Snow Day_(0)

Whew! That was a close one! Arms gripping the tree Chel wiggles her board around the base of the trunk. The powder is piled up high around her legs almost to her knees. It is the first decent day of snow Colorado had all winter. The mountain is packed but within the trees is her territory. Well Chel's and every other experienced boarders anyway. So far during her morning runs she has only run into a few and they have already taken off to go play on the new quarter pipe and rails the resort put in. As far as she can tell this small stretch of Aspen, Pine, and the occasional boulder were hers for the moment.
Chel readjusts her beanie and once again scolds herself for not buying a damn helmet. Spent all her money on a rocker board and a new pair of snow pants. Although she had to admit along with keeping her super warm the pants made her ass look amazing.
Board unstuck Chel fixes her snow goggles on her nose and slides out of the tress onto the much abused trail. Worn dow to little more than dust-on-crust Chel drifts over to a section of powder roped off under a stretch of the gondola. Picking up speed she shreds through the fresh pow, only looking up just in time to see a boarder in a Slednecks jacket fall off the lift and crater into a snowbank.
Normally she would laugh her ass off and continue on but this part of the mountain was out of bounds and deserted. Carving her way over to the hole Chel pops down on both knees, unclips her board and prods the guy in the back. He groans, from embarrassment or pain Chel cannot tell, but she positions herself better and grabs his arm. Getting the hint he lifts his head up and pushes himself to a kneeling position.
Unable to control herself Chel lets out a burst of laughter at his snow covered face and hair. He chuffs at her amusement and shakes his head like a dog in an attempt to clean off.
“Are you ok man? That looked pretty rough,”
Chel asks, still fighting to hide her grin.
“Yea I'm good, ego took a bit of a beating but physically alright.”
Chel leans over to grab his beanie before standing up and offering it back to him.
“Don't worry, I think it's just me out here, no one else saw anything. I'm Chel by the way.” Offering out a gloved hand Chel looks him in the face taking in his striking ice-blue eyes.
“Good deal, names Oscar. Glad I got the chance to drop in and meet you.”
Unclipping his board he takes the hand to pull himself up. Now face to face he winks out of respect for his cheesy joke. Chel giggles and tries to pull her hand back, Oscar holds on for a moment longer despite her pulling. It seems he is slowly taking her in and likes what he sees. Chel blushes and drops her eyes from his, only for them to fall on the slight bulge in his snow pants. Realizing she is staring she turns an even deeper crimson and starts to make her way back to her board. The crunch of snow and a pulling on her jacket stop her.
“Well hey wait! Thanks for coming to check on me and stuff,”
Oscar says turning her around to face him.
“Is there anything I can do for you?” he adds with a grin.
Chel can't help but smile back, damn he is hot and to make even a little bulge in his snow pants he must be equipped too.
“Uh no, I'm set got my laugh in for the day,” she adds with a wink.
The sarcasm is heavy in his voice when he replies.
“Haha very funny.”
Chel realizes he is slowly shuffling closer to her, those ice-blue eyes filled with? She couldn't put a word to it, maybe mischief and a kind of want, or hunger. She gasps in surprise when her back comes in contact with a tree. Unconsciously she had been backing up away from the advances of Oscar. Now with nowhere to go his face comes within inches of her own.
“No but seriously anything you can think of? I'd like to pay back my rescuer.”
His eyes never leave hers and it makes Chel feel almost weak in the knees. Attempting to regain composure Chel breaks her eyes away from his enticing stare.
“Not really a rescue, just wanted to make sure you didn't hurt yourself,” she mumbles giving a nervous giggle.
Chel draws in a sharp intake of freezing air as she feels Oscar's body push into hers, pinning her to the tree. Despite the awkward fall earlier Oscar was very smooth, placing his hand her hips.
“Ah so a selfless act. Now that must be repaid somehow.”
His voice had gotten somewhat husky as he runs his hands up her jacket and unzips it down to where her breast lay. Again Chel lets out a gasp, she cannot believe how forward he is but what is even stranger is that she does not want him to stop. She feels herself become very warm and her nipples grow beneath her layers of clothing, reacting to his slight touch. Chel feels she has to stop this and half-heartedly tries to push him away, her feeble attempts to escape must have excited him though and he knees open her legs, pressing himself against her.
“Don't go Chel, things are just starting to get interesting,” he teases lowering his lips to her throat.
Licking and nibbling his way up her neck to her ear, he grips her earlobe with his teeth and sucks it into his mouth. With his hot breath in her ear and his slow grinding in between her legs Chel's breath hitches and she lets go a soft moan.
“There you go, don't fight, just let me show you how grateful I am.”
Chel can barely hear him over the sound of the blood rushing to her head, she loves what he is doing to her and pushes herself harder against his growing bulge. Groaning at her acceptance he runs his tongue up her neck to her lips, catching the bottom one in his teeth. Chel feels herself becoming wet while his hands fumble at her snow pants, unbuttoning them and pushing them down. She cries out when his lips leave hers. Grinning he lowers himself to his knees drags her pants the rest of the way down with him. When Oscar smiles up at her Chel thanks the stars she decided to wear her orange boy shorts today. She always felt sexy in them as they cupped her ass cheeks perfectly and were slightly see through, a tease. She guesses Oscar likes them when he suddenly growls deep in his chest, attacking her now throbbing pussy through the material.
