Editing Reailty Book 2, Chapter 6: Classroom Debauchery

Editing Reality

Book Two: Sultry Fantasies Unleashed

Chapter Six: Classroom Debauchery

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this.

Steve Davies

Linda and I headed into Rainier Christian College, the students already arriving in their uniform. Despite being in college, the school still had a uniform for its students. The guys wore their gray slacks and white shirts, their ties tucked beneath sweater vests or falling down their chests. The girls, the vast majority of them, wore skirts that flashed around their thighs. Their schoolgirl skirts gave them such a sensuous sight.

“Pervy teacher,” Linda said. “Staring at those sweet, young things.”

I flashed her a grin. “A lot's changed.”

She rubbed the small of my back. We entered the main building and split up, my wife heading for the nurse's office while I made my way to my classroom. I had an English class that two of my naughty schoolgirls attended. Kyleigh and Nikkole were hotties, both edited and eager to fuck me. I swallowed, thinking of making another girl one of my hotties today.

Maybe Evita—a sexy, Hispanic beauty with round breasts—or Babette, a French hottie with a delightful accent. My dick hardened in my slacks as I marched through the halls, a big smile on my lips, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Hey, Steve,” my friend Bob said. He was a computer science teacher, a cowboy hat perched on his head. “I hear you're going to be mayor.”

I nodded to Bob. “Looks like it.” I still didn't know why. “Don't tell me you voted for me?”

“Well, I figure you couldn't be worse than the last idiot,” he said, hooking his thumbs through his belt loops.

I flushed. While I didn't like Mayor Wright, I edited him too much. He tried to raise property tax by an insane amount to pay for the social programs I wanted him to implement. “Yeah, well, I'm only going to do a 15% property tax.”

Bob laughed. “That's much more reasonable.” He clapped me on the shoulder. “But I hear the early voting has you winning by a landslide.”

I nodded my head.

“Not bad for a guy who didn't even campaign,” Bob continued as we walked through the hallway.

“Yeah,” I said, rubbing at the back of my neck. “It's almost unbelievable.

He laughed, nodding his head.

“So, how's it going with you and Taylor?” I asked him. Taylor Adair was a redheaded beauty at our college, another professor.

Bob's grin was so boyish it shaved two decades off his life. “Amazing. We went on a hike on Saturday. Invigorating.”

“Good to hear,” I said. I'd arranged their relationship. They were both attracted to each other, but Bob was worried about the consequences of asking out a coworker. If she thought he was being inappropriate, she could file a sexual harassment claim and end his teaching career.

I edited her to ask him out instead.

“Well, you have a good day,” Bob said. “I got to teach the freshman what a kernel is and how it's not anything that has to do with food.”

Kernel? What did that have to do with computers? “Good luck.”

I head into my classroom and sat down as my students filtered in. Courtney Franks, my daughter's friend, flashed me a huge grin as she sat down. I shuddered, picturing her swelling with her pregnancy. She squirmed on the seat, her thighs crossed. The weekend slumber party was a wild time.

I opened my phone and put the app into viewing mode without pausing time. Anael appeared, the angel invisible and ethereal to the students. They walked through her without even realizing she was there, her body fuzzing. She had such a huge grin on her face.

She mimed grabbing Kyleigh's big breasts in her half-unbuttoned blouse, her sweater vest missing. Her gray tie fell down into her cleavage. The girl gave me a smoky look, her black hair sweeping about her lovely face.

Matt Tollemache, the star football player, followed her progress, shaking his head. Then, to my surprise, he gave Seth Parish a high-five. My son's friend nodded his head. Seth was a tall guy, slender, his blue eyes bright. I was getting used to him not wearing glasses. It made him seem more confident than he had before.

I clutched my phone to me as I said, “Hey, Seth, could we have a moment.”

“Oh, sure, Mr. Davies,” Seth said, moving to my desk. I set my phone down, the app still open and on Babette Gagnon. “What's up?”

“I just wanted to talk about you and my son,” I said.

“Oh?” Seth asked. He ran a hand through his brown hair.

“Yeah, it's great that my son's hanging out more and socializing, but he was gone all weekend. I hope you two are focusing on school work.”

“Oh, of course,” Seth said. “I was just trying to get him back in the chess club.” His finger reached up like he was going to push up his glasses.

“Still adjusting to your contacts?” I asked.

“Yeah, yeah, it's different.” He looked around. “Is there anything else, sir? I assure you, we're not up to anything.”

