The Wendigo

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The Wendigo

Alice knew the winter storm was coming in an hour or so. But she made one of her friends a promise. Her friend Ambers husband, had been missing for two months. Him and a few friends went hunting and a winter storm hit. No one could find them. Search party after search party had gone out. After a month of searching it was given up. After all. The storms were getting worse and becoming more frequent. There had been no news until the week before this. Ambers husband Robert had emerged from the snow covered woods, coming out in the midst of a storm. As if it was spitting him from beyond. Wearing his winter gear, blood frozen and caked onto his jacket forced to eat his dead friends to survive. He came out of the woods malnourished, his skin thin and stretched over his bones. His muscles nearly gone in order to feed his body. His teeth yellow, his eyes sunken and dead. Barely able to move. But Amber had come to Alice with concerns about his behavior. The things he said to her and their daughters. The things he called them, the things he said he would do to them. Freshly skinned bones of animals showed up in the yard. Their heads cracked open and brains gone. Their bones crack open and sucked dry. And licked clean.
Amber feared her husband and believe him to be doing all of it.
Alice moved a black bang from her face, her shined black hair was long and curved a little at the end. Her soft features were cute and reflected her white skin, her cheeks had scattered freckles and crystal blue eyes. She was officially off duty but she was still wearing her tight uniform, her fingernails were painted black and had a bit of black eye shadow. In most city's was wasn't allowed to wear it. In this small little town no one cared. She buttoned the top button of her blouse wanting to relax a bit more as she turned her head cracking her neck. Under her dark, dark blue uniform she wasn't even wearing an undershirt. She just wore a black lace bra. Felt the breeze go into her shirt. She smiled as weight lifted from her shoulders.
Ambers house came into view as she pulled up. She stopped the car right up front. She pulled the door handle and pushed with her shoulder swinging one long smooth leg out, a long stripe going up the side of her thigh. Her shined black dress shoes planted in the snow. She leaned forward arching her flexible back and got out. Belt was still on her and still had all of its tools. Her butt was round, and popped out showing greatly in her snug uniform.
She strolled to the front door of the mini mansion of a house, her hips swinging back and forth with every step. She knocked loudly a few times. Then again.
"Hey Amber?" She called through the door. A voice came back at her that was more of a croak.
"Come in!" The weak wheezy voice cried, Alice twisted the doorknob pulling the door open and walked in steadily,
"Robert? Is that you."
"Y-yes!" The voice said, sounding weak and frail. The large house had a lot of space with the ceiling at least twenty feet above with large wide obnoxious stair to get to the second floor that actually went higher then the average height. She started to go up the stairs hearing Robert breathing. His wheezing breaths nearly echoing through the halls. She got to the top of the stairs to the dark hallway. The only light coming from a single door cracked open. She stepped towards it, slowly opening it. Robert laid in the king sized bed, covers up to his neck. His cheeks were sunken in, his skin sickly stretched over his bones. His eyes glassy and sunken in, half open. The tendons in his neck were shown clear.
"Hey, Robert." She called softy,
"Wh-" he needed a second to take a breath, "Who is that? Alice?" The voice croaked followed by a cough of flegm.
She smiled a bit unnerved. "Yes, it's me." Said meekly, "where is Amber."
"I-I, I don't, don't know." He said trying to catch up his breath, "I think she went To the, the store. M-maybe The storm caught them." He forced out weakly, "I am very very hungry." He managed.
"I can grab you some food, Robby." She said, calling him Robby, a name she's called him by since high school.
"There's none left." He said, "Th-that's wh-wh- why she went Went out. You are s-so, kind Alice. You've always, been, so nice The way you handle your self." She smiled modestly, "Carrying yourself around with that nice big ass and luscious tits." Her eyes suddenly went to shock, she slowly turned around shocked by what he had said, "I've always wanted to stuff your little wet cunt with my big fucking cock." He cried out with a new regenerated sense of life, spittle flying in the air as he laid there with a toothy smile and a phlegm filled laugh, "I bet you'd like that you little slut, I bet you'd like to wrap those young dick sucking lips around it and beg me to force it down your soft delicate throat Or beg me not to, that would be more fun." He said with a wicked grin.
"Robert? What the fuck? Why are you talking like that?" She asked feeling sick to her stomach.
"How about giving me a piece of that firm, perk, ass. Let me have a taste. A little bite." She stood up starting to walk towards the door a little, "then maybe I'll eat those big fucking tits! Mmmmmm!" His veiny tongue emerged from his mouth going over his dry cracked lips leaving a layer of thick saliva with a sick slick wet sound, "Maybe I'll eat you from the ass in. Does that make you hot you little bitch? I like my meals hot, I've eaten only cold out in the woods. I want to eat you and have you scream at the top of your lungs whore."
The look of disgust was clear on her face as she back out from the room. She was about to close the door when he looked directly at her. She took a look of surprise, but then shut the door with haste.
Robert looked up to the ceiling with a phlegm filled cackle.
Alice opened the door to go outside when the wind bursted the door wide. She threw she shoulder into the door having to put all her might to shut the door again. The winds awe striking as the snow fell by the truck load. She stepped back as she heard the continuance of his cackling laughter.
But soon silence filled the house.

