The Titchester Chronicles - Michelle (2)

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‘Paying the Ferryman with her soul’

Michelle’s Day Off

Michelle was leaving work on Tuesday evening when she heard the car horn. She walked over, heels clicking on the pavement, and leaned in.

“Get in,” Faris Dara ordered.

Pulling open the passenger door Michelle did so. Faris looked at her, his hand immediately sliding up her stockinged thigh. Automatically Michelle opened her legs to allow him access to her pussy. He probed her roughly.

“Very nice,” he commented, setting the car in gear. Five minutes later they were on the top floor of the multi-story car park. He parked in the lee of the wall at the far end, where it was comparatively deserted.

Faris unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock, pushing his seat back.

“Climb on and fuck me,” he said.

Michelle slipped off her heels and swung her leg over to straddle him. She was inches from his face and could smell his breath. Spices and tea. Holding his cock she positioned it and slid it inside herself. She knew she was wet. She was always wet.

Grunting, he grabbed her arse and closed his eyes. Neither made a sound as Michelle moved rhythmically on top of him. Their breathing grew more ragged, he was enjoying the power he had over her, and she for the same reason. To be picked up and casually fucked like this excited her. To be used in this way was degrading, and that the man doing it was someone she used to regard as a friendly father figure added pleasurable distress to the mix.

It didn’t take long before he came. He was using her more as a masturbatory tool than a sexual partner.

“Grab a tissue, try not to make a mess when you climb off.”

Michelle did so, holding the wad of tissues between her legs as she swung back into the passenger seat.

“Pull your skirt down, mind the seat leather,” he snapped, and then an annoyed: “You left a mess on my trousers.”

Michelle leaned over and licked the cum from his trousers. “Clumsy bitch,” he muttered. She straightened, wiping her mouth.

“How is Anaisha?” Michelle had spent two hours with her last night, repeating the same dose. Faris had wanted his daughter naked, and he lay on top of Anaisha, kissing her face and tits and rubbing himself off against her pussy. He didn’t penetrate her. He hadn’t fucked Michelle either, seemingly more focussed and controlled this time. Again Anaisha had ‘woken up’, and was quiet as Michelle chatted to her as if nothing had happened.

“Subdued. Had to cuddle her,” he smiled. “She liked it. Worried she keeps falling asleep so I suggested a day off tomorrow. Spend some quality time. I’ll dose her then you come over. I’ll say you popped round to see how she is when she wakes up.”

“I’ll have to get the afternoon off.”

“Do it.”

“It may not be that easy.”

Faris grabbed her by the hair. “You’ll be there. Tomorrow I’m fucking her. Understand?” He twisted his grip causing Michelle to instinctively grab his hand as the pain burned in her scalp.

“Yes, yes, I understand,” she intuited that he wanted an excuse to hurt her, and maybe not even an excuse.

As Faris slowly relaxed his grip the fear that spiked in her subsided. Her body betrayed her by being aroused at the idea of him hurting her. That he could be sadistic had never crossed her mind. Michelle could now see beneath the polite, civilised veneer that people outwardly presented. It was unsettling and liberating.

Faris started the car. “I’ll drop you off back at your office.”

“Thank you,” she said. They drove in silence.

“A new friend?” A voice inquired as she went through the staff car park.

“Yes, Miss Tolliver.”

“Are you accommodating his needs as you should?” Mary asked

“Yes, Miss Tolliver,” Michelle hesitated. “He has instructed me to take tomorrow afternoon off.”

“Has he now. And what do you intend to do?”

“I think I should do as I am told, but I need your permission. The Firm does come first,” she added.

“Yes, it does. We are your new family are we not?”

“Yes, Miss Tolliver. I will always put the Firm first.”

“Good,” replied Mary with a smile. “In this instance, you can take the afternoon off.”

Thank you, Miss Tolliver,” said Michelle with a grateful rush. “Is there anything I can do for you, Miss Tolliver?”

Mary knew the girl was offering herself and was tempted. “Yes, make sure you and Mr Dara have a good time tomorrow.”

“I will, Miss Tolliver. Thank you again. Good night.” If Michelle was surprised that Mary knew who the man was she didn’t show it.

Mary watched as Michelle drove off, then dictated a message and sent it. ‘Michelle has her afternoon off. Be in place to monitor. Encrypt the recording. Private. Myself and Mead only‘. Putting her phone away Mary went back into the office.