“Of course not,” I said, smiling. “I know my son.”

“We were just hanging out, trying to teach Orihime how to play chess.” Seth rubbed the back of his neck. “Ruri's got talent, but Orihime Well, she's a sweet girl.”

I nodded as more of the students spilled in, including Evita. The Hispanic girl had her hair bleached blonde, the color contrasting with her golden-brown skin. It made her look so sexy, her round breasts swelling beneath her tight sweater vest.

“Morning, Mr. Davies,” she said, giving me a bright smile.

I nodded, my dick twitching. She sat down beside Babette. The French girl, complete with that melodic accent, had curly, brown hair tumbling about her face. She was petite. Her breasts looked small beneath her sweater vest. Her button nose was cute, her lips plump.

“I know,” Anael said, the angel sidling up to me. “Which one are you going to edit?”

“Probably Evita,” I said softly.

As much as I wanted to, I had a class to teach. I launched into my lesson, speaking on the book I was having them read, Beowulf. I lectured on the themes and how the Christian monk who wrote down the story had slipped in many references to his religion, obscuring some of the more pagan themes.

“This was a common practice,” I said. “Writers often put their religion in their accounts. And not just Christians. Greek and Roman historians would often do that. It's important to understand the world at the time when a work was written to fully understand the context. Just like our writing would be strange to someone a thousand years ago, theirs seems weird to ours.”

I kept speaking as I talked for half the period. Then I sprang a test on them on it. They all groaned as I passed out the handouts. Kyleigh, of course, gave me a nice look down her cleavage, while Nikkole, my naughty cheerleader, licked her lips, eager to enjoy me.

I could fuck her in class. I edited her aura so no one would care.

I sat back down on my chair and opened the app into editing mode. It was on Monday. I had three changes to make. Anael flashed into appearance again. Sometimes, I wondered where she was when the app was closed. Did she go back to heaven? Or did she just hang out around me, unseen until I had the app open?

First, I wanted to help Becky out with her desire to bring her friend, Tonya, and Tonya's mother into an incestuous affair. I could edit Eleanore Alberts, but I'd already edited Tonya. So there was no changing her. However, my daughter could lead her friend to that goal if she was patient and careful.

And I knew Becky was both.

I first glanced at Becky's entry. She was turning into her mother. Now that my daughter was coming out of her shell, she was taking after her mother. She wanted to seduce other women, eager to indulge in her sapphic passion.

I wanted to encourage that. I wanted my daughter to have a wild time. I needed to find the perfect professor for it. I navigated my daughter's menu, going to the Relationship Sub-Menu. I scrolled through her relationships. My wife and I were on the top, followed by Tonya, Sam, and then Mrs. Alberts. As I recalled, the MILF had moved up the list. Next up was Esmeralda Colton.

I smiled. Esmeralda was a beautiful woman in my English department. My daughter had a crush on her, something new since I edited Becky to be bi. I studied my daughter's impression of Esmeralda. Becky really had the hots for Esmeralda, eager to make her explode.

I switched to my colleague. Like usual, Esmeralda appeared naked on the side of the screen. She was a gorgeous, Black woman with large tits and an almost motherly face. I smiled at that. My daughter had a thing for older women, it appeared. Esmeralda had her hair dyed red and pulled back into a pair of braids.

I navigated Esmeralda's menu to her Sexuality Slider. It was an arc with a slider that went from gay on the left and straight on the right, with the bi section in between. She was almost entirely straight. There was no way Becky would ever succeed at seducing her professor without my help.

I grinned. I was such a great dad. How many others made sure their daughters could seduce their professors?

I moved Esmeralda slider deep into the bisexual zone, still barely on the straight side. Then I navigated to her Morality Sub-Menu and her Social Mores Sub-Menu. I went through and deleted any inhibitions and beliefs that she had against having sex with her college students. She was strongly against it. Under her Relationship Sub-Menu, I bumped up her appreciation of my daughter. Becky was down low, a quiet student that Esmeralda didn't pay much attention to other than appreciating her timely completion of assignments.

Now Becky was her favorite student, with Becky's friend a close second.

I moved to Esmeralda's Desires Sub-Menu. I added new fantasies to her. The thrill at being seduced by one of her students. The desire she had for two of her female students to come onto her, strip her naked, and make her cum. Her growing desire to enjoy feminine love, a new thing for her. I added her desire to flirt with her female students and see if they were interested in naughty delights, especially her favorites.

