Harry potter 4 the wedding

Harry awoke on the day of the wedding with anticipation because in three days he would be standing over his parent's grave. The train for Hogwarts was leaving the next day and then Harry, Ron and Hermione would be heading for Godrics Hallow. Then they were off to Azkaban, then who knows where but Harry was determined to track Voldemort and Snape down to kill them. Meanwhile Harry was practicing the Unforgivable spells on the gnomes in the garden along with Hermione and Ron. They were getting better although Harry was the only one to use the Avada Kadava curse right because he pictured Snape's face on the gnome.
Harry got out of bed, got dressed, grabbed his wand and shoved his cloak into his back pocket. He went down stairs and the scene was the same as usual when they were setting off to school. Everyone was running around and stopping momentarily to ask others if they knew where something was. A few people stopped and welcomed Harry before moving on to what ever they were doing. There were doughnuts on the table so Harry grabbed one on his way to look for Ginny. He found her in the bride’s room helping Gabrielle, Molly and Hermione get Fleur's wedding dress on. The dress was a beautiful pure white with laces and a 50-foot train attached. Harry walked in and Molly attacked him "Harry why aren’t you in your dress robes the wedding starts in half and hour." She followed him upstarts while trying to comb his hair down which was not working at all. Harry removed his shirt and pulled on his white dress shirt followed by his black dress coat. He then turned his back to Molly and removed his pants and tried to pull on his dress pants but it seams that in the three years since he wore them last he our grew them. "Mrs. Weasley I think I out grew these pants." Harry told her. His shirt covered his naked dick so he was not worried about her seeing it. She came over and bent over to look at the pants. Harry looked at her and he noticed he could see right down her dress at her huge breasts. He could see her dark red nipples sitting there. "Damn is everything in this family red?" Harry thought to himself. Just then, he noticed he started to get hard. "I can fix this," Molly said as she pulled out her wand from what seemed like her cleavage, "now hold still." She pointed her wand at Harry's pants and muttered something and then grabbed Harry's pants and started pulling them up. When she got to his dick, she stopped and noticed his erection. "Now we can’t have this can we you'll stick out more than the bride." she told him while grabbing his cock. She then inserted it into her mouth and started sucking. She was good at this and Harry just leaned his head back as he grabbed the back of her head and guided her. After a couple of seconds, Harry came into her hot mouth.
After cleaning up, Harry followed Molly down stairs where someone was waiting. "What took you two so long.?" someone who Harry did not know asked. Molly just told her that Harry outgrew his clothes and she had to fix him. Harry caught the “him” part but he did not think the girl did. They all went out into the yard and sat down. Harry sat next to Hermione and Ron. Just then, music came out of nowhere and everyone turned to look down the aisle. The brides maids were first with a best man attached to her arm followed by, Harry's mouth dropped, Ginny and Gabrielle. They both looked beautiful to Harry, which just brought back memories of the past few weeks. Both Ginny and Gabrielle gave Harry a little smile as they walked by. Hermione pinched Harry and said, "Why was Gabrielle smiling at you?" Harry just told her it was probably because he saved her life. Next followed the ring boys, Fred and George, and then the music changed into the wedding march. Fleur showed up at the end of the aisle with an old guy on her arm, "Must be her father." Harry thought to himself. He led Fleur down the aisle one-step at a time to Bill.
After the wedding ceremony, they had a great feast that all the mothers, aunts and grand mothers cooked up. The Weird sisters showed up and everyone from the order was there to. Harry went up to Lupin and asked to have a word with him. When they were out of earshot from everyone Harry told him what his plans were and that Hermione and Ron were coming along. Harry asked Lupin not to mention it to Molly and then asked if he had heard anything about the where about of Snape or Voldemort were. Lupin had heard rumors of them being around London but that is all they were was rumors. Harry figured he would check on it nevertheless. They both went back to the party and had a great time.
Harry danced with Fleur, since everyone else was, then Gabrielle, Hermione and then Ginny who was pissed he chose her last. Harry told her he just wanted to get them out of the way so they could have the rest of the party to themselves. After a while, Ginny wanted to sit down at one of the benches that were there. Ron and Hermione came over and sat down next to them holding hands. Ron whispered to Harry, "She had better not want to get married after this." Harry just laughed and turned to kiss Ginny. After a second, Ron turned to Hermione and kissed her. It was well into the night before the party died off and Harry and Ron went off to bed followed by Ginny and Hermione whispering and giggling behind them. All Harry could make out was "Are you sure?" coming from Hermione. When they got to the girls room the boys said good night and headed up to the attic.
Harry and Ron were undressed and put on their nightclothes. Harry was about to get into bed when Hermione came in and told him Ginny wanted to see him. Harry went out the door and before closing it, he saw Hermione taking off her shirt. Harry made his way down to Ginny's room and knocked slightly. "Come in" he heard from the other side of the door. He opened it slowly and was shocked. Ginny was sitting on her bed naked with her perfectly round oranges sticking out and her red hair sticking out between her legs. Harry walked in, closed the door and instantly started undressing. Ginny layback on the bed and Harry got on his knees and stuck his head between her legs. He stuck is tongue in her as far as he could stick it out. Ginny was moaning into her pillow as Harry wiggled his tongue in and out of her pussy. Harry then took one of his fingers, inserted it into her pussy, and curled it upward to try to hit her g-spot. Harry could not hit it right so he inserted a second finger and then he hit the spot. Ginny was bucking her hips up and down as Harry went at it.
Harry grabbed his wand, remembering what he heard the first night, and inserted it into Ginny's pussy. Moving it slowly at first but then he started picking up speed with each passing. Ginny was bouncing and moaning until Harry stopped. She had a sad look into her eyes until Harry climbed on the bed and stuck his cock into her face. She took it into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head. Then she started moving her head up and down his shaft slowly and lovingly. Ginny was able to get the entire length into her mouth which really pleased Harry.
Ginny lifted her head, Harry lay down on his back, and Ginny climbed on top. She lowered her hips onto his shaft slowly at first then half-way down she just plunged it all in. Harry felt no resistance and he asked her about that. She told him she broke it one when she crashed her broom. Harry grabbed her hips and helped her up and down on his dick. Ginny leaned her head back as far as she could with her eyes close. Harry looked up and could see her breasts bouncing a little considering how small they were. It just turned Harry on more and he started moving her faster. Ginny started moaning and flailing her head as Harry thrust his sword into her. "Don't stop I'm going to cum" Ginny yelled out. Harry had no intentions of stopping and started pumping faster. Harry felt Ginny go limp and then he felt his dick get warm which just made him cum into her.
Ginny laid down onto Harry’s chest and they rolled onto their side with his dick still in her. They talked for a little bit about what life would be like when Voldemort was dead. When they started talking kids, Harry remembered the condoms then put it out of his head thinking, "If I should die then Ginny will have something to remember me by." Harry fell asleep with anticipation about tomorrow when he would be starting his journey.

To Be Continued..

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