Kidnapped and enslaved pt one

Wendy walked slowly down the narrowly lit hallway of her office building, her heels clacking on the freshly waxed floor. Her damn boss had made her work late again. Did the bastard think she didn’t have a life of her own? She knew he just enjoyed torturing her to no end. Now she’d have to walk home to her condo since her car was in for a servicing. Her skirt swished around her thighs as she walked out the glass doors of the brightly lit building. Pulling her suit jacket tighter around her, she set off at brisk pace towards her house.
She knew she was eyecatching, her long, brown hair held up in a messed up bun. Her face was nice, with high cheek bones and luscious lips. She had a nice, sexy figure with 40D breasts and long shapely legs. The humidity had her clothes sticking to her. She teased the guys at work, wearing clothes that were not appropriate for work. A sheer, almost see through blouse clung to her tits, and a black skirt that barely covered her ass clung to her ass like a glove. She knew the guys at work would do anything to fuck her, but she didn’t let any of them had their wish. She’d more than once caught her coworkers with bulges in their pants and staring down her shirt or at her magnificent ass.
As she walked, she felt something behind her. She turned and almost ran into the blade of a knife. Her scream was cut short by a hand over her mouth and a slap to her face. Another arm caught her around the waist as she struggled and kicked, trying to break free. “Bitch, stop struggling or I cut open that pretty little neck of yours,” a voice said in her ear. She held still. Her vision was gone as a blindfold suddenly covered her eyes and another pair of rough hands tied her arms behind her back. Suddenly, she was lifted off the ground and grunted as she felt her stomach hit something solid. She could feel movement underneath her and around her. She felt a prick in her ass and then everything went black.

“Ungh” she groaned as finally she started to come around. She binked, trying to figure out where she was. Her jacket was long gone and her shoulders ached from the binds on her wrists. She groaned again, shaking her head, trying to remember what had happened. “The bitch is up!” she heard to howls of laughter. Her blindfold came off and she adjusted to the light, shaking her head groggily.
“What the fuck are you doing with me!” she yelled at them. “You bastards aren’t going to get away with this!” A hand flashed at her and slapped her face.
“You see bitch, this is what happens when you tease us and don’t give us what we want” one of the guys spat at her. “Well we gunna get what we damn well want” she saw three guys. The one that was talking grabbed at her shirt and ripped it off and did likewise to her bra, letting her tits loose.
She closed her eyes, trying desperately to block out the scene, and felt her tits being mauled at. Two sets or stong hands grabbed at her magnificent tits and pinched her nipples. As she opened her mouth to scream, a large dick was shoved down her throat. “Bite it and you die!” she obediently started sucking, feeling the head gagging her at the back of her throat. This dick was larger than anything she had ever had and she was deep throating it. It was so thick and large, she could barely fit four inches down her throat and as she opened her eyes, she saw at least 5 more inches left, and it wasn’t even hard yet. The men playing with her tits had begun licking her tits and she moaned with unwelcome sensations at the works of their tongues. She felt the man’s dick grow harder and harder as the worked with her tongue. She hoped getting him off would prompt him to let her go. He pulled her hands to his dick, indicating her wanted her to jerk him off. Wrapping both hands around his massive member, she began moving her hands back and forth. He grabbed her hair and stroked it before holding on tight and starting to fuck her face, choking her on his meat. “That’s it bitch, use your tongue. Suck what you shouldve a long time ago” she groaned as he fucked her face hard as he could, her body bucking with his force. The men who had been playing with her tits had stopped to take off their own pants, wanting a taste at this hot bitch. Suddenly the man pulled out of her mouth and dropped her head. She fell to the ground, coughing and spitting. They had somehow taked off her skirt and thong, leaving her in her heels.
“Stand up bitch.” The man commanded. She obeyed, not wanting to get slapped again. Standing up she looked hotter than ever. She glistened with sweat, her olive toned breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath. He walked towards her and stepped in front of her. Reaching out, he fondled her breasts, cupping them and moving them back and forth as if trying to guess the weghts of fruits. She gasped as he pinched her nipples making them stand erect. He leaned down and took one in his mouth sucking and biting, repeating with the other. "We are going to have fun with you and your tight little pussy" he laughed as he pushed her onto ground and got on top of her. she screamed as he shoved his dick into her tight pussy without warning. "OH so tight, you little bitch." he screamed slapping her face. "You're gunna love being with us" she tried to scream as one of the other guys shoved his dick down her throat.

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