I made sure she would be careful. That she wouldn't open herself up to being caught and get in trouble. Subtle. If she felt a female student was interested, she would pursue it. I shuddered, picturing the gorgeous, single, Black woman doing naughty things with them.

“I think that's it,” I said to Anael.

“You are such a bad father,” the angel purred. “I loved it.”

I hit the Compile button. Then it asked if I was sure. I tapped YES and reality rippled, making the changes to Esmeralda. A rush ran through me. This app gave me such power. I wondered if the other person out there had this same rush I did.

Who was it?

I licked my lips and then headed to edit Eleanore Alberts. The MILF appeared, her round breasts looking nice. She was a hot woman. My dick throbbed. The idea to make her open to having sex with me flashed through my mind, but

I didn't need every woman in the world desiring me. There were plenty. Besides, I would get to enjoy Evita soon. My daughter could have her professor and her friend's mom. I wanted my children to be happy.

I made sure that Eleanore would be discrete about her affair with my daughter and, potentially, her own daughter. I made sure this wouldn't ruin her marriage or anything. She already was becoming more bi. Her affair with Becky had pushed her more in that direction. She enjoyed it, wanted more. Then I switched over to the entry for Tonya under Eleanore's Relationship Sub-Menu.

I smiled. Her mother was already seeing her as a woman. As someone sexual. Someone to enjoy. I upped that:

• My daughter would make an amazing lover.

I smiled at that. I then went to the woman's fantasies. There were plenty with my daughter, a few with Tonya, and even one with both girls. I added a few more ones, making the MILF want to seduce her daughter and to be open for sex when her daughter was ready. I darted over to her Morality Sub-Menu and made sure I deleted any issues she had with incest and having an affair with my daughter.

It wasn't a lot of changes to the women, but it would help satiate my daughter's desires.

Anael giggled as I hit the Compile button.

Then I looked at the girls in my classroom. Beyond the ones in this class, there were other hotties I taught. The Irish Róis Ó Scolaidhe, the elfin Ji-Woo Gim, the athletic Tessa Powers, the sultry Shahrazad Darzi, the perky Destiny Kimberly, and more. I could spend all week editing and still not get them all.

The girls in my first class were getting all the love. They were the ones I saw right away when I still had my charges. If I had a bit more self-control, I could enjoy some other girls, but I was staring at Evita, my dick hard. I could edit her like I had Nikkole. I could fuck Evita in the middle of class without her even caring and

An idea popped into my mind.

Why hadn't I thought of this sooner?

I straightened in my chair. It creaked as I remembered what I did to the nurse's office last week. I edited its aura, the spiritual presence that influenced people who walked into the room. When girls entered the nurse's office, they just felt it was right to strip naked and to get horny for my wife. It was a present to Linda to let her have fun. Once a day, a random girl in the college would show up with a random excuse so my wife could play with her.

Why not do something similar here?

I could edit anything. Not just people, but places and objects. A thrill ran through me as I switched from people to places. To this very classroom. I shuddered as it popped up. There was a lot I could do to it. I could see its history, how it was built, the things that had happened in here. I knew just what I wanted to change. I navigated the menus.

Classroom 117

• Physical Quality

• Spiritual Quality

I hit Spiritual Quality Menu.

Spiritual Quality

• History

• Meaning

• Aura

Then I tapped Aura Sub-Menu.

“Now you are thinking about maximizing your limitations,” Anael said, nodding in delight.

“You sound like a proud mother,” I noted.

“Well, you have come a long way.” She giggled. “You were so scared to edit Kyleigh to be your little slut.”

I flushed, shifted, and then edited the room's aura.

• All girls and women who enter this room strip naked and are unconcerned by this.

• All girls and women who enter want to have sex with their professor, Steve Davies, and the other girls and women in the classroom. They will not fall in love or think they are cheating on any significant other or violating any personal morality or religious belief.

• All boys and men, with the exception of Steve Davies, who enter do not notice the girls and women lack of clothes.

• While Steve Davies is having sex, the other students will still learn his lesson and believe they had a normal class.

• Male students will not notice Steve Davies being naked. Girls and women will be aroused by seeing him naked and find it normal.

• No children can be conceived in this classroom.

“The Most High won't like that one,” said Anael. “He likes Humans to be fruitful and to multiply.”

I swallowed, glancing up at Anael. “I was given free will, right? To do what I want?”

“To do what you want,” she said, nodding her head.

