The Love Shared (Part 2)

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Much to my annoyance Mom made me sleep in my own bed that night, she didn't want Dad stumbling up the stairs and walking in on us, which was understandable. My argument was how I was supposed to sleep with so much going through my head, my eyes had been opened to a whole new relationship with her, no longer was she just the source of love, comfort and shelter, but now she was everything to me. I wanted more, as greedy as that was, I wanted more.
I wanted to share her bed, to share her life. Dad being around was the problem, the man who deserved nothing had everything I wanted. And he didn't care.
I led in my bed staring up at the ceiling, a stream of thoughts running through my mind. I tried to focus on tomorrow, on getting that camera into Fayes bedroom and finding out what was going on. Maybe she was more like me than I thought, maybe she was engaged in a sexual relationship with a parent. Her father.
If that was the case then I would know about it and put it out of my mind, but if it wasn't the case then maybe something a little darker was going on. And maybe I was being given the chance to stop it before it ever happened. Her father's lust for her was evident, but that could be where it ended. Or it could just be the beginning.
I slowly drifted to sleep with the thoughts of becoming a detective, and then being the hero that Faye needed. But whenever I thought about Faye, and my previous obsession, Fayes face would slowly become my Mothers, and it seemed as though whatever thoughts I had about becoming Fayes hero, changed into me becoming my Mothers hero. Not Fayes.

I woke up the next morning in a haze, something in my mind was telling me that what happened last night was nothing more than a dream, and for a brief moment I questioned whether it happened at all.
I got out of bed and went into the bathroom, wearing nothing but pyjama bottoms I took my morning urination and cast a look towards the bath. The image of my Mother led amongst the bubbles flashed before my eyes bringing me my first smile of the day. I left the bathroom and slightly pushed on her bedroom door, Dad was curled up in the clothes he wore yesterday out for the count, I knew that he wouldn't be up for another couple of hours so my next port of call was Bobbie's bedroom.
Her door was wide open and her bed was empty, on the floor scrunched up into a ball was her nightie. I left the room and headed downstairs, I could hear the TV on and from the sounds of it Bobbie was watching her Saturday morning cartoon shows. Or at least, whatever passed as cartoon shows nowadays. Even at my age I was old enough to note the downfall in Saturday morning television.

I came to the doorway to the lounge and saw Bobbie laid out on the couch watching some badly drawn cartoon, a kid in a weird hat talking to a yeti. She turned her head and looked at me for a moment before flashing me a quick smile and turning her head back to the TV, I turned and went into the kitchen.

Mom was frying some pancakes wearing one of my hockey jerseys. I wasn't a huge fan of hockey, but I loved the jerseys, and Mom was a sight to behold in my Oilers top. Her legs were bare and her back was to me, I stepped into the kitchen and moved up behind her, sliding my arms around her waist she placed one of her hands onto my wrist.
''You only make pancakes when you're in a good mood.'' I told her.
''Well then I must be in a good mood,'' she replied, ''And I have you to thank for that.'' she said. She turned around in my arms and kissed me, my hand dropped down to her thigh and slid up to her hip.
''You're not wearing underwear, Mother.'' I noticed.
''Why would I?'' she asked, ''It's Saturday, which means my boy's home.'' she told me. I returned her kiss while moving my hand around to her ass, if Bobbie came in now it would be difficult to break away from her discreetly. So knowing that we were in a hole that had no escape, I went with it.

