Hypnosis for Weight Control

Hypnosis for Weight Control

Cynthia wanted to lose weight and chose hypnosis as the way to do it. Her brother David decided to take advantage of the situation.

Author’s note: Every character in or referenced in this story is 16 years old or older. Sometimes in real life people lie about their age. In the same manner, these story characters may lie about their age, stating that they are younger than 16. But I am stating here and now, as the author of this story, that every single character is at least 16 years old. Any reference to an age younger than 16 is a lie, stated by the character or narrator of the story in an attempt to shock the reader. But do not believe them. It is not true. They are really 16 years old or older. Believe me. I know. I wrote the story.

Everybody wants to be skinny. What's with that? Take my younger sister Cynthia for example. She's in her last year in high school, smart, pretty, lots of friends, she can even vote now. She just can't drink, well not legally anyway, but neither can I for a couple of years. So what if she is a little bulky. I think she looks just fine. She is 5' 2 ", shoulder length blond hair that is so soft to the touch, with strong legs if a little larger than normal. But it's because of her athletics in school. They are strong muscular legs, not fat, even if she thinks otherwise. She does have a little extra in the tummy and butt area but quite frankly I've had a few fantasies about her just the way she is now. I always saw the little extra baggage as great cushioning for some hard activities if you know what I mean. But I've got to stop thinking like that. She's my sister and I should be protecting her.

As for me, my name is David. I never had a girlfriend in school. I'm 19, work the graveyard shift at the local all-night pharmacy, and am not the greatest looking guy myself. At 5' 10" I've put on a few extra pounds. I do like being around the house when my sister comes home because she often brings a friend or two over and I get to sneak some peaks at a few good looking girls. It gives me great mental images for my "private" sessions in the bathroom.

"I don't know why you're going to do that, Cin. You look great. Guys want a little meat on their girlfriends," I told her. I'm the only one she lets call her that, Cin that is. Of course it's short for Cynthia but it sounds a bit evil.

"Well I don't have a boyfriend, smarty-pants," she shot back "and it's because I'm fat. So I'm going to the clinic. I don't care if it is hypnosis. If he can help then I want to do it. So David just give me a break and support me in this, please."

"I don't trust him with all that hypnosis stuff. Who knows what he'll do to you once you're under his power," I warned.

Cynthia looked annoyed. "It's not like that. He teaches you how to hypnotize yourself. You prepare ahead of time what you want to suggest to yourself. Then you put yourself into some kind of trance with these suggestions on your mind and somehow it all works. He'll show us how in the class. I'll show you how it's all done after my class if you want. Wish me luck."

I did just that as she got in the car and drove off to her class.

Cynthia got in late that night, our parents already in bed. I heard her come up the stairs so I went into the hallway. "Where have you been, Cin? Hey, that rhymes."

She gave me that smile she does where the right side of her mouth pulls more than the left. It looks so cute on her. "I went over to Yvette's after class. She needed some help with her homework." Yvette was a college classmate of Cynthia's and has come over a few times. I guess I can see where Cynthia gets the idea that she is fat. Yvette is just the opposite. Being about the same height as Cynthia she is very thin. If I didn't know she was 18 I would think she was 13 from her body structure. She almost looks flat as if she is just starting to grow her breasts, and her skinny body, arms and legs, almost make her look like a pre-teen. Though Cynthia likes different sports, Yvette only runs. She runs cross-country in the fall and track in the spring. Her dad was some kind of super distance runner from Kenya and she is going to be just like him, black as night but faster than light. I think those skinny legs of hers are all muscle. I'd hate to have her get me in a leg lock. On the other hand, maybe I would. I've used Yvette a few times as my image for masturbating and I have to tell you she made it hotter than hell for me.

"So, did you learn anything in your class?" I asked.

"Yes! It was great. But I want to try it out first before I show you. Besides we haven't got time enough before you have to go to work. I'll see you tomorrow. I'm going to bed."

"Listen, I'm off tomorrow and Saturday night so maybe you can show me some of what you learned then, if you don't mind," I asked her.

"Sure. See ya."

Off she went, into her bedroom. I finished getting ready and went on in to work, but I couldn't stop thinking about what she may have learned. Hypnosis, could it really change your actions, make you do things you normally wouldn't do, or stop you from doing things you usually do, like eat too much? Well if it could change your actions for eating, what about other things. I've seen a hypnotist on stage before and know about the way they can bring you back under control with a key phrase or word. I also know that some people are more susceptible to hypnosis than others. Was I? How about Cynthia? I thought about Cynthia teaching me her hypnosis techniques and wondered if maybe I could sneak in a key phrase that would get her under my control whenever I wanted. The next time I would see her would be Friday afternoon just after lunch as she had only a half-day at school before the Spring break started.

My shift at work starts at 11:00 PM and goes to 5:00 AM. They only let me work six hours because they don't want me to be full-time and have to pay me benefits. But that means I'll be home in bed by 5:30 and intend on sleeping until Cynthia gets home around 1:00 PM. That's a full night sleep for me and will make me alert for whatever she shows me.

