Family of whores: Alice gets fucked

After a year of being the office whore Fiona was headhunted by department at the local council buildings in town, it would mean a whacking great pay rise but a lot of hard work meeting owners of companies and other senior figures in the area, she was going to be setting up a whole manner of important projects for the midlands area.

On leaving her current position with the council her department made sure that she given a fair well gangbang and sent on her way with holes leaking come.

I settled back into a routine of fucking my mother in law Fiona whenever we got the chance with her new work commitments. We’d been sneaking around behind her useless hubby and eldest daughters back for nearly two years now.

It was coming up to the Christmas of 2004 when her youngest daughter Alice dropped the bombshell that she gay. The news only aided her dad to become even more of an idiot and sent him on a crash course with the bottle, rendering him even more useless to a wanton Fiona. Alice was only 18 and Fiona, myself and my missus put it down to being a little confused, a fad maybe.

I knew of Alice from around the village as I became friendly with her sister my girlfriend. A couple of the older lads that I knew had fucked Alice one of them even taking her anal virginity when she was just 17. So surely the lesbian thing was confusion.

Alice continued with her lesbian relationship from that moment on. Her partner was a few years older than her at 21 and worked away all week on construction sites, coming back to the village at weekends. On my early days or late starts I’d often be around when Alice would be phoned by her girlfriend and she’d hurry straight to her room. It was on one of these days I first witnessed what eventually led to me fucking Alice’s sweet pussy.

Alice at 18 is around 5’5 tall, she has short brown bobbed hair and lovely tanned skin. She has lovely slender legs and a tight little ass. Alice is probably a size 8 or 10 with a delightful pair of pert 34d breasts that need no support to sit firm and pert. She takes a lot of pride in her appearance and always wears figure hugging jeans, skirts and tops. Living in the same house I’ve seen that she wears sexy lace thongs and French knickers and sexy bras.

It was a Tuesday and I’d had a real early day and was back for 9am, I made a cup of tea and bacon sandwich and went to watch a porn dvd in bed. I heard Alice get up about 9:30am like normal and hit the shower. Alice worked 2 minutes away and didn’t start till around 11ish so this was her normal routine. I lay back on the bed lazily wanking my thick 6 incher with a pair of Fiona's panties watching a recording of her getting a good screwing over her office desk.

Alice's phone then rang and I heard her answer and walk back to the bathroom. If she knew I was home she’d of shut herself away in her room for privacy like normal, but today I heard her side of the conversation.

“Hi babe”
“Yeah I’m fine just got out the shower”
“No no I’m naked you dirty cow and no nobody is here”

Hearing this I turned the dvd down really low and stood closer to the door.
“I miss you too babe”
“Wait let me get on the bed”
Alice went to her bedroom across the landing and out of earshot. I waited for 5 minutes then crept out towards her room. I could clearly hear her partner talking over the phone now as it was on speaker phone. Peeking through the crack of the door I could just make out Alice spread legged on the bed strumming away on her hard little clit. Her naked breasts were getting some attention from her left hand as she pulled and twisted het erect nipple.

“Stroke your pussy Alice make it nice and wet.” I heard over the phone .

Alice continued following her partners instructions until she came noisily over her two fingers in her twat.

“Cheers for that you dirty bitch call again wont you, love you” and Alice blew some kisses into the phone.

I went back into bed quietly and wanked hard and fast over what I’d heard and seen. I couldn’t wait for my next early finish. Nearly a month went by until I was back early. Arriving home at 9:45am I knew Alice would be up so had to sneak in. I took of my boots and ditched my coat then crept upstairs. As soon as I got to the top I could her Alice’s low moans coming from her open door. Her partners’ instructions were also clear as she told Alice to slide the dildo into her wet hole.

I had to stand on the top step and peek round the wall because I had no idea where Alice was in her room and didn’t want to be spotted. I got an unbelievable surprise when I looked round and found Alice laying on her bedroom floor with her legs spread fucking a long shiny thin dildo into her wet shaven cunt hole. From the way she was sprawled out her head was farthest into the room and her sex on full display toward her open door.

My dick instantly came alive and strained against my trousers. I took these of quietly and piled my clothes up on the steps. I was now naked and wanking my thick cock watching Alice make herself come with the dildo in her pussy as her partner instructed her. Being away from each other all week I suppose phone sex was their best way of reaching pleasure together.

I continued to watch and wank and didn’t even think about getting caught naked by Alice, I’d caught her in a very embarrassing situation and I hoped to exploit it to my advantage. Alice was the told to get the rubber cock from the drawer and position it on the floor. I was a shorter thicker dildo with fake balls at the bottom creating a sort of flat base that made it easy to stand pointing up from the floor.

“Sit your tight little cunt down on that cock and ride it, tell me when it’s right inside you”

“Ooooh ooh yes yes it’s in aaahhh yes all the way”

“Ride it , ride it like you used to before you met me, I know you still fantasize about cock in your pussy Alice so imagine that your riding some boys hard dick”

Alice sat down on the rubber cock facing me, I had to hide and check she wasn’t looking but she had her eyes closed as she rode up and down the rubber dick in her tight hole. Alice's cunt was wet and glistening with her juice, her tanned smooth flesh was shiny with sweat as she humped up and down the dildo. The dildo stretched her pink pussy lips open a little exposing her hard little sensitive bud. Her pert titties jiggled around with hard erect nipples also slick with perspiration. Her face contorted as she came hard over the dildo.

