Sexual Encounters of a Young man- 24 - Mating with Beautiful Rupali at Theatre.

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The story is by one of his friend Montu Kumar starts around the year-2011-12, around 7-8 years back from the present time. He become friend with me during a fashion show in Delhi.. Where he was the Event Planner for the company which has organised this fashion show.. He has narrated his story to me during our several meetings. This is a story about how he become a Sugar Daddy of Two families

Maanvi and Rupali started to give him food every alternate month as he got stomach upset due to outside food for long and on one fine morning when she went there to give him morning Coffee on seeing his erect 9 Inch cock while he was asleep and she was lured into sucking it and then while bathing she fell in bathroom and Montu Kumar treated and helped her and then fucked her.

They were facing problems to find a safe and secluded place for regular fucking afterwards so one day he fucked her in the Garden at a lonely place and then on a friday night they decided to go to Terrace and he fucked there all night including Maanvi’s first anal. and then he fucked a russian blonde virgin in hotel swimming pool.

Then he enjoyed a accidental oral sex with his other neighbour lady Rupali and while answering my query on his introduction to the world of sexual pleasures he narrated his first sexual encounters.

In the last part 23 you have read

He knew she got her orgasm, and removed his hand from her cunt, went back to squeezing her breasts with one hand, and suckling the other one with his tongue and mouth. He put his hand on her hand which was stroking his cock, signalled her to move it faster, and she increased the momentum of her movements on his cock. Rupali gripped his cock harder, and began to pump her hand up and down, getting carried away by the situation. Soon she sensed his body tense up, almost at once before she could remove her hand, his cock twitched uncontrollably in her hand, and his semen came spurting out, as she continued to pump his cock, and the semen was dripping all over her hand. Rupali was getting carried away and did not mind that the semen was gushing out and dripped all over her hand. Montu Kumar gave a contented sigh, and Rupali removed her hand from his cock, and not knowing where to wipe all the drippy semen. She then took her pallu and wiped it off.

She quickly and quietly adjusted her clothes as did Montu Kumar next to her.

It was on time because hardly 5 -10 minutes later the lights came on, and the announcement of interval. They had not spoken a word. Montu Kumar quickly got up, and without even glancing at her, left for urinal. It was over, and though her mind was still confused; she was also relieved that it was over. She had really been so scared and nervous about the whole thing. After all it all happened in a public place, and what if somebody had seen / caught them. Rupali tried to make herself as inconspicuous as possible by sliding low in her seat, looked around, and saw that the hall was completely empty. She thought about the events of the past 90 minutes or so, and was stunned at what happened, and how she allowed so much to happen, letting him to fondle her, open her bra, fondle and suck on her breasts, even allowing him to hold his dick for masturbation. Rupali somehow had overcome her natural shyness and fear she had, and let the passion take over, eventually cooperated with Montu Kumar. It was wild, and she did have a lovely and shattering orgasm. No doubt about that her body had reacted to the situation.

Now Further

After ine interval was over , the lights dimmed, and the movie commenced again. After about 5 minutes, Montu Kumar returned, and sat next to her. However, she was not as nervous as before, and was cooler. Montu Kumar had a packet of popcorn with him which he offered her, she took some, and they shared. No words were still spoken due to shyness and hesitation, but it was as if a silent agreement had developed.

After 10 minutes or so, when she was taking some popcorn, he held her hand, gripped it hard. After a couple of minutes, he took it up to his mouth, and kissed it affectionately. Rupali was not so tensed and scared about it like before. She did not protest. They both held hands for a while, him constantly gripping her hand, and caressing it. He began to fidget on his seat again, she heard him unzipping his fly, and she could feel her heart beating faster once again. With his other hand, he took his cock out once again which was semi erect now.

He then placed her right hand on his cock once again, this time Rupali willingly, and without much nervousness took it in her hand. He did not have to force her hand on his cock as had happened before the interval. His cock was only semi erect, she started to gently caress, and grip it. It did feel nice and wonderful in her smallish hand, and she had no qualms about stroking it now. Rupali glanced down at what she was doing, and in the dim lights, she could make out her smallish and fairish hand stroking his dark cock.

Montu Kumar leaned towards her, then put his right hand directly on her breasts, began to fondle, and massage them. The movements were "sure" & less hurried now. She let him continue. The passion was building up. He was once again firmly and expertly fondling her breasts, and it was feeling good. He then moved his hand down from the front, slipped his hand inside her blouse, reached for her breasts inside, began to squeeze them hard over the bra, and then tried to push her bra upwards so that the breast could be freed. He was struggling a bit, and she was wondering how to help him. He then withdrew his hand totally outside, and then with his left hand, encircled her shoulders, pulling her towards himself, and he hugged her tight. It was a deep, warm, and passionate hug as with his right hand he was pushing her hard on his chest.

He made her move a bit sideways towards him so that he could hug her better. He hugged her tight, a real bear hug. Their faces were almost touching, then he kissed her on cheek, and before she realized it, his mouth was on her, and he was kissing her passionately. It was mind-blowing, and she felt his tongue forced its way into her mouth, pushing, and toying with her tongue. He was pushing his tongue deep in her mouth, darting it across her mouth, and then he began to suck onto her tongue. (This was crazy, even her husband had never kissed her in this way before). Rupali too returned his kiss, also tried to push her tongue in his mouth, he let it enter his mouth, and sucked on her tongue. This deep franch kissing continued for some time, and they were both enjoying it a lot.

He was then passionately whispering in her ear, "Rupali , love you, I love you darling" and strangely enough in the heat of passion, Rupali too said "I love you; I love you."

While they were still deep and wet kissing with intertwined tongues, he slid his right hand inside her blouse once again; he was fondling and squeezing her breasts really hard. He managed to get one breast partially outside the bra; he was kneading the nipple and caressing it hard. It was feeling lovely; she then felt his hand caressing her stomach, her side, then below the knot of her sari. He moved his hand onto her back, then it was on her bra strap, then very deftly, he unhooked it. Then, he was caressing her naked back. They were still in deep kissing, he moved his hand back onto her breasts, pushed the loose bra upwards, released both her breasts, and he was now kneading them in full earnest. Her breasts were now free for what he wanted to do with them. As she was leaning sideways towards him, he began to pull her pallu from her shoulders. She too shifted slightly so that he could remove her blouse and bra, and she could feel the cool air-conditioning on her naked breasts. Rupali glanced down in the dim light of the movie hall, and she could see her breasts fully exposed, and his large hand squeezing them hard.


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