Wow, what a dream, I thought as I rolled over in bed. It was erotic, I think. I'm losing it already. Whatever it was I think I liked it. Oh well, dreams never stay with me very long. 2:30. The clock says 2:30? I've overslept. I hopped out of bed and quickly dressed. Entering the hallway I saw that Cynthia's door was closed, a sign that she was home and probably in there. I put my hand on the doorknob to open it and called out, "Cin, you in there?" She didn't answer so I slowly opened the door.

Cynthia was sitting cross-legged on her bed with her back against the wall, almost like she was in some kind of meditative state. I gently sat on the edge of the bed, not to disturb her but to get close.

"Cin, can you hear me?"

"Yes David, I can hear you fine," she said in a somewhat monotone voice, not looking at me but staring ahead the whole time.

"Have you been practicing your weight reduction suggestions?"

"Yes David, I have beenand they will work out just fine for me."

I knew this was my chance to try the catch phrase. "Cin, you are in a deep relaxing state of hypnosis. It feels wonderful doesn't it?"

"Yes it does David," she replied.

"Cin, after you come out of this state you are going to feel just as relaxed and wonderful as you do now, and you will remember your suggestions to help you reduce your weight. You will be very successful with it."

"I will be very successful David," she repeated.

I went on. "When you hear me say the words Cin Sleep, then you will immediately fall into a deep state of hypnosis just like you are now and will be ready for more suggestions from me. You will accept these suggestions wholeheartedly because you know that they will make you happy and successful, just like your weight suggestions are going to make you feel. You will act on my suggestions with enthusiasm because you know how wonderful it will make you feel when you do."

"Yes David, that sounds great," again in that monotone voice.

"In a moment you will wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. You will not remember that I was in here this afternoon but you will always remember what to do when you hear me say Cin Sleep as it will put you instantly in this same wonderful state. Now I want you to count down from ten to one, one number each second. When you reach one you will be fully awake and will come into my room to tell me all about it, the hypnosis and your weight reduction. Start counting now."

She began, "Ten, nine, eight, ," as I left, closing her door behind me. I went back to my room and just sat on the bed, waiting.

About a minute later Cynthia came into my room, all bubbly and happy. "Hi David. You won't believe this. I just hypnotized myself and gave myself the suggestions for controlling my eating and I feel great. I think this is really going to work."

I looked up at her and smiling said, "Cin Sleep." I wanted to try this right away so I thought why not do something radical. "Cin, do you hear me?"

"Yes David," she said in a monotone voice.

"Cin, when you wake up you will feel wonderful. You will also be so excited about your hypnosis that you come straight over and give me a passionate kiss on the mouth. You won't think anything of it and continue to tell me all about your hypnosis. When you are done you will start to leave and then as if you had forgotten you will come back and give me another passionate kiss. You will tell me that you love me, sometime in your conversation before leaving. Now you will count to yourself three, two, one and then wake up feeling wonderful. You will not remember that we had this conversation but you will complete the suggestions I gave you because they will make you fee wonderful. Now count."

Cynthia did, "Three, two, one," and then woke up just as excited as before. She promptly came up to me and kissed me on the lips like I was her boyfriend.

After about half a minute I broke the kiss. "Why did you do that?" sounding surprised.

"Because you're my brother and I love you. You are always looking out for me and I appreciate it. It was no big deal. It was just a kiss so don't get your shorts in a bunch." She went on to tell me all about her class and what she had just done to herself with the hypnosis, but I didn't really listen. All I could think about was how sweet her kiss was. I should have explored her mouth with my tongue. I should have let her kiss me longer. I should have done a lot of things but I was just stunned that it all worked. When she was done she turned to leave, and then as if realizing she had forgotten something she paused, turned and came back to me. Kissing me as passionately as she did before she then left me in a daze. I couldn't believe it. Everything worked perfectly. That's when I realized how hard I was. I was hard for my sister, my own little sister, well big sister now but still little to me. This was more than the few fantasies I've had for my masturbation sessions. I wanted more from her and the thought that maybe I could get it, well that just made me hard as rock.

I went to Cynthia's room. The door was ajar and she was piddling around doing something. I didn't care what. "Cin Sleep," I said and she instantly took on that glassy eyed look and the monotone voice.

"Yes David"

I had to ask, "Did you like kissing me?"

"Yes I did."

"Why did you kiss me?" I probed wondering if my instructions from last time about forgetting our conversation would hold.

"I don't know why I did it. I just know that you are my brother and I love you and really thank you for always being there for me. It just felt like the right thing to do."

This was great news. I could tell her anything and have her forget that we even talked, make her think it was her idea. "Do you want to make out with me?" I asked.

"Oh no, that wouldn't be right, we are brother and sister," she replied.

Oh great, now what have I done. I've messed it up. Let me think. "You're right of course. But the one kiss was nice. I don't mind at all that you kissed me. It was the right thing to do. But you know Cin, you have been a great sister too."

