Making sure she is mine

We met online a few weeks ago and hit it off right away. Mark and I just clicked - he had this confident stride that I really liked, and perfect blue eyes. He didn't smile often, but when he did, my heart melted. It wasn't long before we were having sex - I couldn't keep my hands off that beautiful body for long! He was amazing in bed, with great stamina, and took control immediately. I loved that he never asked me for permission or asked me if something was okay. He just fucked me, hard. You know, a girl needs love and affection, but sometimes she just needs to be taken by a large strong man with a hard cock - roughly.

And Mark was a large man, at 6 feet 2 inches tall, with a solid build. At 5 feet 1 inch tall, I'm a little over an entire foot shorter than him! It works out great because he can throw me around like a fucktoy when we have sex. Something about being treated like a sex toy really turns me on. I don't know why, the way he makes me feel so dirty, but that it is okay to be dirty, and to be a slut, just drives me wild.

We had to use condoms because I couldn't use the pill due to problems with the hormones. It irritated me no end, because all I wanted was for Mark to take my bareback and shoot his load inside me. But neither of us wanted me to get pregnant, so we behaved.

We had planned a romantic weekend getaway. We had rented a cottage near a local lake - it was autumn at the time, so the weather was getting cool. It was great weather for warm jumpers, hot coffee, and making love by the fire. Or, more accurately, lots of fucking, which is what we did. Making love is for old people!

We went on long walks together, holding hands. He prepared everything for the weekend and I didn't have to do a thing. It was so romantic, I don't think I've ever been happy. The place we rented had a huge bath that stood on feet - it was an incredible place for us both to relax together.

On the Saturday evening, as usual we started getting frisky. We had both had a few glasses of red wine, and we were both horny. Soon he was kissing my neck as his hand massaged my crotch through my pants. I could feel myself becoming wetter with every minute, I couldn't wait to have him inside me again. He started removing all of my clothes, quickly, and I started removing his. His mouth found mine again and we kissed fiercely. I could feel his large erection prodding my belly, it nearly went up between my breasts! My nipples were on end and my pussy was engorged.

He pushed me onto the bed roughly, and then his mouth found my nipple, while one hand caressed my pussy. I opened my legs wider to give him better access. He was alternately tongueing and sucking me nipple, teasing it gently and then sucking it firmly. My pussy released a flood of juices and coated his hand. He was stroking my lips and my clit, I arched my back, pressing my breast into his face as he continued to stimulate me. He didn't stop, but increased his pace. Amazingly, I felt myself coming close to orgasm.

Suddenly he stopped and stood up. He said to me, "Wait here."

He rummaged in his bag for a minute, and came up with a set of ties. "I'm going to tie you up", was all he said. No May I or Please.

Breathlessly, I nodded, as he went to work. He secured my ankles to the corner of the bed first, and then my wrists. I was fully bound, unable to move. Last, he put two pillows under my bum, elevating my hips to give himself a better angle to fuck me. I was excited to see what came next.

He went to fetch one more thing from his bag, and at first I didn't know what it was. It looked almost like a funnel, with a long thin tube at the end. He held it in front of my face.

"The long thin tube is a catheter. The same kind that they use for intra uterine insemination. At this end", he indicated towards the funnel, "is a cervical cap. It encloses your cervix, and will funnel my semen right into the catheter and into your womb."

I gasped. I couldn't believe it. I was completely bound.

He pushed a speculum into my pussy, and opened it. There was nothing I could do. Next, he inserted the device. Because the tube was thin enough, I felt no pain as he pushed it into my cervix and right into my womb. I gasped as I felt the cap slide home onto my cervix.

"No. please don't do this. Please don't. I'll get pregnant.", I said.
"I've seen that look in your eyes. I know what you want. You want my seed in your womb, and you are going to get it. You are my bitch, and you need to be bred.

He rummaged in his band for one last thing - a leather collar. He put the collar around my neck. I couldn't help but get even wetter. I had his collar around my neck now - something about that made me feel even more in his power, and even more turned on. And he was right - my bad girl womb craved his semen. I longed for him to spurt his cum into my cervix, but I had to keep those desires at bay. It looked like now I had no choice.

He didn't waste time, sliding right into me. He pushed in all the way, right up to the cervical funnel.
"You are so wet, I knew you wanted this."
"Please. stop. Pull out. Please don't do this.", I heard myself say, in between grunts as he fucked me. But even I didn't believe myself. I wanted to stop myself, but there was nothing I could do. I bucked my hips to take more of him in.

He increased the pace, fucking me harder and deeper. I felt my cunt contract around his cock. My lubrications increased, as my pussy got even wetter. I wanted him to stop, but another part of me hoped he wouldn't listen.

I could feel his entire cock thrust deep into me, feel how hard his shaft felt. It felt much harder than he had ever been. He was rock solid now, pounding away at my pussy. I knew I would be unable to stop myself from cumming.