• Girls or women who have sex in this classroom will remember it fondly but will not talk about it to anyone outside this room.

• Girls or women in this classroom are sexually adventurous and eager to try any act Steve Davies suggests while in this room.

• People outside the room won't think anything strange of any sexual sounds they hear from this room.

I liked it. I then switched to the Physical Quality Menu.

Physical Quality

• State

• Mass

• Volume

• Strength

• Material

• Shape

• Temperature

• Location

I edited so this room would always be a comfortable temperature. I didn't want my female students freezing when they were naked. I wanted them to be comfortable.

I hit Compile and confirmed it. The ripples washed out through the room and I groaned. As the wave of changing reality flowed over the room, washing over the students taking the test, the girls became naked. Their clothing melted off of them, their breasts coming into view, ripe and perky as they did the test. Naked legs were crossed beneath desks.

I groaned as I gazed out at the beauties. Babette had small breasts topped by puffy nipples. Evita's right nipple was pierced by a gold ring and she had a tattoo of a blossoming lily on her left breast. I shuddered, my head shaking back and forth at the naughty sight.

I had a feeling she wasn't a good, Christian girl like she pretended.

I loved this. I closed the app and let time resume.


Becky Davies

Ms. Esmeralda lectured at the front of the classroom. The beautiful, Black professor had such a delicious body. Her blouse, buttoned to the neckline, hugged her delicious breasts. I should be focusing on what she said, but she had such a great rump. Every time she turned around to write on the whiteboard, I was staring at her skirt hugging her ass.

“What is Chaucer trying to say with this tale?” she asked, writing her words on the board and—

“What do you think Chaucer is trying to say with this tale?” asked Ms. Esmeralda as she leaned over me, her breasts almost shoved in my face. She had left several buttons undone, showing off her breasts.

My cheeks burned. She was such a flirt. I loved it. I knew she was into me. I was so eager to seduce her. “That women need to be pleased by their husbands, or they'll find other sources.”

“That's not it,” she said, her eyes bright. The Black woman licked her lips, her hand brushing mine. “But it's an interesting idea.”

Fire raced up my arm as she stroked the back of my hand. Then she turned and sauntered back to the whiteboard. My eyes locked on her rump. It was such a gorgeous ass. My pussy was on fire. I shuddered, this heat rippling through me.

She wanted me bad. Since the school year started a few weeks back, she'd been flirting with me. Now that I was getting comfortable with my sexuality and enjoying women, I knew I had to flirt back. Daddy approved.

Daddy would find it hot.

I couldn't wait to tell Daddy all about this. I promised to give him a titty fuck as thanks after class, but I wasn't sure I could wait. Maybe I could surprise him earlier and have some fun with him. I squirmed in my seat, my pussy growing so hot.

I grabbed my phone. I held it on my lap out of sight as the other students talked about their ideas on the Canterbury Tales. I sent a quick text to Tonya. “Ms. E wants me bad. Want to hang out after class and talk to her? See if we can have fun with her?”

I glanced at Tonya beside me. She pulled her phone out of her skirt, looked at the screen, and then her cheeks went scarlet. She nodded her head without looking at me, sliding her phone back into her pocket.

I shuddered. This was the start. Daddy suggested that I get Tonya used to motherly women then lead her to think about her own mother.


Steve Davies

“Evita,” I said as the test continued, “can I speak to you.”

“Of course, Mr. Davies,” she purred, a sultry catch to her voice that I'd never heard from her.

She rose with a languorous grace, the nineteen-year-old beauty stretching as she did. Her round breasts, taut and perky, thrust forward before her. I wasn't shocked to see she was shaved, her pussy lips thrusting thick from her puffy vulva, a naughty ridge of pink. I loved the sight of her engorged petals blossoming past her hairless delight. I licked my lips as she sauntered to my desk.

I rose and moved around it. None of the guys, especially not Matthew, looked at her, but the girls They glanced up, their eyes glassy. A few whimpered. Kyleigh's big tits swayed as she let out a moan of envy.

Evita stopped before me. I grabbed her nipple ring, twisting the gold piercing. She gasped, her body shaking as I said, “That's naughty jewelry.”

“Does it go against the college's dress code?” she asked, her voice throaty, her cheeks burning.

“Probably,” I said then winked at her. “It'll be our little secret.”

She giggled. “Like you and Kyleigh's daily 'tutoring' meetings after this class.”

