Titcage (Chapter 29)

Chapter 29

Michael welcomed Claire back to work by fucking her cunt. After she removed her panties, he bent her over his desk and stuck his cock into her twat. Claire had been expecting this for a while now and it came as no real surprise. She cried a little as he raped her, but let him do what he wanted, and soon he ejaculated in her vagina and then pulled out.

‘The sperm will be your panties today, Claire,’ he told her. ‘Don’t clean it up.’ She stood there, obediently letting it drip down her thighs.

He gave her her new requirements for R grade.

R Grade
- Does not wear clothes or cover body between waking up and twenty minutes before leaving for work or school.
- All immediate family and housemates see her tits weekly.
- All close friends have seen her tits.
- Does not wear underwear of any sort
Attitude & Obedience:
- Kneels on ground rather than sits on chair unless ordered otherwise.
- Demeans self without being prompted.
- Spends four hours a week crawling on all fours, two of them naked.
- Eats one meal a week from a bowl like a dog.
- Once per week spends a weekday with an active vibrator in her twat held in place by her clit ring.
- Cleans her cunt after pissing or masturbation by wiping it with hand then licking hand.
- Always pisses self in public while wearing a swimsuit.
- Masturbates or has dildo in twat while eating.
- Often masturbates in public in places she can’t be seen (cinemas, outdoors at night, etc)
- If caught or seen masturbating, does not cover herself and continues masturbating until orgasm or told to stop.
- Licks clean any object that has been in her twat.
- Reliably becomes wet when abused, humiliated, hurt or degraded.
Treatment of Sluts:
- Encourages male friends to hurt and rape other sluts.
- Encourages female friends to be naked or dressed sluttily around men; is cruel to them if they do not obey.
- Holds a porn viewing night at least once a week with at least three attendees, at least one of them male. Dresses sluttily and ensures the porn features rape and degradation of women.
Treatment of Men:
- Encourages male friends to photograph her naked; poses for these photographs.
- Is fucked in the pussy twice a week.
- Sucks cock three times a week.
- All male friends have felt her naked tits and feel comfortable touching them whenever they please.

Claire looked at them. They were even sluttier than anything she’d done so far. Porn viewing parties? Having to kneel instead of sit? Masturbating while eating? But she knew she would do them. Her earbuds had told her she would, and they wouldn’t lie to her, because they spoke in her voice. She was the kind of slut who would do these things.

Michael went on to tell her that she was being transferred to a new division today. It was the Lobby Division, the part of Titcage that actively worked at lobbying politicians to legislate less rights for women. It was on the third floor. Steph (‘Cuntcandy’) and Kitten would be going with her, but Sluthole (Michael said, stroking Claire’s tits) would be staying behind.

The Lobby Division, Claire noticed immediately, had a lot more sluts of higher grades. Most of the women here were crawling around on all fours. They all had breasts at least as large as Claire’s - some much bigger - and Claire thought she could see what looked like sperm drying on the faces and breasts of some of them. A few were completely naked, and Claire obediently (and eagerly) stared at their perfect, nude cunts.

The sluts here didn’t have real workstations or desks - only the men had that privilege. Instead the sluts would kneel along one wall, with their backs to the wall, their clit rings connected to short chains coming from the floor, and their collars connected to leashes tied to the wall. Each girl had a small laptop in front of them to work from. From time to time men would come by and get blowjobs from a slut they liked the look of.

Claire had barely connected her collar and clit ring to the restraints when she got to see Steph give her first blowjob. A young man had seen her the second she walked in, and was waiting eagerly for Steph to get in place. As soon as she was chained and leashed, he stepped up and pushed his cock into her face. Steph tried to turn her face away, but the leash and chain left her little room to move. The man slapped her face, and when she opened her mouth in surprise he jammed his cock in.

Steph started to cry, and had to be slapped again to made to start sucking on the dick in her mouth. Claire watched, fascinated, as her sister was raped, and by the time the man ejaculated in Steph’s mouth Claire’s pussy was dripping wet.

The work in lobby division on the laptops involved Claire reaching out to sluts on Titcage’s blackmail list and getting them to record testimonials supporting Titcage’s lobby efforts. The testimonials were always deeply humiliating and usually caused the sluts to betray their own deeply held beliefs. They made Claire’s pussy wet to watch.

A few samples:

“My name is Melinda and I’m a lesbian. I like to claim that lesbianism is something I was born with and not a choice, but secretly I just do it for the attention I get from boys. Nothing makes me wetter than a boy watching while I tongue-kiss a girl. Every time I lick my lover’s cunt I secretly wish a man would burst in and rape us both.”

“My name is Jessica and I have been raped three times. Every time I was raped I filed charges with police, but what I didn’t tell the police was I orgasmed in ever rape - one of them twice - and that each night I lie away rubbing my pussy while I think about the way I was used. I hope I get raped again soon.”

“My name is Jen and I get sexually harassed at work. Workmates call me ‘bitch’ or ‘cunt’ and comment on the size of my tits or how loose my pussy must be, and they grope my boobs whenever they feel like it. But I love it. I love being demeaned and I love the attention and I wish they’d just pull off my clothes and use me.”