I turned her back around and went down to my knees, my hands ran up her legs and lifted the jersey up above her buttocks. I kissed her on either cheek, before spreading them apart with my face, my tongue leapt from my mouth and reached as far as it could, it was far enough, as it lashed at her clitoris. She brought her hips back with a jolt as my tongue licked the point of entry, a thin trail of her juice came with the tip of my tongue, making it look as though it was attacked to a piece of string tied to her vagina.
I knew time was limited so I got back to my feet and release my cock from my pyjama bottoms, I didn't wait to lube it and pushed forward, feeling her entry with my helmet. I brought a hand up to her breast, as well as it being a great place for my hand it also served as a prop to hold up the jersey. I pushed my hips forward, taking another step closer and I felt my penis slide into her.
The pancakes spat a little bit of fat at my arm, but nothing could take the feeling of being inside her away at this point. I brought my hips back a little before pushing forward again, I'd seen enough porno''s of cocks slipping out to know that I didn't want that hassle. I continued with the same motion for a moment or two, hearing little gasps escape Mom's mouth made me switch it up a speed. It was starting to feel even better, I could feel my balls tighten, the thought of Bobbie walking into the kitchen and catching us made it feel even better.
She gripped the edge of the stove and dropped her chin into her chest, despite the risk she put up no protest and I think the risk made it hotter for her too.
''Doc, I'm gunna cum.'' she whispered as best as she could, she got louder as the sentence progressed, I new that I was about to burst too and picked up the pace once again. My hand that had been gripping her breast released a little, before I pinched her nipple between my thumb and fore-finger. She moaned again, louder this time. I could hear the sound of my cock collide with her clitoris, her juice was splashed over my balls as they smacked against her.
Her knees buckled a little, she struggled to hold herself upright, I felt her tighten around my shaft and it was then that I burst my load inside of her. My left hand squeezed her hip while my hand was back wrapped around her breast, I felt each jet leave my body and enter hers, feeling the warmth of her play with the sensitivity my cock was now feeling.
My face was pressed up against her back, her head hung low as the smell of burning pancake filled our nostrils. She flicked a switch on the wall switching the cooker off, and pushed the pan off the hob, I slowly backed up a little as she steadied herself.
''Good morning,'' she panted.
''Morning Mom.'' I replied.

Moments after breaking away from her Bobbie came into the kitchen, I took a seat at the table to hide what was left of my erection as Mom turned the stove back on.
''Bobbie honey, your pancakes are they but I have to re-do Doc's, they burned.'' she told her. Bobbie smiled and looked at me before delivering a ''Ha!'', she took her plate and laid it on the table, pulling out a chair and then sitting on it.
''Mom's taking me out later to buy underwear.'' she said in a very 'In your face' manner.
''So your getting underwear, what for Bobbie? Keep your boobies warm?'' I asked playfully. She shook her head, ''No because some boys at school make fun of me when my nipples poke in my t-shirt.'' she said.
''They're making fun of you now Bobbie, but secretly, they want to see them nipples, they'll wish you never wore a bra.'' I told her. ''Why?'' she asked. Mom cast a dark look at me, and maybe Bobbie was too mentally innocent to be corrupted but then maybe she wasn't.
''Well because boys like boobies.'' I told her as she stuffed her mouth with pancake, ''Does that mean I'm supposed to like willies?'' she asked. Mom's eyes had slammed shut, and I know that she desperately wanted to call a stop to the conversation, but I kept on playing with her curious mind. ''Maybe,'' I said, ''Or maybe you'll like boobies too.''
She thought for a moment, chewing her mouth-full before saying; ''No, I think I like dick better.''

Despite the eyebrow raising conversation that was going on downstairs, I decided waiting for the pancakes to be re-done whilst checking my emails was a good option. Zak had said that he was going to dedicate this weekend to trying to find more videos online of Miss. Whittle, I told him that I thought the video he found was a one time thing but he didn't seem convinced. His bin was going to be full of tissues during this research.
There was another email in my inbox from FRAM, but this one had a subject titled 'Doc!', I scanned the email with anti-virus and it came back clean, so I opened it. In it was a short paragraph;

You probably deleted the last email I sent because you didn't trust it. That's cool, no worries.
It's Faye. FRAM is my screen name. I got your email through a friend and had to talk to you.
Basically, what're you playing at? Our parents have this idea that you can come round here and tutor me. I don't need tutoring. I've never needed tutoring.
No offence, but what have you said? Is this afternoon going to be some kind of weird date?
Reply ASAP.

PS- You call yourself Doc? :-/

I stared at the email for a good two minutes, Faye was thinking that I set this up. Would she believe me if I told her that I didn't? No, probably not. But she seemed smarter than I originally thought she was, I had to play this right, not for the sake of her being my obsession, but for the sake of getting a camera in there to see what was going on. So I sucked in a deep breath and began typing;

I was told about tutoring you yesterday by my mother, it seems as though all of this was your mothers idea as it was her who asked. Why your mother thinks I give a damn about the industrial revolution, I don't know, but apparently you're struggling.
I'd love to change the plans but with your mother being at the helm of it then I can't imagine her taking it too kindly, she'll probably blame you so it's best if I show my face, even if it's just to check over your work.
Doc is a name I've had for years, BTW. And what is FRAM supposed to mean?

