Passions of Innocents, Chapter 3 ( Momma Spills The Beans )

( Passions of Innocents )

Chapter 3

( Momma spills the beans )

Keith emerged from the shower feeling good and smelling a little sweeter. He slid on a pair of fresh jeans and went into the kitchen to get a beer out of the box, discovering that he only had about 4 left. 'Damn, now I gotta run into town and get some more, tomorrows Sunday and nobody around here sells beer on Sunday.' He said to himself. He sat down at the table and looked out the window at his hog and the 1970 Dodge Coronet R/T sitting under the car port. Then he looked around at all the fine stuff he had in the living room.

'For a scooter bum hacking out a living as a welder at $950.00 a week, he wasn't living too bad.' He thought. He may have been renting the trailer, but everything in it and the toys on the car port were paid for. He drank that one down and got up and pulled another one out and popped the tab. He went into the living room and turned on the tube and began watching the History channel with Harry purring on the cushion next to him…

Gloria stopped at the mail box at the end of her drive-way and checked the box.'Oh goody,' she thought as she pulled out a couple of envelopes. One was her monthly alimony/child support check and the rest were bills. She straitened up and looked up at the house and she remembered the last time she came home from a date.

It was little over two weeks ago and she hadn't called to warn her little darlings that she was on her way home. It was early on a Saturday morning and the date wasn't all that enjoyable and nowhere near what last nights date was like. So she wasn't in a real good mood at the time. She just eased the T-Bird silently up the drive and stopped just outside the garage. She got out and walked around back to the patio door and slowly slid it open. She walked in and set her purse in a chair and kicked off her shoes.

She crept slowly up the carpeted stairs and into the hall the led to the bedrooms. When she got about half way to Helena's corner room she heard the sound of two girls giggling and moaning. As she got closer, she noticed that Helena's door wasn't closed all the way. As she stood just out side the door she heard Charli say. 'Mmmm, that feeeels sooo gooood, don't stop." And the Helena's voice. 'Like that, you little perv?" Gloria brought her hand up to her mouth she couldn't and didn't want to believe her darling daughters could be doing such naughty things to each other.

At first she was pissed, and then she got a picture of the teens on the bed, naked, and exploring each other with their hands and their tongues and that thought sent a shiver of wanton lust to her pelvis and titties at the same time. She hesitated and listened a little closer. Then she heard Charli cry out and squeal as she was having a real good tongue induced orgasm.

In about a minute she heard Charli say. 'O.k. your turn." She heard a rustle on the bed and imagined Charli was in between Helena's legs licking and sucking on her older sisters teen-aged pussy. Gloria also noticed that the situation was making her vary wet between her legs. She silently pushed open the door just enough to peek in with just one eye and gasped silently at the incredibly erotic sight she saw.

There was Charli on her knees with her bare ass up and pointing toward the door and her head was moving up and down on Helena's pussy, licking and sucking with Helena laying on her back with a titty in each hand. Her eyes were closed and she was grinning like a possum eating shit while her little sister was going to town on her undulating little pussy.

Gloria silently closed the door and retreated to her room and silently closed that door. She started to get undressed and slid under the covers and tried to sleep, but the tingle and throbbing in her pussy only got bigger and more uncomfortable. How could she be wanting to do those nasty things to her own daughters and worse, she was wanting them to do naughty nasty things to her too. The more her mind raced the wetter her pussy was getting Until, she pulled the covers back and masturbated through about a half dozen real good toe curlers before she could fall asleep.

In the morning she had made up her mind, she had to find her and the girls a man who she could trust and who could keep her and her daughters amused and satisfied till they moved out or went to collage. Then she got out of bed and went down to fix her special breakfast of sausage and eggs with pancakes. And she never mentioned what she saw the night before or the plan she had in mind to keep her daughters from wanting girls instead of boys. She wanted grand-kids some day…

Gloria drove on up to the house and got out. Walked through the garage and through the door that led into the kitchen. Charli was sitting at the table drinking some orange juice and Helena was rinsing the breakfast dishes and putting them into the dish washer. Helena saw her first and said. ' Well, look at what the cat drug in, Morning Momma." Charli piped up, ' Hi Ma, did ya have a really good time, I hope?" 'Hi babies, how you guys doing." Gloria huffed as she gave Helena a hug. 'Your smiling Momma, was he that good to Ya?" Charli asked with a grin. 'Mind you mouth girl, and yes he was, thank you vary much."