“Aaaaarrrrhhhh fuckkkkkk meeeee oh shit oh shit yeeeeesssssss”

“Good Alice come all over that boys cock, bet you liked that didn’t you, coming all over a boys cock in your wet pussy. I wanna be there to like your sweet juice Alice. Ride it faster slut come on the boys cock again I know you want to”

My cock was about to burst as I watched Alice come on the dildo, wishing it was my cock. I had to do something; I wanted to fuck Alice so bad but didn’t know whether to try what I was thinking in case it back fired. Sod it I thought that pussy was to nice not to try and fuck.

I stepped up onto the landing and walked naked towards Alice in her room. She was totally unaware of my presence for another 10 seconds, and then she opened her eyes. She was greeted by me naked, my thick 6 inch cock less than a foot from her face and my mobile phone in my hand recording the scene. I’d decided to use the phone to aid Alice in making up her mind about fucking my dick.

“What the f Oh shit what the fuck” I put my fingers to my lips to hush her and pointed to her phone mouthing the words

“We don’t want your bird to find out your letting me film you riding a dildo do we”.

“Don’t stop riding baby I wanna hear you come lots of times today Alice, you stop fucking that cock when I say ok”

“Yes oh yes babe”

Alice had made up her mind; she went back to riding the cock, looking me the eye for a minute as she did so. Then she looked down at cock pointing at her from less then a foot away.

I held my cock and slowly wanked it in front of her face, she looked so fucking sexy, 18 year old sweet pussy aroma wafted up from between her spread legs. Precome leaked from my dark purple helmet onto my fingers. I held these out towards Alice pushing them toward her lips. She looked at the sticky spunk on my fingers but kept her mouth closed. My fingers pushed at her lips until they opened up, two fingers covered in spunk entered her mouth which I caught on my camera phone. Alice moved her tongue around my fingers cleaning off the precome.

I then knelt down between Alice’s legs closer to her dildo filled pussy. My fingers found her clit easily and I gently pinched it between my finger and thumb.

“Aaarrrrrrggggghhhhh fuck fuck fuck”. Alice came again.

“Good baby that was quick you must be loving the cock in your cunt”

“I am babe it’s so good it makes me come”

After a few more minutes of clit play I bent my head towards my girlfriends’ sisters’ pussy for my first taste. God her cunt tasted so nice, so sweet so fresh. Alice’s obsession with appearance obviously went as far of keeping her cunt shaven. All around her lips and entrance were smooth and hairless. Even round near her puckered asshole was completely hairless. Her partner clearly wasn’t a fan of licking hairy pussy.

As I knelt with my tongue out Alice rode up and down which rubbed the length of her wet slit along the tip of my tongue, she’d pause slightly longer as she sunk onto the dildo and her clit found my tongue. I got some video footage of me licking her pussy before standing up close to her face, my cock brushing her cheek.

I mouthed again so not to alert her partner “open wide Alice suck my cock”.

She didn’t waste any time in opening her mouth as my fat helmet found her soft lips. Her mum Fiona was an excellent cocksucker and I hoped Alice took after her mum. Alice's small mouth could only just open wide enough, my helmet and half my shaft was enough to fill her wet warm mouth. She wasn’t the best cocksucker, but I’d give her the benefit of the doubt considering she now licked pussy and had probably not been near a dick for over a year.

From my earlier wanking on the staires and the wetness of Alice’s mouth soon had me ready to blow. Trying to be as quiet as possible I filled her throat with thick stringy goo without warning. I pulled my dick from her mouth and Alice spat come from her mouth and caught her breath.

My sperm dribbled down her chin onto her perfect titties. I then pulled her up off the dildo and chucked it on the bed. I then lay down on the floor my cock still hard pointing in the air. Alice knew what I wanted and she didn’t need telling. As her partner continued to play with her own clit on the other end of the phone, whilst telling Alice to ride the cock she didn’t realise Alice was hovering her entrance over my thick real life cock.

Again I’d filmed my come oozing from Alice’s mouth and I added more footage of her sitting down on my dick. Alice rubbed her smooth wet velvet lips over the tip of my cock, rocking back and forth slowly inching further onto my penis, my thick shaft stretching her tight barely used cunt to new limits. Fiona's mature pussy had never had anything so thick in it before and it opened her up, my dick was going fill Alice completely.

“Oh oh oh it’s fucking so thick, fuck fuck it’s so fucking fat aaarrrrggghhhhh shit shit”

“Oh yeah Alice you like that thick rubber dick in your cunt do you, you slut”

“Ohhhhhhhhh I’m gonna comeeeeee aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiitttttt oh oh oh yes your cocks so fucking nice”

Her partner didn’t realise Alice had said your cock and carried on thinking she was involved in a phone sex session with Alice. I made little noise and just lay back and enjoyed the sensation of the tightest pussy I’d fucked for a long long time. Alice came 3 more times whilst riding my cock. I watched as she slid up and down my pole, how my thick cock had stretched her cunt wide, her lips pulled wide apart her hard engorged clitoris popping out on show. The way he inner cunt walls looked like they were being pulled out as she bounced up my dick because her tunnel was rammed full of my solid shaft.

I mouthed the words that I was going to come.

Alice lent forward to whisper in my ear “you’ll have to pull out I’m not on the pill anymore”
I whispered back “well you best get back on it Alice because next time I’m filling your tight pussy with my spunk ok, so sort it you slut.”

Alice jumped up and lay on the bed I entered her again roughly and gave her 3 hard thrusts then pulled out and shot my spunk all over her pussy entrance, her little landing strip of pubes and onto her stomach.

“Next time that’s going in there” I whispered as I stuck 2 fingers into her well fucked pussy.

I left Alice on the bed my come drying on her as she finished her call to her partner. I watched shower then she left for work. I uploaded the footage I’d gathered onto my laptop and watched it back, wanking in to her knickers.

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