I hit send and left the bedroom, on my way out I had a quick peek through the telescope, Faye was led on her bed with her laptop. She seemed to be typing pretty quickly, it was probably a scathing reply to my email. Later was going to be fun, I thought to myself.
I walked across the landing to the top of the stairs, Dad was now occupying the bathroom and a brief feeling of hatred swept through me as I continued downstairs. The smell of pancakes filled my nostrils as I entered the kitchen, there was a nice little stack on a plate for me next to a mug of coffee.
Mom was standing at the back door and I went up behind her and slid my hands underneath the jersey, her nipples were standing on end, you could hang a wet towel on them if you wanted to.
''Thank you for the pancakes.'' I said. She turned to me and kissed me on the forehead as I dropped my hands and went to the table.

That's when Bobbie came into the kitchen wearing Mom's bra. My eyes locked themselves on her body, she wore her jeans and seemingly nothing else, Mom's bra hung off her chest like a rucksack on backward. Her puffy little breasts were in plain sight and her nipples were pointed towards me.
''This is what a lady wears, and after today, I will be a lady.'' she told me.
Her dirty blonde hair was tied back in a tight ponytail, her big blue eyes stared back at me as she leaned against a chair. I dropped into my seat and did so with a throbbing erection, pancakes may have been on my plate but they weren't on my mind. This strange back and fourth between me and my sister was reaching new heights, I knew where it began but what I couldn't predict was where it was going to end.
Mom walked back into the kitchen and stopped in her tracks, ''Bobbie, what the hell?'' she yelled. Mom didn't swear much at all, if she did it was usually aimed at Dad and it was always under her breath. I was surprised though that seeing Bobbie stood in the kitchen like she was didn't raise a 'fuck'.
Bobbie turned around and left the kitchen, ''Mom,'' I started, ''She used to wear your clothes all the time.'' I said.
''But she's older now, she has to learn that standing in the kitchen with your boobs out isn't very lady like.'' she said, I couldn't help but smile, the thought of fucking her earlier whilst she stood at the stove flashed into my mind. Mom sensed my thinking and lightly slapped me on the back of the head, ''That wasn't lady like, that was adult fun.'' she told me.

After clearing my plate I headed up stairs, I stopped by Bobbie's room on the way to mine and pushed open her door. She was sitting on her bed with her legs crossed, still in Mom's bra and still with her breasts on full display while the bra hung in her lap.
''What's up Bob?'' I asked, she hated me calling her Bob, but was in too much of a sulk to put up much of a protest and shout at me.
''Mom shouted at me. I was only seeing what it would look like.'' she muttered. My eyes fell down onto her chest again, with the way she was developing I had a strong feeling that she was going to grow up and have a huge pair of breasts, just like Mommy.
''When you were younger it was a little more acceptable for you to run around half naked, but now you're older, it's not such a hot idea.'' I told her, as any responsible big brother would have. She looked up at me a big pair of puppy-dog blue eyes, ''But you've never shouted at me.'' she said with a slight whine.
''Well, I'm your big brother. It's not my job to moan at you whenever I see your boobs. It's my job to make sure some half-wit boy doesn't get to see them.'' As I spoke she took off Mom's bra and tossed it onto the floor, she then got on all fours and crawled to the edge of her bed bringing her ass around to face me. The waistband on her jeans was riding a little low and the crease of her ass was poking out of the top. She seemed to fumble for a moment before reaching down into a drawer at the side of her bed and bringing out a t-shirt.

I pictured kissing her nipples one after the other, holding onto her back side as my tongue ran over her breasts. Pinching her nipples between my teeth as I slid my hands down the back of her jeans to feel her peachy cheeks.
My erection started to grow in my pyjama pants and I knew that it was time to get out of there, I stood up from the bed as she turned to face me. ''Say goodbye to my boobies,'' she told me. My eyes dropped to her nipples once again, words were trying to escape my throat but I couldn't say a thing. Her eyes then dropped to my crotch, and before she could realise what she was looking at, I turned and left the room.
I burst into my bedroom and shut the door behind me, sitting down in the chair at my computer I brought my hands up to my face. Having a sexual relationship with my Mom was one thing, but whatever it was that was stirring inside of me for my sister had to be fought. There was wrong and then there was this. I stared down at my floor for a moment before tapping my keyboard, there was a new email from Faye. I opened it and silently thanked her for providing me with a momentary distraction.

