasm that was Jessica's cue to give the spit one hard thrust witch pushed the spit though Stacey and out of her mouth, it was a flawless spitting, she thought so anyway, but would Spitenmier?.

Within 5 minutes of her spitting Stacey was properly bound and over the coals starting her roasting, Spitenmier came over having observed the whole process, "Wonderful job you were the first one to finish in under 10 minutes Jason Kaos, your our winner congratulations" he said with cheers from the rest of the class, the rest of the girls were spitted in similar fashion and a congratulatory feast was held for Jason in her honor, he was given the cunt of the roasted body of his muffin the girl everyone believed to be his sister Jessica.

The next morning having now graduated from Dolcett U Jessica was looking forward to a life of spiting young girls, until she was called to report to the deans office, she knew something was wrong.

The rest of her class walked into Spitenmiers classroom as they had done a thousand times before but with one strange difference, Jason was chained to a table in the middle of the classroom still in full uniform and a red baal gag in his mouth, "Hey prop, what’s up" Jack Jones said gesturing to Jason bound to the table, Jack was Jason's best friend and though it odd to see him like this, "Mr. Kaos has not been honors with us over the passed few months, Have you Mr. Kaos" Spitenmier said as everyone looked toward Jason to see him crying.

"Prop man let him go, have you lost it or something?" Jack said walking toward the table to free Jason, "Sit back down Mr. Jones or you fail this class" Spitenmier said and Jack sat back down quick, "Yesterday after the graduation ceremony for Mr. Kaos I got a strange visitor from the department of muffins they told me something that made me speechless until I checked it out for myself, it seems our Jason is not Jason at all but his own twin sister Jessica" he said as the class made rude comments and unbelieving remarks, "I know I didn't believe it myself, im a trained spit master and I didn't see the obvious signs, but its true, he is a she a mere muffin living here with us as a master" he said as he walked over to the table and ripped off Jason's pants and shirt leaving the bound girl totally nude exposing her breasts and pussy to the whole class.

"What do you have to say for yourself meat?" Spitenmier said as he removed the ball gag from Jessica's mouth, like all muffins she immediately began to beg to be released, "I see the months living among us masters hasn’t really made much difference, once nude and bound you revert to the normal muffin tendencies of begging" he said, "Please let me go, I’ve proved to you all that a muffin can be a great spit master" she said though her tear soaked eye's.

"All you proved is that you can pass off as your brother" Spitenmier said, "Who died in a terrible car crash" he added, "What are you gonna do with him, I mean her" Jack said looking down at the face of the man he though he knew, "We will be having one last live demonstration and she is it, by the end of this class she will be riding this spit" He said holding up a spit he had personally selected for her.

"Who wants to do the spitting?" Spitenmier said, Jack came forward and took the spit from his hands, "I WILL!" he yelled in anger, ramming the sharp spit end into Jessica's pussy, "HOLD IT" Yelled Spitenmier, "She is to be treated like any other muffin, with as much respect and tenderness as possible even if she is a traitorous cunt" he added, Jack then began to slowly fuck Jessica with the spit as she had done to Stacey the day before, "When you cum you die bitch" he said, "Please Jack don't do this, we are friends" Jessica begged her former friend.

"Correction we were friends, anyway I thought this was the part of the class you loved so much, to shove a spit up a tight little cunt like yours" Jack teased as Jessica screamed in her muffinized orgasm, Jack taking advantage of this shoved the spit hard before Jessica realized what had happened she was staring at the sharp point of the spit two feet in front of her eye's, she blinked a few times before she fully understood what had happened, she was now just meat on a stick.


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