That made me blink. Were their rumors about Kyleigh and me? Did it matter? I winked at her, twisting her nipple again. “Something like that.” I tugged on her piercing, bringing a gasp from her. “Now, I can't help but notice that juicy gleam on your shaved pussy. Are you horny?”

“Every time I walk in here, Mr. Davies,” she moaned. “You're just so sexy. Makes me juicy.”

I grinned, loving this edit. “Then why don't you bend that cute ass over my desk, and I'll take care of it.”

“Yes, Mr. Davies,” she purred. She had such a sultry, throaty quality to her words, her accent giving her a naughty purr.

She stalked by me. I watched the sway of her golden-brown rump. She had just a delicious curve to it. It was a treat to enjoy. She bent over it, her legs spread wide. I stared at the pink lips of her pussy, those pink petals. Her asshole peeked out from between her butt-cheeks. She purred, wiggling, eager for this.

“Lucky,” muttered Nikkole behind me while the scratch of pencils echoed behind me.

I fell to my knees behind her. I grabbed her rump. I squeezed and kneaded her. I massaged her as I smelled her spicy musk. I inhaled her delicious aroma. That wonderful, forbidden scent of my student. I licked my lips, hungry for this.

I licked up her thigh, gathering her spicy cream and tasting the salt of her skin. Her rump clenched beneath my fingers. She whimpered as I came closer and closer to her twat. Then I reached her pussy. I pressed into her thick lips, parting them as my tongue darted between her thick labia. I caressed her, gathering up her spicy musk fresh from the source.

“Oh, yes, yes, Mr. Davies,” she moaned. “Ooh, this is better than taking a test.”

Her hips wiggled back and forth. She smeared her pussy into my face, coating me with her passion. I dug my tongue into her. I swirled it around her folds, teasing her. She whimpered and groaned. She ground her vulva back into my hungry mouth.

“That's it!” she moaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, teach me! Teach me how a man eats pussy! Not a boy! Mr. Davies!”

Her girlish squeals rippled around me, mixing with the scratch of pencils. My fingers dug into her rump as my tongue darted through her folds. With her bent over, I stared at her asshole. It winked at me as I dug my tongue through her pussy lips, caressing her and lapping up her spicy juices.

I shuddered, my dick throbbing, wild ideas passing through me. I flicked my tongue up through her folds, across her taint, and nuzzled my face between the cheeks of her ass. I flicked her sour sphincter, dancing over it and coating it in my saliva and some of her pussy cream.

“Mr. Davies!” she gasped, her butt-cheeks clenching about my face. “That's new! Ooh, I like that!”

“None of those boys rimmed your ass?” I asked her then flicked my tongue around her sphincter.

“No!” she gasped. “Matthew definitely didn't do this!”

I pulled my lips away, glancing at the buff-faced football player filling out his test, a perplexed look on his face. He had no idea I was eating out a girl he'd fucked. I smiled and dove back into her pussy. I flicked my tongue through her spicy juices, savoring the flavor before I lapped back up to her asshole.

I went back and forth, licking her folds before flicking up to her sour asshole. That mix of her sour musk and pussy cream on my tongue made me shudder. My dick throbbed in my jeans while she gasped and moaned, wiggling on the table.

“Mr. Davies!” she purred, her golden-brown butt-cheeks flexing as my tongue caressed her asshole. “Yes, yes, this is amazing! I love it!”

I slid back down to her pussy. I thrust my tongue into her juicy hole. I soaked it in her silky delight, her spicy musk coating my tongue. Then I flicked up to her asshole. I pressed my tongue against her tight sphincter, savoring the taste of her sour musk.

She whimpered as her anal ring parted. Her asshole widened and widened. She groaned, squeezing her butt-cheeks around me tight as I penetrated her asshole. My dick ached in envy as I wiggled my tongue into her sour depths.

“Holy fuck!” Her back arched, her bleached-blonde hair dancing about her shoulders. She threw a look behind her. “Mr. Davies, that's so nasty! You're such a bad teacher. Mmm, I love it.”

“I do, too,” moaned Kyleigh.

“Shush,” Seth muttered.

I dove my tongue back into Evita's pussy. I rammed into her, stirring her up before sliding back to her asshole and penetrating her bowels. I reveled in the different flavors and textures. My cock twitched and throbbed, wanting to join the fun.


I fluttered my tongue through her bowels. I caressed her. Teased her. I made her gasp in delight. Her body shuddered. Her bowels clenched around my face. She wiggled her hips from side to side. Her bowels clenched around me. The passion echoed through the room. She whimpered and moaned. I caressed her. I drove my tongue into her depths. I swirled around in her, teasing her.