Well aren't you the Mommy’s boy? Cute.
I don't need tutoring, but feel free to keep the Mothers happy and pop round.
Still not convinced that you don't have another motive, but I guess we'll see.
Come around any time, doors unlocked (you'd probably be knocking forever!)
and BTW, FRAM means nothing to you, so don't you worry your little brain.

This chick was started to annoy me, maybe it was a good thing. There certainly seems to be more inside her head than air anyway, but if that was the case then why wouldn't she know what was going on with her Dad? But then maybe she did. Either way, I'll find out.
I checked the Nanny-cam once again, everything seemed to be working fine and the stage was set. I'll know everything soon enough.
I shut off the computer and dropped my pyjama bottoms, I pulled on a pair of boxers and the first pair of jeans I could find when my door opened and Mom appeared at the doorway. She was now dressed, much to my disappointment, ''I'm off now, taking Bobbie shopping. I've just talked to her and she said you had a word with her about what she should and shouldn't be displaying. I'm proud of you, being a big brother.'' she told me. I crossed the room slowly and kept my eyes locked on hers, she smiled a little before taking a step closer to me and leaning forward a little, I met her in the middle and our lips collided.
We kiss for what felt like a second before we heard Bobbie's bedroom door close, we broke our lips away and Mom turned to see Bobbie standing in the bedroom doorway.
''What're you doing?'' she asked.
''Just kissing Doc goodbye and thanking him for his talk with you earlier.'' she told her, she was so quick minded. My little spell in front of Bobbie earlier proved that when confronted with an awkward situation I was nothing but a dear in headlights.

''Okay, I better kiss him too then, then we can go shopping.'' she said as a grin flashed across her face, she bounded forward and I dropped to a knee, she grabbed me by my ears and kissed me hard on the mouth. It wasn't a peck, it was a smooch. She didn't break away immediately, she held me there for a few seconds before breaking off and then walking out of the bedroom.
I looked up at Mom and her face read the same as mine, it looked as though her eyebrows were going to merge with her hairline.
''Well she certainly knows how to say thank you.'' Mom said as I got back to my feet, ''Looks as though you have competition,'' I told her.
Mom then moved forward and took my hand, placing it on her breast. ''I don't think I have anything to worry about.'' she said before leaving the room.

