His fantasy comes true

There she lay on her bed texting some random dude just because she was bored. Her long black hair was tied up into a bun and she was all comfortable in her knee length red silk night dress. Her fingers tap, tap, tapping away on her android phone as the conversation between her and the 26 year old guy took a steamy turn. "Mmm beautiful send me some nude pics of you I wanna c how sexy you are." Texted the random guy who found her number on a social network site. Amy texted him back saying that she was shy and she doesn't send nudes to anyone. The man begged her to send at least one picture of her naked young teen body. "Plss hunni ur face doesn't even have to be in it." Amy bit her lip and typed back "okay but just one ;)"

"How bad can this be I'm sure one pic won't do any harm plus he wouldn't even know who I am, my face isn't going to be in the picture." Thought Amy. She got up of her bed with her phone in her hand and went towards her mirror and stripped off her silk night dress tossing it on her bed.

There she stood naked in front of her mirror. Her eyes roamed all over her own reflection.

She was sexy indeed with her firm not too big and not too small tits. Her milky white flat tummy, her long gorgeous legs and her clean shaven pink pussy in between them. Her body was beautiful and so was her face. Amy switched to the camera on her phone and held the phone to take out the nude picture. Her phone made a click sound as she took it out and then looked at it for a moment, bit her lip and sent it to the guy. Amy threw down her phone onto her bed and quickly placed her nightdress back on and went down for dinner because her mom had called her. She didn't worry about checking her phone to see what the guys reply mite be because she felt shy and silly for sending a nude pic to him but a slight bit horny as well.

After dinner with her mum and dad she went up to her room checked her messages to see something shocking! Firstly the random dude sent her a bunch of angry faces and he told her to go and fuck herself because she kept him waiting for her nude pic and that she never sent it to him. Any quickly realized that she sent the pic to the wrong person.. And from everyone on her contact list she mistakenly sent it to her moms sisters husband Amy's uncle! She read the reply to the nude picture from her uncle which read "oh my :0 . Amy what is this, why did you send this to me??" Amy felt her cheeks burn red and a deep embarrassment filled her body as her she began to type with her shakey thumb's back to her uncle Paul. "I'm sorrrry, The picture was a mistake it wasn't suppose to be sent to you I'm soo embarrassed. :(."

Paul replied a minute later saying that it was okay as long as it stays between them and this doesn't happen again.

Amy laid awake that night in shame not sure how she was going to face her uncle the next day when they were going over to his house to have a cook out. "Fuck." Amy exclaimed as she covered her head with her covers and rolled on her side.

Paul was rather shocked receiving such a picture from his 19 year old niece Amy. But most of all he was excited and turned on by her picture. He zoomed in on her picture taking in every inch of her young sexy body. Paul always had a thing for Amy he watched her grow into a beautifully sexy young women. He often pictured what she looked like nude. And now he finally got to see it and he loved what he saw.

The next day came around and Amy sat in her moms car dreading going to her uncles place she tried every excuse not to go but to no avail. "I can't believe my 34 year old uncle saw me naked." Thought Amy. As she lowered her head in shame. Paul lived alone with his wife. His wife was out of shape and no longer attractive to him as she was before, she had let herself go but even tho Paul never cheated on her. Amy and her family reached Paul's house and they were greeted with warm hugs at the door. When Amy's and Paul's eyes met there was something different between them. Amy avoided looking at him and went up to her room. Amy often stayed over at Paul's house it was like a second home for her and therefore she was given her own room there. She knew that she had to stay over there tonight because her mother and father where going to be out of town for a few days. She dropped her bags on her bed and went down stairs trying her best to avoid Paul as she made small talk with her aunt and eat dinner.

Paul couldn't seem to rip his eyes away from the teen as he watched her every move. He now saw her differently from his sweet pretty niece to now a girl who makes his cock twitch every time she's around. Dinner was over and Amy's parents left on there trip leaving behind Amy. She slept under her covers in her uncles house. Her mind drifted from thought to thought and she found herself regretting taking that nude pic in the 1st place. It was now really awkward between Paul and herself. They haven't actually said a word to each other since the incident.

Saturday morning came around and Paul had the day off from work while his wife had to work on Saturday's she had left the house early in the morning before Amy could even wake. Paul walked over to Amy's room because he wanted to talk to her about what had happened. Paul noticed her door had a slight crack in it and he pushed slightly at her door and gazed in. He saw her fast asleep with the blankets kicked off wearing a crop top and a tiny shorts. He admired her body for a moment and then he found himself walking towards her bed to wake her. He knelt down by her bedside and looked at her sleeping. So innocent he thought as his hand went towards her exposed thigh. He shook her thigh slightly in a vain attempt to wake her but all she did was continue sleeping. His heartbeat sped up as he considered what he was about to do to her. He wanted her and he had to have her.