She gasped and moaned. Her body shuddered. Her juices flowed. They dripped down my chin. Her spicy and sour musks lingered on my lips and tongue as I feasted on her. Her passion swelled, echoing over the sounds of the other students taking the test.

“Oh, my god!” she moaned as my tongue wiggled through her asshole.

I kissed down to her pussy again to suck and nibble on her thick labia. Her juices flowed. My lips worked down her cuntlips to her clit. I sucked on her bud. The nineteen-year-old hottie gasped out in rapture.

Her little bud throbbed between my lips. My nose brushed her thick pussy folds. Her rump clenched beneath my kneading fingers. Then she let out a gasp. Her back arched. Juices flooded my mouth.

I made her cum.

“Yes, yes, yes, Mr. Davies!” my wanton coed moaned.

Her body trembled. Her juices soaked my face. I licked and lapped at her. I caressed her, reveling in the flavor of her pussy. I darted my tongue through her, teasing her. She gasped at my caresses. The desk creaked beneath her. I loved it. How she whimpered and shuddered.

Her juices soaked me.

I rose and fished my cock out of my slacks and boxers. As she trembled, I shoved my pants and underwear down my legs, letting them bunch above my knees. Her body squirmed on my desk, her bleached-blonde hair spilling over her shoulders. She looked behind me, her brown eyes glassy, her cheeks darkened with a ruddy blush.

“Do it!” she moaned. “Fuck me! Ram that cock into me! Oh, Mr. Davies, I'm so glad it's my turn.”

“It's a wonderful cock,” Courtney said.

“Yes,” groaned Nikkole.

“Some of us are taking a test,” Seth said, his voice testy.

I grinned as I brought my cock to Evita's pussy. I pressed the tip into her thick lips. The pink folds spread around my crown, bathing me in her juices. I shuddered, loving the feel of her around me. This delicious, wonderful heat felt amazing. I groaned. Her cream still flowed out of her as she moaned and gasped.

“Ram that cock into me, Mr. Davies!” she moaned, her voice echoing through the room. “Just fuck me!”

My cock's tip soaked in her juices, I slid up to that tight, yummy asshole. She wasn't a virgin in the classic sense, but she had an anal cherry. If a guy had never rimmed her, then there was no way she'd done anal. I pressed against her asshole, loving the feel of her sphincter rubbing on my dick.

I thrust into her.

Her back arched. “Fuck me!” she howled. “Oh, Mr. Davies! That's that's Yes!”

She gripped the end of my desk as my cock penetrated deeper and deeper into her willing asshole. My dick sank between her butt-cheeks. She clenched her bowels down around me, but my spit and her pussy cream lubed the way. I went deeper and deeper, breaking in her cherry asshole.

Her velvety flesh engulfed me. She gripped me. I groaned at the heat around me. I braced my hands on either side of her as Seth stepped up and sat his test on the edge of my desk, not caring I was sodomizing Evita.

“You're all the way in my asshole!” groaned Evita. “Oh, damn, I love it!”

“You're going to cum hard on my dick, aren't you?” I growled as I drew back my cock through her velvety bowels.

“Uh-huh,” she whimpered, her bowels clenching around my cock.

That velvety grip clung to my dick. The pleasure surged through me. I groaned, my fists clenching as I drew back farther and farther. Her tight, hot asshole massaged my dick. The tip throbbed, drinking in the friction.

When only my tip remained in her asshole, I rammed forward. I plunged hard into her anal ring. She gasped again, her back arching. The incredible heat and texture of her bowels sent pleasure spilling down my dick and into my heavy balls.

They thwacked into her.

My desk rocked as I fucked her. I drew back my hips and plowed into her again and again. I buried to the hilt in her. I sodomized my student with hard strokes, loving how she moaned. Grunted. How her head tossed back and forth, throwing her blonde strands around her.

“Oh, goddamn, I'm going to cum on this dick, Mr. Davies!” she whimpered. “I always knew you would be a great fuck! Yes, yes, pound me! Sodomize me! Ram that huge dick in me! It's incredible!”

“Yes,” I groaned, thrusting hard. “I'm going to pump you full of my cum.”

“I love it when he fucks me,” Courtney said, the black-haired girl setting her test down on the table. Then she smacked my rump, the sound echoing through my classroom.