I watched the car leave the drive way and gathered my things, I shoved the Nanny-cam in the leg pocket on my baggy jeans and left the house. I took a slow walk across the street and walked up Fayes drive way. I was sure she knew I was coming, but instead of opening the door to me I was left to open it myself and walk in.
The hallway stretched down to the kitchen much like my own home, and like mine, the lounge was opposite the stairs. I slowly appeared in the doorway to the lounge and saw that no-one was in there so I made my way through to the kitchen. I had a view of their garden from the doorway, I saw Fayes Mom, Pamela, was hanging some laundry out on the line. I took a step toward the door when I then saw she was in a bikini.
It was a nice day, but nice enough for a bikini? I didn't think so. She had a pretty good figure though, her breasts weren't as big as my Mothers, but there was still something there. I took solace in the idea that I was living in the age of Soccer Mom's, Yoga Mom's and Gym Mom's. Pamela's long red hair was tied back in a loose bun. She hadn't noticed me yet, and that was probably for the best. I turned around and walked to the bottom of the stairs, I looked up and saw Faye stood on the landing peering down at me.
''Come on up, I'll make sure to tell Mom you're here.'' she said before vanishing, I began walking up the stairs and was hit by a tickle of anxiety. Whether she was my old obsession or new obsession, she was still at one point all I could think about. All I could want. But my Mom had changed all of that, I was in love and in a relationship, fair enough a taboo one, but never the less I was with the woman of my dreams. Faye now was an interesting distraction, providing me with a mystery for me to solve.
I followed Faye into her room, Faye was looking good in a mini skirt and an off-the-shoulders summers top. There were no straps but she was wearing a bra underneath, giving her breasts a firm and perky look.
''Yellow looks good on you.'' I told her, she turned to face me with her face a little screwed up, ''Complimenting me? You're sure this isn't a weird an awkward date, right?'' she asked. I smiled at her, ''Believe me, it isn't.'' I assured her.
She sat down on her bed and I took a seat in the corner of the room, ''So what now?'' she asked. I took a little look around her room and then my eyes fell back on her, ''A drink would be awesome.'' I said with a sly grin. Her shoulders dropped and she rolled her eyes, she got to her feet and left her bedroom, ''If you go rooting through my underwear drawer, I'll know.'' she called from the stairs.
''Oh I somehow doubt that.'' I muttered under my breath, above my head was a shelf filled with stuffed animals, I ran a finger across one of them and saw a small dust cloud lift off the surface, clearly they weren't being used, I thought to myself and pulled out the Nanny-cam. I lifted one of the animals and put the camera underneath it, I twisted it to face the bed and carefully hid it from view.
It was in place, a wave of relief and excitement swept over me. Now all I wanted was to go home. I heard the stairs creaking and soon Faye walked back into the room, she handed me a glass of what looked to be Cola. ''I didn't know what you wanted, but then I didn't really care so, enjoy.'' she said sitting back down on her.
''Brilliant, lets have a look at your work then.'' I suggested. Again her shoulders dropped and her eyes rolled, she crossed the room and grabbed her laptop. She opened the lid and after a little typing showed me her essay.
My eyes scanned through it and I handed back her laptop, ''Seems to me that you have quite a brain inside that head of yours. I think this work is better than mine.'' I told her, she smiled a little, ''You sound surprised.'' she said.
''Well,'' I began, ''It was the airhead move of dying your hair blonde that must have fooled me.'' I told her. I wasn't sure why, but sitting here with her gave me this feeling of confidence. Not having her as my obsession was a comfort, a comfort that allowed me to be blunt and honest with her. Even if it was in a joking manner.
''There was more thought to me going blonde than you think, Doc.'' she said. ''Oh really? You used to stand out from everyone else, now you just mould into everyone, like your wearing camouflage.'' She took her laptop and sat back on her bed. ''Maybe that's the idea.'' she answered.
My eyes narrowed, she had peaked my interest. ''There's more to you after all then. I'm glad to hear it.'' Was I flirting with her? I'd began to wonder what this was, an innocent conversation or a chess match of the mind.
''Oh well I'm glad that you're glad. It's nice to know you think highly of me, means a lot.'' she said with a cheeky half smile. My wondered out of the window and up to the sky, ''Well I better be going. Wouldn't want this to get awkward.'' I told her.
''Before you go,'' she said, ''I for some reason feel the need to demonstrate to you exactly what FRAM is. It's better than explaining it anyway.'' she opened her laptop up and began typing, I got up and switched from sitting in the corner to sitting on the edge of her bed. I could now smell her, either that or I could smell the bed sheets.
''FRAM is me, obviously. But it's my online signature. I'm sure your pal Zak sent you the link to the Miss Whittle porn video? Yeah well I was the one who uploaded it.''
''You what?'' I said in shock. She nodded, ''I found it on her computer and decided to upload it. Then all it took was to make sure it landed in front of that horny little rat's eyes. I knew he'd show you, I guess you were too drawn to Miss Whittle to notice the uploader was FRAM.''
''So, you're a hacker?'' I asked her, she just delivered that half smile from the corner of her mouth.
I found myself a little turned on by her, her green eyes met mine and that half smile of hers was still there. I narrowed my eyes a little and looked back at her laptop screen, I couldn't help but wonder how a fifteen year old hacker wouldn't know about some of the things her Dad was getting up to in her bedroom. I was almost compelled to say something, but her Mom appeared at her doorway severing any thought I had of saying anything.
''Mom, put some clothes on.'' Faye muttered, her Mom flashed me a grin as I did my best to maintain eye contact with her. Her glowing green bikini lit up her eyes like lights, she had the same green eyes as her daughter.
''I thought by now you'd be the one with your clothes off.'' she said to Faye, whose face was starting to go as red as hair used to be. ''So you thought you'd stop by?'' Faye said back at her. ''Well dear, I'm sure your moans would have warned me to turn around.'' she said taking a step forward and holding out her hand, ''You must be Rosie’s boy. I'm Pamela, It's a treat to meet you.'' I took her hand and gave it a little shake, ''Pleasures mine.'' I replied.
''Oh Faye dear look at the lad trying to not stare at my body. Looks like he's a real gentleman.'' she said, ''Much more of a gentlemen than your Daddy anyway.'' she finished. ''Okay Mom you can go now.'' Faye replied.
The first mention of the Dad, and her Mother almost spat out the term Daddy in the same way my Mother would. Maybe the Mother knew something about what was going on, maybe Faye did too. Either way I wasn't sure what was going on, whether her Dad's bedroom antics were tolerated or if they weren't.
''Well, Pamela,'' I began, ''Fayes work needs no help from me, in fact I could probably use tutoring from her.'' I exclaimed. Pamela smiled as Faye delivered a ''Ha, told you.''
''Well then handsome your welcome to come around any time you want. I'm sure my darling daughter would be only too happy to tutor you.'' she said with a suggestive smile.
''I wouldn't say no to that, I'm sure there are a lot of things she could teach me.'' I said casting my gaze toward Faye, she returned the look and realised what I was talking about.
''No problem.'' she said shortly. I gave a quick smile and got to my feet, ''Well I'd better make a move. I'll email you later then Faye.'' I told her.
''Sure no problem.'' she replied brushing something off her bed. She closed the laptop lid and her Mother stepped to the side to allow me to pass. ''It was a pleasure meeting you, young man.'' Pamela said to me. ''Like wise.'' I replied and headed for the stairs, Faye followed me down to the door and after opening it I turned to her. We paused for a moment, ''Well lets no make this awkward, speak later.'' she said putting a hand on the door latch.
''Agreed.'' I replied and walked out of the door and down the drive way. Fresh air hit me and was followed by heat from the sun.