Wednesday 2:36 PM

“You took your fucking time!” Faris Dara was agitated, almost pulling Michelle in through the door.

“What’s wrong?” Michelle asked with some alarm.

“Nothing,” he adjusted his robe which had fallen open. He was naked underneath. “ Just want to get on with it. I gave her one and a half capsules about thirty minutes ago. Didn’t want to be disturbed,” he grinned feverishly. “I’ve got her up to her room and stripped her. She had a few glasses of wine with lunch so she was a little tipsy.”

Entering Anaisha’s bedroom, Michelle looked at the naked girl lying on the bed, conflicting impulses running through her. Concern for Anaisha, shame at her betrayal, excitement for the same reason, desire at seeing Anaisha naked, a sharper desire to watch her friend being fucked by her father.

Michelle climbed on the bed next to Anaisha and stroked her long black hair, Her friend had lost weight on holiday, gone was that pudginess she had always carried. Anaisha looked more toned and much sexier than Michelle recalled. Without thinking, Michelle caressed Anaisha’s full, soft breasts admiring her large brown nipples.

“Strip,” ordered Faris.

Quickly. Michelle discarded her clothes and lay alongside her friend as her father straddled Anaisha.

“You’re going to get fucked by your handsome daddy,” whispered Michelle. “Feel his cock inside you, his nice big hard cock.” Faris bent over his daughter and kissed her. She was less responsive than before but still stirred.

Spreading his daughter’s legs, Faris knelt between them, stroking his cock as Michelle murmured encouragement. He rubbed himself against Anaisha, smearing her wetness on him. Michelle noticed that her friend had trimmed her bush, making her slick pussy lips more visible. Faris hesitated, holding his cock against his daughter’s cunt, he turned and looked at Michelle. At that moment the enormity of what she was doing hit Michelle, she rocked back on her heels, her head whirling under the pressure, she then felt an intense rush, a hormonal high that threatened to overwhelm her.

Faris stared at her until her eyes focused back on him. Michelle saw the desire and the doubt warring in him. Instinctively she knew that it was her decision, each needed the other for this final act to take place. She was the enabled and the enabler, and this was a test of her commitment. She steeled herself, her heart thudding painfully in her chest.

“Do it,” she said softly.

Faris did.

Anaisha uttered a tiny, soft puff as her father entered her. Michelle’s response was louder and more heartfelt. Everything up to now and had been a dress rehearsal for this moment, she trembled as her orgasm ripped through her. This single act of betrayal was her offering to her new Gods.

Eshe’s instructions came back to her. Michelle began whispering encouragement and how it was good to be fucked, to be used. She skittered over the words until they became a litany of jumbled obscenities.

Faris was oblivious to everything other than the feel of his daughter’s warm body under him. His dark reasons whispering to him as he bucked on top of Anaisha. He hooked his arms under Anaisha’s legs and raised them to give himself better leverage, his initial control started to fray as he fucked his semi-conscious daughter.

He felt spittle on his face, Michelle yelling at him: “Fuck her!”, “Fuck her hard, fuck her cunt!” Her mouth seeking his, kissing passionately, bonding over this defilement.

For Faris, years of private doubt, resentment and desire flowed out of him. He savoured the warmth of his daughter’s cunt, her head lolling back and forth like a broken puppet, her best friend, this crazy girl exploring his mouth with an obscene, almost unhinged frenzy.

Suddenly he jerked out and shot cum over Anaisha. He pushed back on his knees, looking down in wonder at his white seed splattered over his daughter, her legs splayed, her cunt wet and open before him.

Michelle began tracing her finger in his cum, transfixed as if there was meaning in its pattern. She began tasting it and then feeding some to Anaisha. “You want to taste cum, lots of cum, lots of men’s cum,” she murmured.

“Stay with her,” he said, the fire in his eyes abating.

“Yes, Sir,” replied Michelle, having no intention of leaving her friend.

Faris got off the bed and slapped Michelle on the arse. “That feels nice, Sir,” she said, encouraging him.

“Does it now,” he chuckled. The tension was broken. The deed was done. They had freed themselves from the shackles that earlier threatened them. He gave Michelle two harder smacks on her rear.

“I’m going to freshen up before round two,” he said.

Michelle nodded, her hand running down Anaisha’s body, probing her pussy. She wondered what had prompted Anaisha to trim. Was it simply an act of grooming, or an unconscious awareness she would be displaying herself?