Paul slowly caressed her nipple with his tip of his finger in circular motions doing this rewarded him with a soft moan from Amy. He slowly stood up and lifted Amy up of her bed in both strong arms. She shuffled slightly in his grasp but still did not wake. He held the sleeping girl in his arms and walked towards his basement. He got there and he laid Amy down on a padded bench he slowly removed her shorts exposing her pink shaven pussy. He marvelled at it and his cock got stiff in his boxers. He then spread the sleeping girls legs egal and strapped her legs to the bed bench after that he grabbed hold of her wrists and secured them to the straps above her head.

Paul had a kinky dungeon in his basement which he only used ounce because his wife hated kinky sex or any sex for that matter he thought that getting a dungeon down there would be useful and maybe it mite spice things up between Paul and this wife. but he was wrong until now that is. "Ah it did come in handy I c." Said Paul. He gave Amy a spank on her pussy which woke her rite up. Amy gasped and awoke immediately only to find herself half naked and restrained in a room filled with sex toys and kinky equipment while her uncle stood over her looking down at her. "Ahhh whats happening why are you doing this to me." Asked Amy. As fear, shock and embarrassment filled her. Paul said nothing his only reply was pinching her nose shut which forced her to open her mouth to breath and him pushing a normal sized ball gag into her mouth and quickly strapping it behind her head.

Amy's breathing grew ragged and she was in total shock of this situation. She pulled on her restraints hard but to no avail. Her uncle was doing this to her why she didn't know and what was he going to do to her she had no clue. "Mmm mmmmm!" Amy exclaimed. She could only make muffled sounds through the gag with her mouth being stretched and filled. His hands began roughly playing with her tender breasts through her crop top. He then lifted up her crop top revealing her creamy tits decked with soft nipples. His hands began pinching her tender nipples and pulling on them harshly as Amy cried out in pain.

Paul released her tits and then moved his hand down her tummy and landed it on her clit

He began rubbing her clit in circular motion's with his thumb fast. Amy began moaning through the gag as her body betrayed her and her pussy became wet. Paul slipped a finger into her wet pussy and he began pumping it in and out of her at a fast paste. He then took his free hand and placed slight pressure on her abdominal as he increased his paste that he was fingering her at and in a moment Amy let out a loud moan through the ball gag as she began to squirt all over Paul's arm. As much as Amy disliked this situation she couldn't help but roll her eyes back, curl her toes and enjoy the sensation of cumming.

When her orgasm had passed she came to her senses and the only feeling that filled her body was shame as she watched her uncle suck off her juice's from his fingers that were inside of her a moment ago. "Hmm I like the way you taste slut." Said Paul in a lustful voice. Paul walked over to a tray table next to Amy and he picked up a pair of alligator clips and brought it over to Amy. He grabbed one nipple and clamped a clip on to it as she cried out in pain. He repeated the same process on the other nipple.

Amy was shocked by this new sensation of having her nipple clamped. It felt like her hard nipples where on fire. Paul then took 2 more alligator clips from his tray table and went over between Amy's spread thigh's, he pulled her soft pussy lip and clamped down the clip on it. Amy screamed loudly through her gag as she felt her pussy lips being stretched and clamped by heavy alligator clips. Paul had finished placing both clips on either side of her pussy lips when he stood up and admired her and his handiwork for a moment before he picked up a short thick black leather whip and began running it up and down Amy's body gently teasing her with it as she looked on in horror knowing what’s coming next. Paul raised his hand and brought the whip down on her flat exposed tummy with a hard thrust as she shook and screamed in reaction. It burned for a moment but as soon as the moment was over another strike was applied to her breasts. Paul's made sure he had whipped every sensitive part of her body. He paid special attention to her clamped nipples and pussy making it shake and hurt more with each strike she had received. Amy's pale body was left with red strokes from breast to feet when he was done with her.

"You want to act like a slut and send nudes pictures of yourself to boys! Well this is how a slut should be punished, you lucky I didn't tell your mum and dad about what you are doing or their punishment that they would have given you would of have been far worst!"

Said Paul as he rubbed his hands over the red marks on her body. Amy was dumbstruck she had no idea that her uncle was capable of doing something like this to her but she was getting turned on by this whole predicament she found herself in. Something in her enjoyed feeling helpless.


Chapter 2 coming soon.

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