For many videos Claire requested three versions: a ‘straight’ version where the slut was clothed and as respectable as a slut could be; a ‘horny’ version where the girl was clearly masturbating as she spoke, and a ‘whore’ version where the girl was completely nude on camera.

But Claire’s real work happened in the lobby division meetings. Male staff would meet with a businessman or politician to discuss Titcage’s agenda. Claire would be invited to these meetings, and she would kneel under the table and suck the dick of the visitor to keep him in a receptive mood to the presentation.

Claire learned of her first “success” in her dick-sucking role about a week after she started in Lobby. Michael told her the national parliament had voted for changes to sexual assault laws. It would now be a defence to a charge of rape if the rapist could prove the girl had dressed in a particularly slutty fashion, or had deliberately cockteased her rapist. Many, many more rapists would be able to enjoy freedom because Claire had sucked politician cock so well. And as an added benefit, evidence in rape trials would now be more focused around how slutty the victim looked and whether she was a cocktease. Practically every rape victim would now be thoroughly humiliated and degraded in court.

Claire was told all this while Michael was fucking her pussy. She had a pig-cum popsicle in her mouth so all she could do was moan. She was horrified at what she had done; she had helped degrade thousands of women throughout the nation. And yet at the thought of some slut sitting there in court, being asked whether she had deliberately brushed her tits against her rapist, being asked if she was secretly begging to be raped, Claire felt her pussy spasm around Michael’s cock, and she orgasmed.

At home, Claire had to get used to masturbating while eating. Her father was shocked the first time Claire did it, sitting naked at the table and rubbing her twat while she ate, but then he thought it was wonderful. He instructed Claire and Steph to make sure that the food Claire was served was appropriate for her new hobby, and so Claire soon found that she was regularly being served sausages, which her father made her eat ‘properly’ - which meant fellating them before eating them - and tuna tacos, where she would be made to lick the tuna melt out of the shell. Her father thought these were hilarious, and soon found a range of other phallic foods for her to suck on or concave dishes for her to lick out.

Claire had to compound her humiliation by telling her father that her Titcage rank required her to eat out of a dogbowl. Her father helpfully bought a dogbowl with the custom name ‘FUCKTWAT’ written on the side, and at least one night a week he would put it on the floor and pour Claire’s dinner into it, so she could lap it up with her tongue on all fours while trying to rub her pussy.

And her father would never let her cum. He would always slap her hand away just as she was breathing heavily, and then beat her pussy for being slutty and then smear her cunt juices on her face.

As a result, Claire always went to bed horny, and she relied increasingly on her sister to kiss her and rub her tits and finger her twat for her until she came. She felt incredibly guilty performing sex acts with her sister but she was always so wet by bedtime she couldn’t help herself.

The sex helped Steph forget about work. Claire’s sister was now sucking several cocks a day, and drinking piss as well. The men always set Steph’s clit ring to buzz as they raped her mouth, to help her associate cocks with arousal. It was messing with Steph’s head and the girl always came home crying with a wet pussy.

During the week Ben took Claire to another party. Amy, Soo-jin, Jace and Elena were there, along with a busty brunette called Shay and two guys called Chris and Emmett. The boys all enjoyed Claire saying hello them by giving them a long hug, and Jace enjoyed it when Claire supplemented her hug by tongue kissing him.

Claire was wearing a short skirt and a tight pink bikini that didn’t quite fit. It looked intensely slutty and her tits were squeezing out of the sides of the bikini in all directions. Naturally she had no panties. She looked like a whore and hated it, but she had made the mistake of letting Ben choose her outfit for the night. Claire’s tits themselves were shiny and sticky, a leftover of the titjob she’d given Ben before dressing. She could feel the sperm making her nipples stick to the inside of her bikini.

“Wow,” the new boy Emmett said, after getting his hug from you. “Don’t you feel underdressed?”

Claire paused, thinking about her rules. “No,” she said, “this is exactly what a bitch like me should wear.” She had wanted to say ‘girl’, but that word wasn’t appropriate for Claire. And besides, she was supposed to demean herself unprompted now.

Amy had a surprise for Claire; the redhead was leading her friend Elena around on a leash! Elena looked miserable and humiliated. ‘We’re an item now,’ Amy explained. ‘It turns out Elena has had a crush on me for years, haven’t you Elena?’

‘Yes mistress,’ said Elena.

‘She has been rubbing her cunt every night like a slutty lesbian while thinking about me, haven’t you, Elena?’ said Amy, enjoying herself immensely.

‘Yes, mistress,’ said Elena.

The party was just getting started. Claire had poured herself a drink, when she heard Jace say, ‘Hold on, I need to go take a piss.’

Claire realised she was obliged by her rules to do something. She felt herself turn red. She had to ask to watch. Did she have to say it in front of everyone? She sidled over to Jace, and whispered in his ear, ‘Can I watch?’ She felt her whole body flushing with shame.

Jace looked down at her. ‘Man, you are such a slut,’ he said. ‘All right, sure, you can come honey.”

Claire followed Jace to the toilet. They both went inside and he closed the door behind them. Claire suddenly realised another rule. She was inside a bathroom; she needed to be naked. Crying, she started to pull off her clothes.