It stayed deathly silent for hours. Alice was in the kitchen, she kept trying to call Amber but she wouldn't pick up. The storm had passed an hour before hand but she figured she would stay and wait for Amber. It wasn't like Robert was moving anyway. The snow was blinding but wasn't big. The snow flakes were extremely light putting maybe six inches on the ground. Alice's squad car would be able to get through it. She stood staring out the window when she could have sworn she saw something moving in the woods. She leaned in squinting her eyes, arching her back, boosting her butt outward into the air she looked. Suddenly she felt something slowly drawing up her leg. It was at the back of her thigh as it went up shooting a shocking chill up her spine. She spun around pulling her taser. Nothing. She shuddering she placed the weapon back when a voice called from the living room.
"It's not healthy to be so jumpy Alice." The throaty voice said, she stepped toward the living room, "Heightens your blood pressure." He said with a cackling chuckle, drawing in a clicking breath. She walked though the arch way to see Robert leaning on the wall, nothing but grotesquely tight skin and bones. His fingernails yellow and chipped. His ribs and pelvis were both clearly visible. He had no muscle in his thigh and calves wearing only a towel. It looked like he had not eaten in years. He keep moving his jaw around, playing with something in his mouth, pushing it around with his tongue.
"Well, Amber should be home soon. I'm going to head home ok Robert." She said anxiously walking past him. She gasped when she felt his cold hand seize her wrist. His other hand was suddenly on her ass, his fingers going in between her butt cheeks squeezing as he swung her to the wall, his towel falling to the floor as his erect cock rubbed up against her pussy.
"Please Robert," she said unable to get out of his surprising strong grip, "Let me go, I-I'll get you food." She tried to bargain. He spit out a small broken bone with Ambers wedding ring on it.
"No thank you, I just ate." He said licking her neck up slowly. She suddenly fought back but it was to no avail, Robert grabbed her thick leather belt and ripped it off by the buckle. He grabbed the hand cuffs and threw the belt away. He threw her against the wall handcuffing her hands behind her back. He then whipped her to the large cushy couch of velvet. He jumped on her with incredible speed. Unbuttoning her pants and pulled them down with force. She wore see through black lace panties. He stuck his head between her legs, licking, kissing and biting her sweet, soft, inner thighs as she screamed angrily for him to stop. He then lurched for her sweet pussy. He bit into the thin panties pulling away twisting his head ripping them with a harsh tearing sound. She screamed in terror as she kicked her legs trying to push herself away. But he held her by the her waist. He brought his head up again and lurched in again thrusting his tongue into her pussy. She cried out in revulsion, trying to get free of her hand cuffs. His teeth opened wide and closed rubbing against her wettening folds. Tears streamed from her face as the creatures hands came up to her blouse ripping it wide by the buttons. His hands felt her soft belly then dug into it with his jagged nails drawing blood. His tongue worked furiously as her folds began to get wetter. She closed her eyes tight as her body began to betray her. She gritted her teeth together lifting her pelvis in the air by her legs trying to get away as she made random noises trying to fight. He followed her now soaking pussy and began to lift her pelvis then stood with her, her firm ass pressed tight on his chest, his tongue deep in her pussy. She began to wiggle and move trying to escape when her eyes began to rolled to the back of her head and screamed in an uncontrollable orgasm as she cried out in disgust. She gushed into his mouth. He licked and sucked her pussy drinking every drop. He threw her off as she landed on her back. Her eyes shut mouth wide in crying. He fell to his knees, then shoved his cock into her mouth falling forward as his cock was shoved down her throat. His head fell upon her soaking pussy. He sucked on her clit as he began to pump his pelvis. He lifted his head, his chin wet in her juices.
"Don't bite, I don't want to even feel your teeth. If I do, you'll feel mine." Said his mucus filled voice, he went back at it. Alice was in fear, her tits pressed firmly against his boney and rigid pelvis. In fear she made sure to widen her mouth. She pressed her lips against his large cock as she choked on it. It went fast in and out of her mouth, being forced down her throat. She climaxed again as she shook in disgust and more tears streamed. He are all of the juices as possible. He pulled out as she gasped. She immediately began to plead for him to let her go. He placed his large throbbing dick at her entrance. He shoved it in as he began fondling her breasts, sucking on the large tits and nice nipples. His tongue lapped around her nipples then he bit it hard, he felt his tooth sink in a little tasting blood. He grabbed her large c-cup breast with both hands sucking on her swollen breast. Sucking the blood from it as she cried out in pain. He began to thrust faster. He pulled his head back with a popping sound from her tit. Her breast jiggling back into place. He looked down with an evil smile. He pulled from her now used cunt and placed it between her tits as he began to pump, squeezing her tits together. He humped ferociously, poking her face with it. It didn't last long as he force her to her knees. She cried hopelessly, her head hanging low. He walked over to her belt pulling out the night stick. She didn't notice. She just kept staring at the ground. He walked into the kitchen opening the cookie jar. He pulled out a piece of squishy meat from it and grabbed duck tape from the kitchen tables drawer. He walked into the room as he tilted her head back to look at him. He squeezed the back of her jaw forcing it open. His lips curved into an evil grin shoving the meat into her mouth. She tried to scream when he wrapped the duck tape around her mouth. She moved her mouth around feeling the squishy meat.