'So, when do we get to meet your new fella, Momma?" Helena asked smiling near as wide as Gloria was. 'Well, he's coming to diner tomorrow night and you all can meet him then," 'O.k., start talking momma. Who is he? Charli asked. What his name? Helena asked. Dose he have a job? Charli asked. Or is he some homeless guy you just took pity on?" Helena giggled. Gloria looked at her oldest and shook her finger at her. Be nice or I won't tell you anything about him." She grinned. 'Well he must be pretty good you haven't stopped smiling since you walked through the door." Helena commented.

'Lets just say I think this man is going to be good for all of us. He's vary nice, and he's got a good sense of humor." Gloria explained. 'He'll have to have a sense of humor if he's gonna spend any time around us, Momma." Charli chimed in. Gloria went on, 'He's vary handsome, He works as a welder, he rides a Harley, and he likes young girls." 'Then what's he doing with you, Momma?" Helena giggled. 'That's two child, one more and you get to clean out the garage.

So, what are we gonna fix for supper tomorrow, Momma?" Charli asked. 'I don't know kiddo, what do you think we should do?" Gloria asked. 'How about a bar-b-que?" Charli asked. 'Ya, we can make it a pool party." Helena piped in grinning at the thought of a grown man seeing her in the new bikini she just bought. 'Wait a minute girls, I'm not sure we should over whelm this guy on his first visit." Gloria said. 'We might just scare him off." She added. 'There's something else I wanted to talk to you two about and now is just as good a time as any." Helena sat down next to Charli across the table from Gloria.

Gloria got up and pulled out a bottle of wine and poured her a glass. Took a long drink and sat back down. The girls watched as she did this and Helena asked. 'What, are you dying or something?" Gloria just looked at her with her treading on thin ice look. 'No I'm not dyin. But, I did see the two of you a couple of weeks ago, in Helena's room early in the morning, and I saw what you were doing."

Helena's and Charli's mouth's dropped open at the same time. 'So, I guess we're in trouble?" Charli asked sheepishly. 'No actually baby, I am. I have neglected the fact that you two are growing up, no matter how hard I wish other wise. And I should have sat you two down long ago and had that mother daughter talk that everybody dose, but I just didn't know how to start or what to say. So I just sort of put it off and you two are growing up so fast that now you got all these brand new feelings, and your trying to cope with them without knowing anything about it. So your experimenting on each other." And I'm afraid that if that keeps up, that you won't want to experiment with boys, and I'll never have any grand kids." She took another long drink of wine.

Helena and Charli looked at each other and began to giggle. Helena spoke up and said. 'Momma, I don't think either one of us are anywhere close to wanting kids yet." 'I meant in the future." Gloria broke in. 'Still momma, I plan to experiment like hell when I get into high school." 'Ya, and that's another thing." Gloria interrupted. 'I want you two to have an education in that area. I just don't want you to go around 'experimenting' with just anybody off the street and take the chance of catching something that could kill you. She sighed. 'I really love you two." Her eyes started welling up. 'That's why I went looking for a man like Keith. To help me teach you girls about sex with out having to play Russian roulette with strangers."

Helena spoke up. 'Let me see if I've got this strait momma, you went out and found a man that all three of us can share, just so Charli and me can learn all about sex under safe conditions." 'That's, petty much it sweetie." Charli and Helena both started giggling again and looking at each other. Gloria took another good drink of the wine. When the girls had calmed down a little, Helena said. 'Momma, we are going to remember this one till the day we die." Helena giggled. 'How, is this supposed to work?"

'Well, I don't got it all worked out yet. But if you two like the idea, and want to try this, we will have to keep it in the family only. You two are still minors, which means what goes on in this house has got to stay in this house with out exception, do you two fully understand that." She asked. 'We don't need this beautiful young man going to jail for some lame assed scheme we concocted." 'That includes your daddy, ladies." As far as he's concerned, Keith is just my boyfriend, you got it." 'Yes mamm." The girls said in unison. 'Dose Keith know about your little plan, momma?" Helena asked. 'No, he doesn't, and I would like to be the one to tell him when the time comes." Gloria lamented.