‘Damn, bitch,’ said Jace. ‘You know I really do have to piss, right?’ Claire, naked now, her tits and cunt on display, just nodded, tears running down her face.

Jace reluctantly turned away from Claire, and tried to piss, but her show had made his cock hard. ‘Fuck,’ he said.

‘I can help,’ Claire said quietly. She got Jace to sit on the toilet, then knelt in front of him and took his dick into her mouth. She then proceeded to suck him until he came in her mouth. She showed him her mouth of sperm until he got the idea and gave her permission to swallow. Then she put his cock back in her mouth and held still while he pissed in it.

‘Your piss tastes good,’ she said afterwards, ‘I liked the way you used me as your toilet. Thank you.’

‘I liked using you,’ said Jace, standing.

‘You can take pictures of me if you like,’ said Claire quickly.

It turned out Jace did like. He took several photos of her kneeling naked by the toilet with little drool-lines of sperm and piss running from her lips. Claire posed, cupping her tits for him.

Afterwards she dressed and went back to the party. She had several cups of rum, the second and third flavoured by her own urine after she pissed outside in the backyard. Then Amy moved the party into her bedroom. She said she’d bought Elena a new vibrator, and Elena was keen to show it off for everyone.

This presented another problem, in that Claire had to be nude in bedrooms too. She quietly asked the group who assembled in the small room if they would mind if she took her clothes off. No one did, so she did a humiliating strip in front of everyone until she was nude, and then knelt by the bed.

It turned out Elena was stripping too. Claire didn’t know what hold Amy had over Elena, but it was clear that Elena wasn’t happy as she stripped naked in front of her friends. Then Elena got on the bed, crying, and began to rape her own twat with a big purple dildo while everyone watched.

Claire remember Ben using Claire’s mouth to fantasise about Elena. She also remembered her rules.

‘I bet Ben would like to fuck Elena,’ she said quietly. ‘Would he be able to?’

Elena froze, dildo half-in, half-out of her cunt. Amy laughed.

‘Why not? Go for it, Ben. She’s very tight.’

Elena dropped the dildo and tried to scramble away. ‘Catch her,’ Claire urged, staring at Elena’s cunt. Ben did, and then took out his cock and proceeded to stuff it into the weeping girl’s wet twat

‘This is wrong,’ said Soo-Jin backing away.

‘She won’t say that with a cock inside her,’ suggested Claire, not even understanding what she was saying. As she watched, Jace stepped over and grabbed Soo-Jin, and began ripping off her clothes. Shay started to scream, and then Emmett was grabbing her and exposing her large tits.

It was a rape party. Girls all around Claire were being raped, and she had suggested it. Jace was shoving his tool into Soo-Jin’s ass, and Emmett had Shay pinned to the ground with his cock in her mouth.

Claire rounded out the party; she went over to Chris before he could take matters into his own hands, and kissed him on the mouth while she extracted his cock. Then she bent over the bed, her ass sticking out, and let him slide into her cunt from behind. It felt great. Claire’s face was only inches from Elena’s cunt, and she had a great view of it being raped by Ben’s dick, until she found something else being put in front of her. It was Amy’s cunt.

‘Please lick me, Claire,’ Amy breathed. Claire complied. The cunt was dripping wet and salty and warm and Claire loved it.

The raping went all night. Claire took all the men in her cunt at some point; at one point she had a dick in her pussy, a dick in her mouth, and Shay being forced to lick her clitoris all at the same time. She raped Soo-jin herself at one point, twisting the little Korean slut’s clitoris until she agreed to lick Clair’s beaver. And she had the pleasure of using her tongue to lick Ben’s sperm out of a weeping Elena’s vagina.

Amy, who had started out so horny and excited, was crying by the time the second of her male friends had urinated in her mouth. Covered in cum, she 69ed Shay while the men all watched, and then had her cunt raped twice more. When she tried to get away earlier in the night, the men caught her and then, at Claire’s suggestion, Ben whipped Amy’s tits and cunt with a belt until she agreed to stay until they were done.

Through it all, Claire thanked the men and told them how much she liked being raped and being filled with their sperm. She also encouraged them to take photos, and they did. All of them got good shots of a nude, cum-soaked Claire begging for their cocks.

At the end, as the exhausted men finally stepped back from the pile of naked, sticky, crying girls, Claire took the time to tell all the girls that if any of them made rape allegations, she would testify that they had asked for sex and orgasmed many times. And all the men’s photos of them would go into evidence.

Claire licked each of the departing men’s cocks clean as they left, and invited them to come over to a regular porn viewing night she was thinking of having at her place. They agreed they would, and then left.

Ben escorted Claire out to the car to drive her home, and it was then that the sexual high finally wore off Claire, and she thought about what she had done to meet her Titcage rules. She realised she had encouraged and aided in the violent rape of several of her friends, that she had raped several of the girls herself and licked cum from their pussies, that she had fucked total strangers and let them cum and piss in her, and that she had agreed to host another similar party in the near future at her own house.

She doubled over and vomited.

(To be continued.)

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