Robert forced her top half to the ground, her head pressed against the wooden floor. He laid a hand on her lower back. He slowly had his hand raise up her thigh, licking her bare ass. It was so firm and big. His other hand began to round her small waist then lifted in the air. It came down hard upon her ass with a loud slap. Her ass cheeks were so round and firm. He squeezed one hard and let his tongue hang loose. He licked between her cheeks firmly slowly raising. He did it again this time shoving her tongue into her asshole. He moved his tongue around as she made a high pitched cry for help. He took it out standing over her ass with the night stick. He lifted the night stick bringing it down. He slapped her ass with the night stick with her ass high in the air. He put his dirty foot on her head as he did it again. She tried to cry out but could only moan for help. He smacked her ass over and over making red stripes on her ass. He then shoved the nightstick into her pussy. He didn't shove it all the way but he began to fuck her with it. She moaned as tears streamed. He took it out licking the nightstick free of juices. After shoving it back in he then positioned his cock over her asshole. He pressed his head against it. Her eyes went wide as she tried to scream. He pressed harder. Her head turned in fear and pain as her hand tried to reach for his dick to pull it out. He kept pressing as his head went half way in. He kept going. Further and further. His whole head was in as she struggled, trying to twist and turn. She rounded her waist about that only pleasurably grinded against his head. He pressed on harder this time forcing himself all the way in. He pulled out and then forced himself back in. He pumped over and over growling ferally. His right hand both smacking around her ass. His other hand fucking her with the night stick. He pulled it out licking it all about then tossing it. He slapped her little clit over and over as she cried out. He began to pump faster and then faster, both hands on her ass, one lifting and smacking it once and while. He roared into the air as he exploded a large load into her asshole. He pushed her over as the jizz began to leak from her ass. It flowed freely over her ass cheek.
"That was amazing. especially knowing my wife's breast was in your mouth the entire time." He said sickly, Alice's eyes widen as he took the tape out. She spit the piece of meat out as she began spitting the blood that was on the body part out. She couldn't help it as she vomited all over the part.
Shrugging he picked the piece up walking slowly to the kitchen. He stopped at the arch way looking at it.
It would've been my little girls But I ate her already. You should be dead by the time my teenager arrives. When she does I'll fuck her too." He said with a cackle of laughter. Listening to her cough choke and gag. The sound of her hand cuffs rustling. He then bit into the body part twisting it head in each direction and pulling back as the flesh stretched with a couple sick snaps. He went into the kitchen pulling a knife. He smiled. He took another chunk of the piece wondering how Alice would taste. He turned around to see the door wide open and Alice gone. A pair of hand cuffs on the floor with a key in them.
He roared in anger. With inhuman speed he sped to the window hearing the car engine start. He saw the car pull away the speed down the road.
He grinned. "My daughter will be home soon. Slutty little Allison."

Having a miniskirt halfway up her thighs Allison drove down the country road with no body around. No more then seventeen she drove without. A care in the world. She began to slow down seeing a man in a suit with his thumb sticking out. She stopped rolling down the window.
"Do you need a ride Mr?" She asked,
"Thank you dear girl," the voice eloquently started as he opened the car door and slid in. He was a very pale man with a hat covering his eyes. She was a bit grossed out by him. "It was quite cold out there." He finished, his jaws snapping together making an audible click.
He had no lips and his teeth were jagged and fastened. His gums were red as he had a large wide grin that never left his face.
"So where can I take you, mister?"
"Mr is good. And if you could stop the car right over there." *click* he said pointing to the side of the road, his fingernails long sharp and thick, the base of them red. He lowered his hand, lowering it upon her leg looking directly at her with his devious grin. Her eyes were wide in horror as she swallowed hard.

The car pulled over as the door opened and she began to get out when an arm wrapped around her waist the other arm coming around with the hand under her skirt, diving into her panties. She screamed at the top of her lungs when she was pulled back in and the door shut.

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