"Thank you David"

"Seeing how it felt right for you to kiss me, then you should expect a kiss back from me because I appreciate you so much. Don't you agree Cin?"

"Yes, that seems logical David."

"Remember I always want the best for you. Cin, when you kissed me, I got this tingling feeling, you know down there," as I pointed to my groin area. "It felt wonderful and I'm not ashamed to let you know how much you mean to me as my sister. I hope when you let me kiss you that I can make you feel wonderful down there too. I'm sure you agree that it's only fair that you should feel as good as I do. And you shouldn't feel ashamed at all when you get that feeling."

"Yes, that makes sense. I'm sure you will make me feel wonderful because you always want the best for me."

"Cin, if when I kiss you, you want to kiss me back, it would be OK because we are just showing our love and appreciation for each other. We care for each other and always want the other to feel loved and protected, and to feel wonderful. Don't you agree?"

"Yes, that makes perfect sense to me. OK, I might just do that David, kiss you back. You deserve to fee wonderful."

"And Cin the more we kiss the more wonderful we will make each other feel. This seems like just the perfect thing to do, seeing how we love and appreciate each other so much. I know that your kisses make me feel wonderful and I'm going to do everything I can to make my kisses make you feel wonderful."

"It all sounds so perfect David."

Now I wanted to be more direct in what she should expect. "Cin, when you get that tingling feeling down there, when we are kissing, it is an OK feeling and one that you should expect to get, seeing how wonderful we are making each other feel. So don't be alarmed but look at it as if your body is telling you that you must be doing a good job showing me your appreciation. So don't be afraid of that feeling but expect it and welcome it."

"OK David, I won't be afraid."

"In fact Cin, the more we show each other our appreciation by kissing the more you will feel wonderful down there. It will make you want more of that feeling. The way to get more of that feeling is to press that part of your body against mine. Now normally we wouldn't do this. But in this case we are just showing our appreciation for each other and it is just a natural outcome of that appreciation. Feel free to increase that feeling by pressing and rubbing your body against mine. You can even rub your hand down there. In fact it would make me feel even more wonderful to watch you rub yourself down there too. You deserve to feel wonderful because you have been such a good sister to me, the best sister anyone could ever have."

"David, you are so good to me, always my protector, always wanting the best for me. I love you so much."

"It is nearly time for you to wake up. As always you will not remember that we had this conversation but you will remember to do and feel all that we discussed. Everything will feel like your idea and you will feel wonderful about it all. You will not discuss what we do with each other with anyoneexcept you can share it with Yvette if you want. Afterwards you will want to share it with Yvette, what we did and how you felt about it all. You will not feel it is wrong no matter what Yvette says. You will even try to convince Yvette to share kisses with me too so that she can feel wonderful too. You will not tell anyone else especially Mom and Dad. Count down now from three and you will wake up fully relaxed and clear headed. Then you will come into my bedroom and ask for your kiss of appreciation. Count now."

I quickly exited her bedroom and went back to mine. The clock showed 3:30. My parents would be home around 6:00 PM. I still had plenty of time before any interruptions by them. A minute later Cynthia walked into my room.

"So David, aren't you forgetting something?" she asked.


"I was nice enough to give you a kiss. You could be polite and give me one back, unless of course you don't think I deserve one." She then just stared at me, waiting for me to move.

"Fine, but it's only because you're my little sister and I like you and well I think you are a pretty special girl."

"Woman," she corrected me.

"Yes woman." With that I walked up to her and catching her chin with my finger, tilted back her head. I then kissed her gently. Her lips felt so wonderful, like eating a soft sweet peach that practically melts in your mouth. Gradually my kiss became stronger and she responded in kind. Holding the back of her head with my other hand I let my tongue slid between her lips and began an exploration of her mouth. Our tongues danced together as she returned the favor, reaching up and deep into my mouth. I was a little dizzy from it all, hardly believing what I was doing with my sister. I don't remember how but soon I realized we were no longer standing but were both on my bed. I hardly remember moving there. She was moaning and rubbing her body against mine. I found myself on my back with Cynthia's legs straddling my waist. I know she must have felt my hard on press up against her.

Suddenly she sat up and yelled, "Oh God, you feel so good David." She rolled off of me onto her back and yanked down her pants and panties. She then began fingering herself as fast as she could, yelling and moaning all the while. "Oh David, oh David, yes, yes." Before my eyes I saw my sister give herself an orgasm while she yelled my name. "Oh David, I'm cumming, ohit feels so goodoh David."

The make out session was great, and watching her masturbate was hot. But could I control her orgasms? Could I influence her to do something she would never, could never do, have sex with me? Would that be crossing the line, going too far? And how can I involve Yvette in this whole scheme? At the very least I planned on making out with my sister again. Anything else, well I would have to think on that a bit.

The end (until later)

Dear Readers,
What should David do with his newfound power over his sister? Has he gone too far already, or should he go all the way? And what about Yvette? Maybe she needs a little hypnosis to put on some weight.

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