Randy's Birthday~part 2

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We take a very quick shower, I put my hair up in a scrunchy since I already washed it earlier. We jump out, drying each other quickly (but not missing anything!) You grab your clothes off the floor and dress quickly, I pull on my knockabout jeans (these are loose fitting and comfortable! It's all about the comfort! LOL!) and a warm sweater. I decide to leave my hair up since we are running late and in no time we load the car and are off to the airport. All goes well and we make to the airport and clear security with time to spare so we order coffee, chatting about our upcoming plans, before we know it it's time to board. The plane is small and there aren't many people so we have a row of seat to ourselves near the back. I forgot to mention that I'm a little nervous during take off and landings so I grab your hand during take off and hold on tight! Once the plane is levelled out I let loose of your hand and relax (a little!). The flight attendent check to make sure we have fastened our seat belts. After she leaves I chatter nervously and you reassure me that everything is fine and give me a litle hug, then a little kiss to distract me. My hands move up to your chest and tease your nipples just a little while we kiss, your hand moves quickly over my breasts and then under my soft sweater to pinch a nipple. I moan into your mouth, as the kiss intensifies I move my hand down to your pants and feel the hardness of your dick straining against them! I lean back in my seat and pull my sweater up so you can continue your assault on my tender nipples. I am thinking back to earlier this morning and how your cock felt sliding in and out of my mouth. You reach down and unbutton my jeans, I lean over you and sneak a peek down the aisle, but no one is paying us any attention, your hand eases in under my panties (I DO wear panties with my jeans! LOL!) and you whisper in my ear "Your panties are soaking wet, Jewelz! and I whisper back "I've been thinking about this morning and having your cock in my mouth!" You slide your fingers over my clit and tease me a little before you whisper back "No one's paying attention, go for it, Jewelz, suck my cock!" I look at you, wondering if you are serious, your fingers move faster over my clit and I decide, Yup, you're serious! I move my wet pussy back and forth against your fingers, trying really hard to keep quiet as an immense orgasm floods your hand with my cum! My hands fumble a bit as I undo your pants, I finally release your tantalizing cock from the confines of your pants and I sneak another peek down the aisle before I move to kneel on the floor in front of your seat. My lips close over the entire length of your shaft, your hands find my nipples and pinch and pull on them as I moan in pleasure, you move my head with both hands, fucking my mouth and I am so excited by my own boldness that I cum again (contracting my pussy, without actually touching myself!) I moan loudly but thank goodness no one can hear with your huge thick cock filling my mouth! I tease and suck your tasty cock just the way you like me to and soon you are shooting a huge hot load of creamy cum into my mouth just as the Captain's voice comes over the speaker to announce "We will be landing in Bozeman soon please make sure your seat belts are securely fastened." The flight attendent comes down the aisle to check on us just as I slip back into my seat, wiping my lips to make sure there is no residual evidence, I pull my sweater down quickly so she can't see that my jeans are still undone! As she heads back up front you slide your hand back into my jeans and thrust your fingers deep into my soaking wet cunt, pull them out and push them into my mouth. I lick my sweet cum from your fingers and you again push them deep, then you work them over my swollen clit until I'm cumming again! Not so quietly this time! This time it's you checking the aisle and seeing every head turned in our direction, You announce to everyone, "She's just nervous about the landing, she'll be okay!" I was so distracted by you that I didn't even notice the plane had landed (I stay in my seat until everyone else has left the plane! LOL!)

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