I grinned as I fucked my student's asshole. I slammed hard into Evita. I buried over and over into her bowels. The Hispanic beauty's passion echoed through the room. Her supple back writhed as she squirmed, her butt-cheeks rippling every time I buried into her. My balls smacked into her taint, heavy with my cum.

I groaned, fucking her faster and faster. The heat built and built in my balls. That need to erupt into my student swelled. I growled, my tie bouncing before me as I kept plowing her. My desk creaked from the force of my thrusts.

“Mr. Davies!” howled Evita. “That's incredible. I'm going to cum from being fucked in the asshole.”

“Just a wanton slut, aren't you?” I growled as I pounded her.

“In here Yes!”

Her bowels clenched around my dick. Then she gasped. Her squeezing pressure became writhing bliss. Her velvety sheath convulsed and spasmed around me. I groaned, plowing into her climaxing asshole.

“Cum in me!” she moaned. “Just flood me.”

“Oh, do it, Mr. Davies,” purred Babette in her sultry, French accent. She placed her test with the growing pile. “Just spill all that cum into the little slut.”

“Yes, yes, fill me!” howled Evita.

I groaned and thrust into her. I pounded her hard. I buried into her. My hard thrusts that smacked into her rump. She gasped and groaned. Her back arched, her hips wiggling from side to side, stirring her writhing asshole around my dick. Her bowels clenched around me as she gasped out in rapture.

I couldn't take much more of slamming into her spasming depths. Her bowels sucked at my cock. My balls, smacking into her flesh, tightened. My cum in them boiled. I growled, threw back my head, and erupted in her depths.

“Goddamn, Evita!” I howled as her asshole writhed around my cock, milking my dick.

“Yes, yes, give me all that cum, Mr. Davies!” she moaned, her delicious bowels writhing around my erupting cock.

My cum spurted into her, the powerful blasts sending ecstasy to my mind. It spilled over my thoughts. I groaned and panted. My heart raced. My eyes fluttered as I drew in deep breaths. Evita's bowels drained my balls.

But a new load of cum built in them.

“Thank you for that assistance, Evita,” I groaned as I pulled my cock out of her. “Now, we can't have you sitting down with an asshole full of cum. Will one of you naughty girls volunteer to clean her up?”

“Mr. Davies,” groaned a happy Evita.

“Ooh, me, me, Mr. Davies!” said Nikkole. She darted up, her test in her hand, her blonde hair swaying behind her. The cheerleader reached me, her naked breasts swaying. “Pick me!”

“Enjoy,” I said, smacking her naked rump.

With a squeal, the cheerleader fell to her knees and rimmed Evita. Nikkole eagerly licked my cum out of her classmate's asshole. My dick, still hard, throbbed ta the naughty sight. Evita whimpered, a huge smile on her lips.

Nikkole would send Evita towards another orgasm.

“Mr. Davies, can I clean your cock?” asked Kyleigh. “I'm mostly finished with the test.”

“Of course,” I said, giving my hottie a big grin.

Her huge tits heaved and her green eyes flashed with delight. The naked beauty gained her feet and darted towards me. I hardly remembered the old her. That poor, fat girl didn't exist any longer. A sexy, confident beauty replaced her.

Kyleigh fell to her knees before me. I stood before the class, most of the students already finished. The girls were watching with envy, a few masturbating, while the guys were bored. Seth was on his phone, his fingers typing away, and Brian had leaned back in his chair, staring at the ceiling. Matthew's brow furrowed as he kept working.

I groaned as Kyleigh didn't even hesitate to suck my dirty cock into her mouth. The wanton schoolgirl-slut moaned about me. She engulfed me, polishing my cock. She sucked Evita's asshole off my dick and moaned the entire time.

She loved it.

My dick throbbed in her mouth as she bobbed her head. Her lips sealed. Her eyes stared up at me, burning with green delight. I groaned and shuddered, staring about at my students and loving this idea.

I should have done this last week. I could have been having a lot of fun with my horny students.


Becky Davies

I lingered over my book as the class filed out. I would have a short window, a minute or two, before the first student in Ms. Esmeralda's next class walked in. I couldn't miss this chance. Tonya quivered at her desk, slowly putting her textbook into her backpack.

Ms. Esmeralda smiled at me. She sauntered towards me, her breasts quivering in her low-cut blouse. Her eyes had a smoky, hungry quality to them that made me shudder. My pussy clenched and my large breasts rose and fell in my bra, swelling the front of my blouse and sweater vest. I smoothed my gray skirt as she stopped before me.

