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Me and the dogs

Here is a description of my self .I am just 5 foot 2 inches tall . My hair rite now is red but I have had it blond or black I am a dancer and have some great tats one is a Large pair of angle wings with an Egyptian Ankh. My measurements are 36 22 35 wit a nice round bubble butt my boobies are fake but look great. My nipples are very sensitive. I called Larry and asked him to come over. Larry drove over to my house and we went to a friend's house up in the hills . I had a joint and some wine before Larry got here. The place had a pool I asked if Larry mined if I went swimming he said no and I took off my cloths and I had a swim suit on underneath. I had left Angle my daughter at my her cousins I knew Larry would come because I use him all the time. I would never give him any thing. thought he was to old till this happened .

After about an hour I got out of the water and asked Larry if he would rub some tanning lotion on my back. I knew he would do it because i never let him touch me before. After he finished I said thank you and slipped my top off. I undid my bottoms so I would not have a tan line. A while later I went to sleep and while I was sleeping. I was dreaming of a friend fucking my my pussy and eating me out and he had this huge tong dick it got so real i woke up but a large dog was there licking my clit so I started yelling at Larry to help get him off of me. Larry came to get him off but he growled at him so Larry left the dog alone sniffing, me and licking. I was sleeping so sound I did not feel it at first so he started licking me with his tongue Larry was watching close but because the dog was so large he was afraid to pull him off.

The dog move the chair with his leg and it dropped to the ground. I saw that I was unable to get away from the dog because Larry could not help me. Then the dog started licking my pussy again I saw how big the dog was let him keep licking because I was afraid he might bite me but it felt so good.
Larry saw that he could not help me. I moved to a more comfortable position on my hands and knees boy was that a mistake . At this time the dog must have decided he had enough licking and mounted me he started trying to stick his small cock in my pussy. The dog missed the spot several times and spraying me with his precum and one time hitting my clit causing me to jump it felt so good. He finally found my pussy at this time was small but long dick went into my pussy he shoved it all the way and it hurt just after he got in my pussy I started coming because I had not had sex in a long time and he keep up the fast pace it was faster than any man could. The dog's dick swelled and was so hot in me I felt something large slamming into me it was his knot he was trying to shove it into my pussy. The dog finally got it in my puss past my clit and it was rubbing my G spot. I started to have a cum like as to I have never come before the dog felt like he was past my curvex and in the whom

The dog's knot started to swell as he was pumping into me and I felt disappear inside me . I was coming again I could see it dripping out my pussy and I felt the dog start to come it was hot and it felt like there was a gallon or more my stomach swelled from all the cum in my whom. He stopped moving and just stood there for a little while. After a little while the dog turned around so that we were ass to ass I keep the dog still until he was finally able to pull him self free with a loud pop then it came out all over the ground. The dog left and I did not see where it went .

Just as this dog was gone another dog showed up he started licking the cum that came out my drenched pussy and I came again this dog also licked my ass after a while he decided he had enough and this dog mounted me but he missed my pussy and his dick went into my tight butt it hurt he started to hump me hard and fast I felt as his dick went into my butt he was humping my but so fast and it was no longer painful and with all the precum it started feeling so good But I started feeling his knot slam against my ass hole until he forced it in this made his tempo slow down as his knot swelled and finally logged in my ass the dog started coming he filled my butt with come it swelled my belly with how much come I had in her butt and what was in my whom made me look like I was pregnant. I saw it leaking out my butt when this dog was finished he turned so we were pussy to ass.

I saw that my ass hole had not went down and was the size of a baseball .I was still out cold from being fucked 2 time by 2 dogs . I felt Larry stick is dick in me and come but i did not open my eyes His dick was hard from Watching all the dogs cum in me so he stuck his dick in me my pussy and fucked while he thought I was out was out again it was so good I came like i had never come before. Larry picked me up and put me in his car and drove to my apartment
After we got to my apartment i was so week I could not stand up. Larry carried into my apartment and took me into the bathroom to clean me up and as I was laying there with come draining come out of both my pussy and my ass .As Larry was cleaning me up i was starting to lactate so Larry started sucking on my tits one at a time I moaned because it felt so good. I said" Larry please keep sucking on my tits they are so full of milk and I knew that was his dream they are so full of milk i need some one to suck them. It felt so good to me it turned me on and I asked Larry to have sex with me. I also asked Larry to spend the night me so he did.
I said I need a shower and would you help me take it . Larry gladly helped me shower I said you will need to take off your cloths so we can shower together .Larry washed me from head to foot stopping at my nipples and sucking each one and it felt so great where he rubbed my pussy he rubbed clean it and was so gently we got out and he dried me off and he picked me up in his arms like i was a pillow and took me to my bed so I could sleep and I did but before I did I said I want you to sleep with me please and while I was asleep. I felt Larry lick my pussy. Not only did he lick my pussy he licked my ass and that made me so horny that I let him put his dick in my pussy and even though he thought I was asleep his dick felt so good in me I came and that made he came too. He had taken some stay hard pills so after he came he was still very hard so he lubed his dick and slid it in my ass it had got back to normal so at first it was a little hard to put it in but when Larry did get his dick in my ass hole it was so tight and the juices from my pussy lubed his dick 15 or 20 minutes later he came a second time and it was so good when I woke up the next morning and saw Larry licking my pussy and playing with my clit I could feel myself coming he slipped his hard dick in my pussy.

When I finally woke up Larry had went home and a few days later I decided to call him and said I was pregnant He asked me what I was going to do I said I want you so much and I am sorry for using you .I said I did not know because I did not know how I got pregnant and did not know who had done it . I said I decided to have the baby if you will live with me and marry me but I want to see you sorry I never let you get close to me. Because of what happened the outer day I want You to move in with me and help me raise my little girl.
I remembered how you brought me home after the dogs raped me and gave me great care of me and I am sorry for using you for so long and will you be my husband . Larry said we will see in a few day but I think I will Al. A day later Larry is over at the apartment and I ask him to take some pictures of me. Larry said " OK I will and I come in a very tight bra that does not cover my nipples and crouch less panties and thigh high silk stockings . As Larry is taking pictures I sneak up behind him and reach in his pants . I ask him if he will suck my tits because they are full of milk again

Larry starts sucking my tits and I undress him, an just as he finishes with one I stick the other in his mouth by this time I have him naked and start playing with is cock. I get on top of him and get him inside me as I am so slick from him sucking my nipples. After We fuck he gets down on one knee and asks if I will marry him and I say yes and we fall asleep in each others arms .

I may continue writing if you guys like it enough.

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