I made my way toward my house and thought about my time in Fayes. She was more than what I thought she was, dying her hair so she could hide herself amongst the pack. I guess that's what hackers do.
But going there didn't answer any questions I had, questions about her Father. I didn't even see him there, it made me think that he might work weekends. The Nanny-cam only had a limited amount of battery, I just hoped it would catch what I wanted it to.
I entered the house and headed straight upstairs, I caught sight of Dad in the kitchen sorting himself some food and had no time for him right now. I went straight up the stairs and into the bedroom to sit at the computer.
I tapped a button on the keyboard and it awoke from sleep mode, the email page was still up and after refreshing itself I saw that I had an email from Faye already.

Just wanted to hammer you out a quick apology for my Mother. She can be a little, too much.
Anyway, I'm not keen on teaching you how to hack. But feel free to come round and hang sometime.

Well that was a slap and a tickle, I thought to myself. I thought about replying but had the sense it might turn into an all day thing, she was certainly more interesting than Zak. And with a better figure too. I sat for a moment and got to grips with the idea of this possible friendship with her, it wasn't something I would have ever predicted, but the idea started growing on me.
I had the roar of a familiar engine and looked out of my window, Mom and Bobbie were back. A smile spread across my face as Bobbie leapt out of the car carrying a shopping bag. Mom soon followed with a shopping bag of her own, it was a medium sized bad with no slogan on it. But I didn't need a slogan, I knew what store it was from. A sexy lingerie shop in town that had not long opened, I'd seen a number of adverts online for it. I'm even pretty sure we had a catalogue left at the door one day inside a similar bag.

Mom had bought some sexy underwear, and there wasn't anything I wanted to see more than her right now.
I stood in my bedroom as I heard the thundering of Bobbie's feet hitting the stairs, it wasn't long before appeared at my doorway with a big smile on her face. ''Guess what I got.'' she said. She was swiftly followed by Mom, who followed Bobbie into my room and shoved her shopping bag underneath my bed. ''Doc don't go snooping in that bag, it's a surprise.'' she told me. I smiled at her and nodded my head, ''Doc, guess what I got.'' Bobbie repeated.
''What did you get Bobbie?'' I asked her, to which she then dropped her bag and promptly pulled her t-shirt up, exposing her lacy black and white bra.
My eyes scanned what was before me, it wasn't the traditional bra, it was the kid that an adult would wear, before they had wild and kinky sex!
''Christ Bobbie, don't you look grown up,'' I told her. I couldn't help but reach out and touch it, it felt silky and smooth, as well as ''Padded.'' I said out loud.
''More comfortable for her, especially on her nipples. Which seem to be hard a lot of the time.'' Mom said. I silently agreed with her, having stared at her nipples numerous times. Bobbie then opened her shopping bag and pulled out a number of other bras, all in various colours. I went to pick up another and Bobbie snatched it out of my hand, ''Not that one, that ones special.'' she told me.
''What do you mean special?'' I asked her, she shook her head and gathered up her bras before leaving the room. ''It's a little racy she really wanted it. Maybe a little too sexy but it makes her feel grown up.'' Mom said. ''Too grown up.'' I replied.
I then felt Mom's hand on my shoulder as she leaned in and gave me a kiss, ''So how did it go with Faye?'' she asked. I returned her kiss and brought my hand up to her hip, ''Fine, turns out she didn't need help. Her Mothers a bit forward, but other than that, all good.'' I told her.
''I agree with you on that, well as long as you had fun.'' she said, ''And speaking of fun, I picked up a little something while we was out. It's for later, so don't you dare peek.'' she told me, she kissed me again on the lips and left the room, almost taking my hand with her as it was seemingly glued to her ass.
Despite the temptation I didn't peek, I knew that the surprise would be better. Instead I decided to go and find something to eat before testing out the Nanny-cam's connection. Tonight was going to be a very interesting night, I thought to myself.