“Did you need something, Becky?” she asked, her voice that same throaty purr it had been the last few weeks. “Was there something you needed from me?”

“Yes,” I moaned, my hips wiggling back and forth. “I was wondering if you could give Tonya and I some extra lessons.” I licked my lips.

“You're already my best students,” Ms. Esmeralda said. “What could you learn from extra lessons?”

“Well, I was hoping for some extra credit work,” I said. “Maybe studying poetry. Greek poetry”

“Oh?” The professor cocked her head. “Whose?”

“The works of Sapphos,” I said. I took her hand, her fingers warm. My thumb stroked her. “An in-depth study. Wouldn't that be great? The three of us diving into those ancient words. We could immerse ourselves in the culture. Discuss the themes of her work. Maybe experiment with them. See what value they have.”

The professor licked her lips. “I'd like that. Say after classes?”

“Oh, yes,” I said, my thumb massaging the back of her hand. “How about at your place? The college is just so reserved for the subject we'll be discussing. I think a more intimate location would work.” My cheeks burned as I said this. I couldn't believe these bold words were coming out of me, but like with Mrs. Alberts last Friday night, I felt this need to take control. Be in charge.

“That does go against the college's policy but” She shuddered. “You two are my best students. My favorites. Okay. I'll meet you after school. Give you a ride.”

I winked at her. Then I released her hand and took Tonya's. My friend stumbled after me as I sauntered out of the room. I shifted my backpack hanging off my right shoulder as we plunged into the hallway. I swallowed, my body trembling.

“I can't believe you just did that,” Tonya muttered, the wash of students talking spilling around us.

“I know,” I said as we moved through the press. “It's incredible. We're going to have a hot time with her this afternoon.” I definitely had to move up my promised titty fuck to my daddy. “You do want to do this, right?”

Tonya nodded. “It's okay. It's not really fornication when women do it. There are no penises involved.”

“Dildos are fine, though?”

“They're not the real thing,” my friend said. She smiled at me. “It'll be fun. I'll see you later.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, squeezing her hand.

We split off to go to our classes. I hefted my heavy backpack. It was full of my textbooks and papers. I shuddered as its weight pulled on me. I went to thrust my other arm through the second strap when a zipper burst.

I gasped as everything spilled out of my backpack. My books crashed into the ground. Assignments burst free, papers scattering around my feet. My pencil case hit the ground and popped open, spilling out pens and mechanical pencils, my pink eraser bouncing towards the locker room.

“Oh, no,” I gasped, as I whirled around and bent down. I unslung my backpack and groaned. The zipper had come apart. I must have stuffed it too full. “Shoot.”

A boy knelt down across from me, grabbing my pencils and pens. He shoved them back into my pink holder and handed them over. I smiled, taking them and seeing it was Seth Parish, my younger brother's friend.

“Thanks,” I said, seeing his blue eyes sparkling. He had a smile on his lips, nodding his head.

I took the pencil from him and then started grabbing books. He did the same, his tie swaying before him, the silver clip on it flashing as it swung, catching the overhead light. Students moved around us as he snagged up my papers and passing them to me.

“I hope your bag's not ruined,” he said as he handed me my textbook for my chemistry class.

“Me, too,” I said. “I'd hate to have to lug these around.”

He smiled again. He was kinda cute, boyish. I shifted as this little warmth kindled between my thighs, a different sort of heat from the passion that Ms. Esmeralda stirred in me. My cheeks warmed as his finger brushed mine.

I snatched my textbook from him and thrust it into the bag. I zipped it up. The metal teeth came together this time. I hefted my bag a few times, testing if it stayed closed. It did. I hoped it lasted until I could get a new one.

“Thanks again,” I said, standing up, my cheeks feeling warmer as he rose with me. He was a tall guy, slender but with a handsome cut to his face. I'd never noticed that before how blue his eyes were.

“You're welcome,” he said, giving me a friendly smile. “I'm sure you would have done the same thing for me.”

“Yeah,” I said. I swallowed, confused by this warmth for Seth. I thought Daddy was the only guy that I was attracted to. “Well, uh Bye.”

“See you around,” he said, nodding.

He walked off and, for a moment, I found myself staring at his ass. I shook my head. What was wrong with me? He was a boy. I had Daddy. A man! A molten surge of heat rushed through me. My nipples hardened.

I had to see Daddy during lunch and remind myself what a man was like.

To be continued

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