'Now that the cat is out of the bag, I want you two to behave yourselves when he gets here tomorrow. And not act like a couple of over sexed hottie's with raging hormones. You be polite and nice to this guy and try and act like normal teen-agers. If you flirt too much or fawn all over him he might figure it out and run like hell, and we'll never see him again. Got it? Gloria remanded. 'Yes, mamma." The girls said at the same time. ' Now, lets see what he have for this Bar-b-que and what we don't." The girls scampered around the kitchen taking inventory and planning the party, talking about Keith and speculating on what he was like. While Gloria poured another glass of wine and took another long drink hoping like hell that she was doing the right thing.

The girls gave Gloria a list of things they needed from the store and began to clean up the place. Charli broke out the vacuum and Helena gathered up all the dirty clothes and took them down stairs to the laundry room and started a load in the washer. When Gloria got back from the store, she got on the phone and called Keith. 'Hey baby, it's me. The girls are vary thrilled that they're going to meet you tomorrow." She said. 'They are huhh?" Keith answered.

'Ya, they're running around and cleaning the house and just giggling in anticipation." Gloria said. 'Really, you must be a hell of a salesman." Keith responded. Not really they're just happy that I'm happy Iguess."'So are you happy, kid?" Keith asked. 'Yes I am, thank you. How dose 1 o-clock tomorrow sound to you?"
she asked. 'Sounds like I'll be there." Keith said. 'Oh good. Let me give you directions so you don't get lost on us." When she was done giving Keith directions they sweet talked a while and then hung up.

Helena walked in and sat down at the table. 'Do you have any idea what you are doing momma?" 'Not really baby, I'm kinda playin this one by ear, why?" 'Well, aren't you gonna be a little jealous when Keith starts to take an interest in me and/or Charli?" 'No, not really. I think it'll be a big turn on." Gloria said. Helena smiled, 'Momma, you’re just a little perv ain't ya?" 'No, I'm just a 34 year old who hasn't had much fun since she got out of high-school that's all." You sure, momma?" 'Cause if we like this guy, I know that I'm gonna want to have some really, really raunchy sex with your boyfriend." Helena smiled trying to use psychology on her mom just to see how she really felt about it. Gloria figured her out and countered. 'Baby we are all going to have some really, really raunchy sex with this guy." She held up her glass, smiled at her daughter and drank down the rest of the glass.

The rest of the day went real good, the girls sat down to a spaghetti super and then all three pitched in the clean up the dishes and kitchen again. Gloria retired to her room and took a shower, slipped on a silk robe and settled on her king sized bed with a good Steven King novel. She was about two chapters in when she heard a light tapping on her door. 'Come on in child." Charli stepped in and closed the door. She was in her nearly see through nighty and padded barefoot over to the bed and crawled up and snuggled in next to her momma.

'What's on you mind, sweetie?" Gloria asked. 'I was just a little lonely in my room all by myself. 'Ya, it's kinda strange now after having to share a room with your sister most of your young life." Gloria squeezed her tight. And giggled a little. 'Ya, maybe. Plus this house is a lot bigger than the other one." 'That makes it a little spookier dose it?" Gloria teased tickling Charli a little in the ribs. 'Momma?" Charli asked. 'What it like." What's what like baby?" Her momma asked. 'Being with a boy and making love to him and." Her voice trailed off. 'And what, Charli?" Gloria pressed. 'Losing your cherry."

'Ooohh. You starting to think about that are you?" Gloria asked hugging her a little tighter. 'Some of the girls from school say it hurts like hell." Charli fretted. 'Well, I guess with some girls with an inexperienced lover that would be true. But if a guy really knows what he's doing and he knows that your afraid that it'll hurt he might take his time and get you so hot and bothered that it won't hurt at all and if it does, it won't be but just a little sting like you feel when a doctor give you a shot." Gloria explained. 'Really?" Charli asked snuggling in tighter. 'Sure baby." Gloria reassured her youngest daughter.

'Dose Keith have that kind of experience, Momma?" 'Well, yes he dose. But he might feel a bit skittish about making love to a girl as young as you are." So if you think that you might want him to take your cherry you might have to take it vary slow and let him get to like you really good." Gloria reassured. 'Would you be upset if that was to happen some day?" Charli asked.