I decided that I should reply to Fayes email before checking in on the camera I planted earlier, I thought I'd humour her by calling her FRAM.

Your Mother was fine, and I mean that in the general sense.
Having a hacker friend sounds pretty good to me, I don't have the patience to learn for myself so no worries there. Hope your Mom isn't giving you too much of a hard time.

I hit send and then immediately clicked on the Nanny-cam application that was installed, a timer came up and it seemed to be on my screen for what felt like an hour. When the screen finally connected I saw Faye led on her bed with her laptop, nothing very interesting at all. But I knew that it worked at least.

I closed it down so's to save the battery, I really didn't know how long it would last and frankly I was surprised that the range between me and Faye wasn't a problem. But never-the-less, I was looking forward to a little night time viewing. Somewhere in the back of my mind though there was this nagging thought, telling me that her Dad wasn't there. Or that nothing was going to happen even if he was, I wasn't sure which would disappoint me more.

I sat for a moment before my bedroom door opened, Mom walked into the room and closed the door behind her.
''Your Dad's in the shower, so I thought I'd repay you for the other night on the couch.'' she said quietly.
''I thought you did that last night.'' I replied watching her move slowly toward me. She wasn't removing her clothes, which was a shame, but instead she slowly went down onto her knee's, and began crawling toward me, ''True, but no good deed goes un-rewarded.'' she said.
She stopped crawling at my feet and made her up to my lap, she began rubbing my all ready erect cock and then began unfastening my pants.
''What if Bobbie comes in?'' I asked her as she freed my penis. ''Don't worry, I'll think of something.'' she assured me, and I believed her. She wasted no time in wrapping her lips around my helmet. Her tongue ran up and down my shaft, and she even started sucking on one of balls, one after the other. She then took them both in her mouth and it felt as though she was juggling them. It felt incredible.

She went back to licking me up and down before using my cock to slap herself on the tongue. I had no choice but to moan out loud as she teased me.
''I so wanna fuck you right now Mom.'' I moaned, she did nothing but smile at me as she took my member in her mouth, she kept her eyes locked on mine as she tried to take it as deep as she could. I couldn't help but hold the back of her head, her silky brown hair was wrapped around my fingers as she jerked my cock while flicking my helmet with her tongue.
''Mom I'm going to cum.'' I told her, I felt it building up from the moment she dropped to her knees and started crawling towards me.
She jerked me harder and then forced herself down on me, and she managed to take my entire length. ''Oh my god, Mom,'' I started, she pulled her head back and my cock dropped from her mouth. I immediately got to my feet and furiously started jerking myself off, in seconds I was spraying my load over her face. She opened her mouth and caught what she could, swallowing all that would land in her mouth.
I looked down at her and remembered that this was the second time that this had happened, and I couldn't help but smile. Because now I owed her one.

It was the early hours of the evening, the TV in my bed room was on and there was nothing worth watching. I thought about gaming, but I'd be too distracted and end up throwing my controller across the room and blaming the game. Saturday nights here were actually pretty dull, even with my new relationship with Mom, dinner was pretty much whatever you wanted it to be. Saturday was the day you sorted out your own food. Bobbie obviously needed help, but that goes without saying. Me and Dad usually just fixed up a pile of sandwiches, but not tonight. Tonight I was avoiding all contact with Dad and I think Mom was too.
I had heard something about him having a poker night out at one of his work mates' place. That seemed like a great idea to me, I loved the idea of a full evening with Mom. But right now I sat in my usual spot breaking my only rule when it came to Faye, I was spying on her at the weekend.
I looked through the lens and saw Faye wrapped up in a towel, now was a good time to get on the Nanny-cam, I thought to myself. And with that, I moved chairs. I loaded up the application and after the load time, her bedroom popped up on screen.
She was sat on the edge of her bed with her laptop, her pink towel wrapped around her she seemed to be typing something. She turned her head and looked out of the window and then laid back with her head on her pillow. I heard a ping from the speaker on my computer and brought up the email window, she had just sent me an email. I opened it up and saw that there was no header this time, just a short and simple message;


