Habits are controlling

It all started when i was in the ninth grade. My parents just moved me to a new school out in the richer part of town. We came from the inner city where drugs and gangs ruled the area and i had fallen into the wrong crowd. So they thought moving me out here would change things boy were they wrong. Ok my first week at school was crazy noone was like me at all i sagged my pants wore t shirts and if all that didnt make me stand out i had gold teeth. so about mid way through the first semester i started going to parties and hanging out with some of my old friends from the neighborhood we crashed a few parties as well. The this is what changed everything the head cheerleader threw a party at the end of the semester after exams. she was beautiful blonde hair big tits and an ass that did not quit but most of all she had a twin sister as well. their mom was divorced and lived in a nice house in a secluded area so noone could complain about the parties and the twins got away with whatever they wanted to do as their mom was always drunk. So i show up to the party and everyone is having a good time i walk up the stairs to the bathroom and as i pass by the door of their moms room she wispers for me to come here. So i enter her room and she asks if i had anything to dull pain in her heart i said sure and gave her a few X tabs she took them and said she didnt have any cash but would pay me tomorrow so i said ok and left the room. About an hour later she came to me by the pool and said she needed to talk to me upstairs i said ok and with that we wnet to her roon she asked for all of what i had and said she would pay me for them the next day as well so i told her that would cost interest and she said how much is that. i told here the amount for the pills was 5,000 dollars and the interest was her sucking my cock and swallowing my cum she obliged quickly droping to her knees and pulling out my cock as it sliped pass her lips i felt her tounge swirl around my head it was one of the best blowjobs i had ever had. As she finished she didn't realize i was filming her with my phone as she swallowed my cum and dropped a little on the floor i told her to get it and she licked up swiftly. so the rest of the winter break i supplied her with more and more and she paid me so she wouldnt have to pay interest. Then as i dropped of a huge shipment to her she told me she would pay me on friday and i said ok with no problem little did i kknow that she was broke now from buying them from me. When friday rolled around i knocked on her door and one of the twins answered the door she was stunning there in her robe and boyshort panties they were seniors and i was a freshman so she was always out of my league i asked to talk to her mom and she let me in i went up the stairs and to my surprise her mom was there on her knees in tears. Iwalked in and asked what was wrong she said she didnt have my money and my concern went to rage as i walked to her and grabbed her by the hair. I asked her when she would have it and she said she didnt know. All she had was the deed to the house and the titles to their cars which wasnt near enough for what she owed me. Itold her that she was gonna get me my money one way or another. As i said that i hear her daughter calling for her and a smile appeared on my face i told her to tell them to come up here and tell them that i own the house and their cars and if they want to keep this lifestyle they had they all belonged to me now. She called for them and as they entered the room they saw their mom on her knees naked and me holding her hair they screamed at me and then their mother spoke. Girls i have something to tell you she said i have a problem with drugs and i have gotten us all in a big mess he has been giving me what i need since the school year started and now that its over he has come to collect i used your college funds to pay him but it wasnt enough as well as giving him the house and the cars but i still owe him alot more so if we want to live here and not let anyone kknow we are broke we must follow his rules and do as we are told as with our dedication to him is the final payment. The twins started crying but they were more upset about being broke than anything asking how they were gonna go shopping and do things with no money. I interjected and said it doesnt matter as you will do as you are told or you will be punished. And with that i made a call to a friend of mine who was a contractor and told him i need some renevating done.After a few months of renevating the house to be more of a prison for them with stockades and crosses to hang them on and cages for them to sleep in i took them all out to buy lingerie and collars and other item to be mentioned later. I told them they were to wear only g strings and that they were to fuck suck and do whatever else i wanted or they would be punished severly. I also told the twins they would be working at a club my friends uncle owned to bring in money as well.

to be continued

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