I felt him get even harder, and knew what was coming. He pushed deep inside me one last time, right into the cervical funnel. I heard him make several loud grunts as he came, spurting his hot semen directly into my womb. It slipped right inside the funnel, and with my hips being elevated, went right into my womb. The feeling of his hot cum entering my womb pushed me over the edge, and I came hard, clamping down on his cock. I screamed as my entire pussy contracted around him, milking the last of his cum from his cock.

He stayed on top of me for 15 minutes - enough time for the sperm to make their way to my tubes. Too late. He didn't release me immediately though. He removed the cervical funnel from my pussy first, and put a cervical cap on my cervix. Not a drop of semen was left in the funnel - all of it was in my womb. And now he had capped me to prevent any more semen from leaving me. I was completely bred. I was his bitch now. He had made me his slut and now I was his bitch.

He undid the ties, and released me. He held me in his arms for a long while. We just looked into each others eyes. I could feel his semen in my womb still. The only time semen enters the womb is when intrauterine insemination is performed. During regular sex, semen is ejaculated into the vagina. A small amount of it might make it as far as the cervix, but none makes it into the womb. With cervical funnel, Mark had just made sure that my womb was full of his semen. There was nowhere for the sperm to go.

"I needed to make you mine", he said at last. "I'm glad you came."
All I could do was nod. I was still in shock. I had absolutely loved it. He had gone from making me feel happy to feel dirty, to making me want to be bred. I was suddenly very happy that I had his seed in my womb, and I felt a little confused at that.

We chatted for a while and then fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning still wearing the cervical cap. When Mark saw that I was awake, he said, "Morning beautiful."
He kissed me again, a fierce, passionate kiss. I felt my body respond even when it should not. His hand immediately moved to my pussy and began to massage it. I was already wet.

He began sucking my nipples again. I loved feeling how erect my nipples were and how good they felt in his mouth. My pussy was now soaked again.

His mouth moved down to my pussy, and I felt his rough tongue lash my cunt. He licked my lips up and down, making me wait until he was ready to tongue my clit. He lapped up my juices with broad strokes of his tongue, as I impatiently waited for him to get to my clit. At last I felt his tongue touch my nubbin, and I was instantly in heaven. I felt his tongue stroke my clit as he fingered me with two fingers. In no time at all, I was cumming. I let out a loud scream as I came.

He came back up and kissed me deeply. I could taste my own cunt juices. Then he pulled back and said, "I've already boiled the device to clean it. I'll go fetch it quickly."

He left without saying another word, while my doubts returned. When he came back, I said, "I don't want to do this. What we did last night was very irresponsible. I don't want to get pregnant. I can't do this for you."

He came close to me, and smiled. He held my face in one hand, and said, "I know you want it. I know how turned on you were last night. You still haven't removed that cervical cap. I know what you want, and you are going to say it to me. You are going to tell me you want me to spurt my hot seed into your womb."

I said nothing.

He said, "Say it, because I know it is the truth. I can see it in your faith."

My lips betrayed me. I couldn't help it. I said, "I need you to breed me. I need to be your bitch. Bareback me and plant your seed in my womb. I want my womb to full of your cum. From this day forward."

He smiled. He pushed my down onto the bed and removed the cervical cap from my pussy. We both looked inside it - very little cum had escaped.

He put the device inside me. I smiled as I felt it slide home - the tube into my womb, the funnel part enclosing my cervix.

But this time, he stood me up, and bent me over. He grabbed my wrists with both hands, and I felt him slide into from behind, roughly.

Now again there was nothing I could do. He was much larger and stronger than me. His hard cock was already deep inside my pussy. He started fucking me, hard. It was if breeding lust had overtaken him. He fucked harder and wilder than I have ever felt him, and I pressed back into him just as hard. My cunt squeezed his cock as he fucked. His member felt huge and hard inside me, stretching me.

"Please spurt your cum inside me. Make me your bitch. Claim my womb with your seed."

My words pushed him over the edge. He pushed inside me as deep as he could go, and I felt him release. His cock stiffened and pulsed as I felt him pump semen into my womb, yet again. My eyes widened as I felt my womb grow to accept his seed. It was now completely full and in fact stretched. My womb held two of his ejaculations, and his loads were always big. I felt so grateful that my womb was full of his seed now.

He dropped my arms, and then removed the cervical funnel. Still keeping a hand on my back to keep me bent over, he pushed the cervical cap inside me and fitted it to my cervix. I was capped again - no cum would leak from my womb. I was satisfied.

Authors note:
The cervical funnel is an entirely fictional device. Please do not insert anything into any cervixes without medical supervision - it can be dangerous. When intrauterine insemination is performed, the semen is always washed to prevent infections and to prevent the prostaglandins in semen causing painful and dangerous uterine contractions.

That being said, there are porno videos of semen being injected directly into a uterus. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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