'Not at all baby girl, I'd be proud of you for becoming a woman and letting Keith help you do that. Then you'll know how he makes me feel when I'm with him." Charli reached up and kissed her mom real sweet on the cheek and said. 'I love you, momma." Gloria kissed her daughter back and hugged her tight and said. 'I love you too, baby girl. Now take you little butt back to your room and have you some really sweet dreams." Charli hopped off the bed and said. 'Night, momma." Gloria smiled and said. 'Good night child."

Charli didn't go to her room, she went into Helena's and slid in next to her sister and spooned in behind her. Her little pussy was on fire thinking about Keith licking on her little wet pussy while Helena was straddling her head with sweet tasting pussy sliding up and down her slurping tongue. She reached up and kissed her sleeping sister lightly on the cheek and slipped her hand up to Helena's budding titties. She tickled her nipple as she lightly licked her ear and neck. Helena stirred and turn her head toward her little sister and moaned Charli, what are you doing?' 'I'm horny as hell, and I thought that maybe we could." 'Have you lost your mind?" mom's home and in the next bedroom." Helena protested.

Charli slipped her hand down toward her sisters pubic hair and slipped a finger between two vary wet pussy lips. 'Your body seems to be liking this." Charli whispered as she kept kissing her sisters neck knowing that Helena was just as hot as she was. Helena let out a low growl and rolled over and pinned Charli under her and kissed her good and full right on the lips. Charli broke the kiss and whispered. 'God, I sure hope Keith likes to eat pussy. Helena giggled a little and whispered back you haven't even met the man yet and you wanna have oral sex with him? 'OH god yes, don't you? I can't wait to suck on that mans rock hard cock." Charli said teasing her sister.

Helena was gone now, she was so hot and her little pussy was so wet. She began to kiss her sister with all the passion her young teen-age body could muster. Charli was kissing back with equal fervor. Using a lot of tongue and squeezing her sisters bouncy round butt with both hands and trying to pull her panties down. Helena began moving down Charli's neck and on to her bee sting titties that were swelled and appeared to be a little bigger. Charli had her sisters panties down to her knees and had her hand in her slick wet pussy rubbing up and down as Helena moved her lips to Charli's titties and was sucking on them and flicking her nipples with her tongue.

Charli giggled out loud and Helena covered her mouth with her hand to silence the little hottie. 'Quiet damn it, you'll wake mom." She whispered then kissed the younger girl hard and full on the lips. When she did, Charli calmed down and wrapped her hairless legs around her sisters thighs and began to undulate her hips up and down. Helena went back to her oral assault on her little sister wreathing and squirming body and began kissing her way on down to her belly button, playing with her vary wet little pussy with her right hand.

Helena rose up on her knees and pulled her sisters skimpy panties off and spread the girls legs wide. She took a leg in one hand and brought it up to her lips and began to kiss and lick her calves and inner thighs causing Charli to moan louder and pant harder. Helena licked on down and began to lick on her little sister wantin wet and smokin hot pussy instantly Charli's legs clamped around her sisters head and her ass began to quiver and she held her hand to her mouth in an effort to stifle the over whelming urge to scream in her delight. The scream that came out was through her nose and though slightly diminished still echoed in the room.

Gloria had gotten up just moment before to go down stairs and get a glass of wine. She had just stepped out her door when she heard the stifled sound of somebody in the froes to sexual ecstasy. She silently moved to Helena's door and slowly turned the knob. She gently pushed the door open about 5 inches and watched her naked little darlings as they were making love to each other. She wasn't mad, the sight made her horny as hell. The more she stood there and watched the more she could feel her pussy throb getting so wet that she could feel it creeping down both her inner thighs.

As if hypnotized she silently pushed the door open and began to edge closer, one step at a time with her hand feverishly fingering her own hot wet and throbbing pussy. It felt like she was not in control over her own body as she watched as Helena shove her fingers into her sister's young pussy and brought the young girl to an ass bucking, teeth grinding, whole body convulsing orgasm. Charli's eyes were shut tight and her hands were behind Helena's head as she bucked and quivered, bucked and quivered, over, and over, and over, again, and again.

