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After a short while getting his breath back, Dimitri rolled off Elaine and stood up. His cock was softening now onl semi- erect, its full length glistening wetly. I looked at Elaine laid on her back. legs spread wide and apparently out for the count. I was aroused to see a shiny,white, pearl like, glob of Dimitri's semen between her parted,hairy labia. I felt a sort of butterflies feeling shoot through my stomach, seeing the clear, unmistakeable, evidence of Dimitri's completely unprotected,sexual contact with Elaine.

After a few minutes I Asked Dimitri if he wanted food and he nodded. I took him through to the kitchen. The cab driver followed, a glass of vodka clutched in hand. As I got some pies from the cupboard., the cab driver introduced himself as Mack. I got chatting with him as Dimitri ate and guzzled vodka. Like alot of cab drivers Mack liked to talk and sort of began to run off at the mouth Soon I was getting his life story. Navy as a young man. Marriage, 4 kids all grown up and his wife had left. Out of interest I asked his kids ages and all were older than Elaine. He had got into cabbing 10 years before and gave some tales of things that had happened in the back of his cab. The firm had gone under, two years before putting him out of work until one of the Asian drivers Mack had known for a while had set up business. Mack said proudly ,he was taken on as the only white guy working for the cab firm the rest being Pakistani. He said " Tonight is out of this world man . You ok about me getting it on with Elaine as well". I nodded. Mack continued " Haven't had sex in a while. He chuckled and said "Well I am 63 years old, 40 pounds overweight and bald'. Taking a blue, diamond shaped pill from his wallet and popping the Viagara pill in his mouth, he said "Also I need to use one of these. You couldn't call me a catch. Could you"? Then he winked and said " But your Elaine did call me sexy on the way over here didn't she ?. She is a pretty girl. A lovely, young, respectable, wife type. I like those the best. I pick them up from the shops or the hairdressers. I make conversation. They smile politely. Then I drop them off and I know I am gone from their minds like I never existed. Then tonight out of the blue, it's Christmas come early and I get the chance to fuck one. He leaned closer and I could smell stale cigars on his breath. He said conspiratorialy. nodding towards Dimitri who was now so drunk,he was having to prop himself up against the door. " Did you mean what you said in there? I mean asking him to give her a baby"? I said "Elaine is Catholic, She doesn;t take contraception" Mack whistled and said " Wow. This gets better and better. He said 'What if she wakes up"? I hesitated and said " Yes that could be a big problem to explain tomorrow. A very big problem" Mack said ' Look I have an idea. I am finished shift now. We could take her to my place". Looking towards Dimitri he continued " He is out of it. We could drop him on the way. I have one or two friends who like to party. I could call them. " What do you say "? Part of me knew ii should stop things and call it a day, but after all the years of imagining and fantasizing about this sort of situation, I didn't want it to end. I found my self back in the lounge with Mack helping me get some clothes back on Elaine. We were just about to put her tights back on when I said ' Hold on'. I went to the bedrooms and got some of Elaine's hold up stockings and coming back through we put them on her.

It was a matter of carrying Elaine down the stairs,me holding under her arms and Mack got her legs. Dimitri staggered down afterwards and almost fell on his face on the lawn. We got them both in the cab and set off. Mack got on his phone and was talking with someone. I obviously, could only hear one side of the conversation. "Come over to my place, I've got something special here. A girl, Yes I said a girl, nice,pretty. Husband's with me. Yes he is ok about it. Call Rashid and Hakim as well. I will be there in 45 minutes". He hung up and said " Its going to be a good night, just wait".

Mack pulled up in town and. Dimitri drunkenly shook hands and got out of the cab. I saw him stagger off down the street as we set off again. We arrived in a rundown part of town and Mack pulled up outside an old house. It was divided into small apartments and he got out to open the door of the basement one. He came back and we got Elaine out of the back and carried her inside. The flat was dim and dingy and very untidy. We carried Elaine across the living area and Mack somehow managed to pull back a curtain to reveal an old single bed,with grubby sheets on. We hoisted Elaine onto the bed and Mack went back to shut the door. He said "The others will be here soon. Best get my turn now" He quickly unfastened his trousers and dropped them. The Viagara had obviously worked as he had a respectable bulge in his underpants. He pulled them down and I saw immediately that whilst only being of average length, his cock had a very big girth. It was standing out, from under his hairy beer gut,rather than up, but it looked very stiff. As he was getting prepared, I leaned across the bed and pulled Elaine's panties down and off. My own erection was throbbing in my pants, almost painfully it was so hard.

Mack got onto the bed and immediately mounted Elaine. He had waited and was now eager to enjoy her. He spread her legs so wide that her feet were over both edges. He was talking sort of to himself. Taking hold of the shaft of his cock he muttered ' Oh she is gorgeous. Come on lets get this up your tight, married, cunt. I am twice your age,but I can have you properly tonight" As he was talking he was getting on top of Elaine and pushing the wide mushroom like tip of his cock between her legs. She was still slippery from Dimitri's fluids and Mack suddenly hissed " Oh yes. I'm in now" and his buttocks tensed as he pushed again,stretching Elaine's vagina as got deeper. Elaine suddenly stirred, moved her head from side to side and groaned, but did not open her eyes. Mack stopped pushing and stayed still for a moment. He whispered "Better watch from behind the curtain" ! I stepped back and pulled a small gap at the side to look through. Mack started to push and Elaine had stopped moving . At that moment "Ask about a condom" popped into my mind again, but a moment later, I thought " She has aready been fucked. Probably already too late" and I stayed quiet. Almost as if Mack had read my mind he asked "Ok for me to cum in her "? I whispered "Yes ok ". Mack began to slide in and out of Elaine's pussy,obviously really enjoying the feel and sensation of her tight, slippery,vagina. As I watched, I thought how weird but amazing this was. I am older than Elaine and had met her as a teenager, becoming her first lover. Now she was laid on a matress in a dingy,basement flat,with a second stranger having sex with her, in less than an hour. Mack was talking out loud again as he fucked Elaine "Oh yes. Jeez thats right in. My bell end is sliding against her cervix'. He began to thrust faster. I could only see Elaine;s thighs and lower legs, as Macks bulk was covering the rest of her her. His arse was moving up and down and he was moaning and saying " You are beautiful. I'm going to cum now and l put my baby up your pussy. That thought seemed to send Mack over the top and I watched as his buttocks jerked up and down quickly and he ejaculated his sperm,deep into Elaine's unprotected vagina

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