“It’s nice to flash our pussies and titties at men, get them all excited so they want to stick their cocks in our wet holes. All of our holes.” Michelle massaged her friend’s anus as she spoke. “And there is a lot of nice pussy to taste. Your friend Michelle has a lovely cunt. You would love to taste her juices.”

Faris again had sex with Anaisha, but this time with more consideration. Michelle lay beside them, her hand on his arse as he rocked back and forth, enjoying the sweet illicit sound of father fucking daughter. He scooped Michelle to him and kissed her, she luxuriated in this monstrous connection she felt with Faris, they were an unholy trinity of sin and incestuous sex.

She pushed his head down so that he was kissing Anaisha, then ran her tongue down his back as he lay between his daughter’s legs. Parting his arse cheeks, Michelle began rimming him. Faris squirmed with pleasure, enjoying the combination of wet pussy and wet tongue.

There was a long sigh as he spent himself over his daughter’s tits Flopping over he told Michelle to lick them clean. Happily, Michelle covered every inch of her friend’s breasts before kissing a trail down to Anaisha’s cunt and losing herself in her scent.

Lying beside his daughter with his arm around her, Faris watched the show Michelle was putting on. No, not a show, he thought, the girl was really into this. Hard to credit this was the same, gangly teenager he had watched grow over the past decade. He had always wanted to fuck her, and now she was helping him fuck his daughter.

Languidly, he grabbed Michelle by the hair and pulled her across Anaisha’s body. Hurting Michelle excited him, yet this time he did it with more consideration and less hate behind the action. Hate that had been directed as much at himself as the girl.

“Suck my cock,” he said.

Michelle took his semi into her mouth and used her tongue with some expertise on him. Morning sessions with Mr Mead had improved her skill levels. Despite this, her jaw was aching by the time he came, and Michelle was disappointed that he had little fluid left.

Faris dozed for 20 minutes and then left Michelle to dress and monitor Anaisha. The plan was simple. Keep her quiet and before she woke put her on the sofa downstairs whereupon Michelle would ‘just arrive’.

Anaisha’s eyes eventually fluttered open, confusion in them.

“Hi, babe,” said Michelle brightly. “Got off work a bit early and thought I’d pop round to see how you are.”

“Keep blacking out,” came the worried, slightly slurred, reply.

“Have you seen a doctor?” Michelle asked, feigning concern. “Can I get you a tea or something?”

“Please. Tea would be nice,” replied Anaisha gratefully.

Michelle went through to the kitchen where Faris was working on his laptop. As she made tea she tentatively said: “I think you should stop dosing her for now.”

“I’ll decide that.”

“Yes, of course, it’s just-”

Faris got up and walked into the hall from where we could see his daughter and then came back into the kitchen, shutting the door.

“Come here,” he said softly.

Dutifully, Michelle did as she was told, head down submissively. He put his hand under her top and fondled her breasts.

“Don’t question me. Understand?” Faris said in the same soft tones.

Michelle nodded. “I was just trying to look after your interests, Sir,” she replied.

He grunted and twisted her nipple. Wincing, Michelle raised her top, her breathing elevated. “Would you like to hurt my other nipple, Sir?”

Grinning, he took hold of both nipples, harshly twisting and pulling them. Michelle gave a tiny gasp and then let her top fall as he removed his hands. “Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re a sick bitch,” he took the drug bottle out of his pocket. “As it happens I agree with you. Take it so there is no chance of them being discovered here. I’ll ask for them when I need it. Maybe get some more?”

“I’ll try,” she nodded, happy that he had given her the drug. She took the tea through to Anaisha who was looking more alert.

“Thanks, babe, oh that feels good,” said Anaisha as she took a long sip. She leaned forward to put the cup down and winced suddenly her hand going to her groin. “I feel sore down there,” she said worriedly.

Michelle put down her cup, her mind racing. “We need to get you checked out right now,” she said, an idea forming.

Faris came through with a look of alarm. “What’s going on?”

“Possible woman problems,” said Michelle smoothly, “I think Anaisha should get a check-up.”

Panic flooded Faris’s face. “Well I’m not sure, perhaps rest for a while?”

“Something isn’t right daddy,” his daughter interrupted.

“I can get us a check-up right away. Our Firm has a very good medical unit, and if anything more is needed, they can get us into a private hospital,” said Michelle staring at Faris.