Chel almost collapses at the feel of his warm tongue massaging her clit, he pulls back every couple seconds and lets the cold air soak through the wet spots he has left. The feeling is amazing and Chel is whimpering uncontrollably, grinding herself into his mouth. She pulls off her gloves and runs her fingers under his hat into his hair, grabbing a fistfull and pulling his mouth into her. His own ungloved hands run up her goosebumped legs and finally pull down her soaked shorts. Nothing to impede him now he pushes his tongue deep inside her pussy wringing moans from her. He licks and nibbles her swollen clit until she cries out , squirting on his face. Dripping he looks up to her in amazement.
“I've never been squirted on before” Chel blushes at his words.
“Did you like it?” she asks looking nervous.
Instead of answering he dives back into her pussy lapping up the juices as they continue to flow out of her and down her legs. Chel's eyes roll back while he cleans her up, his tongue swirling round and round, hot breath caressing her pulsing clit. She grabs his hair again, lightly this time and pulls him back up to her. Planting her lips on him she shoves her tongue in his mouth. Chel had always loved the way she tasted, salty and very sweet. She groans into the kiss and runs her hands over his growing bulge, she can feel him twitch when she touches him and works to relieve him of his pants. She finally gets the button undone and drops to her knees rubbing his cock through his boxers. He is rock hard by now so she strips him down until he is in her hands. Chel gapes at the massive member in her grip, it has to be about 9 inches long, and curved a bit to the left. She loves feeling him pulse in her palm so she slowly strokes him taking in the sight. He pushes his hips toward her face, taunting her until she sticks her tongue out, licking the head. After a taste she cannot get it in her mouth fast enough. Her lips run down his long shaft as she takes his cock deep in her throat, only stopping when she chokes. Coming up for air she leaves his dick coated with spit. Chel grazes the tip of her tongue along the slit on the head of his huge cock causing Oscar to groan and buck into her face. Chel takes him deep in her mouth once again, the feeling must be too much and he grabs the back of her head, forcing her to take his dick over and over in her throat. She fights the attack at first but then gives up and lets him face fuck her. She swallows his cock with each thrust and after sometime feels his balls tighten up.
“Fuck! I wanna cum in that pretty little mouth, open wide for me.”
Chel obliges sticking her tongue out while he strokes himself in her face. His body trembles and ropes of hot, sticky cum shoot all over her face and in her mouth. His cock tastes so good Chel takes him in her mouth once more, sucking out the remaining cum and swallowing what had landed in her mouth. She scoops up what shot on her face and sucks her fingers dry. Oscar had been watching her clean and starts to get hard again.
“That's so fucking hot, come up here I want a taste.” Chel rises from her knees pressing her lips into his, in moments she can feel his tongue exploring hers. He groans into her mouth as she runs her hands
his cock trying to get him rock hard again. Finger tips and the head of his dick brush lightly against her clit with each stroke. Her breathing becomes shaky with need.
“Fuck I want you right now!”
Chel cannot believe the words coming from her own mouth but the feel of his throbbing cock in her hands is driving her crazy and destroying all hope for rational thought. Once again rock hard and dripping with pre cum Oscar slaps her ass.
“Bend over bitch, I want to see that ass bounce.”
Chel is amazed as she complies, never has anyone slapped her before much less call her a bitch.
She loved it.
Bending over and putting both hands on the tree she juts her butt up in the air. She trembles slightly from the feel of cold spit being rubbed into her pussy causing her to moan with impatience.
“Mmm fuck! Hurry up!”
“You want this cock?”
Oscar teases inserting his finger into her.
“Work for it cunt.”
Past caring Chel pushes herself onto his finger, groaning.
“Don't tease me you bastard”
One hand on the tree Chel uses the other to grab his cock. Once hers she pulls him to her opening, slowly pushing on the head she eases the tip inside her. Chel cries out in pain when he suddenly thrusts the rest of his length into her.
“Oh yea you feel so fuckin good wrapped around my cock.”
The pain quickly recedes as he works his dick in and out of her. One hand still on the tree she uses the other to rub slow circles around her clit, moistening her fingers with her saliva and the juices flowing from her abused pussy.
“Oh my god! You're so fucking big, not so fast you're hurting me.”
Each stroke becomes longer and slower as he grabs her hips and forces himself balls deep. Chel's fingers are twirling faster now as she rocks her pelvis into him. Her groans become louder, building with her need to cum again. She drowns out the rhythmic grunting behind her.
“That's right bitch cum all over this cock.”
She can feel her entire body shaking, coming undone at his rough words, her pussy tightening around him. Just as she is about to explode he grabs a fist full of her hair and yanks her head back.
“Mmmm. ahhh fuck yes! God dammit that hurts, mmm pull harder.”
She screams squirting all over him, soaking his cock, balls, and legs in ecstasy.
“Holy shit that is so fuckin sexy, ah I'm going to cum inside you slut, tell me you want it. Beg for this cum.”
His strokes grow shorter, teasing, waiting to hear her plead.
“Do it! Please! I want your cum inside me, fill this pussy up.”
Chel begs, whimpering when he begins to speed up.
“Ah yes, just like that, harder mmmm fucking deeper!”
Chel puts both hands back on the tree to prevent from falling over as Oscar rams himself inside of her. With one last thrust Oscar leaves himself deep in her pussy, growling and trembling. She can feel herself getting filled up with warm cum.
“Ah damn girl thanks for draining my balls, now get back on your knees and suck this cock clean.”

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