Changing pt. 4

Finally a chance to work on part 4. Things have been hectic guys, but here we go. Enjoy part 4.

Part 4: Acceptance

Oh my god Caught by my own mother nonetheless. She stood there, silently staring at John and I, both of us panting, my penis dribbling some clear sticky liquid onto the carpet. "Watching your mother this whole time, while you two get off in the hallway How long have you two been doing this?" I just stared at the woman as she spoke in a shallow voice. For having just came like she did in the room, her voice was very steady. With those words, John withdrew from my sensitive bowls, pulling at the already twitching flesh to bring another moan from my lips, causing me to shiver in pleasure before covering my mouth as some of John's cum followed his dick, dribbling down my thighs and onto the floor below me.

My mother watched this, her expression undecipherable, I had no idea what she was thinking, what she would do, what she might say Her gaze then turned to John, peering at his penis for a moment before looking up at his face then at me again. "You realize how expensive women's clothing is, don't you?"

"E-Er. expensive?" John spoke before I could. Thank god, I would have died if I had been the one to speak.

"Well, seeing as we'll be buying an entire wardrobe for my new daughter, it'll likely be in the thousands."

"That's." John began

"Expensive, yes." My mother finished his sentence. "You know, I think you two may sway me into buying all of that clothing, maybe even some toys for your time here, if we can. Make all of this alright."

"Er how.?" John spoke up again.

"How big are you John?" She asked. "Your penis size I mean."

She made even him flustered. "Uh I.. I think about nine inches now."

"And you just sit there and stick all of that meat in my daughter's ass, how impolite." She licked her lips as if she were coming up with something. I stared at her, noticing her nipples grow more erect and a new layer of moisture glazing her thighs. "It's rude not to share, you know, and even more rude to turn a virgin into a whore by using her most lewd of holes."

"I uh sorry? Wait Share?" He'd talked about playing in a threesome with my mother, but I think he had just been in the moment, playing around with me.

"You see I can play with these toys all I want, but nothing quite equates to a real, fully grown, man's thick, hard, hot dick shoved deep inside my pussy." She licked her lips eagerly before gesturing for us to follow her into her room.

I looked at John and he looked back at me before we both shrugged and made our way into the room. I took a look at my mother as she laid on her bed again, crossing one leg over the other and leaning against the headboard to watch the two of us. "John, sit on your knees on the floor, have my daughter sit in front of you with her legs spread on my bed. I want to watch you eat her pussy out."

"B-But It's still too small!" I finally spoke.

"Don't worry, the human vagina can stretch quite a bit, and besides, it's just his tongue, it won't kill you." She smiled.

I was more than a little nervous as I sat on the bed, spreading my legs slowly and leaning back before my back rested against my mother's legs. John sat on the floor, between my legs, staring at my tiny pussy and small penis. I couldn't tell his expression, but it was really the first time he'd looked up close at my body. It made my own penis twitch and my vagina grow slightly moist.

He finally leaned in, spreading my tiny pussy with his thumbs before pressing his tongue against the tight hold, causing my legs to spasm and my body to shudder and twitch with delight. He gently licked the tight hole, each time his tongue touched the soft silky skin, my hips would jump and tremble with excitement, causing my eyes to roll back a bit each time. He added to this by wrapping a hand around my penis and spreading my pussy with his thumb and forefinger as he began to attempt to dig his tongue into my tight hole, causing me to tense and groan lightly. "T-Too much!" I kept writhing as my mother held on to me.

"Keep licking John, I want to watch my daughter become engrossed in her first orgasm as a woman." I heard a click and a buzzing noise as my mother inserted the dildo back inside of herself to play with her own cunt while John continued to eat my tiny pussy. Finally, I had become overcome with pleasure, enough so that my head rolled back and I let out a full, girlish moan, my back arching and my legs trembled wildly. After several long moments the feeling finally subsided, leaving me panting. That one was different

My mother sat up, pulling the toy out of herself to lick it dry before setting it aside. "John.." She pulled me up to the head of the bed and got on all fours as she leaned in to flick her tongue at my still twitching vagina, causing me to jump a bit. "Go ahead and use my pussy, go ahead and cum inside, I've already had my tubes tied, so you can cum inside all you want."

She licked her lips before pressing her forefinger inside of my pussy, it was rather tight, causing me to writhe a bit. "Nnnghh.." I groaned out before John pulled up behind her and pressed his dick inside of her pussy, causing him to shudder.

"God It's a bit loose but fuck it feels good" John spoke with a groan before he got right to thrusting inside of her pussy, causing her to press into my crotch with each thrust, the finger dipping in and withdrawing with each thrust. My mother grinned as she pressed my small penis into her mouth, moaning softly as john filled her moist pussy with his dick.

"That's a good girl~" My mother moaned lightly to me, her hot breath on my penis and pussy, causing me to jump and tremble wildly. John bucked steadily harder in and out of my mother's hot cunt, my mother attempting to fit another finger in my hole to no avail, leaving her slightly frowning, to which she responded by licking my own tiny pussy, dipping her tongue in with her finger, the stretching causing me to arch my back and finally orgasm for a second time, shortly followed by my mother's orgasm. John withdrew from my mother's pussy, jacking himself off quickly as he made his way over to me, pointing his dick at my tiny pussy. He began to shoot his hot semen on my tiny pussy, covering it with thick white spooge. "You could have came inside of me you know." My mother frowned.

"Sorry, I only want to give my cum to your daughter." He smirked, making me blush, my heart racing With everything that'd happened Maybe he was sincere I grabbed his arm and pulled him into me to suddenly kiss his lips. Maybe he wouldn't be so bad after all Maybe this would all work out. Maybe

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