Confused, Faris understood Michelle somehow had it under control. “Well, that would be great,” he said realising he had little choice but to trust the girl’s judgement.

Michelle was dialing Eshe, hoping this would work.

“Eshe, this is Michelle, look my friend is having some sort of cramps and keeps blacking out so I wondered if your unit could give her a check-up? That would be great,” relief in her voice now. “I’ll drive her over now if it’s okay. Thank you Eshe, Thank you.”

Michelle helped Anaisha to her feet who said: “It feels better now, but if your Firm doesn’t mind I would still like to get checked out.”

“No, you should darling,” said Faris, taking his daughter into his arms and hugging her tightly.

The expression on Anaisha’s face went from contentment to slight confusion and then clarity. She stiffened and broke contact

“I’ll be okay, daddy, I best be off with Michelle,” her face was blank. Michelle saw it play out then understood. Her father’s sadistic streak and relief at thinking he was in the clear, had prompted an erection which his daughter had felt. Michelle wondered if it had triggered some latent memory in Anaisha.

Eshe put the phone down. “Okay, they are prepping the exam room.”

Roland nodded as they drove from Anaisha’s house, where they had been monitoring Michelle. “Let’s make sure we get there before them then.”

Michelle drove carefully to the office, mindful of Eshe’s instruction to take her time. She parked up and guided Anaisha to the Cable Street entrance, where the ground floor medical unit was situated.

Eshe in her white coat and a small bird-like woman, Nurse Hatcher, welcomed them. Michelle was ushered out and into an adjoining anteroom. From here, the medical room was visible through the two-way mirror.

Eshe knew what had happened, but wanted to get Michelle’s version. She listened as Michelle explained, both of them watching Nurse Hatcher collecting Anaisha’s clothes and handing her a gown.

“So he fucked her too hard?” Eshe mused. “Okay, let’s go play Doctors and Nurses. You can watch from here. You can listen too,” Eshe flicked on the intercom and left.

Anaisha was in stirrups on the exam bed. Nurse Hatcher looked on with keen interest at the girl’s pussy as Eshe carefully pressed a latex hand against Anaisha’s groin.

“Does that hurt?” Eshe asked.

“A little.”

“Have you had sex recently or masturbated with a hard object?”

Anaisha looked embarrassed. “I haven’t had sex, but it feels like I have. I did masturbate the other day.”

Nurse Hatcher stepped forward and squeezed the young girls hand “It’s okay, my dear. There is nothing wrong with masturbating,” she said.

“I did use a handle, type thing,” mumbled Anaisha, grateful for the encouragement.

“What sort of handle?”

“A plastic one.”

“What was it attached to?” Eshe and Hatcher exchanged a look of malicious enjoyment at the girl’s discomfort.

“Is, is that important?”

“It could be, yes.” Eshe couldn’t see any reason why it should, aside from her curiosity.

“Well, I was getting out the bath and was feeling kind of -”

“Horny,” said Nurse Hatcher.

“Randy,” said Eshe.

Anaisha smiled at their jokey manner. “Pretty much and the toilet brush handle was poking up, so I thought why not.”

“Was it good?” Eshe asked.


“Getting yourself off with the toilet brush. Did you orgasm?”

“Well -”

“Anaisha, I’m just trying to ascertain your sexual responses to stimuli,” said Eshe gently.

“And who here hasn’t used a toilet brush handle or similar when the mood takes us?” Hatcher squeezed Anaisha’s hand again.

“Guilty,” said Eshe laughing

Relaxing, Anaisha nodded. “Yes I did orgasm, and yes it was good.”

“That’s my girl. Invest in a good quality dildo that’s my advice, but if not just be careful.”

“Do you think I hurt myself?” Anaisha asked as Eshe opened her and conducted an internal examination.

“There’s no tearing or bleeding. It’s possible you may have bruised yourself a little and you are now just feeling it. As for the blackouts, you mentioned travelling recently, so it may be a bug, or perhaps a vitamin deficiency making you tired. I think more likely the latter, but we will do some blood work and give you some vitamin and iron supplements to take home. It will be low dosage, just make sure you eat properly, and I will contact you when the results come through in a few days. That okay?”

“Thank you.” Anaisha sounded relieved.

“Nurse Hatcher will take the blood samples. I’ll get Michelle and then you can get dressed.”