I immediately began typing a response while flicking between windows, I wrote back to her;

'Same ATM, what're you doing? Besides nothing'

I hit send and then opened the camera back up, she was now led on her side looking her laptop screen. The room was lit by a bed side lamp, but her face was lit up by the light from her laptop screen. She began typing and I soon had a reply;

Nothing, should really get in the shower but CBA. What're you doing?

''Looking at you.'' I said out loud. I smiled at my own stupid joke and thought about what to say, I then decided to try and wind her up a little. I started writing a response when I saw her Mom come into the bedroom with a drink. She put it down on the bedside table and hung around for a little while, they seemed to talk about something, Pamela then handed her a drink and Faye took a mouthful.
It seemed like watching a boring reality TV show, the kind of live episodes that airs through the night of the house mates just sitting around doing nothing. I decided to write a reply to her;

Shower? Figured you for a long hot bath kind of girl. Guess all my figuring about you has been wrong.

I hit send and watched as she read it, I wasn't sure but I thought I saw her smile. Her Mom leaned in and read the screen, they then had a brief discussion before the strangest thing happened. Fayes head looked to have gotten heavier. She struggled to keep it up right and began typing a reply to me, but moments later, she was asleep. Or looked to be anyway.
Her Mom picked up her laptop and closed the lid, placing It on the chair underneath the shelf I had planted the camera on. She then returned to view and walked over to the bed, she sat down on the edge of it and put her hand on Fayes foot. She ran her hand up and down her shin before moving it up towards her thighs.
What the hell was this? I wondered to myself. Pamela then leaned over Faye and untied her towel revealing her body. Faye looked amazing from the angle, and probably even more so in person. But right now that honour was owned by her Mother.
Pamela's hand rans all over Fayes body, cupping her breasts as she brought her head down to suck on her nipples. She moved over her, squeezing and kissing her way all over Fayes body, before parting her daughters legs and burying her face into her clitoris.
Faye led there lifelessly as her Mother lapped at her vagina like a dog drinking water, I then saw somebody appear in the doorway of her bedroom. It was her Father.
He stood for a moment before taking out his penis, he began stroking himself as he watched his wife go down on their drugged daughter. He soon stepped forward and pulled down Pamela's bottoms. He wasted no further time and pushed his way inside of her and then began furiously fucking her from behind as she continued to 69 Faye.

I couldn't believe what I was watching, but somehow I had a throbbing erection which needed freeing. I unfastened my jeans and pulled out my cock, primal instincts must have kicked in as I began slowly jerking myself off.
Pamela was now visibly gripping the bed sheets as he ploughed into her from behind, she dropped her head and again seemed to take in Fayes vagina. She then crawled forward and tuned around, lifting one of Fayes lifeless legs and holding it against her while she pressed her pussy up against Fayes, she rubbed herself up and down it while the Father stood watching while stroking himself off.

''I bet you wish you could fuck her, don't you Daddy?'' I said under my breath, ''But you won't will you, because then Faye would know, wouldn't she.'' I said.
I watched as Pamela stopped slamming herself into Faye and dropped down beside her, her Dad then stood over her jerking himself off as hard as he could, Pamela came forward and from what I could tell, he was shooting his load all over Fayes body. Her mother tried to catch some for herself, but he wasn't aiming in her direction.
Her Father then left the room as quickly as he had entered it. I watched Pamela lay next to Faye for a moment, staring at her before taking the towel and cleaning off her daughter. She then got up from the bed and left the room, closing the door behind her.
I sat there for a moment, still clutching my rock hard penis, staring at the screen. Then the battery symbol began flashing, blinking on and off. I didn't mind so much, I had saw what I needed to see. Her Mother and Father were using her as a sex toy in order to spice up their sex life, and it was clearly working. But sooner or later it wasn't going to be enough for him, he was going to want Faye all to himself.
The application closed itself down and I was left staring at my emails, Faye had started to reply when she was drugged and abused. I knew I had to do something, but what?

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