She then saw something that took her breath away. Helena reach under her pillow and pulled out a long thin tube looking thing and twisted on the bigger end and the thing began buzzing. She ran it all over her sister wiggling body and then up and down her thighs. And then she opened her sisters pussy lips and put the vibrating tube right on her swollen and erect clitoris. Gloria took another step closer in the darkened room. She was kinda surprised that they hadn't noticed her yet. She was just six feet or so from the bed.

They were so into what they were doing that they were oblivious to anything else. Charli's hand was in Helena's pussy and Helena was running that tube in and out of Charli's little pussy bringing her to another gut wrenching, toe curling, ass bucking orgasm. When Charli recovered from that one she pushed her sister over on her back. And began to go down on her with as much enthusiasm as her sister had just moments before.

Gloria was two finger deep into her own sopping pussy as she got a close up view of Charli's ass and cute little pussy as she went down on her sisters pussy. When Helena was just about there she opened her eyes and looked right into her mothers lust filled eyes and smiled. She tapped Charli on the head and said look.

Charli looked around and saw her momma standing a few feet from the bed with her hand rubbing her pussy and looking so lustfully at her naked teen-age daughters. Charli looked at Helena and Helena looked up at Charli and winked. Charli broke her oral assault on her sister and held her hand out to her mom and whispered come on ma, we can make you feel really, really good.

Gloria still felt hypnotized as she dropped her robe and climbed up on the bed and in between her little darlings. No sooner than she'd settled back on the pillows then Helena began sucking and nibbling on her right nipple and Charli was on her left sucking and nibbling on her left titty and nipple, caressing her smooth flat tummy and grazing her finger tips through her pubic hair. Helena reached down and kissed her mom for the first time on her lips and with a lot of passion.

While Helena was kissing her, Charli was licking and nibbling on her neck. Helena broke the kiss and licked and nibbled down to her ample 34bs and sucked and nibbled on them again. Charli had move to her feet and were licking and sucking on her toes driving her wild as the tingles of intense sexual pleasure ran up her leg and right into her sopping wet pussy making her hornier, if that was possible. She quivered and shivered and cooed loudly as her daughters lips and tongues made her skin tingle and goose bump down her arms and legs.

Then Helena began to lick and nibble on her other leg and the two started toward her smoldering pussy stopping to lick nibble and graze her inner thighs along the way. When Helena got to her pussy she licked all around it like Keith did the day before she licked everywhere except up in between the lips of her swollen vulva.

Then Charli moved up to her titties again while Helena pick up the buzzing tube and turned it on. She ran it across her mothers inner thighs and all around her undulating pussy, tormenting her till she began pleading with her wickedly evil teen-aged daughter. Finally Helena took pity on her and touched her swollen engorged clitoris with the vibrator.

Gloria eyes went wide and she shrieked as the vibrator sent long waves of intense sexual pleasure up her spine to her brain. While Helena was working her mom's clit, Charli was licking and sucking on her mom's nipples. Helena was now running that thing up inside her making it buzz on her G-spot. That was all she needed, she cried out and her ass began to raise up of the bed. Her toes curled hard and she rocked head back and forth her eyes in a tight grimace. Her breathing huffy and raspy. She shivered and quivered hard with her ass still nearly a foot off the bad as she cried out long and loud, cumming hard, over and over, and over, again, and again, and again.

Then everything went black her head was spinning and her ears were ringing, ringing, ringing. She woke up with a start, sitting up and shaking her head. The alarm was ringing, she opened her eyes and the room was spinning a bit. She was wet with sweat and there was a large wet spot under her ass. She sat and thought for a minute. 'Did she just have a dream about having sex with her daughters.

She couldn't have, she had a little moral fortitude. How could she possibly be this turned on by the thought of having sex with her daughters, her teenaged daughters who were both virgins and looked so hot in their swim suits. She shook her head no, no way was she going to start thinking about her little darlings like that. But she couldn't stop it. She turned off the alarm and staggered naked to the master bathroom and began to run some bath water.

When she had the water going she sat down on the throne and took a nice long piss. Her pussy was actually throbbing thinking about the dream, Helena's naked body, Charli's bare ass pointing right at her as she went down on her sister. She wiped and stepped into the over sized tub and sat down. After adjusting the water temperature a little she sat back and tried to clear her mind and just try and forget about that wonderfully wicked dream……

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