Eshe walked round to the anteroom to rejoin Michelle.

“That was smart thinking bringing her here,” said Eshe “She’ll be okay, just don’t dose her for a while. Is she highly sexual?”

“Kind of I guess. I mean normal. We talk about boys and sex but rarely about getting ourselves off or stuff like that.”

“So her fucking herself with a toilet brush handle a surprise then?”

“A little. Yeah. Oh, her dad had a hard-on when he hugged her, and she noticed. She had a funny look, maybe she remembered something?”

“Possible. Stick with her. See how it plays out and well done on getting the Dad to fuck her. Was it fun for you?”

Michelle nodded, unconsciously licking her lips, her expression opaque in the fluorescent lighting.

Eshe watched her closely. “You’ll do well here. Very well.”

Smiling, Michelle turned to Eshe. “I hope so, I really do.”

Show and Tell

“Can I stay at yours tonight, Michelle?” Anaisha asked.

“Sure,” they stayed with each other regularly so Michelle knew it wouldn’t be an issue. “Are you going to ring your dad and tell him everything is okay?”

“Yeah.” Anaisha made no move to do so.

Linda was delighted to see Anaisha and both girls were treated to a myriad of kitchen designs and a one-sided discussion on how lovely Roland was. Finally, they escaped to Michelle’s room.

“It’s a really great Firm you are working for,” said Anaisha as they flopped onto Michelle’s bed.

“They’re fantastic. I found a whole new side of me working there,” enthused Michelle. She drew her legs up and leaned against the headboard

“Think I should get a new job?”

“If you want. You have more experience and are better qualified than me so I’m sure you would do well. Won’t you miss working with your Dad?”

Anaisha made a face. “Time I stretched myself, grew up. I’m 23 need to explore a bit,” she cocked her head to one side looking down at Michelle.

“I think that’s a great idea. We should figure out what you would like to do. What did you think of Eshe?”

“She was lovely. Really helpful. Thinks it may be a vitamin deficiency.”

“What about the pain down there?”

“What, down there?” Anaisha imitated Michelle’s downward nod and giggled.

Michelle was genuinely confused. Anaisha smiled and carried on. “What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever got yourself off too?”

“What, like porn or something?”

“No, you know stuck inside you and got off.”

“Oh. Well, a hairbrush handle the other day,” admitted Michelle.

“Yeah, that makes sense, not that weird though.”

“I guess not,” it was in my arse though, Michelle thought. She wondered if it was too soon to mention the horse cock dildo. Probably too soon. “What about you?”

Anaisha was silent. “Cucumber I guess and I did it with a toilet brush handle the other day which may be where I bruised myself,” she finally admitted.

“Really? That’s so cool! And hot!” Michelle added.

“I can see,” said Anaisha giggling again.

“See what?”

“Michelle, you are not wearing any knickers and you are flashing your bits at me,” said Anaisha.

“Oh,” said Michelle not moving. She had genuinely forgotten. “You shouldn’t be looking,” she said mock-serious, making no attempt to cover herself. She felt her heart beating faster.

“Said the pussy flasher,” also mock-serious.

“What was doing it with the cucumber like?”

“Filling and long. A bit like Tom’s cock,” Anaisha added wistfully.

“I might try that.”

“What? Tom’s cock?” Anaisha burst out laughing

“Only with your permission,” smiled Michelle.

“Nothing to do with me anymore.”

“Yes, it is. I wouldn’t want you pissed off with me.”

“Why, do you want to fuck him?”

Michelle shrugged “Can’t say I have ever thought about it. But if he is that big,” she flashed a wicked grin.

“Yeah, he is pretty big, not that I have much to compare with.”

“Cucumbers?” Michelle giggled.

Anaisha laughed. “The cucumber was bigger.”

“I’ll fuck the cucumber then.”

This induced fresh laughter

“Thanks, Michelle. You are a real friend,” Anaisha lent over and hugged her. “Do you think I should shave down there,” she suddenly asked. “Like you?”

“I think it looks nicer and the boys like it,” said Michelle truthfully. She had shaved her pussy since she was 19.

“I guess so but you have a nice, neat pussy. I’m all fleshy lips and things.” Anaisha pulled a face.

“Did Tom like your pussy?”

“Couldn’t get enough,” she answered with a smile “Didn’t stop him going with that skank Karen Thomas did it though,” she added with venom.

Michelle shrugged. “He’s a guy.”

“So? What the hell has that to do with it?” Anaisha was angry.

“You know I back you, babe, it’s just that guys can’t resist a girl offering it up. Especially young guys.”

“You’re telling me. No matter who they are. Even my own-” she stopped. “So what’s the answer then?”

“Accept it and make sure you get some fun as well. Don’t fight it, use it.”

Anaisha considered this. “Kind of makes sense. How many guys you been with?”

Michelle went through it in her head, did that include sucking, or letting them come on you or girls? Or your dad?

“Ten,” she finally said, having decided to discount girls. Faris made the cut.

“Wow. I kind of thought it was Andy and 1 maybe 2 others.”

Michelle shrugged. “I like sex. I like fucking.”

Anaisha digested this. “Are you going to cover up?”

“No,” said Michelle.


There was silence.

“And the answer is yes, you should shave your pussy,” said Michelle.

“Really? I kept it trimmed when I was with Tom but then I sort of couldn’t be bothered. You really think so?”

“Yeah, although I haven’t seen it so I can’t be certain.”

Anaisha blushed a little. “We’ve been naked around each other before, getting changed, trying on clothes.”

“Yeah, but I never actually looked, looked if you see what I mean.”

Anaisha did. She lay there for a few moments. “Do you want to? I guess I’m seeing yours and maybe you can show me the best way to shave.”

“I would love to see your pussy,” replied Michelle opting for honesty.

With a shy smile, Anaisha hitched up her skirt and pulled her knickers to one side. She faced Michelle, her legs up and slightly open. She was shaking slightly. “This is so embarrassing!”

“You have an adorable pussy and you have much nicer tits than me,” said Michelle with a smile.

“You think so” Aniasha looked down.

“It looks cute trimmed. Tom liked it didn’t he?” Michelle asked, thinking her friend did look hot with a bush. She had enjoyed the musky taste earlier.

“Yeah. He really did. You think I overreacted with Tom?”

Michelle sighed. “It’s up to you, babe. I’ll back you no matter what. But as I said guys will stick their dicks in any girl that lets them. I kind of think we should accept men as they are and not what we think they should be. That way we never get fucked over, just fucked in a good way.”

“Ooh, listen to her. Voice of wisdom,” said Anaisha, but she was thoughtful.

“So, a toilet brush then?” Michelle said, breaking the silence but wanting to keep it light.

“Yeah. It felt nice and kind of dirty. A bit like the cucumber,” she smiled.

“It’s good when it feels dirty,” said Michelle. “I have a dildo you know.”

“What? And you never told me? Can I see it?” Anaisha asked excitedly.

“I only just got it.” Michelle went to her bottom drawer and took out the 10” black cock.

“Oh, my, that is huge!”

“Yeah, it feels good inside me. Do you want to try it? I can put a condom on it if you like,” offered Michelle, pulling out a wipe and cleaning the dildo.

“No, that’s fine,” Anaisha reached out for the dildo. “It feels fleshy. I thought it would be hard.” She examined it from all angles.

“Try it in your mouth,” suggested Michelle.

Anaisha giggled nervously and then tried it. “Kind of stretches your jaw,” she said thoughtfully.

“Now try it in your pussy. Do you need some lube? Are you too sore?”

“Well, I'd be careful, but I'm not doing it with you watching me,” her friend protested.

“Take it then, have some fun with it,” encouraged Michelle.

“Michelle!” Anaisha exclaimed half scandalised, half excited.

“If I hear any strange noises from the spare bedroom, I’ll know what you are up to. Take some lube.” Michelle was enjoying teasing her friend.

“Who are you exactly and what did you do with Michelle?” Anaisha asked mischievously.

“Still me, it’s just I want to explore different lifestyles, be less inhibited, enjoy myself I guess. It would be nice to have my best friend with me too.”

Anaisha picked up the lube with the dildo. “Sounds fun. Think I’ll have a lie down if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, you’ll find some of your clothes and stuff in your usual drawer.”

Both girls hugged.

“Thanks, babe, love you, loved our chat too, lots to think about,” said Anaisha.

“Good, me too. I’ll fix something to eat, you go and have fun.”

Anaisha reddened but kept hold of the dildo and lube as she went to the spare bedroom and shut the door.

Smiling to herself, Michelle went down to the kitchen and put the kettle on. She had thoroughly enjoyed her day off.

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